The Spearheads Of 25th January Who Betrayed And Deceived Egyptians

Abd Elrehim Aly chief editor of Albawaba News exposed corruption of Egyptian political activists

A group of audio leaks of human rights activists proves with conclusive evidence that they were nothing but a group of mercenary thieves who accepted money and funding from external parties to bring Egypt down. Their stupidity portrayed them as being of great importance to the foreign intelligence agencies and countries that used them like a shoe to wear whenever and wherever they wanted, in the sustenance that they were used only as boys and tools in the creative chaos project to empower the terrorist Brotherhood of the joints and rule of Egypt. But the revolution of June 30, 2013 came, and overthrew all the heads of mercenaries, traitors, and agents, and struck the project of creative chaos, not only in Egypt, but also in the entire Middle East.

Political activists in Egypt committed many crimes against their own country. Breaking into the National security building, this is a crime. Stolen national security files, this is another crime. Stolen private and public belongings this is another crime. Forging national security files to get rid of their opponents, another crime. Inciting on breaking into national security building, a crime. Taking foreign funds from foreign embassies and NGOS and corrupted businessmen money laundry and get trained on overthrowing the state’s regime is a crime. Deceiving Egyptians and betrayed their own country, is a crime. Inciting to break and get down the states official institutions is a crime.

On 29/12/2013, Albawaba News exposed leaked recordings of Egyptian Political Activists who practiced theft, corruption and fraud in Egypt during the 25th of Jan 2011 events.

The foreign Press and the west describe these corrupted Egyptian Activists “the spearhead of 25th Jan revolution! I guess this is another new definition, the west exported to Egypt!

Foreign press didn’t mind to publish and discuss the recordings and leakings of General Sisi, without checking whether these recordings were faked or not, but they totally ignored these recordings of who they call spearhead of the 25th of Jan! If these recordings concerned the Egyptian Army leaders or Ministry of Interior, for definite the foreign agencies won’t hesitate then to publish and make a big story out of it!

These activists deceived the majority of Egyptians with faked logo: bread, freedom, social justice & human dignity! I only realized now the real meaning of their false logo! Why they claimed that the 25th of Jan took place to fight corruption, while they practiced corruption, theft, forgery and divided the cake on each others!?

Mostafa Alnagar dentist, writer,  poet and former member of the Egyptian Parliament practiced theft and forgery - Mema dental center owned by Alnagar in Cairo Egypt
Mostafa Alnagar dentist, writer, poet and former member of the Egyptian Parliament practiced theft and forgery – Mema dental center owned by Alnagar in Cairo Egypt

Leaked recordings exposed  Mostafa Alnagar, Dentist, writer, and a former member in the Egyptian Parliament. On 23 November 2013, Alnagar inaugurated Mema Dental Center in Cairo Egypt! I wonder from where did he get all this money to establish a dental center! Mostafa Alnagar was questioning his opponents about the source of their incomes? Now we have the right to ask Mr. dentist the same question!

Mustafa Elnagar Political Activist
Mustafa Elnagar Political Activist

Mostafa Alnagar confessed in these recordings that he has stolen many files from the National Security Building. Forged files for one of his opponents through Mahmoud Elheta the media coordinator of Mohamed Elbaradei’s campaign who turned out to be professional in forgery. Alnagar published false information about his opponent to destroy his reputation in front of the public opinion.

In addition, another recording between Alnagar and Albaradei’s nephew revealed the great deception of Albaradei’s campaign and how things were set to distract the Egyptian people from Albaradei’s campaign real intentions and acts on the real ground and how these activists were tricking and deceiving the Egyptian people. Mostafa Alnagar was discussing with Albaradei’s nephew how to divide the cake and buy all Bradei’s competitors with important superior posts and Baradei to become the President of Egypt. Albaradei was dividing the cake as well, as everything was happening with his knowledge and instructions.

scandal of Abdul Rahman Yusuf Al-Qaradawi poet and political activist
scandal of Abdul Rahman Yusuf Al-Qaradawi poet and political activist

Abdul Rahman Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, poet and political activist. The son of Al-Qaradawi Cleric and the spiritual father to the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists organization. Abdul Rahman appears in public as the religious man who represent morals, religion and principals, the spearhead who fight corruption and who is very committed to his religion! This guy is a big supporter of Muslim Brotherhood who claimed that Egypt must follow Islamic Sharia! Recordings revealed that he had suspicious relationships with some deviant women! Why wearing the virtue mask and appears falsely as a conservative Islamist?! But I guess like father, like son! Beside his knowledge of theft of his colleague Alnagar of National Security files!

