Excuse Obama the strategist, he is not done lying yet

Obama's strategy in the middle east from the creative chaos to the system generates from total chaosIn remembrance of 9/11, Obama declared that he is ready to launch air strikes in Syria against ISIS, and the US won’t allow any safe haven to the terrorist organization. Obama declared that he won’t hesitate to move against ISIS in Syria, as in Iraq.

Obama explained that the US strategy is clear, it depends on weakening ISIS organization and eventually, it will be destroyed through a comprehensive and sustained anti-terrorism strategy, stressing that he will chase the extremists of the organization wherever they are.

Obama also mentioned that the US will increase the military aid to the “Syrian opposition” and will offer training and arming their militants, because US cannot depend on Al-Assad Regime who is terrorizing his own people and Al-Assad will never gain his lost legitimacy, according to Obama’s claims.

Obama asked for congress approval on 500 million dollars for the training and arming of the moderate opposition militants in Syria!

Obama supports Al Qaeda terrorists who slaughter Christians in SyriaA day earlier before his speech, Obama approved urgent and immediate military aid to the Iraqi and the Kurdistan government, 25 million US dollars to cover the military training.

A year ago, Obama backed off on military intervention against the Syrian regime, After he faced domestic and international severe criticism and rejection on any military strikes or intervention in the Syrian affairs.

There are contradictions in Obama’s strategy about the war against ISIS in Syria.

First Contradiction and the most obvious one, is about the combination of attacking targets of the Islamic state by air strikes, while the United States is training and arming the “Syrian rebels” on the ground. In addition to this, the United States will be forced to work with Iran’s proxies in Iraq and the representatives of Saudi Arabia in Syria, perhaps this solution seems elegant and integrated However, it is not.

http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/ senator-john-mccains-whoops-moment-photographed-chilling- with-isis-chief-al-baghdadi-and-terrorist-muahmmad-noor/

No matter what the US tried in choosing its Syrian militants, The Jihad Salafi militants are the ones dominating the battlefield in Syria. Therefore, they are the ones capable of defeating their competitors “ISIS”. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the militants in Syria will work on fighting against the Islamic state of ISIS as their “priority task”, while they can achieve victory on overthrowing the  Syrian regime, with such big support offered by the United States.

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The other contradiction in Obama’s strategy, how will the US provide support to the Syrian militants, enough to destroy ISIS? But also the US to maintain its relationship with Iran in a way that this support won’t allow militants or rebels to take over the power in Syria?

The US administration will strive to justify the expansion of operations in Syria and will try to refute the argument that will say that Washington helps “Assad Regime” in Damascus. The first effort to the US in this direction, is to talk about arming and training the Sunni rebels in Syria, and who could seriously evolve to form an existential threat to the Assad regime, backed by Iran.

This will not be welcomed by Iran, Because Iran is involved with the United States in the critical negotiations on its nuclear program, that the West needs to be assured that it will not exceed a pre-selected lines.

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/08/isis-jihadis-using-arms-troop-carriers-supplied-by-us-saudi-arabia Reuters 8 September 2014
http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/08/isis-jihadis-using-arms-troop-carriers-supplied-by-us-saudi-arabia  Photograph Reuters 8 September 2014

The beheading of two Americans and one British hostage lately, did not really trigger the attention of the US and the world community, that there is something actually called “ISIS” a terrorist organization represents a serious threat to the US and their allies in the middle east and elsewhere.

The slaughter of James Foley and Steven Sotloff, has been intensively marketed to mobilize the world public opinion for calling their governments to put an end to this evil and destroy ISIS before it reaches Europe or America. This is exactly what happened in marketing the WMD lies in Iraq to justify the US invasion.

It didn’t trigger Obama’s attention or the world community that Since the civil war started in Syria on March 2011, total persons of concern reached 3,023,018; registered Syrian refugees reached 2,989,563; persons awaiting registration 33,455 last updated 11/9/2014, according to the UN’s refugee agency.

Obama heard no evil, saw no evil, when The death toll from three years of Syria’s civil war has risen to more than 191,000 people, the United


Nations reported August 2014. The figure, covering the period from March 2011 to April 2014, is the first issued by the U.N.’s human rights office since July 2013, when it documented more than 100,000 killed. The records show at least 8,800 child victims, although the age of most victims is unknown. The high death toll is a reflection of the brutality of Syria’s conflict, which has transformed into a complex, multi-layered war where various factions fight against each other on resources and territories.

Obama’s declaration about increasing military aid to the Syrian peaceful opposition is really nonsense! because there is no peaceful opposition and non-peaceful one in Syria. What is happening in Syria is not a revolution. There are armed groups and terrorists killing each other, slaughtering civilians and minorities and want to seize power by the force of arms and terrorizing. So, which terrorist group Obama is going to support with the American tax payers money, and exactly against who?!

