Victims of torture’s testimony reveals the true nature of Muslim Brotherhood

Testimony of Victims of torture reveals the true nature of Muslim BrotherhoodTestimony of victims of torture reveals the true nature of Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization. This testimony was not reported by any foreign reporters based in Egypt. Foreign news agencies reporters and journalists are deliberately publishing false news to convince the international public opinion that the Egyptian state is ruled by oppressors and violating human rights.

I don’t need to provide any evidences to prove that foreign media especially in the US are biased to terrorism. Their fabricated news speak for itself. It is our duty as Egyptian citizens to publish what is really happening in Egypt, so our voice reaches the international public opinion.

This article is about two massacres committed by Muslim Brotherhood against Egyptian citizens, and especially against Christians, which took place in MB headquarter in Mukatam area and Etihadeya presidential palace. The victims who survived the torture described what they lived and the horrible terrifying moments they eye-witnessed. It also contains evidence on the direct involvement of Mohamed Mursi  with Muslim Brotherhood in killing and torturing protesters in front of Etihadeya palace, this evidence is presented by Mursi himself, thanks to his stupidity.

Louisa Loveluck British freelance lousy and a liar journalist writing for the Telegraph and Global Post based in CairoThis article is dedicated to the blatant liars foreign journalists and reporters based in Cairo who deliberately ignore that our voice reaches the international public opinion, and when we get the chance to correct their false news about Egypt, and no matter what we say or provide of evidences and documented reports, they claim that our sources whether local public or official are not reliable. They don’t even bother to interview the real victims. In addition, they describe trials and our judiciary authorities of corruption and framing charges against Muslim Brotherhood.

Special dedication to Louisa Loveluck, British freelance journalist, based in Cairo writing for the Telegraph and Global Post, who told me that my sources are problematic when I corrected her on the fabricated stories she is publishing about forged figures and events of MB “victims”, as she described them. She said that there are errors in my bog, I don’t know what she meant by this. If there are grammatical or vocabulary errors, English is not my mother tongue language and I’m a blogger, not a journalist. Perhaps the British Louisa doesn’t commit any grammatical errors in her articles, but she certainly commits deliberate lies, false and fabricated news through her perfect mother tongue language which only serves terrorism!

I asked her to provide any evidence that can prove her claim, but of course she didn’t respond!

Louisa Loveluck British freelance journalist based in Cairo spreading lies and false news about what is really happening in Egypt

Louisa Loveluck British freelance journalist writing for the Telegraph and GlobalPost and publishing false news that only serve terrorism

Louisa Loveluck British freelance journalist writing for the Telegraph and GlobalPost

Victims of torture in front of El-Etehadeya  presidential palace 4 December 2012, Muslim Brotherhood massacre against peaceful protesters and passers-by. 10 got killed and more than 800 got seriously injured. Court Case number 10790/2013.

Mohammed Abdel Moniem was hit by a live bullet during protests on December 4th against Morsi's dictatorial constitutional declaration his injury left him paralysed

Mohammed Abdel Moniem was hit by a live bullet during protests on December 4th, 2012  against Morsi’s dictatorial constitutional declaration. His injury left him paralyzed. Testimony of Mohamed’s mother and his friends. Mohamed was with his friends helping injured protesters and releasing them from Muslim Brotherhood hands, when he got shot by a sniper from the roof of one of the buildings in the presidential palace area.

Testimony of Sameh Alsnussy, brother of Mohamed Alsnussy who got killed by Muslim Brotherhood in front of the presidential palace area. His family received threats from Muslim Brotherhood members to claim that his brother and others who got killed in front of Etihadeya palace, belonged to Brotherhood and not Anti MB protesters. Sameh said that MB were planning to get all bodies buried the next day and claimed that they were Muslim Brothers martyrs killed by Anti-MB protesters.
His brother added that he was not participating in any protests, he was on his way back home, he saw protesters running from Muslim Brotherhood militias, when he got two bullets in his stomach and shoulder, autopsy revealed that it was 9 MM bullets. Muslim Brothers killed my brother and wanted to trade with his blood. Source: youm7

والد شهيد بـ الاتحادية يتهم مرسى أمام النيابة بالتسبب فى مقتل ابنه اليوم السابع

4th of December 2012, the following videos showing Muslim Brotherhood militias and other Islamist Salafist and Gamma Islamiya group (Islamist group) attacking peaceful protesters and destroying their tents, attacking and beating women.

