Obama Bin Lyin’s Top List Terrorists Best Friends

obama bin laden real pure evil

Obama named Turkey’s Erdogan among top five international friends. Who is Erdogan?!

Erdogan is killing his own people and opressing them and no wonder he is one of Obama's best close friends



Turkey accused of gross human rights violations in Gezi Park protests – 2/10/2013 – report issued by Amnesty International.
Turkish authorities committed human rights violations on a massive scale in the government’s attempts to crush the Gezi Park protests this summer said Amnesty International.
In a report published today the organisation details the worst excesses of police violence, during the protests, the failure to bring these abuses to justice and the subsequent prosecution and harassment of those that took part.
“The attempt to smash the Gezi Park protest movement involved a string of human rights violations on a huge scale. They include the wholesale denial of the right to peaceful assembly and violations of the rights to life, liberty and the freedom from torture and ill-treatment,” said Andrew Gardner, Amnesty International’s expert on Turkey.

The wired thing is that  Amnesty removed the page link to this report published 2/10/2013.

The full report of amnesty http://www.amnesty.org.au/news/comments/33238/ 2/10/2013, removed on 9/5/2015. (weird that recently all links condemning Turkey’s oppression and Muslim Brotherhood crimes, are being removed on amnesty’s website)

Turkey accused of gross human rights violations in Gezi Park protests

Erdogan refuses to recognize Turkish massacre against 1.5 million Armenians, Watch BBC documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_y7xbUfERA

Erdogan refuses to recognize Turkish massacre against 1.5 million Armenians

demonstrations against Erdogan of turky best friend of Obama

Links ofLists of  journalists jailed in Turkey and Amnesty International Report and reporters without Borders Statements, and Amnesty International Report on brutality and crimes of Erdogan’s and his Regime against Protesters in Turkey. (Amnesty report on Erdogan’s crimes removed on amnesty’s website on 9/5/2015)

amnesty report on turkey's erdogan crimes removed on 9 May 2015

Erdogan is a dictator

4 June 2013  thousands injured a police try to curb turkey protests
4 June 2013 thousands injured a police try to curb turkey protests

Erdogan leads to Muslim Brotherhood International Organization, They are both best friends too! They are actually the same Fascist Regime. Obama’s support to Brotherhood is not a secret any more, is it? Obama has all the way and till this minute blessed, supported and financed Brotherhood Crimes against Egyptians, since they got to power and till today. Muslim Brotherhood are Obama’s best friends too.

Update: The following link existed till February 2015, then I received a notification that it was removed. I tried to search if the page was moved to a different URL, but didn’t find it, and I don’t need to wonder why, do I?!

Link to all Erdogan and his government violations against Human rights and freedom of speech and peaceful protests in Turkey, reports issued by Amnesty International, click here to get all reports.

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Muslim Brotherhood work with Obama administration

Links ofEgypt under one year of Muslim Brotherhood Rule and Ex-President Isolated Mohamed Morsipublished on 5 parts, contain all the crimes and the oppression of that Fascist regime, since they got to power, till the 30th of June 2013 Revolution.

USA Sponsor Of Terrorism

 obama supports extremists

Links of Brotherhood crimes after the 30th of June 2013, against Egyptians who refused oppression and terror of Brotherhood: 

Muslim Brotherhood Crimes against the Egyptian CommunityChristians, Moderate Muslims, Children, Military, Police, since the 30th of June 2013 till today.

Obama supports terrorism in egypt
Obama supports terrorism in Egypt

Can’t ignore Hamas Organization who is already on the US terrorists list. Hamas is Obama’s best friends as well. Hamas is loyal to Brotherhood, they are Brotherhood’s Armed Militia. Hamas did not fight Israel occupation since Mohamed Morsi became the president of Egypt, because they are busy since then terrorizing the Egyptian People, hoping to get Brotherhood to rule Egypt again, because Brotherhood promised Hamas, to give them Sinai in return if they help them to get back to rule Egypt again, with the blessing and the great support of USA!

This is how Hamas treats their own People!!!

Hamas supporters in Gaza dragging dead bodies of those who accused of conspiracy
Hamas supporters in Gaza dragging dead bodies of those who accused of conspiracy

What a double standard and Pure Evil!!! Obama supports Mohamed Morsi Ex-Isolated President who announced publicly Muslim Brotherhood hate speech in many occasions, against Christians and Jews and called all Muslims to kill them!!!

Anti-Semitic statements Morsi 2010

El Qaradawy the God Father of the Muslim brothers International organization was praising Hitler and blessed the Holocaust and requests is grateful for the support of USA for Syrian Al-qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood rebel’s. And said USA must perform military intervention in Syria and in Egypt for the sake of Allah, added El Qaradawi! Now and all of a sudden, they all became best friends!!!

Click here to watch the video

Another video Qaradhawi the God Father of Muslim Brotherhood on US Strike in Syria: Muslims Cannot Do It, So Let the Oppressors fight one another!

Click here to watch the video

Obama’s best friend list include the Ex-Prince of Qatar Hamad Bin Khalifa The Second. Hamad Bin Khalifa is Muslim Brotherhood Ally. Qatar played a big role in making sure the Brotherhood will rule Egypt forever by supporting and financing. Qatar is the main country that called the USA and the Nato to invade the Arab Countries, like Libya, Egypt and Syria.

