The US Is Providing Terrorists And Cannibals In Syria With Anti Tank Weapons

The creative chaos project of condoleezza Rice in the Middle eastWhat is happening in Syria is definitely not a revolution. Syria has turned to a bloody battleground between different armed terrorist groups who found in Syria a suitable land for the biggest terrorist activities in the world.

The US refused to deliver Apache Attack helicopters needed for counterterrorism operations in the Sinai Peninsula for Egypt to fight terrorism, but the US provided terrorism and cannibals in Syria with Anti tank weapons to change the regime in Syria by force and blood.

It is a disgrace that the world is led blindly by the United States Of America on fiercely attacking Egypt for fighting terrorism, and describing Muslim Brotherhood terrorist Organization as political opponents and victims of oppression, while playing deaf and blind towards Erdogan’s government corruption and crimes against Turkish people, the Qatari regime blatant violations to human rights and freedom of speech, and the daily massacres committed by terrorists groups in Syria against civilians in general and against Christians in particular.

The US described terrorists and cannibals in Syria as “freedom fighters“, and they are providing them with arms, as recently reported by RT on 7/4/2014,  the US has supplied the anti-tank missiles to the militants fighting against Assad. For further details and photos, please click here.

US reportedly starts supplying Syrian rebels with anti tank weapons — RT USA News

US, UK And Europe are using tax payers money In Their Dirty Deals With Terrorism
US, UK And Europe are using tax payers money In Their Dirty Deals With Terrorism

The US administration is obviously determined on executing the Creative Chaos Project of turning the Middle East to a sectarian conflicts by dismantling Arab countries institutions including armed forces, thinking that getting into coalition with the Muslim Brotherhood, is going to secure Western countries and the States from any terror attacks in the future.

What will the world or Syria gain if Bashar Al-Assad regime falls down? The world is going to gain another Libya and Iraq. In other words, terrorist groups activities are going to spread and won’t just threaten Syria, but the entire world.

Syria is not just witnessing terrorists who turned the Syrian land to slaughterhouses for torture and massacres, but also cannibals!

Walid Shoebat, former Muslim Brotherhood member and now peace activist, is documenting on his blog, all massacres of the new cannibals in Syria. Reading his posts and watching videos and images of horrific slaughtering scenes against Syrians and especially against Christians, is beyond imagination!

Of course Many of the foreign media are in denial status and they claim that these massacres don’t exist and they were fabricated. The following are just few examples of what Islamist terrorists are committing in Syria, including the Syrian liberation Army who participate in massacres:

Islamist terrorists took two soldiers, decapitate them and boiled their heads.

Islamists terrorist fry Christian boy’s head and cook it with rice and vegetables.

Islamist terrorists kidnapped little Christian girl and horrifically slice her face with a knife.

Islamist terrorists execute child in cold blood.

First Cable Network To Expose Human Slaughterhouses In Syria. The Syrian liberation army is slaughtering Christians. Syrian liberation army supported and armed by the Obama’s administration. Watch in this link, video of Christians massacres in Syria.

By providing terrorists in Syria with anti tank weapons, the US administration is spending American tax payers money on financing terrorism. This doesn’t make the American people innocents from all this blood shedding in Syria. Watching crimes against humanity and doing absolutely nothing about it, is even worse than those who directly participate in crimes. Why the American people are not taking positive reactions against the US administration practices in the Middle East? Is it because the terror attacks in the Middle East are not affecting the US yet? Well, I guess that by the time it will starts affecting them and they will decide to do something about it, it is going to be too late to react.

Muslim Brotherhood organization exist in Syria, they are armed and they do kill people in Syria just like other terrorists do, and as mentioned in details later in this article, they are very respectable among all other terrorists groups in Syria and they have big influence on them, and they played mediation for reconciliation between Daesh Terrorist group and an organization related to the Syrian liberation army in September 2013! I wonder why they haven’t played this mediation to stop terrorists groups from slaughtering and torturing Syrian civilians, while they are claiming that they are moderate Muslims!? What more proofs does the US or any other European country need to declare Muslim Brothers “terrorist organization”?!

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If we presume that the US is sending these Anti tank weapons to the “good guys” in Syria who don’t really exist on the real ground, does it really make any sense or meet with any logic, to provide a group of good guys in Syria, if there are any, with such weapons, while many parts of the country is controlled by terrorists groups? How can the US guarantees that these weapons are not going to fall in terrorists hands? I don’t believe for a second that what is happening in Syria has anything to do with any freedom or democracy revolt, but it has everything to do with turning the middle east to an internal civil wars zone, to deliver the authority to Islamist terrorists to keep them away from the west. Exactly like what they tried to do in Egypt, and didn’t succeed with it.

There aren’t any good guys in Syria. They are all butchers and a gang of pure evil assassins and Cannibals, and the Syrian citizens are paying the price from their own blood.

