Call Recordings Expose Egyptian Political Activists Spying On Egypt

Hilary Clinton with some of 6 of April members in 2009Albawaba News published more call recordings of Egyptian Political Activists who cooperated with Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists Organization in spying and conspiring with foreign Intelligence including CIA, received foreign funds from foreign NGOS like Freedom House and also received special training programs to destroy Egypt’s institutions.

All call recordings published so far by Albawaba News, have been officially reported by Abd Elrehim Aly Journalist to the General Prosecutor before he started publishing these recordings.

Before the call recordings, the following is a video of Wael Ghoneim at a conference in America  adn he was saying that The Egyptian Army is the last obstacle that they are facing to get rid of, and it is the last institution in the state, and he was explaining on how can they change the culture of the Egyptian people by ending this respect and special relation between the Egyptians and their army so they succeed in breaking this special attachment.

The recent call recordings published by Albawaba News in addition to other previous recordings are under investigation by the General prosecutor. Law suit number 250 for year 2011, raised by the Egyptian National security institution against 6 of April movement including Ahmed Maher and other political activists accused of storming the National Security building and have stolen classified documents relate to the Egyptian national security and received funds from foreign NGOS and got in direct contact with foreign Intelligence including CIA.

Call Recording between Asmaa Mahfouz and Souka political activists. Discussing whether or not to inform the Egyptian Authorities about Ahmed Maher after they stormed the National Security Building and found classified documents and call recording exposing foreign funds and spying. Also documents about Wael Ghoneim links with the CIA and foreign funds.

 Souka: Ahmed Maher called me yesterday and told me that you are not answering his calls. I told him I have no idea.

Asmaa: Yes I know, he is unable to sleep. He sent me many messages. He tried to justify his position.

Souka: Good thing he is unable to sleep. If he is innocent, let us see how he is going to prove it in front of the General Prosecutor.

Asmaa: What are you saying? What prosecutor?

Souka: Listen, we are going to provide the General prosecutor with the documents we have against Maher.

Asmaa: No, you won’t.

Souka: I don’t know when we are going to do this, but we will. Especially after we found out about the big surprise. We have documents prove the money he received from Qatar, Sheikha Moza (the wife of the former prince of Qatar Hamad). He received sixty thousand Qatari Dinar. Maher received this money in return of 2 projects.

Asmaa: What projects? And how did you get such documents?

Souka: In return of accepting 2 Qatari projects.We don’t have the documents right now, but we eye-witnessed what the documents contain. Ahmed Maher, Israaa Abd Elfatah and Bassem Fathy are involved in taking foreign funds. There are other funds they received but we don’t know how much.

Asmaa: We know already what Israa and Bassem do for living, but I need to know what is the evidence you got. A guy like Maher, does it show that he was spending a lot of money lately? Maybe this is a new game.

Souka: Asmaa, I saw everything with my own eyes. I saw the document of 4 Million pounds.I’m telling you what I eye-witnessed. Foreign funds in relation to Maher and Amal. Other issues in relation to Wael Ghoneim.

Asmaa: Wael Ghoneim too? Is he involved in anything like that?

Souka: What I eye-witnessed in relation to Wael Ghoneim are disasters. His relations and links abroad and with CIA and issues like that.

Asmaa: I have to go now.

Souka: Don’t go near Tahrir now. Ok?

Asmaa: I won’t.

Call recording between Abd Elrahman Mansour and Marwa political activists. Discussing to finish registering names and phone numbers cooperating with them in spying on Egypt. The call also reveals the dirty deals between these two activists and Muslim Brotherhood Khairat Alshater.

Marwa: Hello

Abd Elrahman: Yes pussy cat. Let’s finish the list of names and phone numbers.

Marwa: I talked to Salah and he didn’t answer. Khaled called and told me that they don’t want Mona Elshazly (Program host), They want me because I’m better than she is. She doesn’t have a clear position from the revolution.

Abd Elrahman: I Know. I called Khairat Alshater. (vice chief of Brotherhood). Alshater told me that whatever you ask for Abd Elrahman, we will do it. Your wish is our command. We trust those you trust. I recommended you to Khairat Alshater and I told him that you provided a lot of services to us, you are very active and you deserve a reward. I also told him that he can count on you for any messages that need to be delivered, you will deliver any and you are good in writing as well .

