The Worst Muslim Brotherhood Crimes Videos In Egypt Financed By Americans Tax Payers

The Worst Brotherhood Crimes Videos In Egypt Financed By Americans Tax Payers, not only Muslim Brotherhood are kidnapping, torturing and killing civilians who opposed their ruling in Egypt and who went out in the 30th of June revolution till today 14th of July 2013, but also they are torturing to death and killing with cold blood, their own demonstrators who want to leave the square of Rabaa Nasr city, where the Brotherhood are demonstrating. They are using even the mosque in that area for all their crimes and also the tents.

There is nothing that can express their crimes but live pictures, that is why I gathered all the videos I can, to show the whole world what kind of regime the USA were supporting with Americans tax payers. The USA doesn’t really care for any human rights in the middle east as long as they can have an alliance with someone or with some groups who can execute their agenda of the creative chaos in the middle east in order to make sure that Islam will be busy fighting Islam, after 9/11.

Now the brotherhood want to turn Egypt to another Syria, but they won’t succeed with that plan, because more than 33 million Egyptians made a revolution on the 30th of June and they didn’t go home, till they managed to get down the entire brotherhood regime not only in Egypt, but the entire international terrorists brotherhood organization in the world. 30th of June Revolution made all Egyptians stand in one raw on a one man’s heart against Terrorists. Egypt won’t be like Syria because the military protected Millions of Egyptians willing in getting down the Brotherhood Terrorists organization, and it is not a military coup like the world is claiming.

Stop messing up with our lives and destiny; Stop interfering in our internal affairs; stop financing terrorists who are killing our kids with cold blood; Stop lying to your own people about that middle East part of the world; Stop all your Aids to Egypt, we prefer to starve an live and die with dignity; Stop financing terrorists with Americans Tax payers; Stop putting our lands in your auctions;  Stop invading our countries to take the black gold of the Arab Countries, Stop dividing the middle east countries for the favor of Israel, Stop all your dirty conspiracies in destroying and dividing the Egyptian Military, the strongest and the only left Army in the Whole Middle East Area; Stop planting hatred in our hearts towards your countries; Stop treating us like animals, we are human beings and we have rights and we went on the 30th of June revolution and gained and earned this right.

All crimes in this article are documented with videos and an explanation about each video’s crime.

Do you want to Know where your taxes went? Obama was collecting your taxes to support and finance Brotherhood terrorists to give Israel in return on a golden plate, Sinai land which belong to Egypt, so Palestinians of Gaza can move to Sinai and there goes dead the Palestinian cause and The USA and Israel live happily ever after. See where your taxes went, and then take a look on your hands, see any Egyptians Blood there? Are you proud that you participated with your taxes money in killing Egyptians!?

Watch the following videos:

15th of July 2013  Al-Bahr Al-Aazam Events
On July 15, 2013, the Brotherhood leaders agreed, during a meeting in Rabaa Square, to fabricate violent incidents in Giza Governorate, to delude the public opinion that the country entered a state of civil strife due to the removal of Mohamed Morsi, by organizing marches roaming the streets of Giza Governorate, with the aim of using violence and imposing Power and intimidation of citizens.

Bassem Odeh, the former Minister of Supply, conveyed the assignments from the meeting to the leaders supervising the sit-in of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic groups in Al-Nahda Square in front of Cairo University, and took over the leadership of an armed march that reached the Al-Bahr Al-Aazam Street, then the armed elements terrorized the citizens and assaulted them and their homes. Shops were destroyed, and firearms, automatic weapons, cartridges, and bladed weapons were used, killing 5 civilians and injuring 100 others.

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The Brotherhood members killed the army officer Ismail Ahmed Eid, who was driving his car on Al-Masirah Road by chance, as the armed elements stopped him and took a look at his identity, and once they found out he was an army officer, they killed him and messed up with his dead body.

To watch the video, here is the link

The events of Ramesses square, July 15, 2013
Coinciding with the events in Giza Governorate, members of the Mu’tasimah Brotherhood in Rabaa Square carried out an attack on the Azbakeya Police Station after they arrived in Ramses Square in central Cairo on the evening of July 15, 2013. Click here to watch the video

13th of July 2013: The gruesome murder occurred inside  Rabaa square in Nasr City Cairo, where supporters of EX President Mohamed Morsi are gathered, where investigations reported that two young men of Tanta city attended to breakfast with the brotherhood protesters.

Any one who wants to leave the square or they do suspect, they torture them to death.

Some poor people go to that square to eat and to take money because the brotherhood were taking advantages of the poverty of people and direct them to kill police officers, military officers and civilians, randomly.

Investigations revealed that they received 4 cases tortured and killed. A young man was held in one of the tents and they tortured him with bricks and knives and beaten till death. Another case of a young man who was transferred to hospital between life and death and he underwent several surgeries to save his life, brotherhood broke every bone in his body as you will watch in the below videos.

