Dear Sheikh Lionel Barber, Editor in Chief Of Financial Times

Sheikh Lionel Barber, Editor in Chief, Financial Times - London
Hello Folks, this is your brother Lionel Barber, Editor in Chief of Financial Times based in London and biased to terrorism. I’m not a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist element, but I do respect them.

Dear Sheikh Lionel Barber, Editor in Chief, Financial Times , based in London and biased to terrorism.

It did not come to us as a surprise that you wrote in your Editorial of April 4, 2014 titled “Cameron and the Muslim Brothers”, so many misrepresentations and false statements.

You said: “Suspicions over the prime ministers motives”. The Prime Minister is
significantly late in initiating steps to protect the UK of the cancer of the
Muslim Brotherhood.

You also mentioned :”The Muslim Brotherhood founded in Egypt in 1928 is the most important pan Islamic political organization in the world”. Such a statement reflects the total ignorance of the FT. The Brotherhood is a cult organization that uses religion as a tool and instrument for its political and power grabbing motives.

No where in Islam is there a “supreme guide” to whom the members swear allegiance (like the Nazi’s to Hitler), no where in Islam are the fascist political objectives utilizing violence, militias and sectarianism as tools.

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An organization ( the Brotherhood ) that murdered in Egypt two Prime Ministers, a Speaker of the House, two politicians and the late President Sadat, cannot be termed by you as the most important Islamic political organization in the world, unless you have a motive to state such a blatant lie. You are so ignorant about Muslim Brotherhood history, you didn’t do your homework well before writing this article.

You said the Brotherhood has “millions of followers around the world”.  My God, this is so funny! Really? Where are these Millions Mr. Barber? With Alice in Wonderland? From where did you get such falsehoods?!

The Egyptian courts did pass a decision to sentence 529 members of the court to death for what they did in Menia city. They attacked a police station, slaughtered a police officer and dragged his body in the streets, injured 16 policemen – 4 officers permanently disabled, broke into the armory, burnt two churches, released convicts from the holding jail and attacked the nearby hospital to eliminate witnesses, and for further crimes, click here to read about the crimes they have committed and the reasons why they got this death sentence, because obviously you are also lazy in searching, reading and checking well before you publish your articles.

Check also the videos in the above link, the FT doesn’t dare to publish any of them. Would you to show the world the real face of the Brotherhood!? Is it UK policy to connect with terrorist organizations inside and outside the UK to give them legitimacy? Is that how you see it in  protecting UK interests!?

Your statement” that Riyadh worries about the Brotherhood rivaling its influence across the region”, is misguided”. The Brotherhood is a fascist cult organization funded and protected by Qatar and Turkey with a terrorist agenda to achieve its political objectives of power grabbing. That is what real Muslims in Saudi and elsewhere are fighting, an organisation that has given Islam a bad name and mixed Islam with toxic politics and terrorism making Islam appear as a violent and murderous religion, which is not true.

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You added:”The western powers should also beware of threatening to crack down on what is an amorphous and generally peaceable movement”. Is this a threat in disguise by the Muslim brotherhood member who wrote this editorial for the FT on your behalf?

The brotherhood is “amorphous” it appears as AlTakfeer and Alhigra, as Ansar Beit Al Makdas, as Al-Qaeda, as Islamic Relief, as Egyptian Freedom House, as Hamas etc. According to one writer, they have 80 plus fronts including half  in  the west, Enjoy your warm hosting and hospitality to terrorists!

The Brotherhood Sheikh and Brother Barber always use their bullets even when they are in power. Moreover the ballot box does not make democracy. One man, one vote, one time is the Brotherhood’s underlying policy.

The investigation by the UK into the Brotherhood is not “misjudged” as you wrote, but It is too late. Let us just hope the investigation is not tainted to white wash the Brotherhood as your article does.


Mostafa Elalaily

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