Human Rights Organizations In Egypt declare 82 Killed 44 Tortured By Muslims Brotherhood

15 years old boy got tortured by Muslim Brotherhood in Rabaa Square

15 years old boy got tortured by Muslims Brotherhood in Rabaa Square

The following is a video dated 4 August 2013, inside Rabaa Square. You will see a young man beaten by a mass of Morsi’s supporters in Rabaa and then a boy also beaten by them. Then both victims taken inside tents to start torturing. That’s From inside Rabaa. This is just one sample case. Please click on the video to watch it directly on youtube, as it is age restricted.

Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies in Cairo and the Arab Organizations for Human Rights observed many violent and terror acts which took place since one month now in Egypt, committed by Muslims Brotherhood Organization and their supporters from Extremists Islamist Groups against civilians of all ages including Children.

All the Victims families who are dead already, testified that their beloved ones were in Rabaa square and Nahda square, whether by their own willing or by curiosity or got kidnapped randomly from the streets. All the victims who got brutally tortured and survived testified about what happened to them and they all mentioned a common information, that Muslims Brotherhood have the torturing rooms under the stage of Rabaa separated with wood with many victims in there from different ages including women and children and also they are using the Rabaa Mosque, some of its rooms where they keep their victims.

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Muslim Brotherhood kidnaping children from orphanages to Rabaa Square -MB Crimes

Muslims Brotherhood kidnapping children from orphanages to Rabaa Square using them as human shields.

Children abuse by Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood kidnap children from Orphanages and not only they are using them as human shields, but they are also forcing them to wear shrouds and they are calling them those are the Future Martyrs Project!

The Human Rights Organizations announced that they observed about 82 killing accidents and 44 torturing accidents including 22 cases were brutally tortured, which have led to death.

A picture of morsi's supporters torturing a man in Rabaa square

Rabaa Square Muslims Brotherhood Militia  torturing a young man in Rabaa square

Dalia Ziyada, the Executive Director of Ibn Khaldoun Center, commented on the Human Rights report, that all cases which have been observed and declared so far are covering only the period of one month starting from 29th of June 2013 till the 2nd of August 2013. There are other cases which have not been identified yet.

Dalia added that the violence acts are increasing but the most violent happened between the period of 26 July to 2nd of August 2013, at least that was the period they have reported.

victims of Rabaa's torturing

This Man was tortured to death in Rabba square and thrown behind the Rabaa Mosque

The human rights Organizations in Egypt are urging  the Egyptian Country to interfere immediately, to stop this violent and terror acts and to bring to justice all those from the Brotherhood and their Extremists supporters who committed terror and violent acts against Egyptian Civilians. She also pointed out to the urgency of providing rehabilitation cessions to all the victims of Torturing and also to those who committed the torturing.

victims of rabaa square tortured by brotherhood

Taxi Driver tortured in Rabaa and managed to escape

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The reason Ibn Khaldoun Center had to make their report only for the period from the 26th of June till the 2nd of August 2013, was due to the necessity and the matter of urgency of this report to be published as soon as possible to the Public opinion.

The center confirmed that they are working from now on updating this report according to the continuity of violence and terror acts in Egypt committed by Muslims Brotherhood.

victims of muslim brotherhood torturing

Tortured to death in Nahda Square and found in the trash box

victims of brotherhood torturing in egypt

Tortured in Rabaa and got rescued

rabaa square victims of Morsi's supporters

Tortured in Rabaa and was thrown in the street

muslim brotherhood torturing egyptians against morsi

 Tortured to death in Nahda and was found in the trash box

Rabba's victims of brotherhood torturing

Tortured in Rabaa and was thrown in the street (A)

brotherhood torturing egyptians in rabaa

Tortured in Rabaa and was thrown in the street (B)

muslim brotherhood massacres against egyptian civilians

Brutaly Tortured in Rabaa and found in the street with every single bone broken in his whole entire body

images of Muslim brotherhood torturing people in Rabaa

Bodies found in the trash box in Nahda – Were held and tortured to death

Morsi's supporters torturing civilians in egypt

Tortured to death in Rabaa and was thrown in the street

Muslim Brotherhood slaughtering Christians in Egypt

59 Years old Christian kidnapped in Sinai by Extremists Islamists supporters to MB, tortured for 6 days and beheaded

victims of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in AlArish city

Murdered by Extremists Islamist  supporters to MB, with machine guns and died immediately in Sinai

Adel Abanob Victim of Brotherhood militia got killed on 30of June 2013

 Adel Abanob, Christian – Victim of Brotherhood militia got killed on the 30th of June 2013 Demonstrations because he was chanting against Mohammed Morsi and The Brotherhood – In upper Egypt Assiut city

muslim brotherhood crimes against christians in egypt

Abbadir, Christian – Kidnapped by Muslims Brotherhood in Assiut city, brutally tortured and was held in a grave yard area and threatened not to testify on the murdering of his best friend (Adel Abanob above image) – he was eye witness on the killing of MB to his friend and got rescued before getting killed.

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Terrorism in North Sinai

Mohammed Hany Police Chief in Sinai got assassinated by Extremists Islamist, when he was leaving home, killed with machine guns

Brotherhood torturing and killing people in Rabaa square

A body was found a few days ago, thrown in the street  – Rabaa Square, Torturing marks were found on the body

Muslim Brotherhood bombing civilians and labors buses

One of the Cement company labors, bus got bombarded in Sinai – 3 got killed and more that 21 injured

Muslim Brotherhood Militia killed 177 civilians and police and military soldiers and officers in sinai

35 days of 85 Terrorists attacks in Sinai against civilians, police and military officers and soldiers from the 4th of July 2013 till 7th of August 2013 resulted 177 killed and injured in Sinai.

Muslm Brotherhood crimes in egypt

Police soldier got injured after Muslim Brotherhood through a bomb in the street in  Almansoura City July 2013

muslim brotherhood raising Al-Qaeda Flag

Extremist supporter to Brotherhood raising Al-qaeda Flag, took down the Egyptian flag and replaced it with Bin Laden’s Flag

muslim brotherhood carrying Ossama Bin laden pictures

Muslim Brotherhood demonstrating by the National Security Building raising Bin Laden’s Picture written on it, he lived and died a hero, that’s the man who humiliated Americans

I don’t think that they are right, because I believe that the man who is a big shame and Humiliated Americans is that man under here, The big Supporter of terrorism in Egypt.

Obama supports terrorism in Egypt

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