Ola Shahba member in the Popular Socialist Alliance Party in Egypt was held and beaten by Muslim Brotherhood in Etihadeya massacre 4 December 2012They were chanting Egypt is an Islamic country ruled by Sharia laws. They were also carrying signs during their marches to the palace area having Muslim Brotherhood political party slogans “freedom and justice party” from different cities in Egypt. Carrying Mohamed Mursi’s pictures. In the videos, they said that they are responding to Mohamed Mursi’s orders and supporting him and Muslim Brothers against their enemies and enemies of Islam. They mentioned that after they are done with the enemies at the presidential palace area, Judge Tahany Elgebaly and judge Alzend, the chairman of judges club in Egypt are next on their list.

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They also claimed that those who protest against Muslim Brothers, they drink alcohol and taking drugs and Tramadol pills!

Source Almasry Alyoum Newspaper – Report: Alaa Mohamed – Montage: Youssef Nasser.

Source: Youm 7 Newspaper

Brotherhood militias attacked women same guy who attacked the woman he is in the image with brotherhood leaders and Mohammed Morsi

Mena Philipe, tortured by Muslim Brotherhood in front of Etihadeya presidential palace because he is Christian. MB were forcing him to confess that he got paid to attack the presidential palace and incite against Muslim Brothers and Mursi’s regime.

4/12/2012, source Alwatan Newspaper. The video says it all.

Video of Mena Philipe’s testimony:” I was on my home when Muslim Brotherhood stopped me, checked my identity, found out that I’m Christian. They took off my clothes, dragged me, tortured me and I was brutally beaten.

They told me that I’ll be slaughtered if I don’t confess that I got paid by the opposition parties to attack the presidential palace and protest against Musri and Brotherhood regime. There were many of them beating me. Then they delivered me to the police and the DA office, and many others were beaten like me, we were surprised that we were accused of criminal acts, while we were victims.

Mohamed Mursi made a speech and accused us of being criminals while we were under investigations, and thank god that we were released after the DA office report which proved that we were victims and not criminals. Source: Almasry Alyoum

Video of Muslim Brotherhood shooting at protesters in the presidential palace area. Some got killed and others got seriously injured. Source: Moseerin collective MB crimes. 

Click on watch on youtube to watch the video directly on youtube.

The following video shows Egyptian citizens held inside the presidential palace, after they got arrested and tortured by Muslim Brotherhood who tried to force them to confess that they got paid to attack the presidential palace and protest against Musri and the Brotherhood.

Click on watch on youtube to watch the videos directly on youtube.

Former Ambassador of Egypt in Venezuela Yehia Zkaria Negm before and after he got tortured by Muslim Brotherhood in front of Etihadeya presidential palace 5 december 2012

Former Ambassador of Egypt in Venezuela Yehia Zkaria Negm held and tortured by Muslim Brotherhood in front of Etihadeya presidential palace 5 december 2012Former Ambassador of Egypt in Venezuela Yehia Zkaria Negm before Former Ambassador of Egypt in Venezuela Yehia Zkaria Negm tortured by Muslim Brotherhood in front of Etihadeya presidential palace 5 december 2012and after he got tortured by Muslim Brotherhood in front of Etihadeya presidential palace 4 December 2012.

The Former Ambassador’s testimony:” When I heard the news about Muslim Brotherhood attacks against peaceful protests in front of Etihadeya palace. I went to see what was happening and I eye-witnessed Muslim Brotherhood attacking women and beating protesters and destroying their tents. Muslim Brotherhood attacked us with weapons, white arms, firearms and tear Gas. Many of the Muslim Brotherhood kidnapped me and were beating me brutally in different parts of my body, the kind of beating that could have led to my death. They broke my ribs, my head was deeply injured. I was bleeding and they kept beating me. They were jumping on my chest with their shoes. They dragged me with others and held us in the presidential palace. After they tried to force us to confess that we were paid to protest against Mursi and to attack the palace, they delivered us to the police.

I also eye-witnessed kids under 15 years old they were stabbing them with white arms and tortured them. When we were held inside one the palace’s gate, I recognized Alaa Hamza brotherhood leader who was going inside the palace and coming out giving orders to the members of Brotherhood on how to deal with us.  He was the leader of the torture operations. He was going in the palace as if it was his own home, and it was obvious that he was getting orders from inside the palace. Former Ambassador added that he is a prosecution eyewitness in the case”. Source Hokok akhbar

Source CTV Egypt channel, another video showing Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders, torturing Egyptian citizens inside the mosque of Etihadeya presidential palace. They were telling them to confess that they got paid to attack the palace and protest against Mursi and Muslim Brotherhood regime, otherwise they will slaughter them.  Source: Dream tv

Source MBC MASR: Ahmed Talkhan’s testimony: I was not participated in any protests. I just happened to be close to where the event happened. I tried to leave the area, but it was not possible from the terrifying numbers of Muslim Brotherhood who were surrounding the area. A bunch of Muslim Brothers attacked me and started beating me. I tried to tell them that I voted for Mursi and I’m not into politics, but they kept beating me. I regret that I voted for Mursi.I was dragged to the palace’s gate, then after they tortured me and others, they delivered us to the police. I also saw kids ages under 15 years old were also tortured by Muslim Brotherhood.

