Is there anything else the US is concerned about except terrorists safety?

Obama supports Muslim Brotherhood terroristsThe US administration declared on 17/5/2015 that they are deeply concerned about the death penalty on Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, after the Egyptian criminal court sentenced former head Mohamed Morsi and others to death penalty in the case known as “escape from Wadi Alnatron prison during the 25th of Jan 2011 events”.

In addition, the US administration expressed there deepest concerns, by yet another mass death sentence handed down by an Egyptian court to more than 100 defendants, including former head Morsi, “the State Department official said”, speaking on condition of anonymity.

[symple_testimonial by=”The State Department official said” fade_in=”true”]”We have consistently spoken out against the practice of mass trials and sentences, which are conducted in a manner that is inconsistent with Egypt’s international obligations and the rule of law”.[/symple_testimonial]

The US interference in the Egyptian judicial system independence and internal affairs, followed condemnations from Amnesty International and the Turkish dictator Tayyip Erdogan, after the court ruling on 16/5/2015!!!

US administration supports terrorists in EgyptThree Egyptian judges, the driver and one civilian have been shot dead hours after Mohamed Morsi was sentenced to death on the same day and right after the court verdict on 16/5/2015, and right after the Muslim Brotherhood organization declared that they will escalate violence in Egypt after this verdict. The US administration didn’t even express their condolences to Egypt on the official level!

On the official level, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry slammed The US and others interference in Egypt’s internal affairs on 17/5/2015.

On the popular level, we really wonder, is there anything else the US is concerned about except terrorists safety and prosperity?

This declaration of the US, reminded Egyptians of 7 Egyptian soldiers kidnapped in Sinai borders back in 16/5/2013 by HAMAS militia and others from armed extremist groups, and after they were mysteriously released, Mohamed Morsi made a public statement saying, that he thanks God for the safety of the kidnapped soldiers and the safety of the kidnappers, because he was deeply concerned about both the kidnappers and the kidnapped soldiers safety and souls. In addition, Morsi gave his orders to the Egyptian concerned authorities, to close the case and not to arrest the kidnappers!!!

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Someone asked me the other day, is there a difference between European / US victims blood and Egyptian victims Obama double standards egyptblood when it comes to terrorism attacks? Why the US consider the Egyptian victims blood so cheap, while the life of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists is so precious?

According to logic and humanity, of course there isn’t any difference because whoever kills one soul, it is like killing the entire humanity. But according to the US double standards, definitely there is a big difference.

The US state department official mentioned that the trials of Muslim Brotherhood do not match with the rules of law, but he didn’t specify which rules of law is he talking about?

The rules of law we know, is that any one who deliberately kills civilians, army or police individuals, burns or attacks or commits theft to public or private properties, sells classified documents of the national security of a country to foreign intelligence, spying on his own country, endangers the national security of a territory, smuggles weapons and facilitate terrorist groups entry though illegal tunnels, release terrorists and criminal elements from prisons and commits high treason crime, he is definitely a criminal…doesn’t matter if he was a president or a  plumber.

A criminal or a terrorist in the entire world has rights and Egypt didn’t violate any of the terrorists legal rights to Obama supports Muslim Brotherhood terroristsdefend themselves in a fair trial, and this is the rules of law we know. Otherwise, the US administration is losing Egyptian people’s respect, because every time they make a declaration concerning Egypt, they are really making fools out of themselves.

The United States of America lost respect and influence in many parts in this world, especially in the Middle East, and particularly in Egypt, since this “thing” Barack Hussein Obama became the US president. Obama’s supports to terrorist groups, especially Muslim Brothers is no secret and definitely it is not a speculation anymore.

The US administration is deliberately ruining the American people’s reputation, because the US officials do represent the people. Not every one in Egypt knows the difference between people and governments. So, this constant attacks and interference in the judicial system and Egypt internal affairs, is not doing anything but spreading anger and hatred in the hearts of many Egyptians towards the US foreign policy in our region. Especially that the US criticism to Egypt is not based on any logic or facts, but it is based on blatant double standards and nonsense.

