Classified Documents On The Espionage Case Between CIA and Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt

Mohamed Morsi traitor and spy against his own country and people and terrorized Egyptians

Abd Elrehim Aly, the civil eyewitness on the espionage case between Former President Morsi and the CIA revealed 39 classified document which is the full official report written by Mohamed Mabrouk, the National Security Officer assassinated by Muslim Brotherhood on 17/11/2013. Mohamed Mabrouk was one of the main eyewitnesses on the espionage case.

The Classified documents contain all the recordings and the direct calls and meetings monitored and recorded by the Egyptian National Security on the espionage case between: The Muslim Brotherhood International Organization, Brotherhood Organization in Egypt, Hamas in Gaza Strip, Hizbullah in Lebanon, Iran, Qatar, Turkey and the CIA sponsored by the United States of America.

Abd Elrehim Aly, confirmed that the assassination of Mohamed Mabrouk, is not going to delay or stop the trial, because he has already testified and officially registered his testimony before his assassination. There are also other eyewitnesses who worked with Mabrouk in this case and they will testify in the court, including Abd Elrehim Aly who is the second civil main eyewitness.

These Classified Documents are the subject of the high treason trial case of the First Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, the spy of Foreign Intelligence who betrayed his own country and people. The trial date will be announced soon by the judge of investigations.

These classified documents were published in Arabic Language exclusively on Albawaba News. I made the translation in English Language because the whole world have the right to know what kind of Regime USA and their allies are still supporting. These documents answer the question why USA are still supporting Muslim Brotherhood, and why USA are sponsoring chaos in Egypt and in the whole Middle East Region and working hard to turn Egypt to another Syria, after the Brotherhood regime was overthrown by the Egyptian Revolution 30/6/2013

Secret Contacts between Former President Mohamed Morsi and the CIA

The conspiracy between the US and the Brotherhood against Egypt started in year 2005. 

In an Interview with Washington Post, Condoleezza Rice (Former Minister of US Foreign Affairs) announced a statement about the new Middle East Map and the chaos initially produced by Democratization is a “Creative Chaos” that would make things better in the end.

In June 2005, Rice visited Egypt and declared that if Islamist reached power in the Middle East, this does n’t necessarily mean that it would be an obstacle for political reforms in the Middle East Region.

The creative chaos project of condoleezza Rice in the Middle east

The Muslim Brotherhood International Organization considered these two statements of Rice, the Golden chance and the Green light not only for Islamist to become the new rulers of the Middle East, but they also had the blessings of the United States of America.

The US blessings to Islamist new rulers of the Middle East, was announced through Rice in a perfect timing. The Middle East including Egypt, were under popular discontent and anger against their regimes in that period.

It was also the perfect timing for the Muslim Brotherhood International Organization to take advantage of the popular anger in the whole region and the declaration of Rice to control not only Egypt, but the whole Middle East too. The Muslim Brotherhood since the creation of their underground secret Organization on 22 March 1928, their biggest target was to form an Islamic empire not only in the Middle East but also to dominate the whole world.

The Muslim Brotherhood were waiting for the right moment to create as big chaos as possible in Egypt: using Hamas, Hizbullah in Lebanon in addition to Brotherhood elements who got trained in Gaza Strip, to comply with the US Project of Creative Chaos in the Middle East.

US, UK And Europe are using tax payers money In Their Dirty Deals With Terrorism

The Egyptian National Security Report monitored secret communications and meetings between Mohamed Morsi and Foreign Intelligence. Mohamed Mabrouk confirmed in his report that the Egyptian National Security managed through investigations and secret trusted sources, to monitor direct communications between Mohamed Morsi and an element from the US Intelligence CIA. These communications took place just a few days before the Tunisian Revolution on 17/12/2010. Morsi also communicated with the CIA element on 20/1/2011.

Morsi and the CIA element discussed the Muslim Brotherhood current and future plans in dealing with the events which were happening in the region in that period. And whether or not Muslim Brotherhood are able to incite Egyptian people against Mubarak Regime.

