Muslim Brotherhood Militia Killed A Ten Years Old Child In Front Of A Church

On the 6th of August, Muslim Brotherhood killed Jessy Bolus Issa, Christian, 10 years old in front of the Angelic Church in Ain Shams Area - Cairo

On the 6th of August 2013, Muslim Brotherhood Militia killed Jessy Bolus Issa, Christian, 10 years old in front of the Angelic Church in Ain Shams Area – Cairo, while she was walking out of the church with the Sundays school supervisor. The child got shot from the back  and the eye witnesses said that Morsi’s supporters who gather in that area every day, eye witnesses saw  The killers going down from a half truck then opened fire randomly on the Christians getting In and Out of the Church, killed Jessy the 10 years old child and ran with their half truck vehicle after killing the child. Jessy was the only one who got killed, many got injured.

Eye witnesses added, they were in a big shock when they saw the little girl fell down and saw blood at her back and on her chest, they tried to move her to the hospital, but she died immediately.

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Jessy’s uncle is a priest and his name is Nasr Allah Zakaria, he said that the Child was not shot by mistake, even that the killers were shooting at Christians in front of the Church randomly.

Jessy’s uncle is the executive director of the Angelic Church Media, besides being a Chief editor of Al-Huda Magazine, the Angelic Church Magazine in Egypt.

Jessy Bolous killed by Muslim Brothrhood in front of the Angelic Church on the 6th of August 2013

After John McCain press conference yesterday the 6th of August 2013, held in Cairo, he  announced that Egypt is going to slip in a blood shed bath in those days and that what happened was a coup and insisted on the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Mohammed Morsi must be released and the Egyptian Government must negotiate with Brotherhood. And he added that unless Egypt make a full reconciliation with Muslim Brotherhood through negotiations, The country will slip in Blood bath!

Muslim Brotherhood in Rabaa and Nahda Squares announced their appreciations to the USA, specially after McCain’s support, and they announced that the war is now just started against specially Christians. That was obviously the green light that USA gave to Brotherhood to restart new blood shedding against Egyptians, which happened right away after the conference in different cities and several areas in Egypt at the same minute after McCain conference! (The USA never condemned the massacres of Brotherhood against Christians in Egypt and burning their churches by Brotherhood Militia, which happens daily)

On the 6th of August 2013 right after McCain’s press conference, The brotherhood kidnapped and attacked civilians in Nasr City area in cairo, one civilian got killed by live bullets and many got injured. Also in Menia City, Assiut and Sohag cities in upper Egypt, brotherhood and their Militia attacked again churches and killed a Christian young man, injured his father and kidnapped his brother and also attacked civilians in Alexandria city and in Damanhour City.

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In Alexandria, Behera and Ismailia Cities, Brotherhood attacked civilians, one guy got killed with live bullets and 67 got seriously injured. Many shops and restaurants got damaged.

Muslim Brotherhood torture and kill children in Egypt

 That’s what Muslim Brotherhood Militia supported and sponsored by USA do to KIDS in Egypt!

 Obama supports terrorism in egypt


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