The United Nations violators of Human Rights council condemned Egypt’s war on terrorism

A group of 27 countries in the United Nations Human Rights Council expressed concerns on 7/3/2014 over what they called “the Egyptian government use of violence against opposition protesters”.

The UN declaration included 27 countries, among them the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Turkey, who called on the Egyptian government to be held accountable for its actions over the past months and expressed their deepest concerns about the restrictions on the rights to peaceful assembly. They also warned Egypt that it’s being watched now and condemned by the international community for violating human rights of peaceful protesters and opponents.

It is so ironic and it is indeed an international political prostitution that a country such as Turkey, Lectures and warns Egypt about human rights which are grossly and blatantly violated in Turkey in daylight under the eyes and ears of the entire world! The Erdogan’s government that is corrupted to the bones and practicing daily crimes and oppression against their own people, talks about human rights! What a dirty world of double standards we are living in!

This is insanity and total nonsense, the countries who violate human rights in their own countries and in other countries are members in the UN and lecturing us about human rights!

Those who live reality on the Egyptian territory, know that the only armed protests exist in Egypt, are the Muslim Brothers ones! But those who live in the United Nations wonderland and science fiction world, are what the UN described of peaceful protests and political opponents! The UN was just too shy and embarrassed to call spade a spade, which is the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist Organization blessed and fully supported by the United Nations.

The United big failure Nations who live in glass houses and throwing stones on Egypt!

The United Nations Organization was established after war world II to prevent conflicts between countries,  maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict. This is what we have learned in school books about the United Nations role and objectives when we were young and retarded! When we got matured and intelligent, we realized that the United Nations organization in reality doesn’t really unite nations or prevent conflicts, but it separates nations and creates conflicts!

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The United Nations organization is an international chaos, a big disappointment and failure with its perpetual scandals and corruptions. The UN organization does n’t share liberal values and have no real interest in human rights or global peace. The UN has devolved into just a piggyback to fund the lavish lifestyle for global elitists and tyrants.

The UN does not issue clear reports to donor nations on how their money is spent. That includes the United States, the U.N.’s biggest donor, which bankrolls roughly 25% of the U.N.’s soaring system-wide spending. In Fiscal 2010 (the last year for which the U.S. administration has provided any total figures), U.S. taxpayers contributed more than $7.7 billion to an incoherent U.N. system-wide budget, which by some estimates has continued to expand to well over $30 billion per year.

The U.N. has failed to reform. Following the Oil-for-Food scandal, in which the U.N. profited from and covered up for billions in Baghdad kickbacks and corruption, the UN in 2006 promised greater transparency, accountability, an end to Peacekeeper rape, the elimination of redundant mandates, and a more ethical culture. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon arrived in office in 2007 promising “to restore trust” and calling for a system-wide audit. None of these things has been accomplished.

Long list of UN big failures

The United Nations lost its effectiveness and relevance because in most high-profile cases, there are essentially no consequences for violating a Security Council resolution.

The Serbian troops committed genocide against Bosnian Muslims in the largest case of mass murder on the European continent since World War II. The UN forces did nothing to prevent the massacre.

In the 21st century, the most prominent and dramatic example is the Darfur crisis, in which Arab Janjaweed militias, supported by the Sudanese government, committed repeated acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the indigenous population. Thus far, an estimated 300,000 civilians have been killed in what is the largest case of mass murder in the history of the region, yet the UN has continuously failed to act against this severe and ongoing human rights issue.

The united Nations failed in solving the Syrian crisis for more than two years now of the ongoing civil war and organized massacres against Christians.

The UN failed in solving the Palestinian cause for more than 65 years now and Israel disrespects the UN resolutions, thanks to the US Veto.

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The big Failure of the United Nations in Somalia, Rwanda and Iraq.

The United Nations did not move a finger to even condemned Muslim Brotherhood crimes and massacres against the Egyptian community in general and against Christians in particular. On the contrary, they are supporting them as their declaration revealed. The UN was deaf and blind towards all Muslim Brotherhood practices and violations when they were in power.

The security council is useless in front of the veto from any of the permanent members which can halt any possible action the Council may take. One nation’s objection, rather than the opinions of a majority of nations, may cripple any possible UN armed or diplomatic response to a crisis.

The United States of America exploited the issue of fighting terrorism after 9/11 by influencing the United Nations to issue three dangerous resolutions:

1- Resolution 1368 issued on September 11, 2001.
2- Resolution 1373 issued on September 28, 2001, which gave the right to the US and other superior countries to wage a preemptive war, despite the fact that there is no such preemptive war in the international laws or in the United Nations Charter.
3- Resolution 1390 issued on January 16, 2002. During 4 month, the UN issued 4 anti-terrorism resolutions and we have seen the practical application which included the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, then Iraq which was not only Outside the framework of international legitimacy, but the war against Iraq was based on a the big fat lie of WMD!

The international cooperation against terrorism was an angry reaction  following the events of September 11, and the consequences of it was tragic and harmful results. Resulted the  occupation of two independent countries, and caused hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties.

There is no definite or clear definition for terrorism. United Nations and superior countries consider “Terrorists groups” in some regions, support them and call them freedom fighters in other regions. This is the ugly truth!

We no longer need assurances that the United Nations organization is blatantly biased against the Arab causes in general and the Palestinian cause in particular. We no longer need any assurances that the United Nations serve the US double standards and interests in all aspects. The dangerous deviation of the united nations began actually proceeding colonial encroachment  of the United States new masks, which are very dangerous precedent whereby the United Nations moved to ” supplement ” the U.S. administration and ambitious projects in the world!

The Arab countries including Egypt must change their policy in dealing with This double standards corrupted world system to the bones led by the United States, which is based on “security council” or the “United Nations”, World Bank, IMF, the World Trade Organization, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, and the policies and projects of major countries, etc.

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This world system is blackmailing our governments, threatening our national security, bullying towards our laws and regulations, practicing dissemination of chaos, division, invasions, supporting and financing sectarian wars among the  Arab people.

I’m blaming the Arab world more than I’m blaming the world system, because they don’t do to us, more than what we are doing to ourselves.

What did we do to end this farce and political absurdity and prostitution that the world system is practicing against us, except complaining and condemning their practices against us!?

The world system led by the States is taking advantage of of the Arab weakness and is exploiting our weakness to the fullest, building their interests and strategic projects on our weakness.

Europe established the European Union, what did the Arab established except the Arab League, which is really useless except in verbal Denunciation and condemnation!

We are able to challenge the world system  and turn the table on their heads, and we don’t lack any resources or possibilities to do this. We just lack the strong willing to get united against this world system who is deploying all its efforts in spreading their creative chaos inside our territories, exporting terrorism to our homelands and dare to condemned us when we are fighting a fierce black terrorism. Now, the world system has a different definition for terrorism in Egypt and in our region, they call it opposition, opponents and peaceful protesters!

This world system despite their power and capabilities, is definitely stupid because they think that exporting terrorism to our region and supporting extremists Islamist groups is going to make them get rid of terrorism and will enjoy watching us killing each other, but the truth is, unless they stop participating in terrorism, it will turn against them one day soon, because they allowed them to live in their societies again under the name of their faked human rights values.

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