Muslim Brotherhood announced Islamic Jihad against Egypt

Obama supports Muslim brotherhood terroristsMuslim Brotherhood have two speeches, one in Arabic and another one in English. What they say in Arabic is completely different than what they are marketing in English to the international public opinion.

Do we really need to provide more evidences to the world community to convince them that Muslim Brotherhood must be included on terrorists lists?! We are providing evidences since the 30th of June 2013 revolution, while they keep not just ignoring, but they also support Muslim Brotherhood and they consider them as political current, peaceful demonstrators and victims of oppression and dictatorship.

More evidences to whom it may concern

Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in the US Congress Jan 2015

Muslim Brotherhood announced on their official Website on 27/1/2015, the Islamic Jihad against the Egyptian state, just two days before the recent terror attacks in Al-Arish Sinai on 29/1/2015, which resulted 30 killed from military, police forces and civilians including children, in addition to more than 70 injured and 29 unidentified bodies, after the fall of rocket-propelled grenades on security and residential premises.

(link to Muslim Brotherhood announcement for Islamic Jihad against Egypt ( Full translation of the call for Jihad is posted below this post.

Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey, Qatar and the white house involvement in the recent terror attacks 29/1/2015 in Al-Alrish Sinai.

All Muslim brotherhood news channels broadcasting from Turkey and QatarAlliance legitimate channels” like “Rabaa“, “Mekameleen” “Misr Alan TV” and Al-Jajeera Qatari channel, broadcast the news and the videos of the terror attacks in Sinai, just 5 minutes after the terror attacks were launched and as the terror attacks actually happened.

In addition, the Sinai press officer of the Muslim Brotherhood organization “Hossam Al-Shorbagy“, declared also 5 minutes after the terror attacks, that according to an “eye-witness“, how the terror attacks happened in full details as it “actually happened and confirmed through concerned authorities later on”, but they exaggerated about the outcome of injuries and dead. He also argued with the correspondent when he told him that he thought that a truck bomb was used in the attack, Al-Shorbagy confirmed to the correspondent that a microbus bomb was also used in the attack and not a truck, and he corrected him, that the truck was carrying tons of explosives and it broke into the main gate of the military battalion 101. (the video in the above link starts from 1:26:16 to 1:32:30 minutes, Abd Elgeleel Elsharnouby, former Muslim brotherhood member and the former chief editor of

This recent terror attacks and the Jihad call also took place after 2 days, Muslim Brotherhood leaders had meetings with US senior Officials in the US department of state and the US congress.

Muslim Brotherhood walid sharaby in the US department of state Jan 2015I’ll be waiting eagerly to read any comments or any articles on this call of Islamic Jihad, by those who call themselves “experts”, or the International press or members of human rights organizations, who repeatedly claim that the Muslim Brotherhood had abandoned its terrorist past and violence and they are peaceful political current, or peaceful oppressed supporters!

I’ll also be eager to hear what is the white house reaction, after they welcomed Muslim brotherhood terrorists in the US congress and the US department of State, and they also allowed them to form the first MB Terrorists political party in the United States of America, while they announced publicly the Islamic Jihad in Egypt.

In addition to the above, the following video clips, various Egyptian MB clerics and commentators call to kill Egyptian President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi and the journalists who support him. Cleric Salama Abd Al-Qawi said on Rabaa TV, that any one or the killer who will kill Al-Sisi would be doing a good job and if he gets killed after killing Al-Sisi, he is considered then a “Martyr”.

Also Muslim Brotherhood cleric Wagdi Ghoneim told Misr Alan TV that “whoever can bring us the head of one of these dogs and Hell-dwellers” would be rewarded by God. Muhammad Nasser a Muslim Brotherhood journalist, author and commentator said on MB Misr Alan TV, that the punishment for the journalists who supported the “coup” in Egypt, is DEATH. The programs aired on January 10th and 26, 2015, also before the terror attacks on 29/1/2015. 

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The following 3 videos dated 26 Jan 2015, also before the terror attacks on 29/1/2015. Muhammad Nasser a Muslim Brotherhood journalist, author and commentator and Al-Qaradawy Mufty Al-Ikhwan incited and call all Jihadists Muslims to come from all over the world to fight and kill Egyptian military and police individuals. One of them said in the following videos :”I am the one who is telling you this, kill them all. Kill every police and army officer, and I don’t care if any one will consider this as a direct incitement from my part. If you continue on revolting like you are doing now against the “COUP”, you will topple the state.

Go ahead, continue on paralyzing the country. This vile dog Al-Sisi, his back is exposed and broken now, after Saudi King Abdullah died, he has nothing and no one to protect his back. Do it, before the Egyptian Economical conference next March, because this is the only thing he is counting on now.

