Video Evidence Of Brotherhood Crimes On the 26 Of July 2013

On the 26 of July 2013, about 40 million Egyptians demonstrated all over the Arab Republic of Egypt Country against Terrorism, it was very civilized and peaceful demonstrations and the message of these demonstrations, was to tell the whole world that We are supporting our Egyptian Military and Police to fight terrorism and we do not accept any country in this whole world to interfere in our internal affairs and also to send a message to Muslim Brotherhood terrorists that we are not afraid of your terror.

Egyptians do not accept any reconciliations or any negotiations with terrorists, that was also another message to the whole world who is still supporting Terrorists in Egypt.

Before showing the videos of Muslim Brotherhood crimes on the 26 and the 27 of july 2013, I will show videos for Egyptians uprising against terrorists on the 26 of July 2013 in all the Arab Republic Of Egypt’s squares in the 28 Egyptian cities. Also a video of all churches in Egypt are showing their solidarity with Muslims on the 26 of July 2013, all Egyptians against terrorism by ringing the churches bills by the time of Muslims breaking their Ramadan fasting.

(The CNN and France 24 and Euros News and Aljazeera Channels were showing the videos of the 26 of July 2013 Anti Terrorism demonstrations as the demonstrations of Brotherhood who support Mohammed Morsi to get back to power, what can we say! it is not really hard to tell the difference between a square and another in Egypt, Those channels even when they lie and fake the truth they do not know how to act as professionals liars! the hell to all those channels who are serving and supporting terrorists under the sponsorship of the USA!

The Nile river, Egyptians expressing their support to the military and the police in fighting terror. Video showing Nile river boats and their support to the Military on the 26 of July 2013

Egyptians uprising against terrorism 26 July 2013

On the 27th of July 2013, Rabaa Nasr city (Cairo) where the Brotherhood are residing for what they called peaceful demonstration, a tortured killed body of a guy found on the side walk. Eye witnesses testified that this not the first time they find bodies with torturing serious marks and broken bones and burns all over the dead bodies, by the Rabaa Square.

Brotherhood torturing and killing people in Rabaa square

Brotherhood torturing and killing any one who is against or criticize the brotherhood Bloody ruling

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Brotherhood torturing and killing any one who is against or criticize the brotherhood Bloody ruling

A body was found with torture marks Close to Rabaa Square, early July 2013 behind Rabaa Mosque.

Video On the 28th of July 2013, another body was found with torture marks, ambulance informed the police. Body found thrown behind Rabaa sqaure where the brotherhood are demonstrating. Click on the video to watch on youtube.

Brotherhood in Rabaa and Alnahda square are killing any civilian who is Anti terrorists meaning anti brotherhood and mohammed morsi and after torturing civilians by burning and stabbing, they kill them then throw them in the trash boxes as it shows in the following screenshot. For further details, please click here

Three dead bodies found close to Al-Nahda sit-in with severe torture marks

On the 27th of July 2013 Alnasr road, brotherhood snipers on the top of Alnasr mosque, shooting their own demonstrators and framed i to the police and military. Click on the video to watch on youtube.

The Muslim Brotherhood Plan for the 26 of July 2013 was to cause as great chaos as possible all over the country, but due to millions of Egyptians were out in the streets on 26/7/2013, Brotherhood plan failed because they couldn’t face 40 millions Egyptians in the streets.

Brotherhood found another alternative to cause chaos, as it is shown in the following videos, and as they are used to make photo shop images and fake videos sending them to the World to victimize themselves.

Muslim Brotherhood Criminals on the 27 of July 2013, in Al-nasr Road Cairo they wanted to block Al-Nasr road to cause chaos and meantime, they burned private properties like cars as it shows in the following 2 videos.

On the 26 of July 2013 Muslim Brotherhood criminals threatens to kill Egyptians.

On Al-Nasr road 26/7/2013 a brotherhood guy carrying and shooting from a machine gun. They are not shooting randomly at civilians, but they are shooting their own supporters from behind as well to frame it on the police and the military. Does it look like a peaceful demonstration even to a blind?

On Al-Nasr road 26/7/2013 a brotherhood guy carrying and shooting from a machine gun

26 of July 2013 Muslim Brotherhood criminals attacked police cars and civilians

26 of July 2013 Muslim Brotherhood gangs blocked Al-Nasr Road and damaged, burned private and public properties

Alexandria – Shooting is coming from behind and a short distance between the killer and the guy who got shot from behind. Concentrate on the following video, brotherhood violent demonstrations, police firing tear gas to disperse them, a guy in the video looking to the front, a close shot came from the back from a very short distance – there was no police in the gathering. Brotherhood are shooting each other to frame it on the police. They have done that several times before. In the following video the police were in the front and the shot came from a close distance and from behind. Look to the guy with the white costume, look what was he doing and how close he was to the gut who got shot dad, after the guy was shot dead, the man with white costume gave something to another guy who was standing close to him as well and then he walked away quickly from the scene as if nothing happened, he was not even surprised seeing a man got shot right in front of him!!!

