Muslim Brotherhood Massacres Against Christians In Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Crimes against Christians in Egypt

This article is up to date and includes all massacres against Christians starting from Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt till August 2013. Just remember that when Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi were ruling Egypt and specifically them and their Islamist extremists Militias were massacring Christians, your Governments never cared to even condemn any massacres, whether against Christians or the whole Egyptian Community.

Recently, they just said that they condemn the violence against Christians and they didn’t even dare to say “Violence committed by Brotherhood against Christians” Just remember that for the record. Please remember also that Muslim Brotherhood are accusing Christians of burning their own Churches! Just like they are accusing Military and police of killing their own soldiers! They are in fact accusing the whole Egyptian Community of being enemies of Islam! Brotherhood dirty minds, think that by burning Churches and slaughtering Christians, The International Community will listen to their call and come and invade Egypt, and then place the Brotherhood Thugs to rule Egypt for ever!

All of a sudden the foreign medias and the superpower countries out there, just remembered that there is violence against Christians but really never said violence acts by Brotherhood and their supporters. What a big silly joke!

What a big silly joke also, when the world is showing their concerns about violence against Christians, and they never admit any kind of violence against the whole Egyptian community including violence committed by Brotherhood militias against our  military and police forces and the deliberate damages attacks and burning vital buildings all over the country! How can they say that the violence of brotherhood is condemned!? Of course they can’t because that same world is supporting Muslim Brotherhood. What a barefaced double standard!

Don’t show any violence condemning against Christians or even against the whole Egyptian community, because we know the US, UK and Europe conspiracy plans when it comes to Egypt. Click here to read what your governments are planning in relation to Egypt and their conspiracy as well against Christians  and that proof is documented. It will also tell you where your tax money goes!

Muslim Brotherhood attacked and burned 52 Churches in 24 hours started on the 14th of August 2013 till today the 15th of August 2013 – At the end of that article you will find a list, that I managed to gather with all the names of Churches in different cities which all got looted and burned besides Christians homes and private properties.

The Christian Pope said that if burning Churches is going to be the sacrifice that Christians would pay to save the country, then let it be, and he asked all Christians in Egypt to be patient and don’t get revenge, because Egypt will always be Christians and Muslims One hand and no one will ever divide Egyptians. He did n’t scream for the international world to invade Egypt, like the Brotherhood traitors are doing.

Morsi’s supporters in Rabaa Square – Video subtitled in English – threatening the whole community, military and police by terror, killing and bombing any one who doesn’t support them – And threatened to burn all Christians – They were even given instructions from Rabba sit in to shoot millions of Egyptian if they have to right in the their heads. And that’s exactly what they did and still doing

Video 15th of August 2013, Brotherhood Militias and Mohammed Morsi’s supporters, cutting the Cornishe road in Alexandria city, Sidi Bishr Area, stopped all cars, checked their identities, attacked brutally a Christian taxi driver Mina Raafat Aziz, the minute they saw a cross hanged in his car , dragged him out of the car, took off his cloth and the video show all the gathering more that 100 murderers gathered on one man, tortured him and took him to the side walk, stabbed him to death. The video was taken by the guy who was screaming from his balcony, eye witnessed the whole massacre under his balcony. The driver who got killed his name is Mina Raafat Aziz. The massacre caused the killing of 5 others and the injury of more than 50 persons. Click on the video to watch on you tube, for age restriction.

The following picture is the taxi which was smashed totally by Brotherhood thugs, they killed the Christians Driver and also smashed his car

Brotherhood killed a coptic taxi driver and smashed his car in alexandria

Video On the 14th of August 2013, Brotherhood Thugs damaged and burned the archbishopric in Sohag City Upper Egypt – Click on the video to watch on you tube, for age restriction.

Brotherhood damaged and attacked churches in Egypt

This photo showing the Ancient Greek Church damaged and burned by Brotherhood in Suez City on the 14th of August 2013.