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http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/senator -john-mccains-whoops-moment-photographed- chilling-with-isis-chief-al-baghdadi-and-terrorist-muahmmad-noor/
http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/ senator

The only thing terrorist groups in Syria have in common with the US administration, is to move Al-Assad regime by force “the Syrian regime is fighting terrorism for more than 3 years now”. In the meantime, the terrorist groups are killing each other. So, Obama’s supporting what he called “freedom fighters” in Syria who are not just terrorists but also cannibals, means that he will fight side by side with terrorists against the Syrian regime. Then, we will have another Libyan disaster!

http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/ senator-john-mccains-whoops-moment-photographed-chilling -with-isis-chief-al-baghdadi-and-terrorist-muahmmad-noor/

The situation in Libya is as bad as in Syria and Iraq, but no one talks anymore about what’s happening in Libya, the US administration is calling the Libyans to absorb the other currents and to solve their issues through political solutions!!!

In Libya, There is no national government, there is no national army or national police force, everything is being run by armed militias and terrorist groups, whose best job it seems is a pursuit of power and privilege and authority based on massacring, kidnapping and raping people.

Every country the US and the NATO intervened in, by military strikes or invasion, is divided, destroyed and ruined. This is what happened in Iraq, Libya and now Syria!

Obama is a terroristObama is participating in spreading terrorism, and not fighting terrorism, just like George Bush the war criminal got away with all his crimes and all his lies not just to his own people but to the entire world. First, it was the lie of WMD in Iraq, and now launching a war against “ISIS” which is made in USA just like Al-Qaeda.

The US just want to pursue their interests according to their own agendas, and this is why the Arab countries must work on solidarity to confront terrorism and not implementing all what the policeman of the world required.

The real strategy of Obama is to play with everybody. Who is benefiting from this fake war against terrorism and this big lie strategy? Armament factories or who? I don’t know the answer who’s behind all this chaos and blood, but I know that this is a dirty game and we, the people must stop it. Unless the tax payers in America and Europe don’t really mind to finance and arm terrorists with their tax money.

A researcher in the National Security Affairs at the University of Cairo, Mohammed Ibrahim, said that Egypt looks to the coalition against ISIS as « a recently born of a narrow view, that seeks to correct the bloody organization just for not following the assigned text to it. And because it started directly to threatened Washington’s interests in Iraq, and not out of genuine belief, that it is a serious threat to countries in the region».

The action against terrorism should be within a strategic vision designed to focus on the region as a whole, and not to move against just a part Obama an Bush are War Criminalsof it, and not to chase terrorism in a country and let it free in another. The researcher pointed to the need for reciprocity with «the risk of armed militias in Libya and Syria». The researcher added that he was surprised of the NATO’s declarion war on ISIS, while Turkey is a Member in the alliance. Turkey has become the most important station in recruiting new members in the ISIS organization, where foreign fighters meet before joining the ISIS camps at crossings grounds between Turkey and Syria .

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The strategy of Obama in fighting ISIS, is just a lie and a cover for a complementary agenda to the creative chaos in the Middle East. The result will be catastrophic, if Syria falls in the hands of Islamist terrorist groups and they manage to overthrow Al-Assad regime with the support of the USA.

Egypt has a clearer strategy than the US in fighting terrorism (http://allenbwest.com/2014/09/shocking-egypt-clearer-u-s-fighting-isis/)

The Egyptian Foreign Minister stated per CNS, “We believe that this extremism, exclusionary ideology is common among all terrorist organizations,” adding that Egypt monitors cooperation between such groups and recognizes that they pose threats across borders between national states. “They want to eliminate these states so that this extremist ideology will prevail.” foreign minister said Egypt believed defeating terrorism was “a collective responsibility.” “There should be agreement between members of the international community to eliminate these phenomena wherever they may be.”

obama bin laden real pure evilIf the American people are looking for security and safety in their own homeland and any other country they move to, they really need to mobilize against their US administration’s foreign policy and the big moron living in the white house, and know that the United States should listen and stop lecturing; should learn and not threatening. The US will be secured and safe by earning the respect of others and showing respect for them. Right now, US is not just losing our respect, but Obama really succeeded in spreading hatred, anger and despise against the US foreign policy especially towards the Middle East.

We shall listen, not lecture; learn, not threaten. We will enhance our safety by earning the respect of others and showing respect for them. In short, our foreign policy will rest on the traditional American values of restraint and empathy, not on military might. “Theodore C. Sorensen”.

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