The following video 5/12/2012, is subtitled in English language. Contains testimony of eyewitnesses on Brotherhood crimes against protests. It also contains, Muslim Brotherhood and salafist of Musri’s supporters inciting against Christians and the church in Egypt and threatened that Mursi will lock them all in prisons and Islam is coming to destroy enemies of Islam, the son of bitches. According to their own words in the video.

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Egyptian citizen tortured inside the mosque in front of Etihadeya Palace by Muslim Brotherhood 4 December 2012Mohamed Morsi official statement on 6/12/2012 on Etihadeya crimes exposed his lies and direct involvement in killing protesters, while the case was still under investigations by Mustafa Khater , the DA office counselor who handled the case. 

Etihadeya presidential palace massacre took place on 4/12/2012 and lasted to 5/12/2012. While the case was still under investigations by the District attorney office, Mohamed Mursi made an official statement on 6/12/2012 about the events and claimed that about 143 criminals who belong to the national democratic party and got paid by the opposition leaders, they were all arrested and locked in prison and will be executed for their crimes and conspiracy against the regime. Mursi added that all criminals who got arrested, confessed that they received money and weapons from some political parties to attack the presidential palace.

muslim brotherhood sniper killed journalist alhusseiny abu deif
Muslim brotherhood sniper killed journalist Alhusseiny Abu Deif

Al-Husseini Abu Deif had published a press report before his martyrdom, which included a presidential pardon by Mohamed Morsi for a group of prisoners TERRORIST including his wife’s brother.

On the other hand, Sameh Ashour, the former head of the Bar Association, said that Al-Husseini Abu Deif was deliberately assassinated by snipers, while the report indicated that the shot that killed Al-Husseini Abu Deif was from internationally prohibited bullets.

The events of Al-Ittihadiya and the assassination of the martyr of the press, Al-Husseini Abu Deif, who was martyred during the clashes that took place in the vicinity of Al-Ittihadiya Palace between supporters and opponents of former President Mohamed Morsi because of the constitutional declaration he issued on November 21 of 2012, and includes a fortification of some of his decisions.

Journalist Al-Husseini Abu Deif, who the Brotherhood planned to get rid of, and investigations revealed that the bullets that entered his body were internationally prohibited, and that his death with a bullet in the head was evidence of a clear intention to assassinate him, and therefore he was killed intentionally because of his stances against the Brotherhood, after photographing many events to document and present them in the press.

Mustafa Khater and Ibrahim Saleh, the counselors of the DA office who were investigating the case got threatened by Muslim Brotherhood and Mursi when they were in power to issue a decision of locking 143 persons that got arrested and interrogated by Muslim Brotherhood  in front of Etihadeya palace, so the report of the DA office matches with Mursi’s statement.

The next day of Mursi’s statement, Counselor Mustafa Khater issued a decision of releasing  the 143 persons, because the investigations proved that they were victims of torture and arrested by Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders who held them, tortured them and forced them to confess of something they did not commit. In addition, the counselor decided to   send the victims to forensic for injuries examination due to the brotherhood assault.

After a couple of days from the report of counselor Khater, Muslim Brotherhood General Attorney  Talaat Abdullah (appointed by Mursi in another violation to the law of appointing General attorney), he issued a decision excluded Counselor Khater from his office in Cairo and transferred him to prosecutors office in Beni Suef city. Counselor Khater refused the decision of the General attorney, and raised a case in the superior judiciary council against the decision.

The members of the general prosecutors office protested against Mursi and the general attorney interference in the judiciary and prosecutors affairs and forced him to get back in his decision against counselor Khater.

23 March 2013, 10 hours of torture inside Bilal mosque in Mokatam area, Cairo. Very close to the main headquarter of Muslim Brotherhood Organisation. Victims of torture told terrifying details about the Muslim Brothers torture practices against them, showed their injuries and torture marks on different parts of their bodies.

Filmed by : Hamada painter
Preparation: Safaa Saleh
Montage: Inas Marzuk
Source: Almasry Alyoum TV and Newspaper

Sherif Mostafa Mohamed testimony: I was walking in the street, all of a sudden some men attacked me and started to beat me with no reason, I was scared to death and I begged them to let me enter the mosque, I felt that I was going to die, I thought maybe they will show some mercy if I go inside the mosque, but I was wrong. They started to beat me harder and told me to confess that I got paid to spy on Muslim Brotherhood. I saw others inside the mosque, some kids and young men. They slapped kids on their faces and broke their hands. There was a christian guy in horrible status, he looked like he was dying. They were forcing him to confess that he is a spy and they were beating him with a whip on his chest and back.