On the 14th of August 2013, Video Brotherhood Militia burned 3 churches in Almenia City in upper Egypt. The first one they burned is the Condolences hall belongs to dir Almawas Church; The second church burned is Jesus father church; The third one is Khalas Alnofous. The result from That massacres ended up by burning churches after stealing theirs valuable contents, also Brotherhood Militias burned 20 Homes which belongs to Christians and also attacked prisons and 3 police officers got killed by Muslim Brotherhood machine guns and 14 police soldiers got injured.

Muslim Brotherhood attacked The New Meriam Church in Fayoum City, in Alnazla village and removed the crosses from it and destroyed the contents of the church and damaged the water pipes in the church and then burned private cars which belongs to villagers.

Brotherhood burning churches and Christians home in Egypt

The following Video showing the huge damages of burning many churches in Al-Fayoum City – Priests are crying while telling how brutally their Churches being attacked and burned by MB supporters and it is showing different scenes of many churches got burned and looted by MB supporters. Priests and victims eyewitnesses said that it started by some supporters to MB were calling Muslims in the city, to go and attack churches immediately in order to defend Islam because Christians are against Islam and that was on the same day of the disengagement of Rabaa and Nahda squares Sit-In. Extremist Muslims attacked churches and Christians in the city while they were chanting “this is a Gihad and a war against Christianity the enemy of Islam and Muslims.

Priests added that Moderate Muslims in the city, were helping strongly their Christians sisters and brothers from being attacked, but the brotherhood were heavily armed.

In Assuit City in upper Egypt, the brotherhood Militia burned the Saint Teresa Church. No one was injured because the church got every body out before the Brotherhood Attacks. And Brotherhood burned also Mary Girgis Church in Assiut City and burned more than private 5 cars and also damaged and destroyed many shops in the 23rd of July street in down town Assiut City.

Brotherhood burning churches in Egypt

Brotherhood also attacked the archbishopric of Khoussia city and burned 15 of Christians homes. in Assiut city – upper Egypt.

Brotherhood burn churches in Egypt

Brotherhood set a fire in one of the Building in Sohag City, Egypt - just because there are Christians living there

Brotherhood set a fire in one of the Building in Sohag City, Egypt – just because there were Christians living there

Brotherhood supporters looted all the contents of Malawy museum ,Menia City,Upper Egypt
Brotherhood supporters looted all the contents of Malawy museum ,Menia City,Upper Egypt

On the 14th and the 15th of August 2013, Brotherhood burned the Angelic Church in Gad Elsayed Area, totally burned Prince Tadrus Church in Algeish street area, burned as well the Saint Joseph School and the Marry Yohanna Church in Alsouk Area.

Also on the 14th and the 15th of August 2013, Brotherhood Militias burned in Giza area, the Angel Michael Church in Kerdassa area, and they have stolen all contents of the Atfeeh Dir Karam archbishopric.

In Suez City same dates 14th and 15th of August 2013, Muslim Brotherhood burned the Franciscan School, The Good Shepherd School and Church.

In Aloksor City on the 14th and 15th of August 2013, Brotherhood stolen many shops owned by Christians and also Moris pharmacies, Santa Claus Christians Shops, Horus hotel. Brotherhood and their Islamist Extremists Militias always said that as the Christians are enemies of God and Islam, then their properties and their souls belong to Muslims.

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In North Sinai on the 14th and 15th of August 2013, Brotherhood burned Marry Girgis Church in the 23rd of July street in Alarish

Muslim Brotherhood political party “freedom and justice” in Helwan city, published on their official Facebook page, directly inciting their supporters to attack and burn churches because as they say on their social media account, the pope is against Islam and the Christians are the enemies of God and all Muslims must get rid of Christians in Egypt, burn their Churches and kill them and kill their pope! and don’t ask why we are burning their churches and killing them because Christians made the action and Brotherhood are reacting… Here is their Arabic Text

Brotherhood call their supporters to kill the Christians and the pope

15th of August, Sohag City, two Christians got killed by Brotherhood Thugs, stopped them on the road and opened machine guns against them. Naglaa Albadry 25 years old and her husband Magdy Adly 29 years old, then the killers ran away, Eye witnesses said that the brotherhood killers were cutting the road and didn’t let any one passes till they check their identities, when they found out that the couple are Christians, they just opened their machine guns and killed them.

