US Sponsor Terrorism And Egypt Is Waging A War Against It

Egyptians buried International Muslim Brotherhood Organization Fascism Oppression on the 30th Of June 2013
Egyptians buried International Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists Organization Fascist Regime on the 30th Of June 2013

The United States of America, is practicing the twisting arms policy against Egypt, beside the usual barefaced double standard policy, hoping that the clock will go back, and they may see their favorite Fascist terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Regime, in power again in Egypt.

US was not punishing the Egyptian Military, when they decided to cut the Military Aid to Egypt, while Egypt is in the middle of a war against Pure Evil Terrorism, but they were challenging and punishing the Egyptians Will, for getting down the Muslim Brotherhood Regime after the 30th of June 2013 Revolution.

The misleading speeches of the US Administration to their own public opinion in relation to the Middle East in general and Egypt in particular, are series of related techniques in which the US Administration creates an image or argument that favors their particular interests. Such tactics may include the use of logical fallacies and propaganda techniques, and often involve the suppression of information or points of view by crowding them out, by inducing other people or groups of people to stop listening to certain arguments, or by simply diverting attention elsewhere.

Those US misleading speeches don’t work with the Egyptian Public Opinion. If the US Administration doesn’t realize by now, that if they really did succeed in anything in Egypt, they indeed succeeded to plant a severe aversion and enmity in the hearts and minds of Millions of Egyptians towards the United States of America.

Egypt Fighting Terrorism

Egypt Fighting Terrorism

In the framework of the Egyptian police surveillance to arrest those involved in the terrorist crimes committed recently in Egypt, information has been received that some extremist elements who pursuing  Jihadist and Takfirist ideology (Armed Militants who commit violence and terror acts under the religion cover) have taken shelter in some desert, rugged mountain and plantations areas in Ismailia City- Port Said Desert Road in the scope of the town of Al-Qantara West in Ismailia City.

After taking legal procedures, police in coordination with the armed forces raided these areas in the early hours of 23/10/2013. Once the elements have sensed the existence of the troops they opened fire towards them.

Security forces responded by shooting heavily towards these elements and were able to control the situation. This has resulted in the death of one of the elements in possession of one AK-47 and 7 were arrested, and legal procedures were taken against them to determine the extent of their association with the recent terrorist crimes.

Egyptian Security Forces in Assiut City recovered 16 pieces of the firearm seized from a police station Ghanayem
Egyptian Security Forces in Assiut City recovered 16 pieces of the firearm seized from a police station Ghanayem

On 24/10/2013, Police Security Forces in Assiut City (Upper Egypt), recovered (16) pieces of the firearm seized from Ghanayem police station.

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In the framework of the security plan, Assiut Security Directorate were able to recover stolen weapons seized from Police centers and stations after the Disengagement of Rabaa and Nahda Squares (where Muslim Brotherhood and their Armed supporters were practicing terror acts against their opponents)

8 Automatic rifle caliber 7.62 x 39, and the number of (3) safe mechanism.
(1)  German rifle.
(1) homemade rifle cartridges.
(1) Helwan pistol 9 mm caliber.
(5) other weapon parts.
Legal actions have been taken against offenders.

Egyptians are proud of their Military

On 23/10/2013, The Military armed forces and the police forces continue their operations to cleanse Sinai of terrorism. Operations took place in villages of Mokataa Al-Mahdiya in North Sinai, against Terrorists elements, which resulted with the following:

