A message from Egyptians to the US working group against Egypt

I hype the issues I personally care about and downplay those I don't
I hype the issues I personally care about and downplay those I don’t

In response to the Washington Post article dated 3/4/2015, titled “Obama embraces the Nixon Doctrine in Egypt“, written by Robert Kagansenior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a contributing columnist for The Post and Michele Dunne, senior associate at the Middle East Program of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. They are co-chairs of the bipartisan Working Group against Egypt.

(For those who don’t know the meaning of Nixon’s doctrine in Egypt:”It is based on US works on encouraging the developing countries to take its own biggest responsibilities in defending themselves, and US role is limited on providing consultations, in addition to providing experiences and assistance”.)

Dear Mrs. Dunne and Mr. Kagan,

We, the undersigned Egyptian people,

You are not a working group on Egypt, but a working group against Egypt and against the Egyptian people’s will.

When are you going to stop acting like the rented wailer in the Muslim Brotherhood’s barn?

Michele DunneThe piece you wrote on WP is an amateurish one, full of bullshit, unrelated to reality or facts and it is misleading your readers and the international public opinion. Your article serves a specific terrorist organization, which is the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of its branches from other terrorist groups.

Politics is not a love-hate relationship, but it is based on mutual interests between different countries. In your case, you are unprofessional and non-neutral, you don’t really hide your hatred for the Egyptian people and the current leadership.

Despite all challenges and crisis that Egypt is facing since the 25th of Jan 2011, Egypt did not accept any mutual interests with any country that were not based on mutual respect. Except, that dark period when Egypt was ruled by Muslim Brotherhood.

You don’t really struggle against Islamic Jihad or terrorism since you fully support Muslim Brotherhood the terrorist organization, in shedding the Egyptian people’s blood since 30/6/2013.

You insulted and ridiculed our President, when George F. Will suggested on Fox News that Al-Sisi to be given a Nobel Prize, and you said that perhaps they have a new category for those who practice mass killing and torture.

The mass killing, torture and human rights violations, all this you know very well who is committing it. Guys like you who are addicted to lies and forging facts. Remember, that you come from the countries that invaded Iraq and Libya! In Iraq, it was an invasion under the WMD cover; In Libya, it was an invasion under democracy and freedom cover. These were all lies and now we are living the disastrous consequences caused by your stupidity and greediness in the region. Libya and Iraq are divided and terrorism is spreading like a plague in the entire region, that we have never witnessed before.

We did not forget the US army violations and crimes in Abu Gharib prison, we did not forget the US arming terrorist groups and what you call “armed opposition” in Syria, we did not forget your shameful attitude and reaction towards Libya and Yemen, ruled by terrorist organizations and armed groups.

We did not and we won’t forget your continuous support to Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, when they were in power and after 30/6/2013. We will never forget that you were supporting Muslim Brothers when they controlled all the state’s joints and used their militia and extremists in violating children and women rights. You supported them and witnessed them terrorizing, repressing, torturing and killing Egyptian civilians, burning churches and persecuting Egyptian Copts and when they were dragging us to the dark ages.

We will never forget any country out there that did challenge our popular will in the 30th of June revolution. We will never forget that you really thought that you guys can subjugate 90 million Egyptians by cutting the military and the economic US Aid.

This Aid of yours, we have spent more than your aid on just fireworks, in celebrating the success of our revolution against religious fascism. We, the Egyptian people have paid and gathered much more than your peanuts aid, milliards  in just 6 hours from our savings, when Al-Sisi demanded to finance the New Suez Canal project by the Egyptian people and for the Egyptian people.

So, when you talk about violations, killing and torture, you need to go and read the history very well, and you don’t throw us with stones, while your homes are made of glass.

Egypt after 30/6/2013 is definitely not the same Egypt you know before this date. We don’t really jump from joy, the minute Your idiotic Obama is waving with his blessings to us of any kind.

Our current leadership represented in the government and the institutions, is committed to relations with all countries in the world, and it is ruled by diplomacy, wise politics and mutual interests. We trust our current leadership. But we as people, are controlled by our emotions towards other governments foreign policy in our region, which harmed our people, our state and our Arab Nation. We are friendly to all people in this world and we treat them the way we want to be treated, with respect and as long as they understand and respect our free will.

Are we perfect? No we aren’t. Do we make mistakes? Yes we do. Did we get rid of corruption? No we did n’t get rid of it for good. Are we really now a democratic country that is applying social justice and citizenship rights? No we aren’t, not yet…but we are trying hard. Is it going to take long till we be able to say, that we are on the right path? Yes it will take a longtime… Can we achieve progress and development in all fields and sectors, while we are located inside this triangle of danger which is surrounded of chaos and threats from all sides for the first time in the Egyptian history? Yes we can. Why? because our weapon is UNITY, which cannot be defeated and it is the most valuable and precious weapon that we own. It is the weapon that our enemies are trying to destroy with determination and ferocity.

