Susan Rice The Fonder Of African Dictators Talks About Human Rights

Susan Rice Is A Liar

Doesn’t Susan Rice the US National Security Advisor Know that lying is a Destructive Sin to Societies?

How possible that Susan Rice and Obama’s Administration were supporting African Dictators and criminals of wars who committed crimes against humanity and their own people, and now Susan Rice claims that she stands for human rights! What Human rights is she talking about?

I can understand the Obama’s administration and a woman like Susan Rice lie because most Politicians inherit Lies from their predecessors. But what drives me crazy is this barefaced continuous lies of  theirs which are mixed with their shameless double standard! Don’t you guys feel any shame!!!

When Rice was an Ambassador to the UN in 2012, she gave a speech in Meles Zenawi funeral and she said that not only Ethiopia had a great loss for the death of Zenawi, but it was also a great loss to the whole world! She paid deepest condolences on behalf of Obama and the American people. She also said that Meles was a friend to her country and to her personally.

Do American people pay condolences and praise the man that his name is related to Genocide?! I guess if Obama and his Advisor supported a killer like Meles, then it is not really strange that they support a Terrorist and a traitor like our Former Brotherhood President of Egypt!

This is what your own people say about you Susan big fat liar… they find your lies disgusting and you don’t fit for any job and you are ignorant and arrogant! better go look at yourself first, before you throw other with stones.

Those of you who don’t know who is Meles Zenawi, he was the Prime Minister of Ethiopia from 1995 until his death 2012!

His name is related to Genocide, violations of Human Rights and crimes against his own people and he was the leader of a dictatorship regime who oppressed and locked his opponents in Jails. His regime was responsible of slaughtering thousands of civilians not only in Ethiopia but in other African countries and Regions!

But of course according to Susan Rice, Meles was a great loss to the whole entire world! I wonder what have the world lost after Meles death! Maybe the world is missing  Meles’s Sadism!

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Susan Rice supported African Dictators who committed crimes against humanity and she talks about human rights

Genocide Watch addressed an open letter to the US Secretary of State that Ethiopia is a major US ally in the Horn of Africa, yet America does not seem to be concerned about the blatant violations of human rights, lawless governance and unmitigated corruption by the regime in Ethiopia. To read the full report click here.

People died and Susan Rice lied

USA  is very good in telling us who is the enemy and who is the friend! And when the US have interests with a certain regime in a specific country, they don’t give a damn care about our human rights!

Mentioning who is the enemy and who is the friend as the US Administration and Susan Rice are lecturing us about what is wrong and what is right, what is morals and what is human rights. Susan Rice lectured John Kerry before his visit to Egypt on the 3rd of November 2013, that he must make strong statements in public and private about the 4th of November 2013 trial of Brotherhood Former President the Defendant Mohamed Morsi.

Obviously John Kerry didn’t follow Susan’s lecture.

According to the Daily Beast’s article published on 18/11/2013 by Josh Rogin, Susan Rice was not really happy about Kerry’s disregarding what she told him about the Former President trial, “Said an administration official to the Daily Beast”. Kerry did not talk about Morsi’s trial at all whether in public or in Private.

The Daily Beast mentioned that There are real differences in the fundamental approach to Egypt between Susan Rice and John Kerry.
The secretary and national security adviser’s disagreement about how to handle the troubled US-Egypt relationship is only the latest example of how the White House has steered America’s approach to Egypt in a way that conflicts with the views and desires of the State Department and the Pentagon, “said two other administration Officials to Daily Beast”.

Rice delivered less praise and more admonishment for the Egyptian government in remarks at The Aspen Institute’s Washington Ideas Forum on November 13:

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Susan Rice who supports African Dictators talks about human rights and Egyptian people's will

Susan Rice in this statement is lecturing 87 Million Egyptian people and the Egyptian State and one of the 10th biggest Armies in the whole world.

Please pay attention to her statement and may that be a lesson to other Nations too, who just think of disobeying Mommy America.

Susan Rice is challenging more than 33 Million Egyptians who revolted against the Fascist Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Regime.

