Scandal Of Leaked Recordings Involved 6 Of April Movement In Egypt And Foreign NGOS

Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher members of 6 April Movement in Egypt and Ahmed Doma political activist
Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher members of 6 April Movement in Egypt and Ahmed Doma political activist

On 22/12/2013, Albawaba News, Abd Elrehim Aly Chief Editor published exclusively leaked recordings between Egyptian Political Activists 6 of April Movement and Foreign NGOS. The recordings exposed funding the activities and training Egyptian activists and other recruits in foreign countries to overthrow the regime in Egypt and create chaos. In addition to foreign funding to provide classified documents stolen from the Egyptian National Security  building during the 25th of Juan 2011 revolution. Also foreign embassies involved according to the recordings.

Abd Elrehim Aly confirmed that there are many other classified documents, calls recordings and photos, will be published soon and these evidences here are subject to the General Attorney investigations.

Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher members of 6 April Movement in Egypt and Ahmed Doma political activist as the foreign news media and the US administration describe them “the spearhead of 25th of Jan Revolution”, the heroes, the great example to follow by youth in Egypt, the patriotic political activists who are oppressed by the Egyptian authorities, who are arrested for political motives without any evidences, etc…
New York Times Scandal forging news  and Leaked Recordings Between Egyptian Political Activists And Foreign NGOSIn addition, all International News agencies and specially the New York Times Editorial board published on 22/12/2013 that the Egyptian Military Dictators stormed the human rights organizations offices in Egypt and arrested the patriotic heroes of 25th of Jan (who are subject to this scandal leaked recordings) and the Egyptian authorities are framing evidences to put 6 of April movement activists in jail beside framing charges against Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood leaders who are innocents from all these fake charges!

Is New York Times involved in this spying case too? otherwise why are they defending spies and terrorists like 6 of April movement and Muslin Brotherhood terrorists! No wonder foreign medias are defending terrorists and spies!

What a scandal! New York Times Editorial board, shut up you shameless politicized LIARS, you have the right to remain silent!

I guess now we have evidences which answer our questions addressed to these activists on the 25th of Jan: Where did you get all this money from? Do political activists get paid by foreign organisations and foreign countries to apply democracy in Egypt? Since when learning democracy requires foreign funding? Since when it became legal to steal classified documents from the Egyptian national security institution to send it to foreign countries? Since when getting trained in foreign countries to overthrow a regime became a patriotic act? Since when applying democracy required spying on Egypt? Since when foreign embassies main job on the Egyptian territory is to finance political activists and political activities of youth currents in Egypt?

If all these foreign countries involved in spying on Egypt have any blood running in their veins, the only right they have right now, is the right to remain silent!

Ahmed Doma political activist carrying a machine gun during the 25Jan 2011 when he declared publically that him and other activists will turn Egypt to another libya
Ahmed Doma political activist carrying a machine gun during the 25Jan 2011 when he declared publicaly that him and other activists will turn Egypt to another libya

First call recording: Between Mohamed Adel political activist and 6 of April Movement member and Sofia foreign responsible in one of the foreign NGOS supporting and financing 6 of April Movement activities. Urging Mohamed Adel to provide the organization with videos and photos of the recruits youth trained by Mohamed Adel in Serbia, Gaza Strip and Egypt. In addition, to send all activities of the “Night of victory”  and in return he will get the transfer from a certain company on time as agreed with Sofia through Western Union Bank.

Mohamed Adel: Hello Sofia

Sofia: You are late sweetheart in providing what I asked you to send urgently

Mohamed: I’m preparing the videos right now

Sofia: You are?

Mohamed: Ah yeah, I’m working on it

Sofia: Sweetheart, I swear by the mercy of my father, if you don’t send them on time, we will get Mubarak’s regime to power again.

Mohamed: HA HA HA, No no, I’m working on it, don’t worry.

Sofia: Get done with it immediately, do me this favor. I’m counting on you, and everybody is waiting for you my sweetheart.

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Mohamed: I will also provide other videos you haven’t seen before.

Sofia: Are you working on it? You are doing it?

Mohamed: I’m just preparing and attaching the camera to the net.

Sofia: You are not allowed to sleep, you are not allowed to sleep Adel, did you get the money transfer?

Mohamed: Western Union Bank is off service.

Sofia: Really, baby?

Mohamed: Western Union bank doesn’t work right now in Egypt

Sofia: Why? What are we going to do then?

Mohamed: The bank will start working on Sunday.

Sofia: Sunday, ok ok. Adel, first of all, I need all the FTP send them tonight.

Mohamed: Do you want me to send you FTP? FTP old stuff?

Sofia: All, all. I need the most important thing as I told you, be accurate open one mail to contain all the details.

Mohamed: Ok all the details you sent me on mail, I will provide it to you, I will answer all what you asked and I will provide  videos.

Sofia: I want the video of : “The night of victory” and the previous night.

Mohamed: Ok. and courses of the training videos of the youth recruits, we were not doing this with you but I will send it to you and the videos of fights training.

Sofia: I want the night of victory, the night of victory you were participating in.