Asmaa Mahfouz and Mohamed Adel Egyptian activists recordings scandal
Asmaa Mahfouz and Mohamed Adel Egyptian activists recordings scandal

In addition to Mohamed Adel previous recordings exposed his relation with foreign elements and NGO’s funds, receiving illegal money, breaking in and theft of national security files , Mohamed Adel recordings with Asmaa Mahmouz arranging the theft of national security files, and asked her to mobilize their thugs to help in the breaking in of National security Building.

Another call between Asmaa Mahmouz and a thug arranging to steal her file from the national security building.

Asmaa Mahfouz the activist who claim patriotism and honesty and fighting corruption, incited, participated and involved in theft! Asmaa Mahfouz who stands for MB and supports them in committing terror acts against her own people! Perhaps she can also tell us how did she make her own living before and after the 25th of Jan 2011!?

Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher members of 6 April Movement in Egypt and Ahmed Doma political activist
Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher members of 6 April Movement in Egypt and Ahmed Doma political activists

Call between Ahmed Maher and another activists also discussed the theft of national security files. In addition to previous recordings exposed Maher’s receiving money laundry from a corrupted businessman who belonged to Mubarak National democratic Party! Also received funds from foreign embassies and foreign NGO’s!

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Recordings also revealed and exposed other activists names, like Israa Abd Elfatah, Amal Ashraf, Mostafa Maher, Bassem and others…

Marwa Abd Elmaksoud Media spokeswoman of Ressala association for charity in Egypt scandal with Mostafa Alnagar in Mohamed Albaradei's campaign

Call recordings between Mostafa Alnagar and Marwa Abd Elmaksoud Media spokeswoman of Ressala association for charity in Egypt, discussing joining Mohamed Albararei’s Campaign and dividing commissions and salaries, and nominating who will become the president and how they were planning to divide ministerial posts and the presidential post with the approval and knowledge of Mohamed Albaradei!

(Mohamed Albaradei was the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), he was going to run for presidency in 2012 and he was a figure in recent politics in Egypt, particularly the 25th of Jan.)

Mostafa: I talked to Albaradei and he wants to start working, I told him to pay you 2000 USD monthly and you will make the whole plan.

Marwa: Are you serious?

Mostafa: Of course I’m serious, I told him that I will check first if you will accept to work with him. I convinced him yesterday and he said ok talk to her.

Marwa: As we agreed Mostafa, you will get 25% of the salary.

Mostafa: What? I didn’t hear you!

Marwa: As you and I agreed before, you will get 25% of this salary.

Mostafa: Ok. I told Mohamed Albaradei that we will get in coalition with Ahmed Zueil, Hisham Albasstawissy. One will become prime minister and the other will be appointed as vice president. I set down with Alaa Aswany and Abu Elghar and they will talk to Zueil and I will talk to Bastawissy.

Marwa: This is great, I hope it will happen as planned.

Mostafa: It’s over, the battle is over, we finalized it.

Marwa: Is Albaradei going to stay, be committed, pay the money or run away as usual?

Mostafa: No he will be committed.

Source: Albawaba News.

Mostafa Alnagar and Ahmed Shoukry Albaradei nephew and recording scandal

Call recording between Mostafa Alnagar and Ahmed Shoukry (Albaradei’s nephew)

Mostafa: hi

Ahmed: How are you?

Mostafa: You missed a historical meeting

Ahmed: Don’t tell me, what happened? I called Abd Elmoneim and he told me that it was very positive.

Mostafa: This boy Abd Elmoneim is inexperienced and I’m thinking about kicking him out from the political party, I’m fed up of him.

Ahmed: I called him, he was on his way home and he said that he couldn’t talk, but he confirmed that it was very positive.

Mostafa: Look the most important thing we reached, is that I convinced him (Mohamed Albaradei), that we must play politics and become Pragmatic.

Ahmed: This is the right thing to do.