The following video in Behera city close to Alexandria City (2 hours from Cairo) on the 30th of June 2013, the brotherhood were shooting at demonstrators and civilians randomly to terrorize them and stop them from leaving homes.

On the 6th of July 2013, Muslim Brotherhood went and demonstrate in front of the republican guards and tried to break in and when they did n’t manage, they started shooting at the republicans guards and also shooting at their own demonstrators and accused the military of shooting them. As you will watch the video, the guy who shot the demonstrator went back after shooting and delivered the gun to another guy and then he moved away.

Brotherhood carrying Alqaeda Ossama Bin Laden Flag Throwing 4 children from the roofs and torturing their bodies and shooting people randomly in Alexandria -Egypt – 6th of July 2013 and 28/6/2013

9 July 2013, A video posted on social media revealed a picture of one of the killers of Egyptian youths in Sidi Gaber, Alexandria, as he was doing training with a group of Brotherhood youth just a few days before the events.

For some time, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have been conducting combat field training, some of which were filmed, in anticipation of the demonstrations of June 30.

Rabaa al-Adawiya protesters appeared in a video recently broadcast by the Egyptian news network Rasd, as they were undergoing combat training for self-defense and chanting slogans, amid shouts of “The Messenger is our example and jihad is our way.”

Some of the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood had thrown 3 young demonstrators from the roof of a building in Sidi Gaber neighborhood in Alexandria in july 2013.

The security forces arrested one of those involved in the crime, the bearded person who appeared in the video of the incident and whose name was Mahmoud Hassan Ramadan. To watch the video, here is the link:

on 15/7/2013, Brotherhood criminals in Ramsis square Cairo Holding a 10 years old child in the street and hit him Brutally with no mercy.  The old man with eye glasses on the right side who was participating in the demonstration and beating the child: is the Ex- Minister of investments in Egypt appointed to that posts, by Morsi the Ex fascist President.

Brotherhood shooting Muslims while praying in AlArish City on 6th of July 2013. As you will see in the video, Muslims who pray under the protection of the military where you see tanks standing by the mosque, then the shooting starts. In that City and Sinai, brotherhood and their terrorists group are killing military officers and police officers on a daily basis.

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On the 30th of June 2013, Brotherhood terrorists are shooting with machine guns at demonstrators from their main Building Branch in Moqatam Cairo.

Brotherhood terrorist acts against civilians in Manial – Cairo area – 06 – 07 – 2013

Funeral of 12 martyrs from the Manial Cairo region, killed on 6/7/2013 during an attack by the Brotherhood militias,  people participating in the funeral chanted : “there is no god but Allah, the Muslim Brotherhood are the enemies of God.”

The Brotherhood militias took the rooftops of buildings and also the roof top of the Mosque of Salah al-Din, and start shooting randomly at civilians in the streets using machine guns, resulting in a fall of 12 martyrs and hundreds injured.

In the following video eyewitnesses are telling how it happened and some of the shooting scenes by brotherhood terrorists against Egyptians civilians. Click on the video to watch on youtube.

In the following video the Egyptian armed forces protecting demonstrators and chasing Muslim brotherhood supporters who were attacking demonstrators in Tahrir Square, using guns and different weapons

The following  videos Brotherhood terrorists shooting live amunition at the military republican guards – and shooting at each others. July 2013 – click on the video to watch it on youtube.

Brotherhood terrorists shot one of their demonstrators at his head from the back and accused the military republican guards of shooting him, while the shot came from where the demonstrators of Brotherhood where standing. July 2013 – click on the video to watch it on youtube.

Brotherhood are shooting and attacking demonstrators and police in Alexandria city – July 2013 – July 2013 – click on the video to watch it on youtube.

Brotherhood are shooting at demonstrators on 6 October Bridge Cairo Egypt – close to Tahrir Square video – July 2013 – click on the video to watch it on youtube.

17 April 2012 Tahrir square, Muslim Brotherhood tortured a lawyer, after they kidnapped him from the street while he was crossing the street and they  tried to force  him to confess that he was a national security officer and he came to spy on them . You will also see that there were others being tortured laying beside the guy who appears  in the video. 

Abd al-Hamid  the lawyer’s brother submitted  a report to the Attorney General, bearing No. 1228 on 17/4/2012 against muslim brotherhood leaders who committed this crime, Hazem Farouk Mansour, deputy of the Freedom and Justice Party, for the Coast Division, Muhammad Ibrahim al-Beltagy, a member of the People’s Assembly, Safwat Hamouda Hegazy, and Mohsen Youssef. Rady, a member of the People’s Assembly and a person called Abu Ghazaleh and the owner of a company for tourism, citing Walid Qutb Arafat, a journalist, Ahmed El-Sayed Mansour, a presenter of Al-Jazeera programs, and Counselor Mahmoud Al-Khudairi, a member of the People’s Assembly, and presented with the communication evidence of the accusation in audio and video.