She is sending a message to Millions of naughty bad Rebels in Egypt, that  she doesn’t accept their revolt against her favorite Terrorists Brotherhood Organisation, because the fall of Muslim Brotherhood Dictatorship, is reminding her of her favorite late Dictator Meles Zenawi.

And because Egyptian People disobeyed the Policeman of the World, Susan Rice is telling us, we deserved to be punished and not compensated like Meles Zenawi’s regime who was generously rewarded and blessed by America.

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We all must turn to terrorists like the Brotherhood or Genocide leaders like Meles Zenawi, so America would cover us with their Aid generosity and the Obama’s administration Blessings.

The doggy part of Susan Rice’s statement is really this part where she mentioned that in August 2013 in one of the Squares in Cairo over 1000 people were killed and the United States have a problem with that. And US can’t pretend to conduct business as usual with the Government who is taking action against its people!.

Oh my god! Susan, this was really the most ridiculous doggy  statement I have ever read! Susan Rice has totally forgotten the name of the square that was cleared! (she forgot to say Rabaa). And Susan also forgot to mention the name of the Organisation and their Armed supporters who were in the square! (Muslim Brotherhood Organization and their Militias).

Susan didn’t of course mention things by its real names, so she can mislead the American Public Opinion and give the impression that the Egyptian people are divided and not Fighting Terrorism! Just like Western Medias are misleading their public opinion.

But guess what guys!? Susan Rice did not forget to mention that more than 1000 people were killed! SUZAN RICE YOU ARE A LIAR, AND YOU ARE NOT REALLY A SMALL SIZE LIAR, BUT YOU ARE  a Triple  X Large Liar!

Link to Autopsy Report Reveals International News Agencies Faked News Of Brotherhood Casualties. This is the link of the Final Autopsy report which was published on 14/11/2013 and was praised by Human Rights Watch Organization. Human Rights Watch described it as very accurate and detailed. The report stated in details the numbers of Death due to disengagement of more than one Sit-In in Cairo and Giza, and the Total number is 627 including 201 Police officers and soldiers who got killed by armed Brotherhood Militias.

There are more details in the report which prove that Susan Rice is a Liar and International News Agencies were also lying not only about the number of the death, but also the weapons used, and the reason of death and the Bodies which got tortured in the Armed Sit-In and Brotherhood refused any autopsy, and nobody knows where they were buried. It also mentioned the torturing marks on the bodies victims who were discovered and were dead long time in the squares before the disengagement of the Sit-In.

I’m sure Susan Rice didn’t have the time to read this autopsy report because it was deliberately not published in the Western Media. Otherwise they will lose their credibility after all these 1000 and 2000 fake casualties and avoiding totally to mention that Police individuals got killed by the armed Militias in the squares. Like they forgot to mention the huge quantities of ammunition and weapons which were filmed by the Human rights organizations and the police during the disengagement.

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But of course Susan had all the time to lie about the casualties numbers in her statement. How come the Us President Advisor is not accurate and not up to date about what she addresses to the public!?

Are these the Morals and human Rights that Susan Rice is claiming that US stand for?! Is it ok that the US president Advisor just claim anything and get away with it!?

Who are you Susan Rice to direct Egyptians or to lecture them about what is right and what is wrong!? You are the last person on earth to lecture Egyptians about the right path that we should stand for, you better save your lectures and advice to your own self, you really need some guidance more than we do.

Who are you to ask or push for releasing Terrorists and a Regime who betrayed his own people and killed them with cold blood and they are in jail and facing serious charges?

Who are you to interfere in our internal affairs? You did cut the Aid, we didn’t want this Aid of yours in the first place. Actually the best thing that have ever happened to us in relation to the States, is cutting this Aid of yours! keep it and give it to someone else. I’m sure there are plenty of Meles Zenawi in the World!

Egypt Fighting Terrorism

Susan talked about the US do not accept that a government kill its own citizens!  Really? since when Susan? You really do not accept that a government kill its own citizens? I guess that Meles Zenawi was the only Exception then? Or perhaps Saddam Hussein was an exception too when the US provided him with Chemicals weapons to kill his own people? Do you want me to continue or enough is enough. I’m sure you know your black bloody history by heart better than I do.

Muslim Brotherhood committed a political and social suicide in Egpt

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