Mostafa: I also told him that Amr Mussa is coming and going…we sit with him and listen to what his has to say, no problem, but on any case we are not unfolded with him.

Ahmed: Who you are talking about?

Mostafa: Amr Mussa wants to have lunch with him (Mohamed Albaradei), I told him, yes why not, have lunch with him.

Ahmed: Yes, right.

Mostafa: I also told him that we sit with The head of Muslim Brotherhood Organization, see what they are up to. Check whether Muslim Brotherhood are with us (Albaradei) or with Amr Mussa!

Ahmed: Yes.

Mostafa: The other issue, who is there to dominate? Hisham El-Bastawissy wants to become a president, we bring Hisham and tell him that he will become the vice President.

Ahmed: Yes.

Mostafa: Ahmed Zewail, come Ahmed, on any case he won’t be able to run for the presidency elections according to the constitution, we will make him the Prime Minister.

Ahmed: Yes

Mostafa: The Bob (Mohamed El-Baradei) was convinced of all what I told him and he said, ok. Mostafa starts your communications.

Ahmed: Right and we will start our communications. What communications?

Mostafa: I’m going to call Hisham and talk to others, and Abu Elghar will talk to Zewail. So, when we make a press conference for the presidency elections, Zewail will stand next to Albaradei and on his other side we will have Farouk Elbaz standing and Hisham Bastawissy. By doing this, every thing will be over.

Ahmed: Right, right.

Mostafa: I swear to you by God Ahmed, we will bring your uncle for presidency. Al-Baradei will be the President of Egypt, may God forgive us one day for doing it!

Mostafa: Please Ahmed make Aly travels, I want him to leave.

Ahmed: Why? What happened?

Mostafa: He is useless, I told him that I was going to bring Marwa. Marwa will take 2000 USD monthly. Marwa went with me to the information center of decision maker, she shocked every body there with her knowledge, no one is like her in Egypt. But Marwa may not accept.

Ahmed: I will talk to you later to discuss the political party’s issue.

Mostafa: Ok

Source: Albawaba News

Call recordings between Mostafa Alnagar and Mahmoud Elheta the media coordinator of Albaradei’s Campaign, asking him to make sure to make the necessary forgery in the file of one of his competitors as agreed, after they have stolen files from National Security Building. Alnagar published fake information about his competitor to destroy his reputation.

Mostafa: Is everything under control?

Mahmoud: Yes but I’m worried that it will be discovered that the document has been forged!

Mostafa: No no no.

Mahmoud: Are you going to lose anything?

Mostafa: Did you notice the style?

Mahmoud: Yes, do you know what you asked for! you took the same style in writing the …

Mostafa: Yes, everything, a part on us, a part of you, you know, do you understand me?

Mahmoud: Why you don’t want to mention the part that he wanted money?

Mostafa: No, just this one is enough. One is good and enough.

Mahmoud: (Reading from papers he was forging) the mentioned got to know a leftist known element

Mostafa: Enough. stop it. I feel that you really enjoy doing this?

Mahmoud: Me, yes of course.

Mostafa: the coordinator of the campaign Abd Elrahman Mansour, good good

Mahmoud: Alright, Yes sir

Mostafa: I want you to send me copies before you make it final. But don’t send anything from your pc, don’t send it from your pc, copy it  and then send it from an internet cafe, don’t send it from your machine, you hear me?

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Mahmoud: Don’t worry, I will make it look like the copy you have, it will look like the one you have.

Source: Bawaba News

Call Recording between Mostafa Alnagar and Abdul Rahman Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, informing Qaradawi that him and other activists managed to steal his file from the national security Building, which revealed a big scandal about his suspicious relationships with deviant women.

Mostafa: You have a big scandal there, all your suspicious relationships with deviant women are all exposed in your file. We got your file from the national security building, but the military police took some documents from us, don’t worry I kept some, they will be burned. I also found our calls…Wikileaks, wikileaks…Your story is so strange. All our calls with Abd Elgelil Mostafa and our insults to Mohamed Albaradei.

Your file mentioned all your suspicious relationships with deviant women in Nasr City and heliopolis apartments, red nights and so on…I need to go in an interview with Mona Elshazly tomorrow, I have Mona’s file. I found the National association file too!

I stole and others many documents and 4 PC hard drives, we managed to steal them.