Marwa: I know about this call because a friend journalist was sitting there from Almasry Elyoum newspaper and he told me about it. Muslim Brotherhood really listen to you, you are very powerful. Thank you for recommending me.

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Abd Elrahman: Wait wait, I got an urgent message. The national security building in 6 October is burning.

Marwa: Is the building set on fire or the documents are burning?

Abd Elrahman: I don’t know. Don’t have any details yet. This is where they were getting the Guantanamo prisoners you know like Italian and investigate with them. Marwa, you need to check this. Check and let me know.

Marwa: Bye.

Call recording between Abd Elrahman Mansour and Marwa political activists exposing their direct contact with foreign Intelligence. And list of names and phone numbers of recruits cooperating with them in meeting with foreign elements.

Abd Elrahman: Yes Marwa.

Marwa: Who is Saad Bahar?

Abd Elrahman: Just write beside his number that he is an Egyptian activist and he is one of the people who trained thousands of Youth in the Governorates on the general strike.

Marwa: He is not known.

Abd Elrahman: No he is not known as a media person, but he is important.

Marwa: Who is Emad Hamdy?

Abd Elrahman: I will tell you but first register Saad’s number 0106650760 – For Hamdy register beside his name that he is a youth leader responsible in NB (not sure if it was NB or MB) and he is also the thinker of NB.

Marwa: Meaning, NB politics strategic.

Abd Elrahman: Add his number 0109724496 his mobile is often turned off. Take this number and write beside it Doctor Anas Alkasas he is a teacher in translation and foreign languages faculty in Alzhar University. He aslo worked with Google before and he also was a member in the political committee of NB and he is a friend to Emad. Number 0115544188.

Call him and tell him that you need to contact Emad urgently, if he ignores you, insist that you need to talk to Emad and tell him to deliver the message.

Amr salah, Ziad Elelemy, shady Harb and sally Nour, the man will sit with them in one meeting only. You have their numbers.

Marwa: Who is Ibrahim Elbertony Ghoneim?

Abd Elrahman: Take his number from heba Raouf. He is a professor and a researcher in the political science center and he is one of the very closest friends to Erdogan and Gul. He was a former NB leader.

Marwa: The guy of the intelligence keeps calling me Abd Elrahman.

Abd Elrahman: What did he tell you?

Marwa: He called me many times and I told him that I’m busy. He sent me a message and said that he is really upset.

Abd Elrahman: Is it the Intelligence guy we just met?

Marwa: Yes. It’s him.

Abd Elrahman: Listen, tell him that Abd Elrahman confirmed that the message has been delivered and it is in the process of implementation. Just tell him as I’m telling you.

Marwa: Why? No this is not good.

Abd Elrahman: Just tell him as I said, tell him Abd Elrahman delivered the message to the people he knows and it is under execution.They are working on it.

Marwa: Seriously? This is going to get you into trouble.

Abd Elrahman: I have to go now Bye.

Call recording between Wael Ghoneim and an activist spying on the Egyptian military and providing information to Ghoneim

Activist: You know that I always provide you with all kinds of information because I know how it is important to you. I received confirmed information that the Military is going on a general strike in all military sectors on 1/3. The source who provided me with this piece of information, gave me a lot of information before and it was all confirmed information.

Ghoneim: All the sectors in the military will go on a strike?

Activist: Yes, all sectors in the military. The main reason is that the military wants a raise in salaries, and threatened of general strike if their demands are not met. The same source told me another piece of information, I know that it is not important to us in relation to the internal status, but I would like to provide you with all kinds of information that I manage to get, because you are the one who needs to know about all kinds of developments.

There were some harassment between Iranian military ships and American military ships in the red sea, Egyptian territorial waters. All Egyptian Naval were on alert. Egyptian naval in Suez canal, Israeli naval in Eilat were also on alert.

Ghoneim: Military strike is really worrying.

Activist: This military strike is a suitable opportunity for us to impose our demands very strongly.

Ghoneim: This politics issues, I’m out of it now, let politicians torn each others apart. I asked you for this boy’s name? Did you get his name, I need to know his name.

Ashton with Ahmed Maher 6 of April movement leaderCall recording between Wael Ghoneim and Khaled (activist) discussing their relations to Muslim Brotherhood. Khaled warned Ghoneim not to mess up things with Muslim Brotherhood, and avoid any issues that can turn Muslim Brotherhood to enemies instead of friends.

