The First Egyptian President Who Betrayed His Country And Accused Of Spying For The CIA

Mohamed Mabrouk Egyptian National Security Officer assassinated by Brotherhood Militias in Egypt
MB Carrying Out Assassinations Series Against Witnesses Of Morsi’s Espionage Case With CIA – National Security Martyr Officer Mohamed Mabrouk

On Sunday evening 17/11/2013 Nasr City Cairo, Egyptian National Security Officer Mohamed Mabrouk 34 years old, was assassinated by masked gunmen who opened fire on the Officer’s car and shot him dead.

Mohamed Mabrouk was leaving his residence and headed to work. Eyewitnesses informed the DA Investigators that they saw two white cars were parking earlier on both sides of the road, then started to drive in the direction of the Officer’s car which was moving slowly. Both cars cut the road on the Officer’s car, then masked gunmen went down from the second car and opened an intensive fire on the Officer’s car.

The Autopsy report revealed that the Officer was shot dead with 12 bullets (two in the head, two in the face and neck and 6 in his chest and back, 2 bullets in the left upper and bottom shoulder). The autopsy report also mentioned that 4 bullets were fired from 7.62  Mm Machine guns and one bullet 9 Mm was probably shot with a machine gun or a pistol. The bullets were shot from a very close distance to the Officer.

No one benefits from the killing of the Egyptian Officer, except Mohamed Morsi former Brotherhood President, Muslim Brotherhood International Organisation and their local branch in Egypt and the CIA.

Personally, I don’t care whether or not a terrorist group claims their responsibility for this terror attack. I believe like the majority of Egyptians do, that The one who incited to kill this officer and the only one who benefits from his death, is everyone who got involved in the espionage case of Former President with the CIA.

In order to find out who killed the National Security Officer, you need to know first, why he got killed?.

I made a research, gathered all pieces together and I believe in what I reached as a conclusion and I’m going to prove it in this article, that Muslim Brotherhood killed Officer Mohamed Mabrouk.

Abd El-Rehim Aly, Chief Editor of Albawaba News and a Researcher in the affairs of Islamic movements. He was a very close friend and a colleague to Officer Mohamed Mabrouk and was also working with him on this specific espionage case.

Abd El-Rehim Aly was publishing regularly on his newspaper and through the Media Channels as well, all the documents which revealed this espionage case even when Muslim Brotherhood were in total power. But because Brotherhood were controlling all the States’s Joints, he was always announcing publicly that this case of espionage will never get buried as long as he lives.

On 17/11/2013, Abd El-Rehim Aly revealed to Sada El-Balad Channel that there are two main eyewitnesses in this MB case of espionage with the CIA: Him as a civil eyewitness and his friend Mohamed Mabrouk who got assassinated.

When Brotherhood were in power, There was a new law applied to the National Security System, that Officers must write their names on the summary of Investigations records that they were handling. Mohamed Mabrouk then, wrote his name on one of the investigations record which concerned the Brotherhood Organization.

When Morsi was in power, he asked Ahmed Abd Elaty his Office Director to provide him with a list of the names of the Officers of the National Security System. The name Of Mohamed Mabrouk was on the list and Mohamed Mabrouk’s Name was revealed to the International Brotherhood Organization.

Abd El-Rehim Aly said that if Brotherhood managed to know Mohamed Mabrouk’s  home address, that was probably through others who are cooperating with Brotherhood Organization in Egypt who provide the International Organization with all the Information they needed. There are about 254 Officers all over Egypt who are relatives to Brotherhood Top leaders, maybe some of them give his home address to the Brotherhood in Egypt. (Ministry of Interior made investigations about all officers to find out how Mohamed Mabrouk’s address was revealed to his killers).

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Muslim Brotherhood Knew that Mohamed Mabrouk was the National Security Officer who was handling the MB File. But they didn’t know that the same officer was one of the main Eyewitnesses of the Espionage case, till 48 hours before he got assassinated!

Just 48 hours before the Officer Got killed, Mohamed Morsi’s LawyerSelim Al-Awa“, asked the authorities to check the Espionage file case. He learned then from the file that Mohamed Mabrouk was the main Eyewitness in the case! 

10 days before Mohamed Mabrouk got killed, Mohamed Morsi in prison said that the Assassinations phase is not there yet!

The day before Mohamed Mabrouk got Killed, Abd El-Rehim Aly said that they had a half an hour meeting together. Mabrouk told him that he prepared 30 papers report for the prosecution case. He also told him that this is going to be a historical prosecution of the First President who betrayed his own country and people and worked as a spy for the CIA.

He also mentioned to Abd El-Rehim that he had a feeling that he is going to be assassinated.

