Muslim Brotherhood Militia Terror Videos USA And Their Allies Don’t Want You To See

Obama supports terrorism in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Militia Terror Videos USA And Their Allies Don’t Want You To See. Thanks to Human Fake Rights Organizations, nowadays, Muslim Brotherhood Militia have rights in Egypt.

Haven’t heard or seen those Human fake rights organizations fighting for the rights of Egyptians civilians who are getting tortured and killed everyday by Brotherhood Militia in Egypt, or for civilians, military and police officers and soldiers who get bombarded and killed every day in Sinai by Brotherhood terrorists group.

The Brotherhood demonstrations that the world is defending their rights in demonstrating are led by the same leaders who committed the massacres and slaughtering of tourists in Luxor – Egypt in 1997!

And to those of you who doesn’t know or doesn’t remember that massacre, In the mid-morning attack on 17 November 1997, six gunmen from the Islamic Group and Jihad Talaat al-Fath massacred 62 people. The six assailants were armed with automatic firearms and knives, and disguised as members of the security forces. They descended on the Temple of Hatshepsut at around 08:45. They dispatched two armed guards at the site. With the tourists trapped inside the temple, the killing went on systematically for 45 minutes, during which many bodies, especially of women, were mutilated with machetes. They used both guns and butcher knives.[6] A note praising Islam was found inside one disemboweled body. The dead included a five-year-old British child and four Japanese couples on their honeymoons.

Four Egyptians were killed in the massacre, including three police officers and a tour guide. Of the 58 foreign tourists killed, 36 were Swiss, ten were Japanese, six were from the United Kingdom, four from Germany, and two were Colombians. Six gunmen who perpetrated the massacre were also killed.

One of the leaders of the same Jihad Islamist group his name is Assem Abd El Maged, he is a brotherhood supporter and he is one of the leaders, leading the Brotherhood demonstrations and he appears every day on brotherhood stage in Rabaa square where they demonstrate encourage them to attack and kill civilians, military and police individuals! Assem Abd ElMaged also was in jail during Mobarak Regime for killing and slaughtering police officers and soldiers and when he was enjoying Morsi’s and the brotherhood ruling, he announced publicly that he is so proud of all the massacres he and his Islamist Group have committed against Egyptians during Mobarak’s regime.

Also another leader of Islamist Terrorists Group Tarek Alzomor who was involved in the assassination of Late president Sadat, he is also leading the Brotherhood demonstrations and he is pushing for killing and slaughtering Egyptian civilians and military. That guy was one of Morsi’s favorites! on the celebration of 6 October war which was the same day of assassination of Late President Sadat, Mohammed Morsi invited that guy and other Islamist group Gihad in AlEtehadeya Palace, not to celebrate the 6 October war but to celebrate the assassination of Late Sadat.

Those above mentioned terrorists and others Islamist Extremist and terrorists, you will see in the following video 1 dated the 15th of June 2013 , in Cairo Stadium when Morsi made his famous speech calling Egyptians Sunni to go and kill their brothers and sisters in Syria and the next day, 4 Shiites got brutally tortured, dragged on the floor and slaughtered in Cairo in Video 2. Of course that was Brotherhood declaring war pushing Muslims Sunni to Kill the Shiites in Syria.  Of course this is in favor of again Islam to fight Islam, which doesn’t serve but USA and Israel, Let Muslims Kill each other and the reward is Terrorists and Extremists to rule Syria and Egypt and there will always be a price to pay on behalf of the Civilians, doesn’t matter if they will get tortured or killed as long as The USA and their Allies will live happily ever after!

Video 1

Video 2

In addition, Mohammed Morsi has appointed a governor specially in Luxor, he was also one of the terrorists involved in the Luxor Massacre. Only then USA and Europe objected, because of the safety of their tourists and the fake support of democracy in Egypt to make the image of supporting Ex terrorists look good in front of the world, that was just a few month ago. But USA and Europe did not mind at all that Egypt to continue to be under the terrorists rule of Brotherhood and their Militia! They were just worried about their tourists from appointing a city governor who is a TERRORIST!

Those that your Governments and human rights are supporting and defending, Those killers, I want you to imagine, if someone kill any of your family members, then Obama give that killer a general pardon, what would you do? One of Mohammed Morsi’s achievements, he gave a general pardon to terrorists who were having sentences for life or condemn to death for the charge of killing Egyptians and Tourists during Mobarak’s regime! Is that ok or what? Of course it is ok, as long as USA and their allies supported that! Those are the terrorists living with us and killing us now!