On the 7th of August, Muslim Brotherhood killed Jessy Bolus Issa, Christian, 10 years old in front of the Angelic Church in Ain Shams Area - Cairo

On the 6th of August 2013, Muslim Brotherhood Militia killed Jessy Bolus Issa, Christian, 10 years old in front of the Angelic Church in Ain Shams Area – Cairo, while she was walking out of the church with the Sundays school supervisor. The child got shot from the back and the eye witnesses said that Morsi’s supporters who gather in that area every day, eye witnesses saw The killers going down from a half truck then opened fire randomly on the Christians getting In and Out of the Church, killed Jessy the 10 years old child and ran with their half truck vehicle after killing the child. Jessy was the only one who got killed, many got injured.

Jessy Bulos 10 years old child - Christian - killed by MB Extremists with a machine gun - Jessy's Funeral
Jessy Bulos 10 years old child – Christian – killed by MB Extremists with a machine gun – Jessy’s Funeral

Eye witnesses added, they were in a big shock when they saw the little girl fell down and saw blood at her back and on her chest, they tried to move her to the hospital, but she died immediately.

Jessy’s uncle is a priest and his name is Nasr Allah Zakaria, he said that the Child was not shot by mistake, even that the killers were shooting at Christians in front of the Church randomly.

Jessy’s uncle is the executive director of the Angelic Church Media, besides being a Chief editor of Al-Huda Magazine, the Angelic Church Magazine in Egypt.

muslim brotherhood crimes against christians in egypt

Video dated 15/8/2013, Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacking churches in Sohag City (upper Egypt) and destroying, burning Christians private properties.

Eye witnesses and injured people testimony on the looting, killing and attacks launched by Muslim Brotherhood against churches in Sohag and copts which ened up by burning the churches and cathedrals in Sohag city.

Muslim Brotherhood Militia kidnapped the student Abadir Samir Makar 22 years old and tortured him In Assiut City – Upper Egypt, Dated 30/7/2013. Abadir is one of the eye witnesses who testified against some of the Muslim Brotherhood Militia leaders in Assiut City, who killed three civilians on the 30 of June 2013 just because they were participating in the 30th of June Revolution demonstrating against Mohammed Morsi’s dictatorship.

Muslim brotherhood crimes against coptic

Abadir Samir eye witnessed the killing of Adel Abanob (his best friend and he is Christian too) by the Brotherhood Militia in Assiut right in front the Governorate of Assiut Building. The following picture and Video show the victim Adel Abanob’s body and his families in chock of his death, and his body lying in the hospital after he got shot right in the neck. Click on the video to watch on you tube, for age restriction.

The series of targeting Christians in Egypt by Moslem Brotherhood and their Militia Extremists Islamist is never ending.

Student Abadir is an eye witness on Brotherhood crimes in his city, that’s why the brotherhood kidnapped him and tortured him, so he keeps his mouth shut. And if it was n’t for his mother’s begging to some families who are in contact with the Kidnappers, they would have killed the young man.

Abadir said that he was in Feryal Street with couple of his friend, waiting for a taxi to go home, when all of a sudden some guys came close to him and his friends and made cuts with the knife in his ears, then they took him inside cars shop, took off all his cloth and stabbed him in different parts of his body.

One of  guys was threatening him of taking his eyes out and make him blind forever then another one spit in his mouth.
Then they put a cover on his eyes and dragged him on the ground then drove him to somewhere he did n’t know where exactly, except when they took off the cover off his eyes, he found himself in a grave hole and then they started to torture him again with razors on his back and all over his body.

They threatened him not to open his mouth about his testimony again, otherwise next time he will be dead.
His mother said that when his friends called her and informed her of the kidnapping  by one of the Muslim brotherhood Militia leaders, his family begged some of the families who know those brotherhood Militia to release her son.

