Bruce Willis Renting Out His Name On The Cost Of Martyrs In Egypt

“In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People.” Eugene Victor Debs.

[symple_testimonial by=”Deadline Hollywood site”]Deadline site published on 19/1/2014, Bruce Willis is making a movie about Egypt. He has been signed up to produce and narrate The People Demand, a feature documentary centered around the struggle for democracy in Egypt and elsewhere. The story focuses on April 6 movement activist Ahmed Maher, who according to the deadline site was sentenced to three years for violating protesting laws. Deadline added that Maher’s journey exemplifies this trajectory: as one of the leaders of Egypt’s January 25, 2011 Revolution, he harnessed the power and imagination of Egyptians for a better future. In Egypt, heroes of reform are being punished by repressive laws meant to make future protests impossible.[/symple_testimonial]

Bruce Willis is a great actor and he has millions of fans in Egypt. I’m sure it took him many years to built his good reputation among his fans, and I’m sure it will destroy his reputation in less than 10 minutes, if he participates in renting his name on the cost of Martyrs killed in Egypt during the 25th of Jan 2011 violent events.

I’m not against that Bruce Willis participates in producing a film about the 25th of Jan 2011, but I’m against any attempt to forge Bruce Willis Renting Out His Name On The Cost Of Martyrs In Egyptthis history period of my country. I’m against that a political activist like Ahmed Maher is described as one of the leaders of Egypt’s January 25th revolution and the false claim that he harnessed the power and imaginations of Egyptians for a better future. I’m definitely against describing any Egyptian who betrayed his own country as a hero. This is not just forging history and spreading blatant lies, but I consider it a business trade with the blood of many Egyptian martyrs.

I also consider it a participation of Hollywood beside the US administration and foreign News Agencies fierce organized campaign against my country, because we decided on 30/6 to liberate our country from traitors, mercenaries and terrorists who were forced on us by the Obama’s Administration. So now we are being punished by the US administration who is smearing everything in our country including Egypt’s reputation and history because we decided to refuse anything to be forced on us including the US paid faked democracy.

When exactly are you guys going to have enough of our blood?! When the US administration and their allies are going to leave us to live in peace and run our internal affairs according to what we choose with our free will, and not by whatever US is forcing on us?

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I’ll presume that Bruce Willis has good intentions and was misled by some US politicians or maybe some NGOS or the US administration in participating in such disgraceful history falsification about my country.

I really don’t get it! This is not a film about a science fiction or a legend that it’s up to the film makers to use their imagination, this is about real events in the Egyptian history. Is forging a country’s history became an art of creativity and a point of view that must be respected nowadays!?

Why making a film about the 25th of Jan now, and why focusing on Ahmed Maher in particular? Why 30/6 uprising is not included? Who filled Bruce’s head with lies and convinced him that Ahmed Maher among all Egyptians is a hero? Just mentioning the guy’s name, makes Egyptians sick!

Many of the 6 of April members and founders splintered from Ahmed Maher’s front, when they realized that Ahmed Maher was not just deceiving his colleagues and betrayed them, but he also deceived Egyptians and betrayed his own country and people.

There are two fronts now since the 5th of August 2011, 6 of April Movement Ahmed Maher’s front and 6 of April Democratic front led by Tarek El-Kholi.

So, which front of 6 of April movement, Mr. Bruce Willis is going to market?

Does Bruce Willis know that his name will be associated with Ahmed Maher who participated and incited on theft of classified documents from the National Security building in 2011?

Does  Willis realize that there is a law suit number 250 for year 2011, raised by the Egyptian National security institution against 6 of April movement including Ahmed Maher and other political activists accused of storming the National Security building and have stolen classified documents relate to the Egyptian national security!?

Does Willis know that Ahmed Maher’s front is supporting Muslim Brotherhood terrorist Organization? Is he aware that the law enforcement on Ahmed Maher did not take place because we were living in a big chaos since the 25th of Jan 2011 and especially the period when Muslim Brothers were in power?

Does he know that Egypt was threatened by Obama’s administration and they practiced all kinds of pressures on our country to force their agenda on us? Does he know that Ahmed Maher was protected by Muslim Brotherhood regime when they were in power?! Does he realize that Egypt was a banana republic when Muslim Brothers ruled the country and was not really a state of Law enforcement.

Does Willis know that Ahmed Maher and other members of 6 of April are being under investigation now, accused of receiving funds from foreign intelligence and  foreign NGOS to apply certain agendas and chaos in Egypt? Does he know that they are also charged of inciting and participating in destroying all the State’s institutions?

Does Willis know that there are videos and call recordings of Ahmed Maher and 6 of April movement and other activists storming the national security building and stole hard drives and classified documents? Does he know that these call recordings contain threats from 6 of April movement to each others, competing on foreign funds and blackmailing each others?