Let’s also presume that Al-Assad regime will face the same scenario of Gaddafi  regime in Libya, what will happen then? Which group is going to be in control of Syria? What it is called “The opposition”, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Daesh, Jihads Salafi…etc ? Who? The future scenario which is closer to reality, is that all groups will fight for power, and we are going to have even a worse case in Syria than it is already in Libya and Iraq.

Putting into consideration that the Syrian liberation Army and Daesh terrorist organization are fighting and killing each other for power and control in Syria, while the Syrian regime is still in power. Imagine how it’s going to be, if terrorists groups managed to overthrow Assad regime?! The US called it, Creative Chaos and freedom fighters!!!

Revolutions goals are to apply justice, freedom and reforms through peaceful protests and not through armed resistance, or by killing or terrorizing people. Armed resistance is allowed in one case only, when an independent country gets attacked or occupied by another country.

The following are all the Islamist organizations and Groups in Syria, Just imagine with me, what is the next thing, each of these organizations are going to do, if they manage to get down Assad’s regime. Bearing in mind, that they started fighting with each other  already for power and influence. Imagine how it is going to be after they realize that the Syrian regime is gone!!!??? If any one out there think that what is happening in Syria, will end inside the borders of Syria, they are totally mistaken.

What we are having in Syria, are different terrorists groups and organizations who don’t fight in Syria for freedom, but to build a fascist Islamic State and to expand in the entire world to create an Islamic empire.

Terrorists groups in Syria: Published by RCss, on 9/1/2014 by Dr. Mohamed Mugahed Alzayat, counselor of regional center for strategic studies in Cairo and the chairman of the national center for Middle East studies. Dr. Mohamed published a study about the terrorists groups who exist and function in Syria and he also explained what kind of coalition and conflicts exist between all terrorist groups:

Al-Qaeda OrganizationThere are two branches of Al Qaeda in Syria: Al-Nusra front and Daesh (the Islamic state in Iraq and The Levant). 

Al-Nusra front is controlling many cities in Syria like Halab, Raka, Haska, Dir Zur. They formed a military council in about 11 Governorates in Syria. The leaders of the front are Iraqis and Syrians. Their armed militias consist of about 8000 to 10000 element from different nationalities like: Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Turkey, Tunis, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, in addition to Jihadi foreign elements from different European nationalities that are around 8000 militant.

Al-Nusra front is considered the most powerful dangerous armed Syrian opposition, and it is almost close to the form of an Army than a militia. They possess a large arsenal of weapons and they are in control of large lands in Syria. In addition to their capability of controlling military sites and establishments, launching attacks using tanks, controlling vital resources in North and East Syria, including fields and pipelines for oil and gas, dams, power plants, they smuggle oil to provide monthly salaries and in purchasing weapons.

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Al-Nusra front is also controlling main food products like flour, bread and fuel. Al-Nusra receives wheat supplies from Turkey.  They also managed to control one of the biggest Siryan oil field in Dir Zur, and it is one of their main income sources, but they may enter into fights with other terrorist organizations in Syria for the difficulty of managing the oil field.

Daesh (organization of the Islamic state in Iraq and The Levant), they are controlling many areas in Halab (Albab – Halad city – Iezaz- Grablus), Idlib governorate (Aldana – Surmuda), Alraka (Araka city and altabaka), they exist in the East of Syria, especially on the borders with Ninoui and Anbar in Iraq.

Daesh Organization has already got into fights and conflicts with other terrorists groups and Syrian citizens due to their severe extremism in applying a fascist religious system by force in all areas they are in control of. The way Daesh is dealing with these fights and conflicts is immediate slaughtering for all their opponents or those who resist or refuse to obey them. They also participated with a group of Taliban in Syria in executing many Shiites, Kurds, civilians and they target minorities.

Despite the differences between Daesh and Al-Nusra front, but they both cooperate only against Al-Assad regime. The difference is that Daesh wants to expand their Islamic empire in other countries and it doesn’t cooperate with other Syrian armed groups and they are a branch of Al-Qaeda but they are not obedient to Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Alzawahiri, while Al-Nusra is willing to cooperate with other opponents or terrorists groups and concentrate on establishing an Islamic Emirate in Syria.

Immigrants and supporters Islamic army (Al-muhajeereen Wa Al-Anssar Army), they belong to Jihadi Salafi in Syria, they are attached to Al-Qaeda due to some of their leaders belonging to Al-Qaeda. They are hundreds of foreign militants and their attacks are concentrated in the countryside of Halab city.

The increase of Jihadi Salafi groups activities in Syria, including Muslim Brotherhood Organization. This front consist of 7 groups and organizations as follows:

The activities of Jihadi Salafi groups are increasing in Syria and there are conflicts between Jihadi Salafi groups and Al-Qaeda Organization.  The most important group of Jihadi Salafi is the Islamic front which consists of 7 Islamic factions who formed a coalition among them and they are considered a political military independent formation which target to overthrow Al-Assad Regime and establish an Islamic state in Syria. These 7 factions represent the following:

1. Eagles of the Levant: They only operate in Idlib Governorate and it is a very extremist group and they are not powerful on the real ground. The group consist of 8000 to 9000 militants and they got in conflict with Daesh terrorists group.