Christian cleric murdered by the hands of Muslim Brotherhood Militia extremists in Arish City – Egypt dated 6/7/2013

Christian cleric Mena Aboud Sharobim 39 years old, was killed after being targeted by Islamist extremists armed men riding a motorcycle., A security source said the dead man residing in Al-Arish when terrorists have targeted his car in front of the headquarters church Masaeed area west of El-Arish – Egypt.

Mena Aboud Sharobim victim of Muslim Brotherhood militia in AlArish Muslim Brotherhood crimes against Christians in AlArish

victims of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in AlArish city

Egypt: A Christian Trader kidnapped in Alsheikh Zowaid City found beheaded By MB Militia Terrorists – 5th of July and his body was found on the 12th of July 2013.

The name of the victim is Magdy Lami 59 years old, his body was found beheaded in the graves area Sheikh Zowaid City and many torturing marks found as well all over his body, he was held for 6 days under torturing by Muslim Brotherhood Militia in Sinai.

Muslim Brotherhood slaughtering Christians in Egypt

Magdy Lami victim of muslim Brotherhood terrorists in Sinai

The series of killing against civilians and especially Christians according to Mohammed Elbeltagy Brotherhood leaders who announced earlier in the 8th of July 2013, that all the killing operations all over Egypt and specially in Sinai, will be over and stopped immediately, once the Egyptian minister of defense resign from his post and Mohamed Morsi is back to power again. The following Video is confirming what he directly threatened with: (he is one of the MB leaders hiding in Rabaa Square, and he is wanted for Justice)

Morsi’s supporters Carrying machine guns and burn The Church of Mary Girgis Resting house in Minya governorate in Upper Egypt – 4th of July 2013

Brotherhood burn churches in Menya Governorate

Muslim Brotherhood Burning Churches in Egypt

Brotherhood Militia attack Churches in Egypt

Minya Security Directorate, on Wednesday evening, the village of «Dga», of the Center for Deir Mawas South Minya, after receiving a distress Minya Diocese of Catholic Copts, the rest house belongs to the church Mary Girgis under attack by Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Dozens of supporters of  Mohamed Morsi carrying machine guns and surrounded the church building belonging to the Church «St. George» Village «Dga», of the Center for Deir Mawas south of Minya, and burned it after looting its contents, and smuggled the pastor across surfaces buildings.

Morsi’s brotherhood supporters ring the doors of the church violently, and were unable to break down the rail, and headed to break the Church «St. George» which resides Father Ayoub, pastor of the Church «St. George» of the Copts Catholics.

Church sources said that Father Youssef Ayoub, pastor of the church, was surprised by violent percussion sounds outside church break where they reside and adjoins the church, attackers broke into the break and looting its contents and then set a fire.

Before Mohammed Morsi was elected president, many of the Christians in Egypt, specially in upper Egypt, were threatened by Islamist extremists and by Muslim Brotherhood Militia and were prisoners in their own homes, not allowed to leave to vote for the presidential elections, because the MB suspected that Christians were going to vote for Ahmed Shafik and not for Morsi. Many have made statements in police stations against that oppression, but that period was another chaos and totally controlled by Islamist. The committee who announced the presidential elections result said that yes there were many statements about Christians who were not allowed to participate in the voting, but the committee did not get any firm investigations from the concerned authorities. And case closed like most of the cases at that period and the later period of Mohammed Morsi regime as well. The criminals were always UNKNOWN or ghosts according to the MB guys who were controlling all authorities in Egypt!

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When Morsi became the president, it happened in many cities in Egypt clashes between Christians and Muslims due to Islamist Extremist very aggressive attitude against Christians. Those extremists were going aggressively further against Christians because the Brotherhood were welcoming this aggression and adding to it by letting their Islamist Militia have full control of all situations against Christians.

Extremists Militia were going every time burning or attacking a church or kill Christians and of course Mohammed Morsi and His Brotherhood tyrants were doing nothing about it, and always claiming that those who are committing criminals acts against Christians they are UNKNOWN or as they named them THE THIRD UNKNOWN PARTY IN EGYPT!