Bruce, do you stand now for activists who sold their own country’s classified documents to foreign elements? Do you support paid democracy Bruce? Do you consider an Egyptian citizen is a real hero and has a journey that must be taught to the next generations, when he accepts funds from foreign elements to destroy his country?

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Politicians have no feelings, but artists do, Do you have feelings Bruce? Do you really accept associating your  name in history forgery? If a film producer in Egypt associates his name in marketing Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda as heroes for what they did to your people in 9/11, would you consider this as Freedom of artistic creativity? Would you accept that any one forge 9/11 event and turn victims to terrorists and turn terrorists to real heroes and victims?!

Can Bruce Willis step on all families in Egypt who lost their beloved and martyrs who paid their own lives for nothing, but being victims of deception led by Ahmed Maher and other activists!?

The real heroes are the ordinary Egyptians who believed in the 25th of Jan innocence and not 6 of April Movement Mr. Great American actor. The heroes are not those who incited for it in favor of their own interests and not their country’s interest.

The real heroes are Egyptians who believed that 25th was real and a great path for reforms, freedom and decent living conditions. They didn’t know that they were victims of greediness and high treason. They didn’t know that their own lives were the precious price they had to pay for others to enjoy cashed out democracy and creative chaos!

The real Egyptian Heroes are the ordinary people who struggle to survive while they confront black pure evil terrorism forced by your administration and they are certainly not activists or bloggers mercenaries who competed and blackmailed each other to get more funds and conspired against their own country.

The real heroes of the 25th are not 6 of April Movement or Ahmed Maher Mr. Willis, the real heroes were ordinary youth and Egyptians who believed in the symbol of the 25th of Jan:” Bread, freedom and social justice”. They didn’t know that it was a set up trap by a guy like Maher and other activists who were cashing out their fees from foreign NGOS like Freedom House and betrayed their own country!

My freedom ends the minute I close my home door behind me, because then starts freedom of others. And my personal safety ends and I violate my own safety, the minute I expose my country’s national security to danger and participate in spying on my own country. Do you support high treason Mr. Bruce Willis?!

The law organizes protests in the United States of America, says that the standard punishment under the “restricted buildings and grounds” law is a fine and up to one year in prison. If a weapon or serious physical injury is involved, the penalty may be increased to up to ten years! Ahmed Maher and other activists got 3 years jail sentenced for breaking the protests law in Egypt. Did Egypt interfere in your Patriotic Act Mr Willis, or in your constitution or in applying the law on US citizens when they violate it? No Egypt didn’t interfere in the US internal affairs.

Does Bruce Willis support or consider a “hero”, any American citizen violates the protests law in the US? How come the US administration and their news agencies and now Hollywood have opinions to say about our internal affairs and we don’t?!

If you want to participate in a film about Egypt Mr. Willis, you have many good examples and Ahmed Maher is certainly not one of them.

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There are many Egyptians who struggle to survive, they are so poor Mr. Willis, and they did not get the chance to have a proper education. But these poor Egyptians, prefer to die from hunger, and not to sell their country for whoever pays more. These Egyptians prefer to starve and not to get involved in spying on their own country. They are poor but they have dignity and pride. They don’t need the US Administration or NGOS to apply democracy in their country by force or by foreign funds. These are the real Egyptians Mr. Willis.

Please, leave us alone. Enough is enough. We are not doing great yet, we are not perfect. We are experiencing a new stage in our history. Let us learn the real meaning of democracy and stop forcing it on us. Let us give it a try. Let us make mistakes, let us walk, stumble, fall and stand up and learn from our mistakes. Let us apply our own free will whatever the Egyptians choose it is their right and not the US right. What part is really impossible for you to understand!?

Before associating your name with 6 of April movement Mr. Willis, at least investigate whether what you have been told is the truth or not. How are you going to feel after you market a hero to the whole world, and then the world will discover that this hero was a big lie and you Bruce Willis will spread this lie.

The following are links to call recordings of Ahmed Maher, 6 of April Movement members, political activists and Muslim Brotherhood members conspiring against their own country with foreign elements. Ahmed Maher and others of his movement Admitting receiving foreign funds from Freedom House Organization and other NGOS to apply their agendas in Egypt. Also contain videos of storming the national security building and stealing classified documents. It also show how these activists were recording to each other, and holding documents against each other, and they were blackmailing each others. If this is not high treason and a disgrace,  what is it then?! Do you Bruce Willis consider it a heroism patriotic act!?

All videos contain messages and call recordings in the following links published by Albawaba News are under investigation by the General prosecutor. Law suit number 250 for year 2011, raised by the Egyptian National security institution against 6 of April movement including Ahmed Maher and other political activists. In addition, all these calls and messages recordings have been officially reported by Abd Elrehim Aly Journalist to the General Prosecutor before he started publishing these recordings.

Call recordings part 1

Call recordings part 2

Call recordings part 3

Call recordings part 4

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