Mohamed Morsi informed the Muslim Brotherhood Organization in Egypt about the contact with the CIA element and he told them that he thinks that this CIA element is going to pass the information they both discussed to others sovereign foreign political and Intelligence.

On 26/1/2011 at 12:09 after midnight, Mohamed Morsi called and emailed the Brotherhood leader Ahmed Abd Elaty in Turkey, who was in charge then of Brotherhood Organization foreign affairs. In this call, Morsi was updating Abd Elaty about the details of his meetings and contacts with the CIA element.

Morsi informed Abd Elaty that he confirmed to the CIA element that Muslim Brotherhood are capable of inciting Egyptian People against Mubarak Regime. And Brotherhood already announced their political reforms demands to the Regime, and they are ready for the big scenario that they can incite people to move in the streets because Brotherhood can’t start this, but people can.

Morsi also discussed with Abd Elaty that this CIA element can not take a solo positive move without coordinating with other Foreign Intelligence. They also discussed the CIA element confirmation that his system and other systems won’t take any individual single move, but they will all study the situation after they discuss it with 3 major countries : France – Britain and Germany.

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Morsi and Abd Elaty also talked about the CIA element’s request of having an urgent meeting in Turkey between 10 to 11 February 2011 with some of the Muslim Brotherhood elements that he has met before in Turkey in addition to a Tunisian Brotherhood element. (this specific date of urgent meeting between CIA elements and International Brotherhood elements was the date Mubarak stepped down 11/2/2011).

During their call conversation, Morsi expressed his worries to Abd Elaty, about the future stages Muslim Brotherhood will be forced to go through without any good previous plans. Morsi told Abd Elaty that the right future stages that Muslim Brotherhood must apply should be according to Brotherhood special stages changes and Brotherhood must concentrate on the first stage which is the Islamization of the Egyptian Community, then the second stage which is controlling all the Egyptian state joints and the last stage which is to have full power and control on the Entire Egyptian state.

Abd Elaty told Morsi that the scenario of change is definitely coming and this is a golden chance for the Brotherhood and they must take advantage of the situation and whether Mubarak regime will respond to political reforms or not, it is necessary that Brotherhood put more pressure and incitement against Mubarak regime in order to gain as much as they can because this chance will never repeat again like their American friends told them.

Morsi told Abd Elaty that he feared that this US Intelligence element maybe is having contacts with other Islamist groups other than then Muslim Brotherhood, but Abd Elaty assured him that this specific Intelligence is moving to secure the future of Muslim Brotherhood Organization, not only in Egypt but in the whole entire Middle East Area as well.

Morsi asked Abd Elaty if he thinks that this CIA element knew about the Kedissin church bombing? Abd Elaty did not reply. (kedissin church bombing took place on 1/11/2011, terrorists bombed the church of Kedissin in Alexandria, 23 got killed and 79 got injured. On 27/9/2013, the Egyptian authorities announced that the leader of this terror attack against the church is Momtaz Dagmaj the leader of the Islamic Palestinian Army in Gaza and he is from Hamas Organization. The lawyers of the victims asked the Egyptian Authorities to drop the immunity and Egyptian Nationalities which were given By Former President Morsi to Hamas leaders and members after The Muslim Brotherhood Regime was overthrown by the Egyptian Revolution 30/6/2013).

Mohamed Morsi asked Abd Elaty to explain to him, who is the most capable Country that can open a direct communication channel with the Superior Foreign countries across the Atlantic. Abd Elaty replied to Morsi that Turkey is the most capable country of playing this role, because this will support Turkey’s position in the region. Abd Elaty told Morsi that Muslim Brotherhood are getting an agreement with Turkish Intelligence to be the mediator to open this direct communication channel with countries over the Atlantic.

Abd Elaty added that Qatar have the desire to have a main role inside the general frame. Abd Elaty explained to Morsi that Qatar owns 3 important tools: Finances and Money, Politics and Media (Aljazeera News Agency). Abd Elaty reminded Morsi that Qatar contributed with a big role in creating the Tunisian Revolution events in Tunis and Gaza Strip.

obama supports terrorists
Obama supports terrorists

The Chaos Scenario in the Middle East sponsored by the USA and executed by Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas Organization

The National Security Report written by Mohamed Mabrouk revealed the plan that was set by Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and sponsored by the USA. This plan depended on destroying the regional systems in the whole Arab region. The plan also counted on dissolving these regional systems into new systems in order to blur its regional independent character.