  • The Adjust of [4] of terrorist elements and large quantities of arms and ammunition.
  • Burning and destruction materials  [2] Pardes diesel fuel – gasoline .
  • Burning and destruction materials  [35] hut, which are used as starting points for terrorist operations.
  • Burning and destruction materials  [7 semitrailer transport and angel – 2 Motorcycle – 1 Beach Buggy without licenses or plates, which are used in the implementation of the terrorist attacks .
  • Arrest of a number [4] individual suspects, and were handed to the concerned authorities for investigations.
  • Adjust of Quantities of weapons including a number [2 Romanian sniper rifle telescope , storage and ammunition – 2 missile launcher RBG – guns – 2 hyena missile Black boasts an array launch – full belt .
  • Adjust of Quantities of munitions including a number [ 1000 rounds ” x 51 mm 7.26 ” – 300 rounds ” 14.5 mm ” – 4 -tank mine ” Russian 2 – 2 Factory ” – 4 grenade -style ” F1 ” – 3  mortar ” 40 mm ” – 4 Dana launcher RBG – 78 rounds ” x 39 mm 5.56 ” – 2901 rounds ” 7.62 x 39 mm ” used in machine guns – 300 snipers shot – Dana mortar ” 120 mm ” – 3 missile , ” 107 mm ” ( artillery ) – 441 rounds ” x 54 mm 7.62 ” – 90 rounds of cartridges .
  • Adjust of Quantities of technical equipment and destruction materials [ a vision Leila model “NVS700” – 2 welder – 400 battery stone 9 volt – 6 Department torpedo – 2 discs welding oxygen – a circuitry and wires and Timer to detonate bombs .
  • Adjust of boxes with big quantities of publications and leaflets incite against the Military armed forces and police Individuals and calling for slaughtering all security forces in Egypt and all Muslim Brotherhood Opponents, who are the enemies of God and Islam.

Egypt Fighting Terrorists Elements in North Sinai

On 24/10/2013, Military Operations resulted in arresting terrorists elements in Sheikh Zoyed City.The Second Army Field and border guards backed with aircraft cover, and by the coordination with the Central Security forces, Military forces arrested  [9] terrorists elements armed with heavy ammunition, and caught while executing terror acts against Military individuals and camps. In addition, Terrorists elements were planting explosives and mines in Al-Gora Area, Sheikh Zouaid City.

On 22/10/2013, Some Terrorist elements in Sinai, targeted two Military buses, while headed on the Rafah Road/Arish City, between Al-Massoura Village and Abu Taweela Village.

Terror attack resulted of 3 explosions through improvised explosives devices used by terrorists against the 2 Military buses.
Military Security elements dealt with attackers, who managed to escape.
Commissioned Officer and a civil driver got killed, and 5 individuals were injured. Military forces are currently combing the area to adjust the terrorists elements who were involved in the attack.

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Egyptian Truck drivers were kidnapped and held hostages by Muslim Brotherhood Militia in Libya
Egyptian Truck drivers were kidnapped and held hostages by Muslim Brotherhood Militia in Libya

On 23/10/2013, the Egyptian Military in coordination with the Libyan security Authorities, managed to end the crisis of Egyptian truck drivers, who were kidnapped by some Muslim Brotherhood armed Militias in Libya and other terrorists elements, according to the testimonies announced by the kidnapped Egyptian drivers. Kidnapped Drivers said that the kidnappers held them as hostages in Libya to put pressure on the Egyptian Government in order to release terrorists elements from Libya arrested by the Egyptian Security Forces in Egypt, for committing terror acts inside the Egyptian State.

Drivers showed marks of tortures on their bodies, committed by kidnappers against them by Electrification tools.

Egyptian Military Fighting terrorism in Egypt

On 12/10/2013, The Egyptian armed forces and the police security forces, continue their successful implementation of security strikes against Terrorists elements, smugglers of weapons and chasing Armed Criminals who are wanted for justice, who committed terror acts in Egypt.  Military and Police forces missions in  [ 20 ] villages in northern Sinai desert areas .

The army second field and border guards backed with cover aircraft and in coordination with the Central Security, managed to arrest [76] terrorist elements and armed outlaws criminals, and adjusted the following:

Egyptian Military fighting against terrorist elements in North Sinai

[2 machine gun – a sniper rifle and other air pressure – Dana 11 anti-tank – 39 grenade – 3 machine gun – 2 Grad rocket – propelled grenade launchers 6 ] as well as a large quantity of divers ammunition.

2 Motorola devices fitted with a long-range antenna – 2 Cicarh filled with TNT high explosive material – 800 bomber and a number of half destruction circles.

Military raids also resulted on adjusting [ 34] Pardes fuel intended for smuggling through the tunnels and  burning and destruction circles –  [92] hut and set [ 25] car and [13] motorcycle and a tractor without licenses or license plates used by terrorist elements in the implementation of their operations against security forces in Sinai.

