Muslim Brotherhood And The Great Deception

Muslim Brotherhood Organization use a double speech. Their speech addressed to the world in English language is totally the opposite to their local Arabic speech, not only in Egypt but in many other Arab countries.

Muslim Brotherhood deceives the world with words like: democracy, legitimacy, Muslim brotherhood supporters victims, violence against Muslim brotherhood protesters and brotherhood martyrs, oppression against freedom of speech and peaceful protests, Coup and not a revolution…etc

Muslim Brotherhood claimed that their supporters who got killed by security forces during the disengagement of Sit-in in Rabaa and Nahda squares on 14/8/2013 are over 3000 martyrs! While the truth is in the Autopsy report which revealed that the total of death is:

377 in Rabaa square.
21 in Nahda Square.
85 non-identified bodies (Autopsy only recognized 49 among them).
55 Police Martyrs got killed in the day of disengagement. In addition to 146 Policemen Martyrs bodies, 32 officers and 57 police individuals and 55 Police recruits and 2 civil employees.

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Both sit-ins were not peaceful, but  were heavily armed, click here to see evidences and Muslim Brotherhood used women and children as human shields. Click here to see evidences

For further details, please click here to read the full English translation of the autopsy report. Which also revealed 11 bodies carried torture marks earlier to the disengagement and were found buried in both Sits-In, long before the disengagement.

This autopsy report was totally ignored by the International News agencies reporters in Egypt! Not a single word about it.

All crimes and violence committed by Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters  are deliberately ignored by foreign News agencies. Including the last massacre of A taxi driver who was slaughtered in the street and his car was burned by 200 supporters of Muslim Brotherhood in Almansoura city, Egypt. Even the Islamist terrorists in Sinai and all terrorists attacks in Sinai, were considered by international media as “freedom fighters” like they consider the liberation army and terrorists in Syria as freedom fighters!

In addition, Brotherhood claims that Mohamed Morsi was democratically elected, that’s a big deception and a lie, court case was raised after presidential forged results were announced and it is still in progress. Click here for evidences.  Egyptian Intelligence revealed Muslim Brotherhood espionage case with Foreign intelligence including CIA, which trial will be held in January 2014 (the day not confirmed yet).

Michele Bachmann wrote: Muslim Brotherhood: A history of terror, click here to read the article which was published on 17/12/2013.

In addition to the above, The following videos show very important documented evidences of Muslim Brotherhood great deception. Please click on the watch video, to watch it on youtube.

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