I know for definite that Animals have more rights in Europe and USA than Egyptians Civilians do. Should we all turn from civilians to animals or to Muslim Brother terrorists, in order to deserve your Human fucking faking Rights attention?

The West never allowed any Arab country to move forward for development, unless they pay obedience and work things to meet with countries like the USA, England, Europe and Israel interests. Who told you that the Arab World and specially Egyptians have forgotten the black bloody history of the western countries who invaded and occupied our lands for decades? Nowadays, they invade our countries with chaos projects by letting Islam fight Islam inside our countries (after 9/11 that was the plan to get rid of terrorism), thanks for their support to religious terrorists fascism ruling like the Muslim Brotherhood.

On the other hand, Muslim Brotherhood were great allies to Israel and USA in relation to solving the Palestinian cause for good; Mohammed Morsi made peace between Israel and Hamas and since he made that dirty peace deal, Hamas hasn’t resisted Israel occupation, not even once, have you heard in the media about Hamas missiles attacking Israel since then?!

And In return, the price to pay was selling 40% of Sinai to move people of Gaza to SINAI, and by that the Palestinian cause is dead and solved. 40% of Sinai which is an Egyptian territory sold to Hamas and Brotherhood took the price reward and the support of USA and Europe and England.

In addition, Hamas who was always a part of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists organization, became their Militia not in fighting Israel occupation in Palestine, but to fight and target Egyptian Military and Police and Civilians through tunnels, beside the Smuggling of Egyptian diesel, gas and stolen cars directly to Gaza that was happening during brotherhood ruling and still happening…This smuggling was the direct cause of Egypt’s energy crisis during Brotherhood ruling. Anyone who is not deliberately ignorant, and bother to read Gaza News, he will find news about energy in Gaza since the 30th of June 2013 revolution, and the Egyptian Military is destroying tunnels and found lakes of smuggling Egyptian diesel to Gaza.

No wonder the 30th of June 2013 Egyptian revolution was a big slap on the face for USA and their allies and for definite the whole brotherhood international terrorists organization!

The following Videos dates are since Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt till July 31st 2013, to show what kind of religious terrorists Fascism regime, we were suffering from under the brotherhoodruling. Also to show what kind of Regime, The USA, Europe, England and their Medias are still supporting and financing.

22 July 2013, Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators tortured to death a young man as his body shows in the following video. So far, the Brotherhood demonstrators in Rabaa Square Nasr City Cairo, tortured and killed 11 civilians according to the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the police and Generals Attorneys and documented videos. Brotherhood Militia kidnap any Egyptian civilian if they find an image of Anti Morsi in his car or military image support against terrorism  or if he criticize MB demonstrations blocking the roads or if they suspect him, just because he was passing by, close to their demonstrations.

29 July 2013, Video of Brotherhood demonstration in Almansoura City, attacked an Egyptian Civilian and beat him brutally just because he was chanting against Brotherhood terrorizing civilians.

On the 5th of December 2012, Muslim Brotherhood attacked Anti Brotherhood demonstrators by El-Etehadeya Palace. A man was crossing the street trying to go home, when the brotherhood stopped him and checked his identity and found out that he is Christian, they accused him of being Anti Morsi and Anti Islam and the video speaks for it self. They took off his clothes, dragged him on the ground and tortured him and treated him with humiliation. Of course during brotherhood ruling, all cases including this one was never being investigated thanks to the General Brotherhood Attorney who was appointed personally by Mohammed Morsi, that was totally against the law because the president doesn’t have the right to nominate the General Attorney. Where were the fake fucking Human rights then? Where were the USA and Their Allies who support peaceful demonstration and that big lie of freedom fries speech!

On the 5th of December 2012, Muslim Brotherhood attacked Anti Brotherhood demonstrators by El-Etehadeya Palace. The people you see in the following video tortured by Brotherhood in the mosque, Brotherhood told them confess that you got hired by Mobarak regime to make that Anti Morsi demonstration and they will stop torturing them.