Abd El-Rehim Aly confirmed that the assassination of Officer Mabrouk, doesn’t mean that the case is buried with him. Because Abd El-Rehim is the second Eyewitness in the case and there are other Officers who worked with Officer Mabrouk on this case and they will also testify in the court. The case is handled by the General District Attorney and the trial date will be set soon after it will be referred to the court.

He also confirmed that due to the type of the case and security purposes, all evidences were published as text documents. But once trial starts, the whole world are going to listen to all the calls and the recordings between Brothehrood leaders, former president and foreign Intelligence.

Mohamed Mabrouk the National Security Officer was responsible and in charge of the Muslim Brotherhood Organisation’s File in the National Security System

On December 2010, the National Security in Egypt monitored suspicious meetings and calls between Foreign CIA agents and Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt. National security also monitored Intelligence agents from Turkey and other Intelligence involvement from Germany, France and Britain.

Mohamed Mabrouk got the DA official permission to put all the suspected parties involved in this spying case under surveillance.

Mohamed Mabrouk gathered all evidences of calls, recordings and meetings which took place between Mohamed Morsi, Brotherhood leaders and the CIA Agents.

On December 2, 2010, The National Security monitored a meeting which was held in Cairo in an apartment located in Gisr El-Suez Area, between Mohamed Morsi, other brotherhood leaders and one of the CIA Agents  (in the record Mabrouk called this Agent the second man in the CIA and he is an American living in Turkey). In this meeting the Intelligence Agent talked with Morsi about the current and future plans of Brotherhood in relation to Egypt, during the events which was happening in Tunis.

Morsi discussed with the Agent that Brotherhood in Egypt are capable of repeating and applying the Tunisian Revolution Model in Egypt. Morsi also confirmed to the CIA agent that Muslim Brotherhood are capable of inciting Egyptian People against Mobarak Regime.

On January 20, 2011 in Turkey, a meeting was held between Ahmed Abd ElAty (Office director of Former President) who was in charge at that period of the Brotherhood foreign affairs, and the Boss of the CIA Agent who attended the first meeting with Morsi in Egypt (in the record Mabrouk called this Agent the First man in the CIA).

In this meeting the Agent asked Abd El-Aty how the Brotherhood of Egypt are capable of repeating the Tunisian Revolution Model in Egypt?

Abd El-Aty told the Agent that the Muslim Brotherhood Organisation are the biggest power in Egypt and they are the only powerful current who can incite Egyptians to move in the streets against the Regime. Abd El-Aty added that Mobarak is stubborn and this will serve Brotherhood to incite people.

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Abd El-Aty asked the Agent to advise him on whether or not, the Intelligence system that he works for, is capable of taking single positive steps in the frame they agreed on or not, in case the other powerful Intelligence refuse what they agreed on?

The Agent replied that his System and the other powerful system won’t make any solo move, but they will discuss things in order to reach a decision and the conversation will be held with 3 Major countries: Britain, France, Germany, and these are the countries which will move.

The Agent told Abd El-Aty of the possibility to accept to open a communication channel with Israel? Abd El-Aty said that Brotherhood don’t trust Israel in this regard because if they do, Israel will expose Brotherhood’s communications with Israel to the whole world. But Brotherhood don’t mind that the Americans can be a mediator between Israel and the Brotherhood.

At the end of the meeting, The 1st man in the CIA as referred above, expressed to Abd El-Aty that the System that he is a part of , would like to open a direct communication channel with the Muslim Brotherhood Organization in Egypt, and not with any other Political Power in Egypt.  Because they do realize that the Muslim Brotherhood are the only powerful current in Egypt who can move people in the streets.

They also agreed to meet between 10 to 11 February 2011 with some of the Brotherhood elements whom they met before in Turkey beside a French Brotherhood element.

The 1st man in the CIA said that between 10 to 11 of February 2011, this will be the maximum date of the total collapse of Mobarak Regime. (And that was really what happened on the real ground, Mobarak stepped down on 11/2/2011).

Calls between Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Abd El-Aty

First call: Abd El-Aty informed Mohamed Morsi by phone that the Americans agreed on all what was discussed in their meetings and they demanded that one of the Brotherhood leadership go for the Presidency post if the 25th of Jan 2011 Revolution worked as planed in getting down Mobarak Regime.

Mohamed Morsi told Abd El-Aty that if the Organization (Brotherhood) do as their friends (Americans) demanded, this will not be within how Brotherhood had planed the progress. Morsi added that the progress requires that there will be at least two sessions to a compatible personalities, especially since there are chronic problems which will face the first president after the revolution.

Abd El-Aty replied to Morsi with a decisive tone that the Americans think that this is a great chance for the brotherhood and it won’t be repeated again not even after 50 years.