Abd Elrahman: I need these documents, tell me what’s written in there? I want to have this file immediately!

During the whole conversation, Alnagar was laughing, Abd Elrahman sounded in a big shock!

Source: Albawaba News

Call Recording between Asmaa Mahfouz and Mohamed Adel arranging to mobilize their thugs to break into the National Security Building and steal files and documents.

Asmaa: How are you Mohamed, how is it going?

Mohamed: I want you to do us a favor. We are at the National security building in Nasr City.

Asmaa: How many you have there?

Mohamed: We are 7000 person.

Asmaa: Great!

Mohamed: I have here with me Abd El-Rahman Ezz (Muslim Brotherhood member) and Maher (6 of April movement founder). I want you to mobilize our people on the social media to join us here.

Asmaa: Ok but pay attention to all entrances and exits of the building there.

Mohamed: I know, I know, don’t worry, we just need more people. mobilize people. You understand.

Asmaa: I will be on air after one hour from now, I will mobilize people on my social media accounts and get them to join you there.

Source: Bawaba News

Recording call between Asmaa Mahfouz and a guy called Souka, she asked him to search for her file in the national security building and steal it for her.

Asmaa: Yes your highness

Souka: You are really sure that there are many out there in Lazughly street?! (down town branch of National Security Building)

Asmaa: Yes, many people are there already.

Souka: Who are there from our people?

Asmaa: I don’t know. Ahmed Rassd (Rassd is brotherhood news channel), he told me and I called Mohamed Abbas and he informed me that our people there are many.

Souka: Ok fine.

Asmaa: I want you to search for my file, please and get it for me.

Souka: Ok for sure I will.

Source: Bawaba News

Recording between Ahmed Maher and a political activist discussed theft of files and documents from the National security Building and Maher was urging to get the documents which have been stolen by others and concerned him and 6 of April Movement

The activist: Did you check the papers stolen by Mostafa? Did you get yours? the documents I have concern 6 of April Movement meetings, i gave these documents to Souka. There were other documents they didn’t manage to steal, but they copied it on their mobiles. Don’t worry the one who got the files is very honest and I trust him. He will send it by emails. The net is not under surveillance now.

Maher: I need these documents and files. No don’t send documents by emails. Now all Egypt will have copies of these documents, you said they were copied by Mobiles.

Activist: what can we do, if they spread, what can we do. I don’t think it will be spread, and even if they will get published, do you really think with all political crisis people have now and each citizen has his own  disaster, that they will pay any attention to our issues and stuff!?

Source: Bawaba News

Albawaba News published on 1/1/2014 exclusively, a recording call of Asmaa Mahfouz, Political Activist admits all Egyptian Political Activists are trash and received foreign funds from abroad. Asmaa talked to another activist after she, her colleagues and thugs broke into the National Security building and stolen Hard Disks, files and documents.

Asmaa Mahfouz and Khaled, Egyptian Political Activists call recordings. The following is the translation of their conversation:

Asmaa: I went to the National Security Building, I’ve read the files of many activists among our friends and closest ones. They are trash, they took funds from abroad.

Khaled: What files? All these files are nonsense and faked.

Asmaa: No, I went after our friends broke into the building and they admitted that what these files contain is totally true and facts.

Khaled: Who is really corrupted from the ones you know?

Asmaa: They are my friends. All the files contain trash, the files contain all our calls. My friends admitted that all these calls are true, many calls, everything, do you understand?

Khaled: Mmmmm

Asmaa: Who is really clean in this country? who is right? who is clean and right in this country? They are so many, many, many, many have taken money on our behalf, many were using us, many were deceiving us. I have to go now, I have another call.

Recording of Ahmed Maher founder of 6 of April Movement with Suka political activist exposed political activists theft concern personal and private belongings of National security officers: Lighters, cloth, laptops, files and documents.

Ahmed Maher: Where are the documents and files you have stolen from the National Security Buildings? this is not acceptable I want these files? Where are the files, you said that you have them?

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Suka: Some of the papers were not important, but other documents we didn’t manage to get them out, but we copied them. The one who copied them will send them to me by email. His name is Islam Saiid, he knows you guys and I trust him. Don’t worry. He helped me in destroying the files that we didn’t manage to steal. I told him to deliver the papers to Amal personally. We were not able to get these papers out, I escaped when the special forces arrived. Don’t worry he will bring the files, I trust him.