Ghoneim: Gamal Eid, you know him, the network guy. He called me and said that he is willing to write my story about what happened to me on the Tahrir stage. (Muslim Brothers took him down when he was giving a speech in Tahrir square and controlled the scene).

He is not going to mention my name, but he will write about it as if he was an eyewitness on what happened to me. What do you think?

Khaled: No no, tell him not to write about it, I’m doing it.

Ghoneim: No, I don’t want you to write about it because people know that you and I are friends, and they will have doubts about it. The Network guy will put the post in a way, that Muslim Brotherhood are dominating and controlling the scene in Egypt, and they don’t have power yet, what if they get power in the country, what are they going to do then? This is how he will write it. But he is not going to mention my name, he will just mention it in general and my name won’t be included in there.

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Khaled: No, I don’t agree. If you allow this to be published, you are going to turn Muslim Brotherhood as your enemies instead of friends. You must be careful when you deal with Muslim Brotherhood. Listen, the big part of the chaos that is happening in Egypt right now and the fights, it is a big part done by Muslim Brotherhood. Take care of this. You need to understand how the game is played here. The story is over now Wael, so Muslim Brothers want to have all credits to their favor. They are not going to allow you to appear in a bigger image than theirs.

Ghoneim: No, my name is not going to be mention in the post at all.

This is by the way Wael Ghoneim who said after the 28th of January 2011, that he is stronger than Mubarak, and he is stronger than the Egyptian Intelligence. I guess he is a chicken in front of Muslim Brotherhood Organization. And he knew that Muslim Brotherhood were dominating the whole country even before they reached power, but he didn’t do anything about it, not even he dared to criticize them publicly!

Ahmed Maher and Bassem Fathy (6 of April movement) Facebook inbox messages. Scandal of Freedom House foreign Funds and the US administration.

Bassem: I’m not going to go around, and I will ask you directly. Is it true that you asked for funds and you got funds from Freedom House? You did not tell me. Why you did not talk to me about the Big Middle East issue? Don’t be scared, I’m not Diaa nor Aziz or Moatassem. Treat this issue as an urgent matter.

Maher: Yes I did ask for funds from Freedom house but it was after you traveled. Tell you the truth, I was so angry when I found out that Harankash and Wael Abbas and many others activists and bloggers are taking a lot of money. The money they are taking they are not using it to serve the country. Many of them have bought cars, apartments and you know they are just a bunch of G”s.

We are the ones who are making efforts, we get F”d. Listen I don’t care anymore. We were paying money from our own pockets. I don’t care anymore whether people accuse me of taking funds or whatever they say about me now or after one year from now.

I got an offer, which was sent to many G”s in Egypt, I said F”k. If we present our project, it will be accepted. Our movement is famous and already has a big name. And we will go on with it, we are not going to spend money on dirty stuff like others do.
I did communicate, and I sent introduction about the movement and our project details.

Believe it or not, after I sent the project, I felt regrets. What is the difference between me and others who are so dirty. Now I’m dirty like the others. And I’m going to get involved in this matter day after day.
And I will surely turn like Egyptian Bloggers and activists who have nothing to offer but bla bla bla talking and they are mercenaries for foreign funds.

Any way, they refused my project. I felt happy that they refused it. I was going to lose respect to my self.

You know, despite the great benefits that 6 of April Movement can get from this funds, training based on modern technology and the kind of pressures we can have as results, I’m scared and I regret what I have done.
I’m scared to get more involved and I’m scared that we were used in this game. And we will be used also in the future.
I regret that I ruined my reputation, I also exposed you to what you are confronting now.

I know about Freedom house and the bad reputation they got. Freedom House is not a charitable institution. They don’t give things for free, everything they give, they take something in return for it.

I found out from some friends to Freedom house, that this project of theirs of “The new generation” is to provide benefits to the organization and get benefits from the organization in return.

Yes, they will assist us in changing things in Egypt, but they have terms and conditions. They don’t want any extremism or Anti Israel. My friend, this is a part of the Middle East Big Project announced by the United States of America and they already started to apply their project through organizations like Freedom House.

This is the New generation project, not Anti US or Israel. I’m tired, I don’t know what is right and what is wrong anymore.

