Cairo to Washington: The Egyptian judiciary’s independence and provisions, is none of your damn business

To the foreign press mercenaries,  those who talk about citizenship and equality in front of the law, and those who demand the disarming of selves holiness, and those who claim: “I’m a journalist or an employee in a news agency, so, I’m above the law”, they should first reflect the principles of equality, citizenship and democracy in their behavior, in order to have credibility in expressing principles and convictions, and not to gain a livelihood or to turn the press free profession to a mercenaries trade.

To the President of the United States of America, Barack Bin Hussein Obama, and his disgraceful imbeciles US and EU working Obama supports terrorism in Egyptgroups against Egypt, who support Islamic Terrorist groups that are working on the destruction of the United States, Middle East region, slaughtering Christians and Moderate Muslims, while the world community remains silent.

Egypt is an independent country and not a left over inherited by Obama’s or his allies  ancestors.

The stage of tampering with Egypt’s national security is over, the Muslim Brotherhood fascist regime is over, applying fake imported democracy and human rights double standards is over. The stage of twisting arms and waving with cutting economic or military aid to Egypt is over. The stage of putting pressures on 90 million Egyptian citizen, do as the master of the world is ordering or starve to death, is definitely over.

Human rights bribed organizations and their paid in advance reports against Egypt to increase the international pressure and to direct Egypt to the abyss of US creative chaos and civil war, is over.

Egyptians did not revolt against fascism, terrorism and foreign countries interference in our internal affairs because of poverty or aid, but because we decided to live with dignity and get back our entity and civilization that was hijacked by a bunch of terrorists, who were supported and financed by Obama Bin Laden.

The Egyptian president “Abd Elfatah Al Sisi, does not negotiate with terrorists, but Obama did with Taliban! The Egyptian president does not allow any one to interfere in the Egyptian justice and judiciary system because he is a man of principles and he personally respects the law, but Obama sent his Kerry, thinking that he can threaten Egyptians to free his agents from jails, just like he tried to do in relation to Mulsim Brotherhood convicted of high treason and terror attacks.

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There is only one voice that exists in Egypt since the 30th of June revolution, which is the Egyptian people’s free will and free choices to run their country the way it suits them and not the way it matches with US or EU dirty sick policy.

It’s either you respect the law or you don’t, there is nothing called “in-between”. There is nothing called “absolute freedom” not even in a country like the United double standards states of America!

Freedom of speech or freedom of press is a “responsibility”. When the press becomes a destructive weapon in distorting facts, misleading the international public opinion, spreading lies, exposing the national security of a country to terror attacks, biased to terrorism and participating in an orchestrated organized fierce campaign against a whole region stability like the Middle East, considering terrorism in some areas when it suits them, and describing terrorism as “political opponents or freedom fighters” also when it suits their agendas and interests. We can’t call this “journalism profession” but we can definitely call it “mercenaries profession”.

Obama supports terroristsUS officials and their disgraceful allies are not looking around them to see the big danger that is surrounding the whole world now. And the reason why they are not looking around, because they are the ones creating extremism, terrorism, internal and regional conflicts and civil wars to serve their sick interests.

What is this international frenzied campaign against Egypt, for applying the law against those who don’t respect the Egyptian laws!? Why would Egypt target two or three foreign journalists or employees and oppress their freedom of speech or put them in jail for framed evidences, while there  are more than 1200  foreign journalists and reporters in Egypt who work freely with 290 foreign media institutions and despite that they are working hard on twisting  facts and spreading lies 24/7, no one stop them from practicing in their fierce campaign against Egypt!

23/6/2014, The Egyptian Criminal Court issued their verdict against 20 defendants (most of them are employees in Aljazeera and not journalists and the majority are Egyptians) of what it’s known in the media of Al Jazeera ‘Marriott Cell’

Once you break the law, they call you a defendant and not a journalist or employee, who cares what you do for living, when you violate the law!

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Details: 11 escaped and absent defendants sentenced by 10 years jail among them one defendant from Holland and two from England. 7 defendants sentenced to 7 years jail, among them one Australian journalist and another in addition to possessing shotguns. The court released 2 others and declared them innocent.