5th of December 2012, peaceful demonstrators Anti Mohammed Morsi, attacked by Muslim Brotherhood terrorists – Aletehadeya presidential palace – Brotherhood went in the morning attacked demonstrators and burned their tents and took some inside the palace and tortured them and other to the mosque and tortured them as well and after they have beaten young men, old men, girls and kids, they took them and deliver them to the police and give the police their confession under torturing that they are gangs and financed by Mobarak the old regime! During Morsi’s time no statements or cases were opened for investigations because the General Attorney was a brotherhood supporter!!!

Brotherhood claimed that among the people who got killed, were brotherhood. After watching Brotherhood in previous videos killing their own people to frame it on the military, they can claim anything.

Link 1

Click here, Link of Documented Videos of Etihadeya Palace Massacre, committed by Muslim Brotherhood and sponsored by former head Mohamed Morsi against more than 800 Egyptians got killed and brutally tortured and injured.

Video 2 click on the video to watch it on youtube.

Video 3 Brotherhood attacking a christian guy and there were many occasions that the brotherhood were accusing christians that they are involved in this Anti Morsi’s regime and their extremists were pushing for violence against Christians. Etehadeya Palace Demonstrations 5 dec. 2012

Video 4 Etehadeya palace demonstrations Muslim brotherhood torturing civilians in the mosque and forcing them to confess. They were telling them, confess that you belong to the national democratic old regime party and we will release you and we will stop beating and torturing you – 5th of december 2013 –

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click on the videos to watch it on youtube.

Eletehadeya Palace, 5th of dec 2012 – Brotherhood attacking women and men because they were demonstrating against Morsi

Look what they were doing to women!

Brotherhood attacking demonstrators and beating women by Aletehadeya palace and Moqatam area and collection of other attacks against peaceful demonstrations and civilians

5 August 2013 Video of  Brotherhood attacking the superior court with guns and try to break in. In any occasion that there were trial in whichthe brotherhood were accused, they were attacking courts and judges. They even were closing the constitutional court and surrounding it to stop judges from entering

During the 25th revolution 2011, the Brotherhood made a deal with hamas to get out of prison all the brotherhood leaders who were in jails accused of espionage and Mohammed Morsi was also in prison accused with the same treason crime. Hamas opened prison and let go criminals free in the streets and also the terrorists who support the brotherhood. At the same night of opening prisons, Palestinian terrorists appeared on Tv in Gaza, after escaping from the prison in Egypt.

Brotherhood horrible slaughtering and crimes against humanity in the Arab World – any one who knows the history of Hamas who are considered the military arm of Muslim Brotherhood knows that they have the same method in torturing and slaughtering their own people – this video contains horrible scene of slaughtering people by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.

click on the videos to watch it on youtube.

Cairo close to tahrir square 12 december 2012 – the muslim Brotherhood went for a bloody demonstrations against the constitutional courts and the judges of Egypt, because the verdicts of judges were not suitable to Brotherhood orders and of course Brotherhood being above the law including their president Morsi, they were not accepting to be anywhere but above the law.

click on the videos to watch it on youtube.

Year 2012 Ramadan, more than 16 Egyptian soldiers got killed when they were starting to break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan, they got brutally killed on the borders, Mohamed morsi refused to announced the truth of what happened and who killed our soldiers, and he said that knowing who killed them won’t do the Egyptians any good, on the opposite, it will very bad to know who kill them and different major authorities announced later on that the file of the assassination of those soldiers,  was closed by The president’s Order.

Hamas and muslim brotherhood are accused of killing our soldiers.

This article was published 14/7/2013 – the videos in this article, are not the only available videos, there are more videos of Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas crimes against their own people.

Brotherhood are still killing military and police officers and soldiers in Egypt and civilians too, and they are shooting their own people from the back in any demonstrations of theirs to show the world that it is the military who is killing them, and this is a lie. It is not true what they are claiming that the brotherhood are put in jail for no reasons. There are many cases against the brotherhood and their crimes but those cases were closed or archived during the general attorney’s period who was archiving any case or statements against Morsi or his brotherhood terrorists. Now things are going on the right track and they are going to have a fair trial.

USA, stop asking for releasing the murderer Mohammed morsi and Brotherhood from jails and trials because Egyptians are not gonna forget the blood of their kids and stop your dirty politics towards Egypt, enough spreading hatred and conflicts between different civilizations because Egyptians love the American people, but they do hate the American administration’s double standard and financing and supporting terrorists who are killing our kids.

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