I’m telling and warning the children and wives of Egyptian military and police individuals, pay attention because your husbands and your fathers, whether they are officers or soldiers, they will be slaughtered sooner or later. I’m telling all wives of the Egyptian officers, your children will become orphans, because those who are going to kill them, they are professional and they are putting them under surveillance.

There is no “peace” or peaceful demonstrations anymore. Those professionals they know where those officers and their families live, they know their names and I’m sure of what I’m saying. I confirm this information through my sources that I know very well. They are going to slaughter your families and relatives inside their own homes, and this is the current stage in the war against you. I’m saying this so all officers wives, convince their husbands to withdraw and quit working for the military and the police, and stay at home.

Aren’t these evidences and all previous evidences enough to declare Muslim Brotherhood “terrorist organization”?! Well, if this also will be ignored and the world community and the White house will keep welcoming and hosting terrorists, do not blame us when we declare you “the biggest terrorists in the world”. Don’t blame us when we tell you that you are participating directly on spreading anger and hatred in our hearts towards you. Don’t blame us when we consider you as “our enemies”. Give us just one poor reason, you supporters of terrorism and tongue-tied devils, why should we consider you as allies or friends!?

I’m asking those who are reading this post, consider me a mentally sick person or crazy, and tell me please, now at least, under you current security measures due to recent terror attacks in Europe and other continents, do you guys apply the policy of restraint in dealing with these threats and violence?

When your governments are taking security measures against terrorism threats, and I know that now in the west, they arrest any one who incite on violence and praise terrorism for instance on the social media, is it or not a blatant double standards that you describe our fight against terrorism as “oppression and tyranny”; But when it comes to your security measures, you lecture us not to talk to you about Human rights, when it comes to your national security threats!

Those who commit terror attacks are “mercenaries and killers” and those who watch killers killing innocents any where on this planet and do nothing about it, they are more criminals than the killers themselves.

Muslim Brotherhood media channels are out there broadcasting from Qatar and Turkey, feel free to watch and translate. It is strange that the US administration are following what we are saying and doing in Egypt and they interfere in our internal affairs, while they play deaf towards Muslim Brotherhood terror and crimes.

Muslim Brotherhood call for Jihad and all these direct incitements on killing and destruction are not going to change anything, because this is the Muslim Brotherhood last hope which depends on the psychological war and using media and social media in another failing attempt, thinking that they can win this battle by breaking the morale of the Egyptian military and by terrorizing the Egyptian people. As for the terror attacks part, Muslim Brotherhood were practicing terror and violence since they have founded their under ground organization back in 1928 and till this minute we speak.

My moderate point of view about this call for Islamic Jihad, is that Muslim Brotherhood is going from a failure to another since the 30th of June revolution. They are failing in mobilizing even their own supporters to give the world the impression that there is a revolution in Egypt. What they are doing now, is that they practice violence and terrorism through their own militia and hired killers and gangs, because they think that violence and terrorism will succeed in terrorizing 95 million Egyptian citizen and they really believe that they can defeat the Egyptian military and police forces and come back to power again. They think that they can turn Egypt to another Syria, they also think that they can separate Sinai from Egypt and declare it an Islamic Emirate and a safe haven to terrorists.

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This Islamic Jihad call, is the last nail in the Muslim Brotherhood’s coffin, because the battle of Muslim Brotherhood is not with the military or the police forces or even with the Egyptian state, but it is with the Egyptian people, and this is what the sick mentality of MB is refusing to admit.

I translated the entire call for Islamic Jihad, word for word. Some words were very difficult to understand or translate but literally, because it was addressed as a sort of coding that has a different meaning than the direct meaning of the word, but any one can understand what this call is for, despite some of the strange wordings.

This call of Jihad must be studied by experts in terrorism affairs as well as psychiatrists. It is not just a call for Jihad, but it is a clear image of what kind of extremism, pure evil, hatred, incitements on harming, killing, destruction, distorted ideology and incitement on committing suicidal attacks which are addressed not only against Egypt but against humanity and the entire world.

Posted on Ikhwan Online (Muslim Brotherhood official Website, on 27/1/2015.

Translation as follows:

A message to the rows of revolutionaries:”Prepare yourselves…

Our revolutionaries Brothers and sisters:

Criss-Cross two swords…and between them “Prepare yourselves” and below is “the voice of the right, the force and Muslim Brotherhood slogan and flagthe freedom”, This is our Muslim Brotherhood slogan and symbol.

All the words in our slogan means the force of the two swords and prepare yourselves is taken from the Quran, prepare yourselves to fight the enemy. The right needs a force to protect it, and freedom is not a donation, but we must grab it by force, this is why the word force came between the right and the freedom words.

Our Imam Hassan Al-Banna“, founder of our Muslim Brotherhood organization was so eager on establishing scout teams that are well built and in a great shape, and also he formed “our private system” which is the major feature of the force.