Egyptian army martyrs
Egyptian army martyrs

For all the Egyptian martyrs and families who have lost their lives for this country to survive and to get back our identity that was hijacked from us by a gang of mercenaries and a bunch of terrorists, I tell them rest in peace and feel all the proud and glory because your blood drops didn’t go in vain…Finally, justice is taking place.

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I tell every mother in Egypt who lost her son on the borders or while defending the Egyptian territories, you are the mother of the hero and not the mother of terrorism victim, every drop of his blood didn’t go with the wind, because we are writing history with our heroes most precious blood.

Egyptians are not waiting for any silly bullshit statements from any US officials or others, your statements are in the trash bin already. We are not surprised anymore from the attitude of this US administration who lost credibility and respect of the majority of Egyptian people for years now.

Egyptian police martyrs
Egyptian police martyrs

The White house shouldn’t really be concerned about Muslim Brotherhood safety, because they are in a good health and they have gained weight since they were locked in prisons. Obviously being in prison, increased their appetite. They are well treated and protected. Besides, the day they are going to be hanged, they will be asked for their last wish, what further democracy and justice do you guys want?

At least Muslim Brotherhood will be asked for their last wish, and they will be hanged and die with no torture, like they did to our civilians and soldiers victims of Muslim brotherhood torturers. They are not going to be deprived from some water drops, like they did to police officers and soldiers before slaughtering them in their own police stations. They are not going to be shot in the head or get stabbed in the back like they did to Egyptian soldiers who protect our borders. They are not going to have their bodies torn or cut to small pieces like they did to our soldiers or kids from planting bombs in front of our children schools.

Saddam Hussein humiliation during capture
Saddam Hussein humiliation during capture

Don’t worry Mr. president Obama, you the man who represent values and principles of human rights. Muslim Brotherhood are not going to be humiliated during the death execution, like you guys blessed and applauded the humiliation of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi when they were captured by your “freedom fighters”and during their execution and assassination. You see we do apply the real justice and not your fake double standards justice, even when it comes to a defendant or a criminal or a terrorist. You guys talking about the rules of law and justice, really makes me feel sick.

gaddafi tortured and humiliated
Gaddafi tortured and humiliated

What is the difference between Mohamed Morsi, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi? They were all presidents. If you guys are really concerned about the safety and the life of a man just because he was a president like Mohamed Morsi, why you didn’t condemn the violations of all laws and international treaties in relation to how Saddam and Gaddafi  have been treated, that you not just allowed it, but you also blessed it so very much?!

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And now you are condemning the fair trials and the justice that is applied of a no longer a president like Morsi, or even a defendant but he is condemned for all the crimes he participated in and incited on.

I believe that the US officials must have a mental health checking and serious medical examination, because obviously, they are either suffering from Alzheimer or if not, they are definitely biased to terrorism.

Finally, I want to tell the US administration that the Egyptian people are aware that it was a big shock and a hard slap on the Obama’s face and his best friends terrorists in the entire world (as he publicly announced), that the 30th of June revolution buried the big project of Middle East creative chaos that you guys wanted us to be ruled by Islamists extremists and terrorist organizations, and we do understand that you are still in shock and even can’t believe how did this happen!

Take your time, we are not on a hurry, but till you guys awake from the shock, know that and remember what I’m saying here:

Sisi's popularity in EgyptThe Egyptian people don’t accept the twisting hand policy, and if the US administration think that forcing pressure or even sanctions, or cutting aid is going to force the Egyptian leadership to kneel to the US, or to force the Egyptian people to accept Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to get active again in any aspect of life or to practice their fascism and deception once again, you guys are totally imagining things in your sick mind.

I’m telling you this, Because the Egyptian people are the government and the absolute authority, and our current leadership is serving Egyptian people and following their needs and demands and our current leadership does not serve or follow Your orders.

In the Egyptian people’s eyes, this US administration is nothing but a Former policeman of the world, who got an early pension already, due to their arrogance and stupidity.

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