Mohamed: ok ok I will provide everything and other stuff, not only what you asked for.

Sofia: I want Kanfas, kanfas! (sound was not clear kanvas or kanfas)!

Mohamed: I will provide kanfas and training of youth handled by us in Cairo.

Sofia: Do you have any videos of your activities in Gaza strip?

Mohamed: No, I don’t have the videos of Gaza strip, but I have videos of Serbia.

Sofia: You don’t even have pictures for Gaza strip training?

Sofia: No pictures, ok send me what you have and let’s keep in touch and don’t switch off your mobile.

Mohamed: ok ok It was just out of battery charge.

Sofia: I’m not sleeping tonight, I’ll be awake all night waiting.

Mohamed Adel: Ok

Sofia: I’m going to disturb you the whole night.

Mohamed: No no, it’s ok, ok

Sofia: Ok. my sweetheart Adel, bye my sweetheart.

Mohamed Adel 6 of April Movement carrying a machine gun
Mohamed Adel 6 of April Movement carrying a machine gun

Second Call Recording: Between Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher 6 of April Movement members confirming on the importance of coordinating with each other first, before setting any meetings with Foreign Embassies Representatives. In addition to their discussion of the European Union and the Embassy of Denmark funding and financing 6 of April Movement activities.

Adel and Maher agreed on how to chose and pick the youth who will participate in such embassies meetings.They agreed to present some of Ahmed and Adel’s friends to these embassies and introduced them as if they were members in different youth currents, in order to get what they want of funding and finances, without giving any chance to the participation of stranger elements who may waste Adel and Maher’s opportunity to get the money they want. (the parties involved in the spying and conspiracy were not just traitors but they were cheating each other too!).  In addition to their agreement on the way these meetings will be run to match with Adel and Maher’s interests away from their opponents.

Mohamed Adel 6 of April Movement member who spied on his country for money
Mohamed Adel 6 of April Movement member who spied on his country for money

Mohamed Adel: Listen, when there is other meetings or appointments like the one of yesterday, you don’t set appointments without telling me first at least a few days earlier.

Ahmed Maher: Yesterday everybody have put me in a corner. They said that they do not want 6 of April, but they want all the coalition, because the other coalition is similar to what happened in Serbia and what happened I don’t know where else. And you know this bla bla talking. All this was the discussion of yesterday and before yesterday meetings. They were also complaining that the coalition set many appointments before and was suppose to meet them yesterday, so they just ignored it. Despite that this meeting was very very very important, but they did not show up and we were in a hurry.

Mohamed Adel: It is because they have no idea how to complete the whole implementation.

Ahmed Maher: Ya Ya Ya, the dirty sons of Bitches Muslim Brotherhood are working on their own and they don’t need these training courses. Their coalition works on its own and it counts just on El-Baradei personally, but They don’t have any organized ideas in the first place.

Mohamed Adel: Exactly.

Ahmed Maher: I’m going to put more pressure to the conversations. I made agreements with the Serbian Guy and organized things with him, and he told me just to give him two weeks period. I told him if they want stuff from 6 of April, but he said that they don’t just want 6 of April movement, they want to sponsor the whole coalition, you know what they want.

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Mohamed Adel: Hey Maher, Maher don’t count on these dirty sons of bitches who are sitting in the coalition here. We need others recruits, we need other people to be related to us. Like Yesterday when the Embassy told me that they don’t want people from 6 of April movement and they want others. I told the embassy of course we will do as they order us. And I brought them Marwah and introduced her as independent and I also brought Abd Elrahman Ayash and introduced him as blogger…Ok!?

Ahmed Maher: Ok

Mohamed Adel: Our friends, you know they help us in anything we want and need and not like the other dirty sons of bitches!

Ahmed Maher: Right.

Mohamed Adel: Are you paying attention to what I’m saying? You do whatever you want and you work and concentrate on your interest only. And in the meantime you are doing things and bringing all what they tell you to bring. So not necessarily that they know everybody out there, but they surely know you and are dealing with you personally.

Ahmed Maher: Exactly.

Mohamed Adel: I’m telling you, they only know you personally. So, you don’t need to bring them what they exactly want like the Youth of the coalition who are sitting here, you know like Ahmed Samir and others. I’m telling you they don’t know them at all.

Ahmed Maher: Exactly.

Mohamed Adel: For instance, if you bring them someone from the Brotherhood and you present him as he is from the coalition, and if you bring them someone who is not independent and introduce him to the embassies as he is independent, and we can bring them a colleague of ours from Al-Baradei’s campaign, all this will work and believe me they will say then yes this is the coalition!

If we act as I told you, we are getting big benefits and getting all what we want and in the meantime, we stay away from these amateurs coalition boys, are you paying attention?

You know lately, it was published in the newspapers that you took 500000,00 USD, I don’t know if you have heard this or not.

Ahmed Maher: 500000,00 USD did they publish from who I took the money?

Mohamed Adel: I don’t remember, but those who published this news about you, said that they will bring documentations and papers.

Ahmed Maher: Qatar…Besides Qatar, Sheikha Moza.