During Brotherhood ruling, the Muslim Brotherhood Extremist Media channels including the Brotherhood Channel Misr 25, were using a very aggressive and hateful speech against Christians in Egypt and pushing Muslims to kill Christians, as well as against any Egyptian calling for not mixing religion with politics.

The following videos are evidences on the Brotherhood Misr 25 Channel and other Islamist support Brotherhood Group, pushing to kill Christians and a very hate speech against Christians specially those who were going to participate in the 30th of June 2013 Revolution:

Video dated 15 June 2013,  Many Islamist members of Alshura and Olamaa AlMoslemeen Councils related to Brotherhood, announced that killing all those demonstrators who will go out on the 30th of June 2013 revolution is allowed by Islam. They also added that according to Islam and God, all Muslims who support Mohammed Morsi and The brotherhood Regime are allowed according to Islam to Kill and slaughter those who are against Brotherhood and Morsi, because they are Christians and others are related to Mobarak Old Regime. All this was said in the following Video:

Please copy paste this link in your browser, to be able to watch a video published on the Arabya News site, see the last 3 minutes of the video, you will see after the Killing declarations, Mohammed Morsi and Brotherhood Supporters in a demonstration carrying Bin Laden images and the Flags of Al-Qaeda Terrorists Organization:

Muslim Brotherhood supports carrying osama bin laden image in egypt during their demonstrations
Muslim Brotherhood supports carrying osama bin laden image in egypt during their demonstrations

The following Video is a disaster of Islamist leaders support Muslim Brotherhood and one of them is leading the Rabaa Square and hidden in Rabaa because he is wanted by the authorities accused of murdering and pushing on killing civilians his name is Safwat Hegazy and he is a Brotherhood man. He is saying in the following video, that he objects that a Muslim Kills the enemies of God by slaughtering them from the neck, Good Muslim must cut the head into half! They are also saying that ISLAM is dominating Egypt and Christians who live in Egypt must obey and accept that, otherwise they will be forced on it and they will risk losing their lives because ISLAM IS COMING AND DOMINATING!!!

There are many videos to show in relation to the calling of killing Christians and the hate for Christians, I just can’t add them all to that article, just picked that last one. In the following Video, the Islamists supporting Brotherhood are saying Muslims are not allowed to salute Christians in Egypt and if your Christian neighbor die, you are not allowed to go and pay condolences to his families and also you are not allowed to attend his funeral and all Muslims must realize that Christians are enemies of God and enemies of Islam and Muslims are allowed to fight Christianity. Those are the kinds of Speeches that push their believers and supporters of Ignorant Extremists Muslims to kill and slaughter any one they consider enemy to Islam. This is how to control civilians by terrorizing them and also how to have an Aggressive Militia ready to kill once they are told to kill!

The extremists religious Media channels were working under the protection of Mohammed Morsi and the Brotherhood even before Mohammed Morsi became president, they were treated above all laws. Saying whatever they want against anyone in the country and pushing Muslims to hate Christians and also to kill Christians whom they consider, the enemies of God and the enemies of ISLAM! Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi never objected that hate speech; on the contrary, they were encouraging it and all those Extremists Islamist are Brotherhood Militia Allies.

Many statements were presented to the General Attorney in Egypt against those Channels and the Islamist who are running those channels, but every time those extremists were receiving police or national security announcements to attend investigations, Extremists were immediately organizing Extremists violent armed demonstrations against the authorities who dared sending them calls for investigations! Morsi and The brotherhood totally ignored those violent demonstrations against all the institutions of the country!

2nd of August 2012, Dahshour city located 40 minutes away from Cairo, clashes started between Extremist Muslims and Christians and ended up by Extremists Muslims forcing Christians to leave their homes, jobs and never come back again!