2. Muslim Brotherhood (Altawheed Brigade): Related to Muslim Brotherhood Organization. Armed terrorist group and they are centered around Halab city and it is the biggest organization which their leaders belong to Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. They also expended their activities and their armed terrorists elements in Altabaka in ALraka governorate, and in Al-Qusair since 2013. The MB brigade consist of  about 11000 militant and they are in total control of Halab Governorate.

Despite that this brigade of Muslim Brotherhood declared that they are moderate Muslims, but they got into coalition with Extremists armed groups who relate and attached to Al-Qaeda organization. Muslim Brotherhood used the tactics of building good relations with the locals, by providing different human aid, which helped MB to keep the locals support in the areas they are in control of.

Altawheed Brigade which represents Muslim Brotherhood is respected by other terrorists groups in Syria and they have influence on them. In September 2013, Muslim Brotherhood of Altawheed brigade mediated to make reconciliation between Daesh terrorist group and one of the organizations of the Syrian liberation army and both terrorists groups welcomed the interference of Muslim Brotherhood.

There are other terrorist organizations in Syria who follow the same line of the Muslim Brotherhood like Al-Furkan Brigades and others, while other Muslim Brotherhood brigades are spreading among other Extremist Jihadi factions masses. Which proves the real plan of Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, to have an influence inside different sectors in Syrian Jihadi organizations despite their differences, and the interest of Muslim Brothers to communicate with all these Jihadi Groups.

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3. Islam Army: This Organization launched big attacks against the Syrian regime. The explosion of the National security building in Damascus on 18/7/2012 which caused the death of many top officials in Syria including the minister of defense and his deputy. The organization consists of  a hundred military groups and divisions and they are more organized and it consists of a bunch of thousands militants. Some regional countries played a big role in forming the organization in order to confront Al-Nusra terrorist group and the group of the Islamic State in Syria.

4. Movement of the liberation Islamic Levant: This movement is also one of the extremist groups in Syria. They reject democracy and their target is to apply Sharia Law in Syria. They cooperate with Al-Qaeda and participate in most of their operations in Syria. They have a technology section responsible for hacking and attacking governmental websites.

5. Supporters of the Levant: They are based in Al Lazekiya. There is no information about the ideology of this group because it doesn’t have a leadership. The only thing known about this group is that they are a part of the Syrian Islamic front and they follow its ideology, which is fighting Al-Assad regime, then establish an Islamic state based on Sharia laws.

6. Brigade of right: The smallest group in the coalition of the Syrian Islamic front. They are based in Hums. Established in August 2012.

7. Kurds Islamic front: The smallest armed group in the coalition. Their group consists of less than 1000 militant members. They cooperate with Al Qaeda and fight against the protection forces of the Kurdish people which relate to the democratic union of Kurdistan.

The goal of this front is to totally merge with the other 7 terrorist groups and organizations who formed the coalition of Salafi Jihadi militants front, but they are merging gradually. It is expected that other terrorist groups join this front.

The Kurds Islamic front is joined by about 45000 militant. They are spreading in Damascus, Hums, Halab, Idlib and Lazikiya. Some of their groups are the most extremist like the Movement of the liberation Islamic Levant, which in reality will push the rest of the front to follow the same severe extremism.  But the front doesn’t really include any groups who relate to Al Qaeda.

This front didn’t form yet their political leadership, probably due to the regional pressure practices on the leaders of these factions, in order to force them to coordinate with the leaders of the Syrian liberation Army, without announcing themselves as political alternative to the National opponent Syrian Coalition and its temporarily government led by Ahmed Tema.

The reality on the Syrian ground indicates that the Jihadi military organizations have gained a great power on the real ground inside the frame of “Syrian Military opposition”.

Terrorists Network in Europe and the Foreign militants

Al-Nusra front and the Islamic State of the Levant are able and capable of getting foreign militants to join them through supporting networks in Europe and in other continents, who have experience in making bombs and they are able to make plans, and execute operations that are very effective against the regime in Syria. This makes these two groups more powerful than any other groups in Syria.

 The foreign militants in Syria are around 5000 to 10000 militant – while there are about 1200 militant from different European Nationalities.

There are fewer foreign militants from other areas like Balkan, Canada, Caucasus, South Asia, Africa and South Africa, USA. Some studies showed that the foreign militants who were in Afghanistan for Jihad were around 5000 to 20000 from year 1980 to 1992; While 5000 to 10000 foreign militants got in Syria in 18 months, which is showing clearly that Syria has turned to Jihad Yard!

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