Mostafa Mohamed, Sherif’s father: I called my son on his mobile, a guy answered and said your son is a spy and we are not going to leave him till he confesses. I went to the police and called human rights to save my son, finally I was able to reach my son, found him lying on the ground with others in front of the mosque in a terrible status.

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Waheed Mohamed and Saiid Fikry’s testimony: We were going to fill the motorcycle with Gas, we had to go to a specific Gas station in Mukatam area which is one street behind MB headquarter. Before reaching the Gas station, they blocked our way, pushed us down from the motorcycle and asked what were we doing there? We told them that we wanted to fill gas, they accused us of being spies. They took off our clothes, and dragged us to the MB headquarter. They stepped on our faces with their shoes and tortured us. We saw about 15 to 20 young men were getting dragged and beaten inside the MB headquarter. They were telling us that this is what we deserve for saying NO to Mohamed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood regime.

We saw a christian guy who was in a a very bad condition from torturing. They filmed us and said that we are armed criminals and came to their Headquarter to attack them.

Ahmed Abd Elnaby’s testimony: I’m a carpenter, I work in Mukatam area. At 4:30 in the morning I was going home with a friend of mine who work with me. We were riding a motorcycle getting ready to go home when Muslim Brothers appeared in front of us, they took our identities and said that the ID’s show different addresses than Mukatam. They started beating us with steel pipes. They forced us to confess that we got hired and paid to attack their headquarter. They were beating my friend on his head several times, he looked like he was dying. He is in the hospital now in a critical condition.

The victim’s father said that his family voted for Mohamed Mursi in the presidential elections, they thought that he was going to apply justice and develop the country, but now he realized that he voted for Mursi’s militias who tortured his son!

Karim Hassan victim of torture of Muslim Brotherhood militias tortured him in Mukatam area close to MB headquarter

Karim Hassan’s testimony: I was riding my motorcycle when 4 men blocked my way, they pushed me down and then others joined them. They started beating me and accused me of being atheist and the enemy of Islam.

The headquarter of Muslim Brotherhood in Mukatam Cairo where they were torturing victims in the ground floor

Mukatam Area, Bilal Mosque turned by Muslim Brotherhood to a slaughterhouse of torture. Amir Ayad, got brutally tortured by Muslim Brotherhood inside the mosque because he was Christian! Amir Ayad, Christian activist. He was protesting peacefully with others against MB practices in street 9, behind the  Muslim Brothers headquarter in Mukatam area.

Source: Alkarma Tv7

Journalist: Nader Shukry – Watany newspaper – 25 March 2013

Preapared and presented by: Dr. Mona Roman

Amir Ayad Christian activist got tortured in bilal mosque in Mukatam by Muslim Brotherhood militia close to MB headquarterJournalist Nader shukry’s testimony: Amir Ayad had serious injuries from the torturing, resulted a surgery in his right shoulder due to double fracture, and a deep wound in his head ended with 36 stitches. He also had different bruises, torturing marks all over his body. He was treated in the Red Cross hospital. Amir got brutally beaten with sharp tools.

I was with Nader and other protesters, and before we reached MB headquarter in Mukatam, we got attacked by Muslim Brothers ambushes,  located in Mukatam mountain area. They used firearms, broken marbles, Molotov, stones and white arms against us. Due to the fierce attack, we had no choice but to dispersed in different streets in Mukatam. Muslim Brotherhood went chasing us and they were attacking home buildings in the area and passers-by searching for us. They also occupied the mosques located in the area and turn them to a slaughterhouse torture.

Bilal mosque was among other mosques which was used by MB in torturing protesters, including Amir Ayad. During the attack, Amir just disappeared and we failed in reaching his mobile. We finally found Amir in the hospital. We went to the hospital and interviewed Amir, who told us that he was trying to help other protests to escape from the Muslim Brothers attacks, when they kidnapped him and dragged him to Bilal mosque. Muslim Brotherhood brutally tortured him more than others for being Christian and was accused of belonging to Christianity the enemy of Islam!

If all the above are framed evidences, and all the charges against Muslim Brotherhood are fake, and all those victims of torture are liars and they are the ones who tortured themselves and the Muslim Brotherhood are victims and innocents as they are described by foreign media and the Obama’s administration, then we are the green men living on planet Mars and not in Egypt!

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