Second call: Mohamed Morsy told Abd El-Aty that there is an External Power who would like to help the Brotherhood. Morsi described this External Power that they are their friends.  Hamas and the Turkish state will help Brotherhood in playing  a mediation role in opening a channel of communication with these external forces across the Atlantic.

Moahamed Morsi said that Qatar would like to have a role in this frame, specially that they own the money, politics and the Media and Qatar played a big role in crating the events in Tunis and Qatar is capable of playing this role again in Egypt.

Both Morsy and Abd El-Aty  agreed on the necessity of staying in contact with the west. And to open a direct or indirect communications with an External Powerful Country across the Atlantic so this power can secure the Brotherhood Organization Future in Egypt and also in all the whole region.

Abd El-Rehim Aly confirmed that the National Security System has interrupted an email dated 27/1/2011 sent by Ab El-Aty to Morsi titled: “Report on the Egyptian status under the Tunisian Revolution’s Shadow”

The summary of this report was about the methods that Brotherhood should use in Egypt in order to deal with all internal and external events. The report also showed Brotherhood special plan for the 28th of Jan 2011 but the plan was not exactly clear, except that it was stated in this report that a big event will start to happen in this day and the following days. (This is the day when bloody violence started all over the country and many demonstrators got killed).

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On the evening of 27/1/2011, Mohamed Morsi got arrested with 33 other Brotherhood leaders and members and were locked in Wadi El-Natron Jail, charged of espionage with Foreign Intelligence and Foreign countries.

On 29/1/2011, Mohamed Morsi and the other Brotherhood leaders managed to escape from Wadi El-Natron Prison through armed elements from Hamas and Palestinian Militants. These elements attacked Wadi El-Natron Prison and freed terrorists elements beside the Brotherhood leaders and Morsi. They attacked many prisons in Egypt at the same time and killed police officers and soldiers who refused to gave up their Police stations.

The first thing Mohamed Morsi did while escaping, he called Al-Jazeera News Channel of Qatar and told them that he and his colleagues managed to escape by the help of the people who live  close to the prison. (this prison is in the middle of the desert and there isn’t any one living close to the prison).

Mohamed Morsi talked to Al-Jazeera through a Satellite Phone that was smuggled to him by Hamas and their elements who released them from jail. On that specific period, the Internet in Egypt and all communications with the world were totally shut down, but Mohamed Morsi had a satellite phone smuggled by Hamas!

The following are Copies of Text documents, recordings of meetings and calls revealed by Abd El-Rehim Aly, Mohamed Morsi, and the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood spied on their own country with US and other Foreign Intelligence, as translated above.

Text documents recordings of meetings and calls between Mohamed Morsi and the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood with U.S. intelligence

Text documents prove Mohamed Morsi spied on his own country

Text Documents of Brotherhood meetings and calls with foreign Intelligence

Mohamed Morsi charged of general treason

Abu Shakra National security officer who arrested Kairat Alshater the second man in the Brotherhood Organization and was in charge of guarding him and he was assassinated
Abu Shakra National security officer who arrested Kairat Alshater the second man in the Brotherhood Organization and was in charge of guarding him and he was assassinated too

There is a resemblance between the assassination of Mohamed Mabrouk the National Security Officer who got killed on 17/11/2013 and Abu Shakra National security Officer assassinated on 9/7/2013.

Mabrouk and Abu Shkra were both National Security Officers.

Mabrouk was the Officer in charge and responsible for MB file and the espionage case and he was also a main eyewitness in the spying case of Former President Morsi;  Abu Shkra was the Officer in charge of guarding Kairat AlShater when he was a prisoner (2nd man in the Brotherhood Organization and deputy of the Brotherhood Chied in Egypt)

Mabrouk was assassinated because he gathered all evidences and was an eyewitness on the espionage case which is considered a high treason charge.

Abu Shakra was assassinated because he was handling one of the dangerous national security’s file in Egypt which is fighting the International Terrorist and he was in charge of a certain case which relates terrorists Groups in Sinai to Muslim Brotherhood. These groups took orders from Brotherhood to commit terror acts in Sinai.  Abu Shakra was about to reveal evidences prove Khairat Al-Shater Involvement with these terrorists groups, when masked gunmen cut the road in front of his car and shot him dead, the same way Mabrouk  was assassinated.

Egypt never had all over the 7000 years civilization history, a ruler or a president who were spying and betraying his own people and country, like Mohamed Morsi did! Justice will take place and Mohamed Morsi must pay the price from his own life, for every innocent Egyptian blood shed that hasn’t been dry yet.

Not only Morsi will pay for the blood of all the Egyptians he and his Militias killed, but he will pay for his treason and espionage against his own people and country.

Egyptians swill never accept anything less than hanging the traitor and his terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Organization. We need to see justice taking place so we can accept condolences in all the innocents who got killed with cold blood.

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