The Big Fat Lie Democracy And The Freedom Fries Of The USA And The Civilized World

The Big Fat Lie Democracy And The Freedom Fries Of  The USA And The Civilized World. A Comparison Between The Civilized World And Egypt’s Demonstrations. The what so called”civilized world”, who claim that they respect human rights and of course demonstrators rights in their own countries and in the whole entire world; Meantime, they strongly attack the Egyptian government, military and police of being so brutal in dealing with armed violent demonstrations in Egypt. The only armed violent demonstrations we have in Egypt, are the Brotherhood ones who are of course the famous terrorists supported by  that civilized world!

I decided to make a comparison between Egypt’s demonstrations and the world demonstrations, in order to show you this civilized world and of course on top of them The USA sponsor of  big fat democracy and freedom fries; what kind of treatment the civilized world is practicing towards their own people and what kind of treatment the civilized world is practicing against Egyptian Government who is dealing with armed violent brotherhood demonstrations.

occupy wall street protesters beaten by the us police

US Police beaten a demonstrator with fest in wall street

us police beaten demonstrators in wall street

why do cops abuse their authority

Police brutality with demonstrators in The US timephoto1

The above are different pictures and a video from different civilized world countries, just for example but not limited to that example the brutal violence in dealing with peaceful demonstrators.

But let’s take that issue of occupy wall street protesters beaten by the US police. As far as I can see and heard, demonstrators didn’t throw any stones or used any weapons or damaged any public or private properties or attacked any civilians or police, they were just occupying Wall Street, I wonder why the US police was beating them? is it because they were blocking the roads? Oh! does that mean that the law is giving the right to the police to beat demonstrators if they occupy a street in the USA? And demonstrators were not attacking any vital buildings or carrying weapons, but still the police was stopping them by beating them!

If that’s the civilized world reactions towards peaceful demonstrations that the authorities obviously considered occupying a street is a crime. How is their reaction going to be towards an armed demonstrations that will put their national security to dangers!

Let’s see the demonstrations of Brotherhood in Egypt and How the police and The military act towards it;. And those demonstrations you see in the following videos they are not only occupying an area or a vital street, they are also blocking roads, destroying private and public properties and using weapons and firing civilians randomly. All those criminals acts by bloody demonstrators are condemn by the civilized world, claiming that the police and the military are killing Brotherhood peaceful demonstrators in Egypt!

Alexandria, on 28 June 2013 Brotherhood shooting live bullets at civilians and police forces. According to the USA and the civilized world that’s a peaceful demonstration.

Alexandria,On the 26 of July 2013 Brotherhood shooting live bullets randomly at civilians, police and military

The following videos show Brotherhood blocking a whole neighborhood area which is a public property, using it as their private inherited square for armed demonstrations, they are also preparing Molotof and hiding weapons in the tents and stopping people from living a natural normal life, suffering from being prisoners in their own home buildings and if they go down their buildings, they get examined by armed guys to check whether they are enemies or friends, and if they are enemies to terrorists they get tortured and killed and thrown in the streets.

Video taken by Ontv in Rabaa Square where the brotherhood are demonstrating, hiding weapons and molotov bottles carried in a truck

Brotherhood turned Rabaa Square’s gardens where they demonstrate, to public toilets and trash area and horrible smells. They are even keeping bulls and animals shitting there. How is that possible that any neighborhood accept to live isolated and kept under terrorist area. And of course if the military or the police get them out or arrest them and finalize that brotherhood armed threatening demonstrations against the whole Rabba area, The world is going to say that the police and the military killed the brotherhood peaceful demonstrators!

Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators on the 27 of July 2013, in Al-nasr Road Cairo they wanted to block Al-Nasr road to cause chaos and meantime, they burned cars private properties  and terrorizing people and attacking police and military and shooting randomly using machine guns and all kinds of Weapons as it shows in the following videos:

On Al-Nasr road 26/7/2013 a brotherhood guy carrying and shooting from a machine gun

27th of July 2013, a brotherhood guy on Al-nasr road, Cairo using a machine gun.

Video of True And Good Muslim Brotherhood Supporter Peeing On The Top Of Rabaa’s Mosque and right at the prayers time. Those are the good image of Islam. Those are the ones who fight for Islam, Those are the real Muslim. Muslim Brotherhood or supporters are the same.