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Brotherhood faking images, that following image for example but not limited, they do this all the time, faking images and videos. the following image is for a woman one time published killed in Syria, then the second time killed in Gaza, then the third time killed in Egypt claimed by brotherhood traders of religion and blood that she got killed by Egyptian Police.

Brotherhood faking images one woman got killed in Syria and Egypt and Gaza

Brotherhood criminals are destroying side walks, and building blocks in the middle of the road in Al-Nasr Road Cairo

On the 26 of July 2013, the Brotherhood caused a big chaos in Alexandria City, the following Video showing Egyptians Civilians held by Brotherhood terrorists in Alqaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria City, and they were torturing the civilians inside the mosque by forcing them to confess that they were attackers.

Brotherhood killed 8 civilians and kidnapped others, also many people got injured. They were telling hostages, confess or they will be killed.  Muslim brotherhood used machine guns against civililians as the following video shows.

Alexandria, on 18 August 2013 Brotherhood shooting live bullets randomly at civilians, police and military

Alexandria,On the 26 of July 2013 Brotherhood shooting live bullets randomly at civilians, police and military

 One of the victims who was held by Brotherhood terrorists in Alqaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria City, where they were torturing civilians and demonstrators anti terrorists on the 26 of July 2013, is telling how they tortured him all over his body. His name is Ahmed Sabet, on of 6 of April movement in Alexandria. He was demonstrating anti terrorists, when brotherhood attacked their peaceful marsh, then the brotherhood were shooting live bullets, he got a bullet in his leg, he fainted then when he was awake. he found 10 people hitting him all over his body with wooden sticks.  He got released by the police and the military. He was among many in the mosque tortured by brotherhood.

Muslim brotherhood were also taking street sellers inside the mosque, torturing them and accused them of being spies or thugs deployed against Morsy and the brtherhood.

On the 24th of July 2013, Safwat Hegazy Brotherhood supporter, is saying on Rabaa stage, I want to tell all Morsi’s supporters that on next Saturday 26 of July serious stuff will take place in Egypt and on Sunday 27th Mohammed Morsi is going to be with us in Rabaa square. What he said and what happened is really matching, of course they were planing a big chaos, but that chaos did not take place as they planed for, due to 40 millions Egyptians went out in the whole country saying No for terror.

On the 8th of July 2013 Video of Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Elbeltagy brotherhood leader threatening Egypt and Egyptians that brotherhood can so easily stop all terrorists acts in Sinai against military and civilians and all terror acts can be easily stop against all Egyptians in Egypt, if the Egyptian Minister of Defense get back Morsi to power.

Another Video of a brotherhood leader on the 16th of July 2013, Mohamed Elbeltagy threatening all Egyptians people, military and police that on the 10th of Ramadan and on the 17th of Ramadan, All Egyptians will see what the brotherhood are going to do to them, specially in those two dates, and he added that Brotherhood is going to invade the whole country and you will all see what the brotherhood are going to do to all Egyptians and brotherhood will turn Egypt to another Syria with brotherhood  armed militias.

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Politics is really a dirty game played by what they call the most powerful countries in the world like the USA. I ask just a simple question to those who call themselves the sponsors of liberty and democracy in the world, what do Europe, USA and the civilized countries do when they face terror like the one we are facing in Egypt?

When terrorists throw your kids from a roof and stabbed their bodies, do you call for terrorists rights against human rights?

When terrorists burn private and public properties in your countries, do you offer them a lemon juice?

When terrorists attack and bombard your military and police officers while doing their job in protecting civilians and the national security of the country, do you shake their hands?

When terrorists put alive civilians in bags and throw them on the bridges road for cars to drive on them, do you complain to the cleaning companies to just clean the road so the traffic can move on?

When terrorists snipers shot civilians in  peaceful demonstrations, do you offer them a reward?

When terrorists attack civilians in different and many areas in your countries with machine guns, do you offer them a free vacation because they have nerves break down?

When terrorists block a whole neighborhood area which is a public property, using it as their private inherited square for armed demonstrations and stopping people from living a natural normal life, suffering from being prisoners in their own home buildings and if they go down their buildings, they get examined by armed guys to check whether they are enemies or friends, and if they are enemies to terrorists they get tortured and killed; Do you offer them the public square property as a free gift?

World of double standard and hypocrisy, you are not the sponsor of freedom or democracy, you are the sponsor of terrorists in our country.

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