Our Imam “Albanna”, prepared and wrote for us “The Jihad Book”, which was sent and executed in Palestine to kill the rapists Jews. Then our second Imam “Hassan Alhudeiby” reshaped our “special system” to exhaust the British occupation.

Our Imam “Al-Banna” taught us that :”the first degree of force is faith and belief, then there is the force of our unity and attachment, then the force of our arms and weapons. Our organization can not be described as powerful, unless we have all these degrees and meanings. If we are using our arms and weapons while we are not attached or united, or while we are weak, then our destiny will be extermination and destruction.

If we want God to be on our side and make us victorious, we must do as God ordered us, ” You believers, If you will aid the cause of God, God will aid you, and plant your feet firmly.

In order to prepare our force, we need to have the strong willing, the willing to start, the willing to continue and CARE will be provided, our leadership and our militants are partners in this.

What we mean by preparing our force is…

First: The mental state

Or the morale state, which known to be the underlying strength in the basis of the Human being, which provides him the capability to continue working and thinking with determination and courage, no matter what the surrounding circumstances are, these are the military terms of General Mahmoud Sheet Khatab. He told us that the individual must be courageous, he is not a coward, he is powerful not weak, he is determined on his goals, he never goes backwards, he owns patience and never fall apart, he is optimistic, never goes desperate and he is willing to sacrifice his own soul and his own money for the sake of his ideals and leadership.

Our Imam Banna also defined the mental state, he said:”Strong willing without any fears, loyalty without any hypocrisy or treachery, and a very precious sacrifice without any greediness or stinginess. We know the principle, we believe in it, we appreciate it and this makes us avoid any mistakes, or any misdirection or blackmailing or deception by any, but to stick to our principle.

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Second: The physical force

Sports are one of the Muslim Brotherhood decency, like Quran said and other examples, the teams of Muslim Brotherhood have won the republic championships for many years, like Athletics, Judo, Karate, Boxing, Clashes and others. If you want further details, you can use the book of the researcher “Mohamed Shawky Zaky”, which is titled “Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian society”.

Based on this, we must organize our ROSES SPORTS INDIVIDUALS, and start it sooner rather than later and it must be done on a large range and not on a small or tight range. 

Remember what Imam Al-Banna said to Muslim Brotherhood:” At the time that you my family the Muslim Brotherhood will have three hundred battalions that are mentally and spiritually ready with faith and belief, and intellectually ready with science and culture, and physically ready with training and sports. At this time, you demand from me to lead you and with your force I will cross the dark seas, I will reach the sky, I will invade every stubborn and arrogant, I will do this by your force and by God’s will, the prophet was right when he said that minority won’t defeat twelve thousand.

Our Imam Al-Banna said also, and he was very wise, force is the guaranteed path to apply what is right, and how it is great to have the force and the right standing together.

He also said:”The rising nations need force and to plant in their sons and raise them on soldiery, especially in these eras, where we cannot guarantee peace, except by getting ready and prepare ourselves for the war. These nations slogan is “the force is the only guarantee to do whatever is right”.

Albanna taught us and said:”That the nation who is proficient in the “industry of death“, and knows how to die honorably, God donate this nation a decent life in this world, and the immortal heaven in the afterlife. Actually, we became weak and we were humiliated, when we loved life and detested death.

So, prepare yourselves for a great task, and be eager to die and life will be donated to you, work hard to die honorably, you will win the complete and total happiness, may God bless us and all of you with the dignity of becoming martyrs for the sake of God.

Remember then what our Imam Al-Banna said:” The Muslim Brotherhood are going to use the practical force and force, when there is nothing else to use, and also when we will defeat our enemies, only then we will be achieving belief and unity.

Everyone must realize that we are going through a new stage, in which we are recalling our underlying strength, and we are calling up the meanings of Jihad, and we are preparing ourselves, our wives, our sons and our daughters and everyone who walked this long path with us, there won’t be any leniency with it and we demand the stature of martyrs.

God will support those who support God, God is powerful and great.

The Knight of the revolution   – 27/1/2015

I have no further comments except to say just one more last sentence, the above call for Jihad is published from Muslim Brotherhood, by Muslim Brotherhood and to Muslim Brotherhood and it is on their official website, if this is not enough to consider them a “terrorist organization”, then when they address their terrorism against you, don’t blame any one but yourselves.

Screenshots of Muslim Brotherhood call for Islamic Jihad against Egypt dated 27/1/2015 – translation above.

Muslim brotherhood call for Islamic Jihad in Egypt part 2

Muslim brotherhood call for Islamic Jihad in Egypt part 3

Terrorists and killers. Video English subtitled. Please click on the watch on youtube,  to be able to see it directly on youtube.

Al-Qaradawi, the Mufti of the Muslim Brotherhood, issues a fatwa to kill Egyptian soldiers and calls on armed mujaheddin from all over the world to fight the Egyptian army and liberate Egypt.

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