Video Evidences Syrian Rebels And MB In Syria Used Chemical Weapons

obama supports terrorists
obama supports terrorists

Does America Know They are Fighting On Al-Qaeda’s Side?

This article proves with no doubts (Videos Evidences included), that America is fighting on Al-Qaeda’s side. And it is not any one’s testimony and evidence but an -Ex-Muslim Brotherhood who has presented those evidences after he quit being Brotherhood member and now he is a peace activist – Please read this article and Wake up America, Wake Up, those terrorists are the same who killed your beloved on 9/11 they all come from the same  UTERUS.  

Walid Shoebat Former Muslim Brotherhood Member Now Peace Activist – Evidence: Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons (not Assad) – By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack  27/8/2013.

Recent news of a chemical weapons attack in Syria smacks of desperation. The question comes down to who is most desperate right now, the Assad regime or the Muslim Brotherhood rebels? Consider that since June, Assad’s forces have been winning. According to a CBS News report from last month, victories for the rebels had become “increasingly rare” and that the Muslim Brotherhood-backed opposition fighters were sustaining “some of their heaviest losses” near Damascus.

“Saudi Factory for Chlorine and Alkalies labels found on the chemicals in hands of Rebels”

Saudi Chemicals in Hands of Syrian Rebels
Saudi Chemicals in Hands of Syrian Rebels

The New York Times echoed this sentiment, even saying that before gaining the upper hand, concerns were that Assad would use chemical weapons; he did not.  ( )

In fact, even before Assad’s forces gained the momentum, a UN official reportedly found evidence of rebels using chemical weapons but no evidence Assad’s regime did. This, from a Washington Times article by Shaun Waterman dated May 6, 2013:

Testimony from victims strongly suggests it was the rebels, not the Syrian government, that used Sarin nerve gas during a recent incident in the revolution-wracked nation, a senior U.N. diplomat said Monday.

Carla del Ponte, a member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, told Swiss TV there were “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof,” that rebels seeking to oust Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad had used the nerve agent.

But she said her panel had not yet seen any evidence of Syrian government forces using chemical weapons, according to the BBC, but she added that more investigation was needed. {emphasis ours}

Today, while the rebels are more desperate than they were at the time of that article, evidence of rebels using chemical weapons is available; evidence Assad’s regime has used them is not.

Waterman wrote…

Rebel Free Syrian Army spokesman Louay Almokdad denied that rebels have used chemical weapons.

Please watch the following Videos Evidences I translated those which don’t have English subtitles. what you are going to see in the following videos, are real leaders rebels from different Islamist extremist group including Brotherhood in Syria and Al-Qaeda, known to the USA and to the whole world – admitting, testing and using chemical weapons.

What the Rebel Louay Almokdad said,  doesn’t square with a video uploaded on August 23, 2013, in which Free Syrian operatives threatened to launch chemical weapons: In that Video “Nadime Baloush the first guy who will appear and speak in the video Known as Extremist and terrorist, he admitted that they have and will use Chemical Weapons in Syria:

This is the translation of what he said: ” I know that these Chemical weapons are very dangerous to use against Civilians – But what can we do? We don’t have any alternatives – So, we will do as Our Osama Bin Laden Great Leader said:” We must punish those who punish us, we must kill their men, their women and their kids. And I repeat what he said, we must kill their children and women And we won’t stop killing their women and children, till they stop killing ours. The idea of that statement of mine, is because the regime tried to break in where we are staying in the mountains.

So, what are we going to do? That’s what I and my fellows discussed when they attacked us like Alfar Bilal Oussy and Riyad Abedin. We decided that we do have that very effective strong Chemicals weapons and we must use it – that’s the only solution we have. So, we decided that the next time they try to approach us even with one meter, we will attack them with the weapons we have and we will also attack them in their own Homes. And with that Chemical weapon, we are going to make their day night dark, and their darkness a day light, by god’s willing.”