Dahshour City Islamists Brotherhood Militia crimes against Christians in egypt

Extremists Muslim didn’t get enough with the threatening, but they went and attacked Mary Girgis Church and they were trying to burn it, but the wise Good Muslims from the neighborhood and the security forces managed to stop those extremists from burning the church. Then extremists forced Christians families to leave their homes, after Islamist have stolen their private properties and the stuff Extremists were not interested in of Christians properties, they damaged the stuff they did n’t want to steel, as the following video shows: (What did Morsi and the brotherhood do? NOTHING, except saying as he used to say as usual to clean his image in front of the world, Christians in Egypt are our sisters and brothers, we love them we care for them!)

The following Video shows the degree of damages caused to Christians families homes and private properties and the eye witnesses in the video are telling that if it wasn’t for the police existence in the scene, the Islamist Extremists were gonna slaughter them.

In February 2013, Extremists Islamist spread a rumor in Aswan Kom Ombo City, that a Muslim Teacher Disappeared and was kidnapped by Christians to force her to convert to Christianity and that she was held in Mary Girgis Church, and of course that was enough for all extremists Islamist and their supporters to attack and burn the church with Molotov. The Police managed to keep the Islamist away from the church and later on it turned out that Muslim Teacher was in Hurgada – Red Sea for some days off and she was n’t kidnapped!

The Damages caused to the church from burning with Molotov, a nursery got burned and some young men inside the church got some burns injuries and church cars and buses got damaged and as usual, things calmed down later on by telling every body to go home and file closed. As USUAL!

Muslim brotherhood and their supporters  surrounded the Church and the police stopped muslim brotherhood thugs from attacking the church who’s intention was to burn it.

Video showing damages to the church’s buses

In November 2012, Shobra Alkhema Area had severe clashes started by some Islamist who attacked Christians because they were building a services Branch to The Archbishopric in that area.

Islamist attacked Christians severely and removed the Archbishopric sign from the land which is owned to the Archbishopric and replaced it with “Ibad AlRahman Mosque” SIGN! and they threatened Christians that they are not going to allow any church construction on that land or any Church services branch building. The police appeared on the scene, and as usual no one was held any responsibility for this attack! And case closed.

The following image shows the land after Islamist removed the sign that it belongs to the Archbishopric and replaced it with Ibad Al-Rahman Mosque!

Islamists in Egypt took by force a land which belongs to a Church in Egypt

In January 2012, Islamist surrounded Abu Makar Church in Shubra Al-Khema and claimed that church was built not according to the law and it doesn’t have a construction license to be built in that area and it must be taken down and to be replaced with a mosque and they set a fire to the Church! Priest Morkos called the police to save the church from attacks, police went there…and as usual File CLOSED!

Another case of aggression in February 2013, in Fayoum Governorate, Islamist start firing and burning a church in Sirsna village just because they don’t want it to be there any longer. In addition to burning 5 other churches and attacked also a police station in Fayoum city, and other bloody scenes from other cities (Video below)

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After calling police, same thing happened over and over, because Islamist in Brotherhood regime were all above the law, including Mohammed Morsi he was also above the law, no body in Egypt according to the brotherhood constitution had the right to sue the president not even the constitutional court, because he had all executive and legislative authorities in his hands! And it goes on Brotherhood members, leaders and supporters are all above the law! Click on the video to watch on you tube, for age restriction.

Muslim Brotherhood called Salafis and Islamists to attack churches and target Christians in all cities of Egypt. Video collection of burning churches in Egypt in different cities.

April 2013, the Cathedral in Abbasiya Cairo, has been attacked by Islamist brotherhood Militia, started clashes as usual and they were trying to break in and burn the Cathedral. 4 People got killed and 89 injured and what happened? Nothing…All the Militia went home safely!

Brotherhood claimed that the church got attacked because Christians inside the church had weapons and they start firing at Muslims demonstrators who were standing outside the church. The following video is an evidence against the brotherhood lie, not only the video is showing who was attacking who, but also it is showing who killed who and who was using what in killing! the video was filmed by ONTV Egypt and their camera man of ONTV while filming the attack of Islamist against the church, the Camera man got a Firing cartridge in one of his eyes while filming . They shot the Camera man to stop him from filming. In that event, Islamist gangs were also standing on the top roof of the Cathedral shooting and attacking those who were under the Cathedral, while Christians were taking shelters inside the Cathedral.