Egyptian Military adjust weapons smugglers and terrorist elements in Saloum

10/10/2013, Border guards managed to adjust numbers of different smuggled weapons in the Western Region military area bays East of the Salloum Port: [6] Mobiles Boxes, which they found inside those boxes, smuggled {15 rifle cartridges – 5 automatic rifle}.

smuggled weapons through Salloum Port

[4] Mobile Boxes, which they found inside those boxes: smuggled [10 automatic rifle – 6 safe automatic rifle] and the number – and 50 KGS of Drugs.

smuggled weapons through the egyptian borders

On 8 and 9 October 2013, The Military forces Adjusted big quantities of smuggled weapons and ammunition, and arrested some of Al-Qaeda terrorists elements, who were committing acts of terror wearing Military uniforms, in North Sinai. Details as follows:

AlQaeda terrorists elements caught in North Sinai

[ machine gun anti-aircraft shells “14.5 ” inch – launcher missile “RBG” – machine gun Kalashnikov caliber 54 mm – machine gun avatar and 4 safe machine gun – the number ” 2″ Grad rocket – the number “29” grenade F1 – the number ” 800 ” bomber – the number ” 422 ” shot 14.5 – the number ” 214 ” rounds ” 7.62 * 54 ” mm – The number “11” Dana “RBJ” – the number ” 24 ” balls, mortar – the number ” 24″ balls Grad rocket – anti-tank mines – the number “5” body mine empty refill – the number ” 5 ” full mine explosive – the number ” 2″ belt with explosives – Compass Prismatic – number “2” bags of TNT explosive – the number ” 4″ battery 12 Volt and the number ” 4 ” key electrical bombing wire roll  – the number ” 2 ” detonate remote – Reich bag full of manufactured bombs ]  Along with a number [ 4 ] Egyptian Military Uniforms, used by some of Al-Qaeda elements and Palestinians terrorists elements from Gaza.

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alqaeda terrorists elements in North Sinai

Numbers of 49 Burning and destruction circles launch to carry out terrorist operations.
14 different Destruction circles used for bombed cars  – ” 10 ” motorcycle without license plates or sheets used by the terrorists in carrying out terrorist operations against law enforcement forces in the Sinai.
The Capture of [ 7 ]  terrorist elements, in coordination with the security Police services.

Egyptian Military arrest terrorists elements and weapon smugglers in the Military south area
Egyptian Military arrest terrorists elements and weapon smugglers in the Military south area

On 6/10/2013, border guards thwarted an attempt to smuggle weapons and arrested smugglers in the southern military region.

Adjust of 8 explosives belts –  [ 2] vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser without license plates loaded with a number [50] people of different nationalities, among them some terrorists elements: [25 Sudanese – 21 Eritreans – 4 Libyans and in possession of a number [ 1 pistol ” 9 ” mm – 1 machine gun rounds ” 7.62 x 39 ” mm – 1 Belgian rifle caliber ” 7.62 x 51 ” mm – 1 rifle cartridges ] as well as the number ” 175 ” shot variety – ” 4 ” safe various types – ” 1 ” GPS device – ” 1 ” field glasses .
Legal procedures were taken by the Concerned authorities.

Military arrest terrorists elements in Ismailia City
Military arrest terrorists elements in Ismailia City

6/10/2013 Ismailia City, Death of [ 4 ] from the terrorists elements during the terrorist attack on an army ambush. Military forces captured [6] of those involved in the murder of [2] of the members of the armed forces.

The arrest of [6] criminal and terrorists elements who targeted a security patrol of insurance in Ismailia / Cairo Desert road.

Martyrdom of non-commissioned officer and a soldier and two soldiers got injured.

Military forces arrested [2] of terrorists elements who were involved in the attack on Military forces, the 2 terrorists elements confessed and guided the Military Forces on other elements who participated in the attack and managed to escape.

The arrest of [4] other terrorists elements involved also in in the attack, turned out after investigations that those terrorists elements are residents of El-Arish , Sheikh Zoweyd city and they were handed to the prosecutors authorities

[4] Armed terrorists elements in a vehicle got killed in an exchange of fire with security forces, when a security ambushed an area in Sarrabioum area on the Cairo Ismailia Road  and by searching the vehicle, security forces found 2 automatic rifles and quantities of ammunition.

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