The defendants were charged of joining and cooperating with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization on targeting vital buildings and institutions for terror attacks, possessing documents inciting against the armed forces and police individuals and targeting them by terror attacks and assassinations. Exposing the security and safety of citizens to danger and terror attacks. Fabricating videos that targeted spreading rumors, lies and false statements to destabilize the national security of Egypt and worked in Egypt without licence from the concerned authorities and resisting the authorities and interrupting justice.

Very interesting facts about the deception and the deliberate lies and fabricated stories of foreign media about Aljazeera Marriott cell and other similar events

– Western media & particularly the US media went on high gear to criticize & disparage the Egyptian justice system and the judgement handed down on three Al Jazeera employees! You heard it right, those three were employees of Al Jazeera and not journalists!

– The thing that really incensed us and made us write about this issue, is the complete & deceptive hypocritical statements by John Kerry & his idiotic acolytes!

– We, the Egyptians and foreign signatories, would like to remind our American & western friends about certain historical events that they seem to have forgotten either intentionally or due to age issues:

1- First, there was Al Jazeera cameraman Tareq Ayyoub who was assassinated in a raid that targeted Al Jazeera’s offices in Baghdad, during the US invasion to Iraq. Ayyoub was killed in 2003 when two missiles, fired by an American ground-attack aircraft, struck the Baghdad headquarters of the Al Jazeera Satellite Channel during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. The Al Jazeera station was clearly marked as a media center, and the US military had been informed of its location in February, Here is
how Al Jazeera described him, a “martyr of duty” and a “dear and loyal colleague”.

No one condemned the US for oppression and assassinating journalists and reporters while they were doing their duty! No one called the US ambassadors to condemn the assassination or threatened of any kind of sanctions or consequences against the US!

2- Second, Then there was Tayssir Allouni, Al Jazeera journalist who was arrested at the behest of the US & sentenced to 7 years by Spain (he’s Syrian-Spanish) on the drummed up charge of acting as a financial courier to Bin Laden. 7 years, hmm! how this is a farce and so ironic!

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3- Third,  Sami Al-Hajj, Al Jazeera cameramen was covering the US military operation in Afghanistan & Pakistan. Al-Hajj was arrested in 2002 by the Pakistani authorities and he was delivered to the Americans, in what was to be a harrowing, nightmarish odyssey that lasted close to seven years, most of it spent as prisoner 345, the only journalist imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay—without any charges! Did anyone open his big mouth and condemn the arrest of this journalist! Of course not.


So, for the bleeding hearts with crocodile tears at the NYT, WP, AP, AFP, BBC, Reuters…etc, including John Kerry who is obviously is still in the stage of growing in relation to his height, meantime his brain is shrinking, etc…next time you want to demonize your target, just be more professional and don’t make fools of yourselves more than what you already are, those who believe you are not less morons than you guys are!

Just to embarrass you some more, the judgement issued by the Egyptian courts are not final & can be appealed. We the Egyptian and foreign signatories, respect the Egyptian justice system and its provisions, those who live on the Egyptian territory and they don’t respect the Egyptian laws, please feel free to leave, no one is going to notice your absence or even is going to miss you.


Faris Sami

Haitham Salah

Ehab Abdullah Awad

Soha Moussa

Badoor Moussa

Khaled Badawy

Laila Seif

Hossam Mursy

Ahmed Ads

Heba ahmed

Ahmed Helmy

Riham Ramzy

Magmag Ramzy

Abeer & David Whede

Fatma Mohamed

Nadine Farouk

Mona Youssef

Soad Abd El-Rahman

Mohamed Adel

Amal Abd Elbasset

Manal Helmy

Mona El-Sherif Azmy

Galal Ezz El-Din

Maissah Ashraf

Nourhan Salem

Laila Abd El-Rahman

Naglaa Abd El-Fatah

Jim Hadley

Lauren Smith

Noha Al-Masry

Magy Ramez

Omar Galal

Hamdy Alsaed

Eman Nabih

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