The report also revealed that this plan of the New Middle East Map was based on establishing arrangements less compact than the regulatory previous ones and more ambiguous than the political doctrine of the previous systems. The report also pointed that this plan’s target was to make the Muslim Brotherhood Organization as the common denominator inside the new regional arrangements. Having the Muslim Brotherhood as the common denominator in the region would also distract the attention that this plan was arranged by USA and Israel.

Mohamed Mabrouk added in his report, that this plan was targeting also the religious division of Egypt, by targeting the Egyptian Christian Community and their establishments. Also to divide Egypt politically between Islamist and Liberals through imposing false Islamist Sharia Law (Sharia is the moral code and religious law of Islam).

Mohamed Mabrouk revealed in his report, documents and recordings between the Muslim Brotherhood Organization leadershipsHamas Organization leaderships and Hizbullah in Lebanon In 2008. 

These three organizations coordinated together on forming terrorists Organizational Hotbeds contain Islamist elements who believe in the Muslim Brotherhood Ideology.

These Islamist elements were put under an intensive intellectual, military and pseudonym program in order to implement the hostile tasks which was assigned to them. The report also revealed documents of the names codes used in their movements through Rafah Borders Infiltration. (Rafah is the main crossing borders between Gaza Strip and Egypt).

The Islamist elements received Military training and exercises by the Militants Elements of Hamas Organization. The main task assigned to these Islamist elements was to cause as big mess and chaos as possible in Egypt.

According to Mohamed Mabrouk’s report and classified Documents, Hazem Mohamed Farouk Abd Elkhalek Muslim Brotherhood leader attended the meetings of The International Beirut Forum for Resistance and Anti-Imperialism held from 16 to 19 February 2009 in Lebanon.  

During the meetings in Lebanon, Hazem Mohamed the Brotherhood leader met with the Palestinian Abu Hashem the man in charge of Hamas organization committees in Lebanon.

The investigations and recordings monitored by the Egyptian National Security revealed that the Palestinian Abu Hashem confirmed to the Brotherhood leader Hazem, that the political Egyptian position became unbearable. Abu Hashem recommended that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt must move to overthrow Mubarak Regime. Abu Hashem added that Mubarak Regime represent a real serious threat for the survival of Muslim Brotherhood Organization in Egypt and also the MB International Organization worldwide. according to Abu Hashem, this threat was also going to have a very bad impact on Brotherhood’s tributaries and loyalists.

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Abu Hashem confirmed to the Brotherhood leader Hazem, that Hamas Organization is on stand-by and ready to provide support to Brotherhood in overthrowing the Mubarak Regime.

Abu Hashem also confirmed that Hamas Organization coordinated with Hizbullah of Lebanon in relation to the Militants exercises and training in 2008. He also informed the Brotherhood leader that the man who was in charge of training the Islamist Militants was Imad Ghonima one of Hizbullah Leadership (his car got bombed and he was killed in 2008 in Syria). Before he got killed Imad Ghonima was supervising Hamas Militants training in Hizbullah camps in Lebanon.

Abu Hashem added that Hamas and Hizbullah are cooperating together in using Modern technology in security missions for certain people and Hizbullah in Lebanon has put Hamas Offices in Beirut inside the first security circle, in order to insure that their offices won’t be exposed to any hostile operations.

US suport and sponsor to Islamist terrorists in the middle east area

In his investigations report, Mohamed Mabrouk the National Security Officer mentioned that Hazem The Brotherhood leader confirmed to Abu Hashem in their meetings that it is necessary to overthrow Mubarak Regime in Egypt, and he explained to him that this was not his personal opinion, but it was an urgent necessity and the main target of Muslim Brotherhood Organisation in that period. Specially that Mubarak Regime was watching all their activities and thiswas not allowing them to achieve their target on the real ground.