Then the second guy who will appear in the video his name is Riyad Abedin he is also Extremists Terrorist – and he is led by a supervisor called Alfar Bilal Oussy and both the first guy and the second guy who appeared in the video, they mentioned each other’s name. He said:  ” All Military Groups and forms in Alturkman and Al-kurds Mountain, decided the following:

If the Syrian Army who is our enemy approach us just with one meter between those two mountains, or kill any of our women or kids, we will be obliged then to attack all their areas, homes and cities with Chemical weapons that we possess, and God is my witness, we will attack every where in Syria with Chemical weapons. We were fighting a regime, but now, you are forcing us to kill every body including civilians which you come from “Shiites”, we will kill all Shiites with Chemical Weapons.

We won’t have any mercy towards any body, unless you surrender to us. We really did n’t want to kill women nor Children, but you leave us no choice. Now every thing is permitted and allowed for us to do, including killing women and Children, all of them.”

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Then the video shows terrorists from rebels testing chemicals weapons on Rabbits. Then they showed all Chemicals Bottles carrying names of each group that will use and what every Bottle contain. Nadim baloush appear at the end of the video with the rest of the terrorists and he looked down to the ground where you see Chemical bottles which they tested as the video show.

At the end of the video they were all standing together and wrote all the groups names which are loyal to their leadership in Syria:
Riyad Abedin’s groups: reagal Allah – katibat Alrahman- Imam Hassan Al Bana group (this group belongs to Muslim Brotherhood in Syria) – Almagd liAllah group – Almoatassem bellah group – Alwalaa wa Albaraa group -Anssar Alssahel group
They all appeared at the end of the video by Alazekeya City sign Mountains -Syria – 35 km (that video you are going to watch got removed from youtube after it got spread, then I managed to get it from another channel and it is saved on my pc)

nadim baloush
Nadim Baloush terrorist in Syria the guy who said we are going to kill their women and Children like our great Leader Bin laden Told us.
nadime baloush
nadime baloush threatened to use chemicals weapons and kill all kids and women not just of the regime but the whole Shiites in Syria
riyad abedin
Riyad Abedin who confirmed the use of Chemical weapons and killing womena nd children – all of them

chemicals weapon in syria islamist extremists possessed

Muslim brotherhood the group of hassan albana in syria are using chemical weapons

terrorists have chemicals weapons and are using it in syria

A day later, on August 24th 2013, a video was uploaded and featured on facebook that purports to show Syrian rebels loading what very well may be a rocket armed with some sort of chemical agent. The tip of the rocket is armed with a light blue tank or canister that very well contains a nerve agent. At the end of this video, two separate launches of these rockets can be seen:

Obama Is Funding The Beheading Of Christians

A priest and another Christian were beheaded before a cheering crowd by Syrian Rebels and Terrorists supported by Obama, there are more horrible crimes like rebels killed a military soldier from Al-Assad soldiers and then he got out his heart and ate it….are those the ones you gonna fight to their side  

Al Qaeda rebels gain control of Christian village & killed Christians and forced others to convert – are those The terrorists, Obama is going to defend their case????

Click here Footage of chemical attack in Syria is fraud – There is proof the footage of the alleged chemical attack in Syria was fabricated, Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, mother superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria, told RT. She says she is about to submit her findings to the UN. Mother Agnes and her testimony about the Islamist Terrorists who slaughter Christians Syrians and Moderate Muslims.

Chemicals weapons and Chemicals bottles showed by the group of  Riyad Abdeen and Al-Nussra terrorists related to Al-Qaeda – Bottles contain: Potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate, potassium chlorate and magnesium nitrate, mixing all those form chemicals weapons – They did  another experiment on a rabbit – while saying Look you enemies of God, look to the rabbit and what happened to his body – That’s what we are going to do to you by using those Chemical weapons against you. The speed of that mixed of chemicals, dissolves faster than dissolving the salt in the water and to kill anyone, they just add only 2 gramme of Chemicals on one and a half  liter of water, which is enough to kill each person who drinks only half a glass of it kills during one hour only.  Chemical weapons in their possession.

September 3, 2013  militants from the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) using blue canisters/cylinders filled with an unknown gas mounted on top of shells fired on Syrian Army targets in different areas of Aleppo that are still under the control of the Syrian military.

 Islam General led by Extremist Zahra Aloush and what they call sons of Islam and how they are using the Chemicals weapons –  firing through Cordless Phone, shooting to the west 25 M – then added the Sarin Gas. –  Gas Cylinders written on it: Sons of Islam our revenge war.

