The International Prostitution Ring “Human Rights Watch”

Prostitution is the act of having sex in exchange of money. Political prostitution is the act of offering one’s services, power and influence for a corrupt use, in exchange of money too.

The International prostitution organization “Human Rights Watch”, issued a report in August 2014, describing what happened in Egypt in 2013 during the disengagement of Muslim Brotherhood armed Sit-ins on 14/8/2013, Rabaa and Nahda squares, as “crime against the entire humanity“!

HRW urged the International community and the UN to push for an investigation with the President of Egypt, Marshal Abd Elfatah AlSisi, who is according to HRW’s report, accused of planning and leading massacres against Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, HRW accused the armed forces and the Egyptian police of deliberately massacring thousands of unarmed innocents Muslim Brotherhood protesters, as HRW’s report claimed.

Egyptian Police Martyrs slaughtered by Brotherhood terrorists 14 August 2013 Kirdassa police station  attacked by Brotherhood supporters and they tortured and killed 12 Police officers and soldiers
Egyptian Police Martyrs slaughtered by Brotherhood terrorists 14 August 2013 Kirdassa police station attacked by Brotherhood supporters and they tortured and killed 12 Police officers and soldiers

HRW’s report considered that all investigations held by the Egyptian authorities were faked, including the testimony of witnesses who survived Muslim brotherhood’s slaughterhouses which took place in both Sit-ins and other bloody events in many cities against Egyptian civilians who opposed the Muslim Brotherhood regime and participated on 30/6/2013 revolution.

The report of Human Rights watch also ignored all terror acts committed by the Muslim Brotherhood against the Egyptian

Former Ambassador of Egypt in Venezuela Yehia Zkaria Negm before and after he got tortured by Muslim Brotherhood in front of Etihadeya presidential palace 5 december 2012
Former Ambassador of Egypt in Venezuela Yehia Zkaria Negm before and after he got tortured by Muslim Brotherhood in front of Etihadeya presidential palace 5 December 2012

community including police and army individuals in general, and in particular on 14/8/2013. HRW considered that all police and army individuals who got killed or injured during the disengagement by MB, just passed away under “Unknown reasons”!!! And of course, they also ignored the autopsy report issued by the concerned authorities. They never even responded to the Chief of forensic, to come up with any evidence that proves that autopsy report was forged!

HRW also claimed that all Muslim Brotherhood members, leaders and their supporters were put in prisons and were under trials based on fake and framed evidences!!! And that the disengagement of both Sit-Ins, was just the beginning of oppression in Egypt and the Egyptian state is certainly not on the right path for Democracy!!!

Mr. Maged Atef, the correspondent of the US Newsweek network, who was one of the main eyewitnesses, human rights watch depended on his testimony in relation to Rabaa’s square disengagement.

Mr. Maged Atef confirmed that Human rights watch faked and forged his testimony in favor of Muslim Brotherhood . He also confirmed that he was an eyewitness on the first Egyptian police officer who got killed by Muslim Brotherhood, while he was warning them to leave the square peacefully through the safe exits. Mr. Maged  testified that the shooting started from the Muslim Brotherhood’s side and not the police.

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Maged Atef said that he has met with Human rights representative once and Heba Moraif, the political activist attended the meeting and heard his testimony that was forged by human rights watch.Mr. Maged filed a complaint against human rights for faking his testimony.

HRW, forged and twisted facts in favor of Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization. The 14th of August 2013 was indeed a crime against the entire humanity committed by the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters against all Egyptians including police and armed forces. Not a word in HRW’S report about the deliberate massacres committed by Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters against Christians in Egypt.

The creative chaos project of condoleezza Rice in the Middle east
The creative chaos project of condoleezza Rice in the Middle east

Furthermore, the HRW’s report has totally ignored Muslim Brotherhood violations and crimes against women and Children in Egypt.

Human rights watch deliberately acted blind and deaf towards all horrible crimes committed by Muslim Brotherhood since they reached power in Egypt, till this minute we speak. As if all victims tortured and deliberately killed with cold blood by Muslim Brotherhood, did not exist except in our own imagination! HRW also lied about the period given by the Egyptian authorities to MB to clear both squares which was for more than 2 months, and it lasted till the last minute right before the disengagement of both Sit-ins on 14/8/2013. HRW claimed that “2 months prior notice” was not enough for Muslim Brothers to clear both Sit-Ins!!!

HRW claimed that the disengagement was a mass massacre against the MB, despite that there were local, international human and civil rights organizations and press attending the disengagement of both Sit-Ins, the minute it started till the end. In addition, the disengagement was recorded and broadcasted Live On Air!

Testimony of Victims of torture reveals the true nature of Muslim Brotherhood's slaughterhouses in Rabaa and Nahda armed squares
Testimony of Victims of torture reveals the true nature of Muslim Brotherhood’s slaughterhouses in Rabaa and Nahda armed squares

The orientations and approaches of Human rights watch are well known of lack of neutrality, inaccuracy, twisting and forging facts in favor of whoever finance the HRW’s organization, including terrorists.

For Human rights watch, some conflict Zones get much more coverage than others. And they don’t call a spade a spade, like when it comes to the Israeli’s occupation and aggression against Palestinians.