Moahmed Adel: Yes, yes…

Ahmed Maher: Other than the 2 Million, I have 2.5 Million. Those son of bitches.

Mohamed Adel: Listen, when you face issues like these one, let me know and I will organize everything for you and do the necessary. And when you are asked to get some people, just let me know and I will take care of it and bring you the people you want. And like I told you, we don’t need to bring them the people who appear on the media.

We are facing a war, they are fighting us, Nasser is fighting us, so I’m not going to talk to him nor ask him to settle things, I’m not going to give him what he wants.

Ahmed Maher: Ok fine

Mohamed Adel:  If there is anything for today, just let me know and I will take care of everything a I told you.

Ahmed Maher: Ok.

Mohamed Adel:  By the way, did you get any response or reply from the IRI?

Ahmed Maher: What issue are you referring to?

Mohamed Adel:  In relation to our meeting with them?

Ahmed Maher: The agreement was to keep in touch and follow with them through emails. But you know we did not specify what we want exactly. We need to specify our demands as 1, 2,3, 4…But in principle, we will ask for their assistance in building the association and their assistance in relation to different programs to work on them. In order to do work on the real ground and they will support and finance stuff like this.

Mohamed Adel: Yes, but there is another issue, the European Union issue. There are two points here, the EU want certain stuff from 6 of April and they will finance them, and the Embassy of Denmark also want specific stuff from 6 of April and will finance them. But these two issues are available. That’s ok.

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Ahmed Maher:  Yes fine, ok good evening.

Mohamed Maher: ok bye.

Mohamed Adel carrying a gun not sure where was this photo taken but it was spread that it was taken in Gaza strip
Mohamed Adel carrying a gun not sure where was this photo taken but it was spread that it was taken in Gaza strip

Albawaba News revealed the ties between the US administration and these activists and their role in the 25th of Jan 2011, starting from attacking the states’s institutions buildings including the attacking of the national security building and classified documents stealing. Now, it is not just the Muslim Brotherhood who attacked prisons and the state’s institutions, but also 6 of April Movement participated with them in attacking and breaking into the national security building and stolen documents, hard disks to destroy the heart center of the Egyptian national securityز

The following video, Mohamed Adel and others breaking into the National security building and stolen classified documents and sent them to the Americans.

Albawaba news also exposed the contract dated 5/4/2011 held between Mohamed Adel the official media spokesman of  6 of April movement and the Americans, directly after he stole the documents and the hard disks .

The classified documents were sold by Mohamed Adel to an American publishers company called “Texas limited company” Paul street, Dallas State.

The contract contain 5 pages and the two parties involved are Mohamed Adel described in the contract as a “Writer” and the Company second party described as an “exclusive agent” for a bigger company, to distribute and publish all Mohamed Adel’s writings of books, films, articles and meetings. And the company to pay Mohamed Adel 20% of the total amount and to be paid to Mohamed Adel every 10 days.

This company is not famous in the US, but they bought the classified documents and the hard disks that Mohamed Adel stole from the Egyptian National security building and dealt with such kind of documentations.

Mohamed Adel is not a writer and he was not known of writing any books, but all of a sudden after stealing classified documents, he became one!

6 of April was always a great supporter and ally to the Muslim Brotherhood Organization and Mohamed morsi whenever they were needed. But The relation between 6 of April movement and the Brotherhood was not stable, it always depended on each party’s interests in different stages.

This is also a statement to the general attorney about a complete crime of stolen classified documents and breaking into the national security building, published exclusively by Albawaba News.

Albawaba news also revealed information on a coalition between 6 of April movement and Muslim Brotherhood to plan for 25/1/2014, on how to turn the situation and get Brotherhood to power again, and then maybe 6 of April will get that piece of the cake they haven’t gotten from Morsi when his Brothers were in power.

The following video is in English language. The former Chief of Israeli Mossad describe Ahmed Maher as a friend, who was not able to attend their meetings for safety issues in Egypt.

5 March 2011, when national security buildings were broken into by the Egyptian activists and Muslim brotherhood and their islamist militias. Wael Ghoneim inside the national security building stealing documents, files and hard disks

The following recording call between Wael Ghoneim political activist and Mostafa Alnagar former parliament member and a political activist who are labelled as the “spearhead of the 25th revolution”.  Mostafa Alnagar told Ghoneim that he had accurate information about the terrifying US Agenda against Egypt and he couldn’t say all details over the phone, and the necessity to meet Ghoneim to inform him of what he has learned, and if this US agenda takes place, US will F**k Egypt, according to Alnagar exact words!

Ghoneim’s response was that Alnagar has definitely joined the State’s official institutions and acting against the revolution targets and he was brainwashed with the illusion of conspiracy’s theory. Even though those spearheads were acknowledged of the US conspiracy, they acted in favor of the US agenda and not in favor to their country’s interest and national security safety! 

Ashton with Ahmed Maher 6 of April movement leader
Catherine Ashton with Ahmed Maher 6 of April movement leader
Hilary Clinton with some of 6 of April members in 2009
Hilary Clinton with some of 6 of April members in 2009

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