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Mrs. Dunne and Mr. Kagan, the idea that Al-Sisi is an effective ally against terrorists is not misguided as you claimed. According to your “fact”, you said  that he became one of the Jihadists most effective recruiting tools. If we consider what you claimed as a fact, then tell us please, do you consider America’s war against Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror attacks, that it was also terrorists most effective recruiting tools too?

Can you confirm to us then, that the 9/11 attacks took place because of the US practices in the Middle East region? Can we give excuses and reasons for those who are taking from terrorism a profession to kill innocent people?

Of course, if we apply your blatant double standards, then you will claim that these are two different situations. But if we get back to recent historical facts and specifically what happened a few months ago of terror attacks in France, Australia, Belgium, US and Canada, is proving that terrorism is a plague as Al-Sisi said, and it doesn’t differentiate between developed and developing societies.

Otherwise, how can you explain that those who committed terror attacks in Europe recently, were enjoying democracy, human rights and freedom, what is your brilliant brain telling you here, what was the reason for these specific terror attacks? Did Sisi made them angry from long distance, so they decided to kill some people in Europe? Knowing that Terrorists carried European nationalities and not Egyptian nationalities. So, what made them angry and pushed them to kill?

What is required from any country fighting unmerciful terrorism? To stand quietly and not to defend itself? Because according to what you claimed, fighting terrorism is spreading terrorism! No, let us correct this non sense of yours:”Harboring terrorists, begets Terrorism”.  You even gave excuses and reasons for terrorists who slaughter innocents!

If there is a one poor fact in your article, is that what can we expect from guys like you who support the Muslim brotherhood terrorists! It is understandable that you follow the steps of Obama, in giving excuses and reasons for committing terrorism, just like Obama mentioned recently. You guys have double standards in defining “terrorism”, you are labeling terrorists as the good terrorists and the bad terrorists.

We don’t know from where you got this statistics of numbers of terror attacks that you claimed that it is increasing since Al-Sisi became a president. In order to get these figures, it can only be revealed by an official body in the state and not a Website that is run by an organization located in Washington DC. The strange thing is that such statistics was not published by any official authority in Egypt.

The figures you mentioned are not supported by any evidences or any trusted sources for credibility, but it is just what you have mentioned and you only represent yourselves. These figures of yours necessitate an official body in the Egyptian state, either to confirm it or to deny it.

There are terror attacks in Egypt, this is no secret. But Mrs. Dunne and Mr. Kagan, you don’t live in Egypt, but we do. And if there is any one who can count the terrorism attacks in Egypt, it is us the Egyptian people and not you.

The other weird thing here, which is totally contradictory to what Kagan and Dunne mentioned in their article. If the terror attacks increased since Al-Sisi became a president, can any sane man explain to us, when president Sisi called for the Egyptian economic conference held in Sharm El-Sheikh in march 2015, 30 president, 100 countries, 2500 Arab and foreign investors and 30 international organizations attended the conference! Did all these investors attended the conference to invest in Egypt, while they were under Sisi’s magnetization ?!

Can they explain to us, the fact that Kagan and Dunne ignored, that tourism in Egypt is improving and better than before!

Mentioning the security status in Egypt, Kagan and Dunne deliberately ignored to mention the numbers of bombs that get successfully defused by the explosives experts, and the great success of the pre-emptive security strikes against terrorism by the police and the Egyptian army.

Kagan and Dunne wrote that the extremists from the youth are increasing and it is hard to count them, and the reason they join terrorist groups, because of Al-Sisi’s repression! If Kagan and Dunne don’t know exactly how many are these youth who join terrorists, Then how did they manage to confirm that they are too many?!

Dunne and Kagan confirmed that the numbers of youth who join terrorists are too many to count. What about the Muslim Brothers youth and members who gave up violence and left the organization for good, after they realized that they were deceived by their leaders? Why Kagan and Dunne did not mention them. They really should talk to them and try to count them from Washington, maybe they are more than those who join terrorists.

The Egyptian National security body is not spreading corruption on earth, like you mentioned in your article. The National security body in Egypt is Egypt’s protector shield, like the army and the intelligence. If we are going to talk about who is corrupting in this earth, then where you are coming from, is the right example for this.