Hazem also told Abu Hashem that the Muslim Brotherhood were trying in that period to convince all Political currents in Egypt and the Regime Opponents, to overthrow Mubarak Regime. Abu Hashem told Hazem to remember that when Hamas Organization made a coup in Gaza Strip, Hamas did it individually and after they succeeded, the rest of Palestinian Currents and Sects supported Hamas.

Obama an Bush are War Criminals

The report of the Egyptian National Security revealed also that in 2009 while Hamas and Hizbullah were cooperating and coordinating with each other on supporting Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing Mubarak Regime in Egypt, the Egyptian Authorities arrested hizbullah terrorist cells in Egypt year 2009. Court case number 284/2009 National Security.

Hizbullah terrorist cells was arrested in Egypt while setting explosives in vital and important Areas, in order to cause big chaos and incite people against the Regime. So, these terror acts would give impression to the Egyptian people that the Regime is weak and unable to protect them. Also to give impression that the security authorities in Egypt are unable to protect the country. The main mission of Hizbullah Cells was to pave the way for Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Mubarak Regime and take over. Also to cause chaos and confusion to the public opinion in Egypt, in order to contribute in increasing the anger of the people and incite them to overthrow the regime.

Brotherhood are terrorist organization

The national security report also revealed that a few days before the 25th of Jan 2011, and specifically from 15 to 17 Jan 2011, Muslim Brotherhood Organisation in Egypt cooperated with Foreign Elements to overthrow Mubarak Regime.

Meetings between Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Foreign Elements from 15 to 17 Jan 2011, were monitored by the Egyptian National Security. A High Level Brotherhood Delegation included the following Muslim Brotherhood leaders attended meetings with Foreign elements to coordinate the Overthrow of Mubarak Regime:

Metwally Salah Abd Elmaksoud

Mohamed Saad Elkatatny

Hazem Mohamed Farouk Abd Elkhalek Mansour

Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim Hussein.

Mohamed Mohamed Elbeltagy

Ibrahin Ibrahim Abu Ouf Youssef

Ossama Asasd Hassan Gadu

The High level Brotherhood Delegation attended meetings in Beirut Lebanon with the The International Arab Grouping for Resistance support. Brotherhood Delegation met with Mohamed Nizal, the Political Palestinian Member of Hamas Organization.

The issues discussed in the meetings according to the Egyptian National Security recordings report were as follows:

– The status of Muslim Brotherhood Organization in Egypt after Mohamed Badi became the Chief of Muslim Brotherhood Organization.

– The consequences after the exclusion of Muslim Brotherhood members from the MB Organisation: Mohamed Habib and Abd Elmoneim Abu Elfotuh.

– The Brotherhood Delegation confirmed to the member of Hamas that the exclusion of both Mohamed Habib and Abd Elmoneim Abu Elfotuh was due to The Brotherhood Organization’s tendency in having total control on the Qutbism Currents inside the Muslim Brotherhood Organization.

Brotherhood explained to Hamas member that Mohamed Habib and Abd Elmoneim Abu Elfotuh were representing the reforms currents inside the Muslim Brotherhood Organization, which was totally against Muslim Brotherhood Ideology and this reform current was going to be an obstacle and contradictory to Brotherhood future plans in taking over the power in Egypt, when the circumstances allow their plan.

(Qutbism currents are the roots to the thoughts of the late Sayyid Qutb, a Muslim and figurehead of the Muslim Brotherhood Organization (he was executed in 1966). The Qutbism Ideology was based on the armed Jiahd and the propagation of offensive jihad, and the necessity of having armed Islamist Militants to fight non Muslim and Moderate Muslim who stand against the Islamic Empire dominance in the whole world).

– The Brotherhood delegation and Hamas representative also discussed the current internal affairs inside Egypt at that period, and what the consequences and the Brotherhood future plans, if after overthrowing Mubarak Regime, Omar Suleiman runs for the presidential elections.