For instance, HRW condemning Israel’s aggression against Palestinians is just a big farce and a lie! On 9/7/2014, HRW described in its first press releasethe mass massacres committed by the Israeli’s occupation against civilians in Gaza, as:”It May appears to be collective punishment”!!!! May appear, or may not!!!! Now, crimes against civilians became may or may not appear, and mass killings and crimes became “collective punishment!!! But Egypt fighting terrorism and disengagement of  armed sit-ins of MB, is the most horrible crime against the entire humanity, as claimed by HRW!!!!

Then on 16/7/2014, HRW released another press release stating that :”by killing civilians, Israel is violating the laws of war!!!! Of course HRW did not dare to say that Israel committed deliberately massacres and crimes against humanity, and you don’t need to wonder much, why HRW did not mention directly and clearly that Israel committed “war crimes against humanity”!!!!

HRW also denied the Palestinians right to fight back the Israeli occupation, and they justified this denial that it doesn’t matter who started the attacks or the aggression, Palestinians don’t have the right to fight back even if it was the other side who started the aggression. So, Palestinians only have the right to be killed and simply just die…!

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In 20 years, HRW have published only four reports on the conflict in Indian-controlled Kashmir, for example, even though the conflict has taken at least 80,000 lives in these two decades, and torture and extrajudicial murder have taken place on a vast scale! Perhaps even more tellingly, HRW has not published any report on the post-election violence and repression in Iran more than six months after the event.

Human Rights Watch’s Executive Director, Kenneth Roth, and another member of his senior staff, Sarah Leah Whitson, have been

Muslim Brotherhood raise AlQaeda black flag in Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood raise AlQaeda black flag in Egypt

disallowed from entering into Egypt. The two were detained at Egypt’s Cairo International airport for 12 hours before security officials deemed it necessary to send them out of the country on another flight. Finally, Egypt is practicing its own sovereignty on its territory.

The real crime against the entire humanity, Bribed licensed political prostitutes ladies and Gentlemen of Human rights Watch, is that an organization like yours challenge the will of more than 33 million Egyptian who revolted peacefully against your favorite fascist Muslim Brotherhood regime.

The real crime against humanity, is that the world community and the working groups against Egypt led by the Obama’s administration, do not accept the 30th of June revolution, after it destroyed the big US project of “creative chaos” in the Middle East. There are many countries out there, who are deploying all their efforts and time in targeting Egypt’s unity and stability, because Egypt decided to keep its unity and sovereignty on its own territory and refused to become another Syria, or Libya or Iraq.

The real crime against the entire humanity, is that Egypt to allow again the dirtiness of HRW or NGOS or those who call themselves “Human rights organizations”, to act freely under FAKE CLAIMS OF human rights cover, while they are only serving dirty politics against Egypt and they are biased to MB terrorist organization.

The real crime against the entire humanity, is the twisting and forging of facts of all bloody events that took place in Egypt and were

11 bodies found in Rabaa square MB armed sit in died from severe torture
11 bodies found in Rabaa square MB armed sit in died from severe torture

committed by MB against the Egyptian people and spreading lies and misleading the international public opinion about Muslim Brotherhood massacres and crimes in Egypt against the Egyptian community.

The real crime against the entire humanity, is that HRW insulted the Egyptian people with this barefaced report of theirs and considered the Egyptian blood of all victims who got slaughtered and bombed by Brotherhood, are too cheap to mention or to admit!

The real crime against humanity, is that we, the Egyptian people allow such hypocrites and bunch of HRW’s mercenaries to spread lies and forge not just history, but deliberately smearing the reputation of all Egyptians and our armed forces and police individuals who decided to stand in the front line and take the bullets of terrorism to protect us, the Egyptian civilians from the Muslim Brotherhood terror attacks.

The real crime against humanity, is that a Human rights organization like HRW, ignores crimes and massacres against women, children and Christians in Egypt, as if these crimes never happened! Did human rights watch or any other human organization or even the international community really moved a finger to stop the daily massacres against Christians, women and children in Iraq, Syria and Libya?! NO, they didn’t. What about more than 1458 Palestinian civilians who got killed by Israel recently? And more than 8375 severely injured before the cease fire took place?! HRW called it “may appears collective punishment and Israel just violated the laws of war!!!! what laws of war are they talking about?! laws of war between unarmed civilians and a whole very well equipped and armed army with US weapons!!!!

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Finally, it is a real crime against humanity, to humiliate millions of Egyptians who voted for the 30th of June revolution’s constitution and have chosen freely their president who has an honorable military record, and accusing him of being a killer and oppressor, while the real killer is in prison. Egyptians did not vote for a murderer, but they voted for Marshal Sisi, the man who faced the whole world and challenged superior countries and terrorism to save his country and his people.

All these horrible massacres which are committed daily against innocents by Islamist terrorists organizations and groups who Marshal Sisi the President of Egyptare allies to Muslim Brothers, won’t stop because the international community and their HR organizations decided to support and sponsor terrorism in the Middle East region.

Egypt is constantly warning the world community from extremism and terrorism. Unfortunately, they think that terror attacks are far and will never reach them. Remember this very well, who harboring terrorists, begets  terrorism.

And like  Marshal Sisi said before winning the presidential elections:” Egypt will no longer tolerate or permit those who mess up or interfere in our own internal affairs”. Certainly the Game is over.

I do not regret for a second all the names I used in describing HRW in this post, after all, I’m just using the “freedom of speech”, exported to us by the civilized world who sponsors and encourages the freedom of speech which is a right for every human being out there and of course this includes me too.

Those who insult and humiliate our people and our country, and those who insult our president and our free choices, do not deserve from us, but all disrespect and despise, and may they rest and rot in hell one day soon!

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