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Those who corrupt in earth, are the ones spying on their neighboring countries, are those who conspire against other countries to spread the creative chaos, are those who make dirty deals with all parties, and you know very well who those corrupts are.

We don’t know what is this Sisi’s repression or what youth are you talking about here! The youth we know, are our sons and daughters who go to schools, universities and work and they live a normal life in Egypt. If you really want to know about the youth in Egypt in general, you can directly ask them and not to ask the Muslim brotherhood youth who practice terrorism, hiring thugs and criminals with Ex-criminal records, to plant bombs in the streets to kill civilians.

Terrorism existed in Egypt since the 25th of Jan 2011, when terrorist elements penetrated to Egypt through the borders by the help and the coalition with Muslim Brotherhood to spread chaos and to control the country together with Muslim Brothers.

President SisiThey took advantage of the situation even after Mohamed Morsi reached power, and especially after he issued presidential pardon to the most dangerous criminal and terrorist elements who were under trials for committing terror attacks in Egypt back in the 90’s.

The deal was that they live freely in Egypt without any surveillance and in return, to protect the Muslim Brothers regime against any one who oppose them. Mohamed Morsi did not reach power through free elections, but through deception, forgery and terrorizing “either we rule you or we kill you”. After he has given himself executive and legislative power above the law and the constitution.

Muslim Brotherhood were the only one in Egypt claiming that there are 42000 detainees in Egypt who are being tortured to death and exposed to sexual assault. When asked to provide any evidence on this piece of information, they were not able even to provide one name. Mrs. Dunne and Mr. Kagan repeated the same thing because their only source of information is the Muslim Brotherhood.

There is an opposition in Egypt and a freedom of speech. So, if Al-Sisi’s repression is silencing the opposition and the freedom of speech of different currents, like you are suggesting, he must of have a magic power to silence 90 million Egyptians too!

There is only one way to find out whether this is true or a fake piece of information. Mr. Kagan and Mrs. Dunne, we demand a list of full names and data of these 42000 detainees. Can you provide this list even in hand handwriting? This is a very simple request.

You can’t just throw up all these bunch of lies in your readers face and then run away! We know that you don’t have it because it is a lie spread by MB. Perhaps, you are mixing up between Egypt and Guantanamo!

We have nothing to hide, and this is the first time in the Egyptian history that a president talks in total transparency to the public about any mistakes or corruption committed by any institution or any one in the country. You mentioned the killing of an Egyptian activist by a police officer. This is again no secret, and the officer who is accused of killing her is under trial. And let us remind you that in all countries in the world, the defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

Let us remind you also, of Al-Sisi’s speech last Feb 2015, he said that he asked journalists to provide him with a list of any citizen or activist held in prison and not under any trials, and if it turned out to be that he/she is innocent, he will use his authorities to free them immediately. We have nothing to hide and we are not ashamed to admit our mistakes, when we commit any.

Don’t overbid on us, because again you are throwing us with stones, and if we are going to talk about the US police violations, your homes are made of glass.

Marshal Sisi the President of EgyptYou mentioned that the US administration supporting Al-Sisi is a despicable issue. We tell you in this regard, that if there is something really despicable and disgusting in this matter, it is people like you, who are not less dangerous on humanity than terrorism. You are claiming that you represent honesty and the truth. You claim that you come from the country of democracy and freedom. No the truth is you come from the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the entire world. Any one who wants to find out about the real you, all they need to do, is to Google you and find out the ugly truth about you guys, just from who you are supporting, and it is from your own words.

You said that Al-Sisi just wanted Obama’s blessings, and he got it after the release of US military aid to Egypt, in order to get the US support for reinforcing his legitimacy!!! Really?! For your kind information, Al-Sisi have already gotten his legitimacy, when he got 23 million, 780 Thousands and 104 votes (96.91%) in the first fairest presidential elections.

Al-Sisi got his legitimacy from his people’s love and support. Al-Sisi got his legitimacy, when millions of Egyptians ordered him to take off his military uniform and go for the presidency. Al-Sisi got his legitimacy, when more than 33 million Egyptians took the streets and were determined not to leave till they topple your favorite fascism MB regime.

Al-Sisi got his legitimacy when all the opposition parties and all representatives of different currents in Egypt, stood behind the man on 3/7/2013 and announced that they all stand together to meet the great Egyptian people’s revolution demands of 30/6.

You allowed yourselves to describe the president of Egypt as a mercenary who is gasping behind the millions of US dollars, and that you are paying him to get more repressive and further bloody and that he is a timing bomb, till the Egyptian people will turn against him and topple his regime.