(Omar Suleiman died in 19 July 2012. He was an Egyptian army general, politician, diplomat, and intelligence officer. A leading figure in Egypt’s intelligence system beginning in 1986, Suleiman was appointed to the long-vacant Vice Presidency by President Hosni Mubarak on 29 January 2011)

– The meetings also discussed the capabilities of Muslim Brotherhood Organization in destabilizing Egypt in case the Brotherhood decided to incite and mobilize their supporters to take the streets.

–   They also discussed what was The power and the influence of  Defense Minister Hussein Tantawi, and the political influence of businessmen in Egypt, and the strength of their influence. (Hussein Tantawi was the Defense Minister at that period).

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– At the last meeting between the Muslim Brotherhood Delegation and Hamas Representative, they discussed the possibility of opening a communication channel with some of the researchers of Ahram Strategic Center in Egypt, to have direct contacts with them.

Mohamed Nizal, Hamas Representative confirmed to the Brotherhood Delegation in their last meeting that Hamas Organization and their Regional Allies and on the top of their Allies “Iran”, they are working in coordination and cooperation with Brotherhood Organization to overthrow Mubarak Regime.

Brotherhood are a terrorist International Organization supported and financed by USA

The Muslim Brotherhood Delegation’s meeting in Beirut Lebanon with Itab Amer, Media Adviser of Hamas Political Office

The Media Adviser of Hamas asked the Brotherhood delegation of providing a study About how the Hamas media presence on the Egyptian Arena, can be influential in inciting Egyptians to overthrow Mubarak Regime. Also the study to include the best Egyptian Journalists, Researches and Media elements that Hamas can get in contact with.

Muslim Brotherhood delegation promised the Media adviser of Hamas that they will work on this study and provide it as soon as possible.

The Muslim Brotherhood Delegation’s meeting in Beirut Lebanon with Ahmed Hila, Information Officer of Hamas Political Office

In this meeting the Information Officer of Hamas confirmed to Brotherhood Delegation, the importance and the necessity of having constant and up to date communications with each other and to exchange information and data between Hamas and Brotherhood Organization in the next period. Also he asked the MB delegation of providing him with all what is published in the Egyptian Newspapers about Hamas Movement.

Classified Documents and recordings monitored by the Egyptian National Security Officer Mohamed Mabrouk:

In November 2010, A Meeting was held in Damascus between Iranian Ali Akbar Welajati, the Counselor of  Khamenei and Ali Fudi one of the Iranian Revolution Republican Guards, and Khaled Meshal the Chief of Hamas Political Office. This meeting was held based on The Muslim Brotherhood Organisation’s demand and sponsored by The Muslim Brotherhood International Organization.

The meeting recordings monitored by the Egyptian National Security revealed the following meeting discussion:

– Elements of Iranian Republican Guards to be in charge of training various Militants Elements who will enter the Egyptian territory through Gaza Strip, in the scenario of Chaos in Egypt.

– Next period is a high alert for all Hamas Elements in Gaza Strip to be on Stand-By, according to the agreement with Muslim Brotherhood Organization’s Top Leaderships.

– Akram Alagouzi , member of Hamas Movement is the man in charge of planing the entry of Militants from Gaza Sector to the Egyptian Territory, due to his strong and outstanding relations with Sinai Bedouins and also his tight relations to smugglers of weapons in Sinai.

– Khaled Meshal the chief of Hamas Political Office to prepare and deliver 11 Egyptian Passports to the Iranian Ali Fedawi, in order to provide these passports to Hizbullah Lebanese Elements, in order to facilitate the Militants entry to the Egyptian Territory.

At the end of the National Security report, Mohamed Mabrouk the Egyptian National Security Officer wrote 3 Remarks with a very high importance:

1- Egyptian National Security monitored Brotherhood Leader Issam Eleryan travel to Beirut during the month of June 2011 and met with Hassan Nassr Allah the Chied of Hizbullah In Lebanon and the meeting included other leaders from Hizbullah as well. Issam Eleryan Thanked Hizbullah and expressed the Muslim Brotherhood Organization’s deep appreciation for all the support and the assistance in training Brotherhood elements during the 25th of Jan 2011 Revolution.