Christians victims got killed by MB supporters during the 30th of June 2013 Revolution

Beshoy Michael Sabet Menia City - upper Egypt- burned alive in Mermid Boat where he worked - MB supporters set fire in the boat owned by a Christian
Beshoy Michael Sabet – Christian – Menia City – upper Egypt- burned alive in Mermaid Boat where he worked – MB supporters set fire in the boat owned by a Christian – Beshoy’s body was totally burned and found in the boat with his hands holding the hands of his colleague Ihab who was burned alive too.
Fawzy Moreed - Christian killed by MB supporters on 15 August 2013 in front of his shop- got killed because he had Mother Meriam image hanged in his shop
Fawzy Moreed – Christian killed by MB supporters on 15 August 2013 in front of his shop- got killed because he had Mother Meriam image hanged in his shop
Mina Raafat Aziz - Christian - taxi driver killed 15 August 2013 by MB supporters in Alexandria
Mina Raafat Aziz – Christian – taxi driver killed 15 August 2013 by MB supporters in Alexandria, because he asked them to stop blocking the road and let him pass, once they saw the Cross hanged in his taxi, they attacked him – dragged and tortured him then slaughtered him on the side walk.
Shnoda Amin, Christian owned mobiles shop in Giza killed by MB supporters on the 14th of August 2013
Shnoda Amin, Christian owned mobiles shop in Giza killed by MB supporters on the 14th of August 2013
Ramy Zakaria - Christian killed with a shot gun in his head by MB supporters in Al-Raml Station - Alexandria - He was one of Christians Youth in Marry girgis Church Bakous - Alexandria
Ramy Zakaria – Christian killed with a shot gun in his head by MB supporters in Al-Raml Station – Alexandria – He was one of Christians Youth in Marry girgis Church Bakous – Alexandria
Mina Ezzat - Christian - Police Officer got killed by Mb supporters because he was defending the police station with other police colleagues from being attacked by Brotherhood supporters
Mina Ezzat – Christian – Police Officer got killed by Mb supporters because he was defending the police station with other police colleagues from being attacked by Brotherhood supporters

List of the Churches and properties belongs to Christians which got stolen and burned by Brotherhood Thugs and Terrorists supported by USA, Europe, UK, Scandinavian countries sponsors of terrorists organizations in the whole world.

Minya City 

1- Services Buildings belong to the Evangelical Church.

2 – Evangelical Church

3 – Prince Tadros in Sdnaoa Square
4 – Church of the salvation of souls
5 – School Sisters of St. Joseph Monastery
6 – Church Bishop Moussa Abu Hilal
7 – Church of Saint John Street Market
8 –  Church of the Virgin
9 –  Association of Jesuit and Frere
10 – Copts School Secondary School For Boys
11 –  Copt shelter for children
12 – Evangelical Church in Abu Hilal
13 – Center Baptist Church Beni Mazar
14 –  Mar Girgis Church of village Dga, Catholics in Deir Mawas
15 – Church reform village Dga, Deir Mawas
16 – Church of Our Lady burning village Dga, consoled Monastery and the church is made up of the inside of the 3 churches
17 –  house Anjelios pastor priest of the Church of the Virgin
18 – 20 homes and a shop in the village and the death of Alexander Rizkallah Barber
19 – cracking and looted several shops and Pharmacies of Arabism and the gold compound of the Evangelical Church

Assiut City

20 – Burn Aladvinst the city of Assiut
21 – Burning Apostolic Church in Assiut
22 – the burning of the Mar Girgis Church of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Assiut
23 – attack on the Church of the angel city of Assiut stones
24 – Diocese siege Abu Tig
25 – attack on the homes and property of the Copts in the streets  said Faltas Republic