2 Videos dated the 2nd of July, showing a police officer got killed in Alsarayat area Cairo City, attacked and killed by Brotherhood demonstrators who were using guns with live bullets against Anti Morsi demonstrators who were chanting against Morsi and the Brotherhood ruling and the police was trying to stand in the middle between the two demonstrations to control the situation, then brotherhood started to shoot live bullets on Anti Morsi demonstrators, when a police officer was shot by brotherhood and the demonstrators of Anti Morsi tried to save him, but he was already dead.

The 2nd video Brotherhood shooting civilians randomly in the same area with machine guns

Video 1

Video 2 dated the 2nd of July 2013, shooting randomly with machine guns by brotherhood against civilians in Bin Alsaraya area Cairo. The guy who is shooting with machine gun covering his head with a helmet and watch closely the clothes he is wearing specially the one on his arm, which is showing that he is professional in using machine guns. Many Palestinians and Syrian from the liberate Syrian Army were arrested in many places that terror acts took place in Egypt recently.

2 Videos dated 5th and 7th of August 2012 –  More than 16 Egyptian Military Officers and soldiers got  killed in Ramadan last year by Brotherhood Hamas Militia on Rafah Borders -Sinai – just when they were getting ready to break their fast. When Morsi was asked, to bring Hamas terrorists killers to justice, who killed those military soldiers, His answer was:”Knowing the killers and bringing them to justice is not going to do the Egyptian people any good, and I confirm that closing that file is better for the safety of the Egyptian people!”  And the file was closed by the General Attorney appointed by Mohammed Morsi. Just for the record, Mohammed Morsi never attended the funeral of those soldiers and officers!

2 following videos On the 27th of July 2013, the videos show Brotherhood militia demonstration shooting at civilians and the neighborhood in Alexandria City in order to terrorize civilians not to leave their homes, thinking that this will scare people and they ask for Brotherhood regime to come back because they can not stand the terrorizing of the brotherhood. Those are the peaceful demonstrations of the Muslim Brotherhood that the USA, Europe, England, CNN and Aljazeera are supporting their rights in armed terrorists demonstrations!

Video 1

Video 2

Video dated the 5th of July, 2013 show different scene of what they called brotherhood peaceful demonstrations at the military republican guards Palace. Where the brotherhood spread lies that it is the military guards who killed the peaceful demonstrators. I wonder what countries like in Europe or the US or England would do, if a bunch of people go and attack  republican guards who are doing their job by protecting a country official institutions, when they get shot by demonstrators or demonstrators try to break in the official institution? Don’t tell me! They will tell them:”Come in Make your self at home.”! World of double standard and insolence!

Watch closely first part of the video one guy is standing and facing the military guards, then the shot came from behind where the brotherhood demonstrators are standing and he gets the shot right in the back of his head, which means the one who killed him is a sniper or a professional killer, then at the same minute the guy fell down, the demonstrators behind him shout that the military guards killed him!

Second part of the video, a guy standing beside a military tank then started to walk, and have a bunch of brotherhood demonstrators behind him and around him, the video show clearly with no doubt a guy from the demonstrators with white Galabeya (islamists costume) once the guy got shot, the other guy with the white galabeya gave something to another guy and went on a hurry and did n’t even bother to check the guy who got shot right in front of him, as the others did. At the same minute after this delivery of weapons, a black car was suddenly in the scene picking the guy who took the weapon after executing the killing and drove away!

The following 3 videos, Brotherhood carrying Alqaeda Ossama Bin Laden Flag Throwing 4 children from the roofs and torturing their bodies and shooting people randomly in Alexandria -Egypt – 6th of July 2013

Video 3  showing Muslim Brotherhood throwing 4 children from the roof and at the end of the video it shows the Muslim brotherhood training on killing, and you will see that guy with long beard who was carrying Black flag of Bin Laden and was throwing the kids and also before throwing them he admitted that he stabbed them with a knife in different parts of their bodies, then he assisted in torturing their bodies after they were dead. That guy you will clearly see him doing training to kill with other Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in video 3.

The guy admitted his terrorism act against the children and he said that’s ok, no problem if they will hang me or it! Very peaceful don’t you think? I wonder why your governments and human rights did not make a bog issue out of it? Poor kids they were Egyptians, they must be Americans or British or German, so the human rights will pay attention to that massacre!

