What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Obama’s Support To Al-Qaeda

obama supports muslim brotherhood terrorism in egypt

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Obama’s Support To Al-Qaeda, Obama supports Muslim brotherhood and Washington is putting pressure on the Egyptian Government to release Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood leaders who are charged of different terror crimes and they are under investigations by the concerned Egyptian authorities.

The Muslim Brotherhood supports Al-Qaeda terrorism organization (Ossama Bin Laden), and they have confirmed that in different occasions; By Burning the Egyptian flags, stepping on the Egyptian flags with their shoes and getting the Egyptian flags down from several vital buildings and replace them with Al-Qaeda Flags.

The bottom line is, Obama supports Alqaeda Terrorists Organization.

Muslim Brotherhood hanging Al-Qaeda Flag on the American Embassy building in Cairo Egypt and on the National Security Building

Muslim Brotherhood burn the Egyptian Flag

Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

Muslim Brotherhood step with their shoes on the Egyptian Flag In Rabaa Square (Nasr City Square where they demonstrate)

Video on the 3rd of August 2013, Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Their supporters in Rabaa Square, replaced the Egyptian Flag with Al-Qaeda Flag and announced Ossama Bin Laden is their Hero and leader.

Muslim Brotherhood carrying Ossama Bin Laden and Ayman Alzawahry’s and Omar Abd Elrahman terrorists Pictures, they wrote under Ossama Bin Laden Pictures: Ossama Bin Laden is the man who humiliated Americans and died as a martyr!

Musim Brotherhood Carrying Ossama Bin laden pictures in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood support Bin laden and Alqaeda

On the 4th of July 2013, Muslim brotherhood demonstrating in Rabaa square, Nasr city area, announced that they are the New Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists Organizations in Egypt, and they are going to use bombs against Egyptians civilians and they are declaring war on all the Egyptians who made the revolution on the 30th of July 2013 and they are going to kill all oppositions parties leaders and any Egyptian who objected or criticized Mohamed Morsi and the muslim brotherhood ruling, and they are going to make a suicidal terrorists operations against all Egyptians and military. They also confirmed that the Brotherhood own bombs which are used by remotes from further distance .  In that video you will see also, a totally covered woman in black said that Christians live with us, we will burn all Christians, we will burn all Christians! what they said is true because of what happened later on!

Video 1

Video 2

On the 23rd of July 2013 late evening, Muslim brotherhood through a bomb in front of the general security directorate buidling in Al-Mansoura city, the explosion cased the injury of  more than 29 civilians and police soldiers moved to hospitals in a very critical status mainly 1st degree burns and there were bodies torn to pieces from the bomb explosion, and caused the death of  more than 4 civilians.

Video 2

Muslim Brotherhood terrorists bombed civilians and police soldiers and officers in Al-mansoura city – Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood terrorists bombed civilians and police soldiers and officers in Al-mansoura city - Egypt images egypt under terror attacks terrorists acts in Egypt Muslim brotherhood terrorists bombing in Egypt bomb explosion terrorists acts in Egypt Muslim Brotherhood bomb explosion in Al-Mansoura city Egypt images1 s720132422559

 On the 28th of June 2013 in Port Said at the Martyrs Square, more than 3000 thousands demonstrators were demonstrating peacefully against brotherhood, a bomb got exploded killed one guy and seriously caused the injury of many Egyptians civilians.

Human rights organizations are supporting terrorists too! are those the Muslim brotherhood you supported when they were using live bullets against the Egyptian republican guards to break into the palace? Yes they are…on 22/7/2013, the Muslim brotherhood terrorists attacked the peaceful demonstrators in Tahrir square with machine guns, knives, and guns as it shows in the video, what kind of rights do civilians have against this aggression and terror? I guess our  only right  is just to get killed by Muslim brotherhood and drop dead.

The following video dated 23rd of July 2013, the arrest of one of the brotherhood killers who appeared in the previous video shooting at Tahrir square demonstrators. He confessed that him and others from Morsi’s brotherhood supporters, they are from Rabaa Square where the brotherhood are gathered in Nasr city, that day he went with other brotherhood marching from Giza to Tahrir and they attacked the demonstrators in Tahrir, he said that the demonstrators in tahrir were defending themselves by throwing stones at brotherhood attackers while attackers were shooting live bullets at them.

Same day in the evening of 23rd of July 2013, brotherhood terrorists attacked people randomly in Giza by shooting at them, the young man in the video, was killed with a bullet right in the heart

Those Muslim Brotherhood terrorists  in the following picture are wanted by justice and the authorities, they were shooting at demonstrators in tahrir square dated 22/7/2013 after noon

 Muslim Brotherhood terrorists shot demonstrators in tahrir square on 22/7/2013

Muslim Brotherhood carrying Ossama Bin Laden and Ayman Alzawahry’s Pictures and Al-Qaeda flag, in the following images

Obama Supports Terrorists In Egypt

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