Fayoum Governorate
26 – Burning Church Virgin Almanzala – of Prophet Yusuf
27 – Church of Prince Tadros burning village status, the status of Prophet Yusuf
28 – Burning Martyr Church Demiana village Alzerba, Tamiya Center
29 – break-ins and looting the contents of the Evangelical Church in the village of Alzerba center Tamiya
30 – the burning of the Bible Society of Friends

Giza Governorate

31 – Burning Archangel Pkrdash Church
32 – break-ins and looting the contents of the Diocese of Atfeeh Karam Apostles Monastery

Suez Governorate

33 – the burning of the ancient Greek church for Catholics
34 – break into the Church of the Good Shepherd
35 – Burning Franciscan School

North Sina

36 – the burning of the Mar Girgis Church Arish

Sohag Governorate

37 – the burning of the Mar Girgis Church Diocese headquarters Sohag and its services buildings.

Luxor City
38 – burning a number of shops and property of Copts

Beni Suef City

39 – firing gunshots at school nuns
40 – Mar Girgis Church at Wasty

All the videos, images and massacres which took place in that article, are not the only ones, there are many than you can’t imagine, and in order to state them all, I need to write an Encyclopedia about it all!

The world existed when Morsi was a president, and the World existed when all countries like USA, Europe, UK, Scandinavian Countries supported this Fascism Militia Terrorists Brotherhood regime, and the world existed when more than 100,000 Christians families left and immigrated from Egypt, fearing Brotherhood Militia Fascism Regime, and the World existed when Brotherhood criminals and their Islamist Militia were oppressing and killing not only Christians but also every and any civilian in Egypt who doesn’t accept that all his rights in his own country, is just to REMAIN SILENT!

But the world did not exist, when Muslim Brotherhood were forced on the 30th of June 2013 by 40 million Egyptians to leave, and the world did not exist when Muslim brotherhood started to use their snipers from Syrian and Hamas Palestinians and Their Islamist Militia against Egyptian civilians. The World only exist with all their power to put pressure on our country to either gave the Brotherhood fascism terrorists a safe way exit or get them back to rule Egypt again!

What kind of a World is that? Why do you expect us to cry on your beloved victims killed by terrorists that your countries are supporting to oppress and demolish Egyptians identity, which exsist since 7000 years ago!

Your Governments are not only supporting Terrorists but they are also spreading hatred in Egyptians Hearts against your countries and people. All of you who keep quiet about all those massacres and crimes against Egyptians civilians are SPEECHLESS DEVILS!

All those crimes committed by Brotherhood Militia and supporters are supported by your governments who are fighting hard for MB armed rights in demonstrating and killing Egyptians Civilians. All visits to Egypt from your big fat Lie Diplomats are putting pressure on The Egyptian Government to allow a safe exit to Mohammed Morsi and Brotherhood Militia leaders.

And the big Joke is: your Diplomats are coming to Egypt to pay a visit to Mohammed Morsi and Brotherhood Leaders and members to make sure that they are in a good health and conditions, while massacring Egyptian Civilians!

The Egyptian Military protected our revolution on the 30th of June 2013 and Of course Your governments don’t accept that because the Egyptian Military now is considered rebels by not paying any obedience to your governments to serve your countries interests, that’s why The Military and the Police are paying daily from their own life and blood the price of fighting terrorists inside Egypt.

All Egyptians whether Christians, Muslims, Military and Police are one hand against terrorism and no country will ever succeed in destroying our willing in fighting terror.

Obama sponsor of terrorism in the whole world

usa double standard

To all countries in the world who support Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists, you will never break or destroy Egypt’s Solidarity and Union that lived and survived for more than 7000 years Now.

Anne Patterson

egyptian are one hand with their police

Supporters and opponents of ousted President Morsi protest

cairo egypt july 4 2013 obama supports terrorists

egyptian love military egyptians are one hand with their military egyptians love their military egypt-rejects-obama-and-muslim-brotherhood-military-coup-july-03-20131 i love you sisi

obama is a terrorist obama support dictator morsi obama support mb terrorists in Egypt obama supports terrorists us embassador is not welcome in egypt any more

Egyptians support Sisi minister of defense

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