Video 1

Video 2

Video dated 15 December 2012, Brotherhood Militia terrorizing Civilians in Port Said City. The video was taken by an Egyptian from his balcony, eye witness. The eye Witness is saying in the video, those are brotherhood Militia carrying weapons as it shows in the video and they also carrying Swords by Feryal Square.  This event took place because Port Said city was the first to rise against Morsi and the Brotherhood Regime. And Morsi punished the whole city by cutting all sources of food products on them and isolate them from the whole country in order to put pressure on them by make them starve because they announced Civil Strike.

On the 1st of July 2013, Mohamed Hany Police Officer got assassinated by Brotherhood Militia in Al-Arish North Sinai. They used machine guns in the assassination

terrorism in North Sinai killing civilians and police and military officers

Terrorism in North Sinai

Video showing police officer who got shot and died few hours later,due to severe injuries after he got attacked and shot in the head by Brotherhood Militia in Al-Nasr Cairo Massacre dated 27 July 2013

The next video dated the 24th of July 2013 is really showing a very peaceful Muslim Brotherhood Demonstration in Cairo. Police rank driving and peaceful Muslim Brotherhood demonstrator jump on the tank and from behind the police officer he grabbed his weapon, but the officer managed to fight him, then the demonstrators as you see in the video were surrounding the tank trying to attack the police cause as much chaos as they can. How does it look like if this happen in USA or England! What would the authorities call that? Peaceful, right? How would they deal with it? Human rights, right? right!

Brotherhood peaceful demonstrators on the 19th of July 2013, in Rabaa Square Nasr City, showed a guy and claimed he is a military officer an he is against the minister of defense and he left the Egyptian army and joined Rabaa square Morsi’s supporters. Of course, this is the Brotherhood Senario to turn Egypt like Syria. They are terrorists and killers alright, but they are Morons and so stupid. First the military uniform that the guy is wearing is fake. Second the way the stars show on his shoulders are totally wrong and they are fake too.

Muslim Brotherhood want to turn Egypt to Syria

Another fake event by the brotherhood criminals, The republican guards event which took place in July 2013, they posted a picture of a baby and claimed that he got killed by the Egyptian military. check the following pictures which show that the original one is on the left which  took place in Syria and not Egypt, the one on the right is the fake one. That’s what your government is showing you, the fake one.

Al-Qaeda terrorists acts in Syria against Civilians

On the right side faked photo stating military guards killed a baby in Cairo Egypt. The real photo on the left is in Syria a baby killed during the air strikes and bombings.


More than 21 military and police and civilians got killed besides the ones who got injured so far in North Sinai by the Brotherhood Militia Terrorists started on the 1st of July 2013 till today the 31st of July 2013. The terrorists are using a technique of start shooting in different directions to get the attention of military and police distracted, meantime, professional snipers are assassinating the police and the military right in the head and in different parts of their bodies.

Every day now since the 1st of July 2013, civilians are getting killed, military and police officers and soldiers. Brotherhood Militia are terrorizing North Sinai civilians.

Also a cement labors bus got bombarded by Brotherhood Militia by RBG missile, 3 got killed and 17 got seriously injured – dated 15th of July 2013

Video dated the 30th of July 2013, “the Armed demonstration of Brotherhood” in Nasr City – Camera of Video 7 managed to get the following video which shows the driver of the truck is hiding the license number of his car and the car is full of Molotov Bottles. Those Molotov bottles are of course for the Brotherhood peaceful demonstrators.

The following Video dated 15th of March 2013,is a collection of Brotherhood crimes against civilians long before the the 30th of June Revolution. That’s the regime that your governments are supporting. Women get beaten brutally by Brotherhood Militia in the streets, civilians got tortured, and all this because those civilians were just showing their Objection on the Brotherhood Militia ruling.

The following 2 Videos  dated 28th of June 2013 and the 2nd of July 2013 Brotherhood Militia shooting with live bullets at an Anti Brotherhood demonstration in Almenya City in Upper Egypt.

Video 1

Video 2

The 15th of July 2013, an eye witness and a victim (torture marks on his body) of Rabaa Nasr City square where the Brotherhood are demonstrating, the guy is a taxi driver took some Morsi’s supporters to the square and when he drove them they refuse to pay him and dragged him into the square and started to torture him. The eye witness saw others inside the square under the stage where they held many others and they torture them whether because they suspect them or they were just passing their demonstration or they were deliberately kidnapped.