2- On 25/12/2011 Ismail Haniyeh, Senior Political Leader of Hamas Movement confirmed in a conference held in Egypt, that Hamas Movement is an Islamic Militants Fighters Jihadi Movement which represent The Muslim Brotherhood Organization in Palestine.

3- The arrest of Many Muslim Brotherhood Elements Terrorist Hotbeds related to the Muslim Brotherhood Organization and also related to Hamas movement. Court Case Number 1414/2008 Egyptian National Security case which is related to the Terrorists Brotherhood elements led by Gamal Abd Elsalam, Muslim Brotherhood Organization Member and General Secretary of The Relief Union of Arab doctors.

Court Case number 237/2009, Egyptian National Security case which is related to Gamal Abd Elsalam, Muslim Brotherhood Organization Member and General Secretary of The Relief Union of Arab doctors. Gamal Abd Elsalam and other Brotherhood members were gathering and collecting money from Egyptian Citizens under claim of supporting the Palestinian people, while these donations were used in Terror acts and hiring terrorists elements to commit terror acts in Egypt.

Screenshot of the report written by Mohamed Mabrouk National Security Officer assassinated on 17/11/2013, which contain 23 classified document on the espionage case of Muslim Brotherhood with CIA and other foreign Intelligence and foreign elements.

Click on each screenshot to enlarge

Classified Documents On The Espionage Case Between CIA and Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt

Classified Documents On The Espionage Case Between USA and Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt

Espionage case between US Intelligence and the Musli Brotherhood International Organization

Former president Mohamed Morsi espionage case with foreign intelligence

US espionage case on Egypt

US conspiracy and espionage case with Muslim Brotherhood

The Dirty deals between Muslim Brotherhood and the USA

Obama's dirty deals with Muslim Brotherhood

USA support and sponsor terrorists

classified document of espionage case between muslim brotherhood and the USA

USA chaos project in the middle east

dirty deals between obama and the brotherhood of egypt

usa sponsor conspiracies with terrorists to divide the middle east countries

the truth behind the USA support to Muslim Brotherhood

usa dirty deals

US Intelligence CIA spying classified documents with Muslim Brotherhood International Organision on Egypt

recordings and calls between muslim brotherhood and USA Intelligence

USA dirty deals with Qatar

USA dirty deals with Turkey

USA dirty deals with muslim brotherhood

National security egyptian officer mabrouk assassinated by Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

why mohamed mabrouk was assassinated by muslim brotherhood

classified documents can put barack obama in prison for spying on egypt with muslim brotherhood

Screenshot of the report written by Mohamed Mabrouk National Security Officer assassinated on 17/11/2013, which contain 16 text documents of calls and direct communications monitored by the Egyptian National Security  on the espionage case of Muslim Brotherhood with CIA and other foreign Intelligence and foreign Elements.

Click on each screenshot to enlarge

classified document 1 of espionage case muslim brotherhood and usa classified document 2 of calls and recordings monitoring by egyptian national security between MB and US Intelligence classified document 3 espionage case of former president mohamed morsi and foreign intelligence classified document 4 calls and recordings of espionage case of former president of egypt classified document 5 former president esponage case with us intelligence classified document 6 mohamed morsi's treason case against his own country classified document 7 muslim brotherhood espionage case with foreign intelligence classified document 8 high treason case of former president mohamed morsi spying on egypt classified document 9 of muslim brotherhood calls with foreign intelligence classified document 10 us intelligence spying case with muslim brotherhood of egypt classified document 11 spying case of egyptian former president with foreign intelligence classified document 12 MB espionage case with us intelligence Classified document 13 espionage case of Qatar USA and turkey espionage case with international muslim brotherhood organization classified document 14 USA Qatar Turkey espionage case with muslim brotherhood organization in egypt classified document 15 muslim brotherhood organization espionage case with foreign countries and foreign intelligence

Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood spied on Egypt with foreign intelligence 16

The Source: Please click here link to Albawaba News and Chief Editor Abd Elrehim Aly, classified documents on espionage case of Former Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi with the CIA published exclusively on Albawaba News dated 22/11/2013.

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