The biggest treason and espionage case in the history of Egypt

The Egyptian attorney general Hisham Barakat referred the defendant Mohamed Morsi former president of Egypt and 10 other defendants to Mohamed Morsi the Muslim brotherhood former president and the biggest treason and espionage case in the history of Egyptthe criminal court, for stealing and leaking Egyptian national security and military classified documents to the Qatari Intelligence and Al-Jazeera satellite channel in Qatar.

The public prosecution’s declaration revealed that the former president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi took advantage of his post and leaked classified documents concerning the Egyptian military and national security of the state, with the assistance of his office director, Ahmed Abd El Atty and his private secretary, Amin Al-Sirafy, and delivered the documents to the Qatari intelligence and Al-Jazeera Channel, through spies-network, in return of one million US dollars and pursuant to the instructions of  international Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

Mohamed Morsi and the other defendants are accused of leaking very important classified documents and reports concerning the Egyptian armed forces weaponry and the nature of arming, Military main sites centers, defense secrets, the internal and external policy of Egypt, classified reports issued by the Egyptian intelligence, military intelligence, national security agency and  the administration of control authority. In addition to classified documents and reports concerning the Ministry of Defense, the national security sector and the Ministry of Justice.

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Amin AlSirafy the personal secretary of Mohamed Morsi charged of espionage on egypt national security and classified docs smuggling
Amin AlSirafy the personal secretary of Mohamed Morsi charged of espionage on egypt national security and classified docs smuggling

The investigations held earlier by the supreme prosecution security state, assigned by the attorney general, revealed shameful proceedings which considered the biggest conspiracy and treason committed by the Muslim Brotherhood and the former president Mohamed Morsi against the country through spies-network.

Mohamed Morsi assigned Muslim Brotherhood leaders in sensitive jobs in the presidential institution, like his office director and his private secretary.

Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Abd El Atty kept the classified documents in the presidential office’s safe then they delivered them to the defendant Amin Al-Sirafy.

Amin Al-Sirafy, managed to transfer the classified documents from the presidency institution and delivered them to his daughter Karima Al-Sirafy who kept them in her residence, then handed the documents to the defendants: Ahmed Aly Afeefy, producer of documentary movies, Alaa Sablan Jordanian worked as Al-Jazeera correspondent in Cairo, and Asmaa Al-Khateeb, worked in the Muslim Brotherhood news network “Rassd”.

The defendants copied the classified documents and saved them on electronics media with the assistance of the defendants Khaled Hamdy, director of Muslim Brotherhood media channel “25th Jan”, and Ahmed Ismail, worked at the university of Egypt for sciences and technology.

The classified documents were delivered by the defendant Sablan to The defendants Ibrahim Hilal, Chief of news sector in Aljazeera channel and to a Qatari intelligence element at Sheraton Al-Doha hotel in Qatar. The defendants agreed on delivering the documents in return of one million dollars.

According to the defendant Ahmed Aly Afeefy’s confession, the classified documents were transferred to Qatar by the defendant Mohamed Adel Kilany, Air host in Egypt air.

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Karima the daughter of Amin AlSirafy the personal secretary of Mohamed Morsi charged of espionage with foreign intelligence
Karima the daughter of Amin AlSirafy, private secretary of Mohamed Morsi charged of espionage with foreign intelligence

The public prosecution assigned to Mohamed Morsi and the other defendants, committing crimes of spying, stealing, hiding, leaking and disclosing defense secrets, documents issued by sovereigns in the state, reports and documents concerning the national security of the state to a foreign country and with the intent of harming the military, political, diplomatic, economic and national interests of the country.

The national security’s investigations revealed that “the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood ordered the former president, the director of his office and his private secretary, to transfer all classified documents concerning sovereign bodies in the presidency institution, and deliver them to the intelligence of Qatar, In the midst of growing anti-Morsi protests in 2013.

Al jazeera admitted receiving the leaked classified documents, when they started to broadcast some of the reports and documents issued by military intelligence.

Al-Jazeera broadcasted a classified document issued by the military intelligence on the situation in Sina, signed by lieutenant general Mahmoud Hegazy, director of military intelligence at that period.

This is Al-Jazeera Qatar, and their audience
This is Al-Jazeera Qatar, and their audience
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