Al-Sisi is the first Egyptian president who gave up half of his salary and fortune that he inherited from his father to his country Egypt. What money are you talking about? Can you Michele Dunne or Robert Kagan give away even a penny from your income for those who are in need?

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How did you allow yourselves to dare insulting the president of Egypt with all this imprudence, lies and baseness?! The mercenaries who are gasping behind thousands and millions of dollars, are you mercenaries of terrorists groups. Know that the Egyptian people despise you and disrespect you and don’t you dare even thinking about putting your dirty feet on the Egyptian territories one day in the nearest or farthest future.

Egypt doesn’t welcome people like you. Egypt doesn’t welcome people like you who insult Egyptians. Egypt doesn’t welcome people like you who support terrorism in killing our children.

History repeats itself. Go back to the Late president Nasser’s era, you did the same thing to him. You insulted him, because he was the only Egyptian president who refused to kneel except to his God. He refused to lean his head and to become a slave to the policeman of the world and the colonial powers.

Nasser challenged the entire world with an unbeatable weapon, that no superior country on earth can possess, which is the love and the full support of his own people. Now history indeed repeats itself. You are doing the same with president Sisi, who has no master but his God, and who doesn’t take orders but from his own people. Al-Sisi challenged the entire world, risked his own guaranteed position, risked his own life and didn’t hesitate to meet his people’s demands, challenged the entire world and terrorism. No wonder you hate the man!

The truth is, you really don’t attack or insult Al-Sisi, you are full of hatred, anger and you are attacking his popularity, just like you did with Nasser. You are challenging us, the Egyptian people.

Poor you! You guys seems like you are enjoying the same stupidity of the Muslim Brotherhood. They totally refuse to admit that their battle is with us, and not with Al-Sisi or the state. You also don’t dare to admit that your hatred, anger and attacks are addressed to us and not Al-Sisi. You guys really unable to imagine or accept and you hate what the Egyptian people achieved in 30/6 revolution.

If we go a little bit back and let’s suppose that instead of meeting the people’s demands, Al-Sisi decided for instance to give his back to the millions of Egyptians on 30/6 and preferred to keep his position as a minister of defense and took the Muslim Brotherhood’s side, than to liberate his country from terrorism and meet his own people’s demands, you would be the first ones in the line applauding him, praising him and supporting him.

If he has accepted to follow the master and the salve policy like other rulers who sold their countries and own people to keep their power and money. You would then sit down drinking your coffee and filling your big rotten belly, while watching Egyptians who opposed the MB regime, getting slaughtered and burned alive inside their homes, and you would then totally ignore this bloody scene like you did towards Libyans, Syrians and Yemen.

We respect those who respect us, and we despise and disrespect those who insult us.

It is very easy and a very short way, to use insults and shoot accusations and smear someone’s reputation to get rid of  him, this is exactly your way. But it is surely not our way. We come from a great civilization, and we don’t go to this low level of yours. We follow the good example of our president, in his moderation and morality.

We would have respected you guys, if you objectively and logically criticized us or our president, but you totally lost our respect when you decided to use the easiest and shortest way to publish your blatant lies, by shooting accusations and insults to smear our country and people’s reputation.

marshal sisi

We the Egyptian people are very proud of our free will and choices, in choosing a president who has an honorable military record. He is the son of the Egyptian armed forces institution. The Egyptian army is trained to kill the enemies of the state, and they don’t get trained to kill civilians. The Egyptian armed forces are not mercenaries like you claimed in your article, they are not aggressors. They fight those who attack our national security and  our territories.

Remember this” The Egyptian army is a fire, you don’t play with them and you don’t play them”. Please click on the watch on youtube, to be able to watch the video directly on youtube.

Signed by,

Housien Nouno
Magdy Serag Eldin
Mahmoud Algohary
Dr-Taher Kadah
Hany Tantawy
Mohamed Hesun
Amir Elzenary
Medhat Sayed
Hany Borham
Ahmed Silah
Mohammed Rifaat Al Najdy
Haitham Salah
Alaa Sabry
Hesham Khiary
Eman Habib
Bigg Mum
Ahmed Helmy
Khalil Eltafesh
Mohamed Badr
Fathy Habib Shalouf
Yehia Kafafy
Riham Ramzy
Noor Ali Mohamed
Mohamed Abd Ellatif
Faris Sami
Mohamed Khaled
Mohamed Halim
Mohamed Helmi
Tarek Ramadan
Hisham Elhassan
Khaled Ahmed Badawy
Soha Moussa
Ahmed Fouad
Fahmy Mohamed
Adel ElAhmar
Hanan El Hadary
Zizi Abdullah
Abdeltawab Edissy
Myriam Zaki
Sherif Girgis

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