Bassem: They lied to us many times, and they started to invent things and every time they do this, I believe more and more that they don’t have any principles. You are right Maher, with 6 of April Movement or without, I’m proud that I have known you. When I get back, we will talk more. I’m online my colleague, I’m online…

Maher: Tell me did you know about Freedom House from inside the organization or from people in Egypt?

Today, there were some negotiations with Nour, Shams, Diaa, Aziz, Waleed Khairy and Moatassem. Amala and Awad were attending too. Moatassem and Nour exposed the emails in front of everybody. They said that Bassem traveled on behalf of 6 of April movement.

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Of course, I denied. and I took the defense side.Their purpose was either I agree on their statement and I sign it, or they threatened me to expose the documents they have in the newspapers. Aziz is no longer a media coordinator.

Bassem: I knew about Freedom House from inside Egypt. Someone in Al-Gahd Party told Dahshan, and Dahshan told me. Dahshan’s opinion about you is not bad, but he wants you to solve the problem of the Box. The small funds!? Sami Garah confused me. The same logic of Serbia, there was some talking about the movement but we backed off. When I travel now, I travel personally. The dates of my documents are recent than the documents they have. Nour and Moatassem now became friends?

If they expose us, I will expose everybody during investigations and I will tell everybody that we also have documents against them. You need to keep some members and exclude others, you know them by names. We need to play this game right. Omar Alhady has a great offer for us, very strong one and will solve all problems and make balance.

We will be able to destroy the other front of 6 of April, when we get the support of neutral ones and especially that I have evidences against them.

Ahmed Maher and Bassem Fathy (6 of April movement) Facebook inbox messages. 6 of April Movement members and activists are blackmailing each others. It also exposes the dirty part Freedom House played in Egypt.

Maher: Aziz and Waleed are insulting and offending me publicly, they are blackmailing me, they said that there is someone I think he is a real friend but he is not. They also said that at the end, I will do as they say. You told Sameeh many things about us, he exposed us. He is son of a bitch.

Diaa has all our messages and my messages with Sherif Mansour, he knows about the small funds issue. He also knows about Ahmed Salah’s issue in details. Listen, they are conspiring against me. We need to separate the movement into two and immediately. I think it will be next Friday, right after the massacre.
Please Bassem, don’t trust anyone. And tell those son of bitches of Freedom House, that there are people from their side, are spreading and leaking documents.

Bassem: I really don’t believe what’s happening. This is insane. Sometimes I feel like someone is opening our messages and reading it. Other times, I think maybe it’s a coincidence. Your messages with Sherif about the small funds are exposed. How come?  You were the only one responsible for it. I don’t trust any one now. Freeze the movement and make a statement.

Ahmed Maher and Bassem Fathy (6 of April movement) Facebook inbox messages. 6 of April Movement members and activists revealing their plans and dirty deals.

Bassem: I see you and me after 20 years from now like Gul and Erdogan, they are very strong and it is fine that they are fascists. Look what Turkey became now. Don’t think about Nasser and Amer they are F”s and son of bitches (Nasser late president of Egypt and Amer former defense minister During Nasser’s time).

Maher: We are going to win it all. I want you to think well about how to form our project. Our target is to change everything, constitution, laws and the whole state’s system. We are not going to use Revolution expressions, this is old now. We use change expressions.

Concentrate on the different stages targets and activities techniques reforms. Everything must be finalized according to 6 of April. Diaa launched a war against me, if we don’t succeed, I won’t be able to mobilize our people with my usual style. Diaa is taking the same direction of the Victory’s plan and it is also similar to Muslim Brotherhood plan to dominate and control all the State’s joints.

I want you to log in to the Group, write a few lines of those cultured people and support the strike without the word “general”. Incite gradually towards the day of Rage. Calling i the day of rage will mobilize many people instead of General.
We will have on our side, Ayman Nour, communists, Kefaya movement…etc.

Bassem: We need to find a solution, I feel it will get bigger and we won’t be able to have any control. I’m going to sameh this evening, come and join us, it will help a lot in organizing our papers.

Call recording between Hazem Abu Ismail and Issam Elerian Muslim Brotherhood leader. In this call Hazem was informing Alerian, that he left him a paper with a specific plan to turn the situation of protests against Brotherhood and Mursi, and unless they do something quickly about the protests, things will get out of their control. They also said that Christians and their pope are the ones conspiring against Mursi and Brotherhood in coordination with Mubarak former regime and national security authority.

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