The following Video, Obama in his own words is saying:”Qatar is a great country that is working on huge reforms and spreading the Democracy in the Middle East, but Hamad the Prince of Qatar, he is not a reformer nor a democratic guy at all; Hamad is a dictator!!! The video is in English from the mouth of Obama Bin Lyin!!! How can a ruler working on spreading democracy, while he is personally, a Dictator!!! Obama Bin Lyin!!!!! The whole world knows that Hamad Bin Khalifa is a Dictator, the question is: Why USA is supporting a Dictator? Because USA sponsor and support Terrorists and Dictators. So simple.

Obama support the dictator hamad bin Khalifa ex prince of Qatar

Obama said that Qatar is the Island of Democracy!!!

Prince Hamad got on power after a coup against his own father! Qatar has no parliament, Qatar knows no elections, Women in Qatar can only be jealous from civil rights that Syrian women enjoyed under Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, Qatar CV is: huge gas reserves, money and having the largest American military base in the far east.

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Joke : Qatar is the main sponsor for the so called Arab spring for democracy! And Prince Hamad who support freedom of speech and all the revolutions in the Arab countries and the Arab Spring, has locked in jail for life, a poet who dared to write a poem about the Arab Spring, praising the revolution against tyranny. The poet has never given any signal to the Prince of Qatar in his poem, he just mentioned those Arab Leaders who were dictators in the Arab countries and with no names.

Qatar Ex Prince of Qatar put in jail a poet because he wrote a poeme criticizing the prince of Qatar

Migrant domestic workers in Qatar, mostly women are exposed to greater labor exploitation and abuse, including sexual abuse – Amnesty report

Amnesty report on Qatar Migrant domestic workers  women are exposed to  exploitation and  sexual abuse

The Bath of Freedom and the Ocean of Democracy in Qatar!!!

Qatari Poet sentenced to life in prison for criticizing the regime in one of his poems

Qatari Poet sentenced for life in prison for criticizing the Qatari regime in one of his poems!!! Oops! For insulting the Regime in one of his poems!!! He was also accused of planning a coup through his poem!!!

If anyone in Qatar dared to criticize the Prince or one of his Royal Family members, or try to start a protest in the street, they will be lucky to be sentenced for life prison, and not shot dead immediately!!!

Amnesty International report Qatar detained Jasmine Uprising poet being trialed in secret for life sentence

Amnesty International report Qatar detained Jasmine Uprising poet being trialed in secret for life sentence

The biggest Joke : Qatar is the main sponsor for the so called Arab spring for democracy – Aljazeera Channel owned by Qatar regrets human rights in countries that stand centuries ahead like Syria!!! Al-Jazeera Owned by the State, never dared to mention a word about the dictatorship in Qatar! That’s another thing of their policy, to criticize and push for civil wars in the Targeted Arab Countries, to distract everybody from the real dictatorship in Qatar!!!

Al-Jazeera Channel owned by Qatari State, they attack and call for revolutions against the Arab countries leaders who are on the Chaos creative project on the USA Agenda. Al-Jazeera known of spreading forged and lies about the real situations in countries like: Tunis, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. For instance, they show images of massacres in Syria committed by the Rebels, and call them massacres of Egyptian Military against Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators! An Egyptian called Aljazeera two days ago to say his opinion about Aljazeera who doesn’t work according the Media Code of Ethics and always spreading lies about what’s really going on in Egypt. The call was to participate in one of the news programs of Aljazeera.

When they answered his call, and asked him for his name, they told him that his name was not registered in their records! So the guy asked what does that mean? they told him that they do not accept calls from anyone in Egypt, unless he is registered in their system!!! So he said ok register my name. When they found out that his opinion is totally against them and he is against Brotherhood Fascist regime, they hanged up the call!!!!

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Aljazeera was always showing the protests against Brotherhood during the 30th of June Revolution in Egypt as Brotherhood supporters!!! Following Video showing, Al-Jazeera forging the news: showing Protests against Brotherhood as Morsi’s supporters at Al-Etihadeya Presidential Palace!!!

Another forged news: This following original image was published in the news on 18 May 2008 – Protests against Oppression in South Africa – the image showing  an African Father 35 years old to 3 Children who got burned during Protests in South Africa. AlJazeera Channel “Ahmed Mansour”  Host, said through his account on twitter that image is what the Egyptian Military and Police are doing to Brotherhood Supporters, they are burning Brotherhood and Morsi’s supporters and called God to curse the Egyptian Military! and attached the image, as the screenshot shows.

Aljazeera Channel forge news and images about what is going on in Egypt

This is how Aljazeera works

This how Aljazeera works

The following video dated 17/8/2013, recorded and published by Aljazeera. They said that the guy who is dying in the video, is one of the Brotherhood supporters, got shot by the Military and Police in his chest and stomach, and he was in Rabaa Brotherhood square hospital and doctors are doing their utmost to save his life. The video shown the Brotherhood dying, blood on his T-shirt, and totally in Comma. All of a sudden, when the camera man was trying to lift his shirt to show the world, the wounds caused by live bullets, the dying man, jumped and kicked the camera man strongly with his feet!!! That was not the agreement of course with Aljazeera channel, it was just to record, but not to lift the t-shirt, the dying man, couldn’t let the camera man to lift his T-shirt, because he was not shot nor injured in the first place!!!! The video shows it clearly.

Obama’s Brother: Muslim Brotherhood Leader – He is one of Obama’s best friends too.

Obama Brother Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Front Magazine: Obama’s Brother linked to Muslim Brotherhood 

obama brother linked to muslim brotherhood

Wake Up America  Say NO to War gainst Syria

Obama Bin Lyin’s Top List Best Friends in the World: Erdogan of Turkey + Muslim Brotherhood International Organization and their Armed Militia Hamas + Prince Hamad of QatarObama’s Brother: Muslim Brotherhood Leader = Obama’s Best Friends are Terrorists.

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