Ahmed Maher: Where are the files, where are the papers?

Suka: You know Maher, we have stolen golden lighters, laptops, men suits….There were plenty of these stuff there.

Maher: Yes sure.

Suka: Ok ok, bye now

Source: Albawaba News

Israa Abd Elfatah political activist leaked recordings scandal in Egypt
Israa Abd Elfatah political activist leaked recordings scandal in Egypt

Call recording between Asmaa Mahfouz and Suka. Suka confirmed to Asmaa that he broke into the archives of National security building and he found recordings and papers contained very big scandals related to Ahmed Maher (founder of 6 of April Movement). He told Asmaa that when he informed Maher about what he found about him, Maher didn’t deny and told him that all information about him are correct. This is why he wanted to get these papers.

Asmaa: Where are you Suka?

Suka: I’m still in the National security building, but I’m leaving now.

Asmaa: Are you in Nasr city security building or down town?

Suka: Nasr City.

Asmaa: Our people went to down town building.

Suka: Did they break into it, or not yet?

Asmaa: Not yet, but they will break into the building any time now. I told many who are going there, please get my file from there.

Suka: No, all our files are here, they are all here.

Asmaa: In Nasr city?

Suka: Yes.

Asmaa: Did you see any file related to any of us?

Suka: Our phone calls recordings. Related to me, many of them.

Asmaa: Oh my god, and what about me?

Suka: No, we did find any that concern you.

Asmaa: Maher told me that my recordings are in down town Building.

Suka: Sure, many of us have recordings in down town building. I found disaster files for Maher, Bassem and Amal Sharaf, real big scandals.

Asmaa: Oh No! They are all faked, right?

Suka: No they are not faked, they are all true and by the way, Maher admitted that they are all true and not faked.

Mahfouz: What did Maher tell you?

Suka: Maher was panicking and he said that now we are exposed, but I told him not to worry. I have some documents which concern Maher but I didn’t tell him that I have them. You Know Mostafa Maher found special files concern Israa Abd Elfatah and Maher. Mostafa have these files but he didn’t show me the details in these files. But I told Islam Saiid to copy these files and send them to me.

Asmaa: I don’t know Islam Saiid!

Suka: I told you Asmaa, I told you before that these people are bad news, you didn’t believe me then. I’m telling you, Maher confirmed to me that all information we found about him are true, he confirmed this to me. They are all true, Maher didn’t deny any of it.

Asmaa: Did you see all these files, or someone told you?

Suka: I’ve seen all files with my own eyes. Asmaa, I entered the archives, and seen all files.

Asmaa: (talking to her father, telling him during her conversation with Suka, that all their calls were recorded) Ok. Suka, I have to go now.

Suka: Ok will talk to you later.

Source: Albawaba News

Call Recording between Ahmed Maher who was panicking after he knew that his files been copied and stolen by others, discussing with Unknown person, the necessity of getting these files.

Unknown: Maher, I didn’t get the files, Suka gave me some documents but they are not the ones we want, did you get any files?

Maher: Suka told me that he gave you all files.

Unknown: He said that he is searching for the files we want.

Maher: Where are our files?

Unknown: Maher don’t disturb us, Suka is searching and we will give you your files when he finds them. Suka asked someone he trust to get the files and will send it to us. Don’t worry, all files concern all of us, no one will hold anything against us, because the files concern all of us. Don’t worry. If I get files for you I will give it to you. If you find me any files related to me, let me know. There are other files with Mostafa.

Maher: Mostafa gave the files he has to Israa Abd Elfatah. All files are with Israa Abd Elfatah.

Unknown: Ok. Bye for now.

Source: Albawaba News

Call Recording between Mostafa Alnagar and Abd Elmoneim Imam the governorates responsible in Mohamed Albaradei’s Campaign

Mostafa: I have your file and Abd Elrahman’s file from the National Security Building, I will make a big scandal for you. What a scandal you and Abd Elrahman have in their. All your scandals, sexual scandals and other scandals.

Moneim: I want to meet you, You really have my file?

Mostafa: Yes, I have it. I will see you later, I’m in Tahrir Square now.

Source: Albawaba News

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