Zahra Aloush said: By the name of God the merciful, Those we are launching against Al-Assad, targeting Al-Salam Area –  We are the sons of Islam and participating with us the Military group of Alkadessia, we are preparing for the operation  working with chemicals Gas cylinders having the names of God beside the name of the groups who are going to use it as mentioned above for the operation. then chemicals weapons were tested in shooting.

Al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria execute regime ‘militia men’ in front of children The Telegraph  dated 16/9/2013 Click here

Obama calls Rebels in Syria “Freedom Fighters” who beheaded a 24 days old baby, his mother 40 years old and 24 Syrian families, Click here to get the link.

In this following video, two Syrian rebels (Muslim Brotherhood gang) can be heard coordinating an attack on a nearby building. As smoke billows a short distance from the building, a rebel on the ground can be heard directing someone – presumably at the source of the launch – to change his direction. At that point, the rebel from the launch point can be heard talking about using Sarin gas next:

Russia Today news report originally broadcast on or before June 16, 2013, testimony from a United Nations panel is reported to demonstrate that rebel groups – not the Assad regime – was responsible for the use of chemical weapons in general, Sarin gas in particular, which backs up the claims as previously mentioned. Those who attempt to discredit the report below because it is from Russia Today should have difficulty doing so when factoring in rebels above talking about using sarin gas:

It’s significant to consider that the rebels were reportedly using chemical weapons at a time when Assad was more desperate than he is now. Again, why would Assad use chemical weapons now and not then? Who is more desperate at this point in the conflict?

The answer is, the Muslim Brotherhood rebels, who have no problem killing themselves (or their own) if the cause of Islam is moved forward.

Of course, if the rebels are desperate enough, Muruna could sanction the murder of their own people if it meant bearing false witness and a blood libel that would engage external forces that want Assad removed. As things stand today, the rebels are more desperate than is the Assad regime.

Specific examples include the staged death of twelve year-old Muhammad Al-Dura by Palestinians. Whether the child was used as a prop in a Palestinian blood-libel or was actually killed, he was clearly put in danger by Palestinians who shot at him as the news cameras rolled for a false report that aired on France 2. They wanted to blame the Israelis.

See also  The Arrest Of Muslims Brotherhood Kidnapped Children From Orphanages

Earlier this month in Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood supporters were caught behaving as victims of oppression at the hands of the military. They might have gotten away with it if nothing but still shots were taken. Unfortunately for these miscreants, video was recorded that revealed a staged, mass display of despicable behavior.

Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood rebels would never get away with launching chemical weapons and taking credit for it. They’d have to do so while blaming Assad. It’s straight out of the Nazi playbook and a violation of two major commandments – Thou shalt not murder and thou shalt not bear false witness. However, the Muslim Brotherhood, as usual, provides more evil spin. It bears false witness while committing murder in order to push an agenda.

Lying, bearing false witness, blood libel, and murder.

Yeah, that smells like the Brotherhood.

Click Here to get to the original source article: Evidence: Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons (not Assad) By Walid Shoebat

The following  Video evidences: El Qaradawy the God Father of the Muslim brothers organization is grateful for the support of USA for Syrian rebel’s and asking US to invade Egypt and defeat the Egyptian Military and he is praising Hitler and the Holocaust.

Obama supports Muslim Brotherhood and Obama supports Israel and the God father of MB is praising Hitler and the Holocaust and asks Obama to defeat Syrian army and Egyptian Army and invade Syria and Egypt – That’s the same God father of MB who asked USA to invade Lybia = So Obama actually supports who ? Obama supports terrorists

Click on the following Screen Shots to Enlarge and be able to read

Qaradawy calling USA to invade and Attack Syria
Qaradawy calling USA to invade and Attack Syria
Qaradawy calls USA to attack Syria
Qaradawy calls USA to attack Syria

El Qaradawy the God Father of the Muslim brothers organization is praising Hitler and requests is grateful for the support of USA for Syrian rebel’s. USA must perform military intervention in Syria and in Egypt for sake of Allah, added El Qaradawi

Another video Qaradhawi the God Father of Muslim Brotherhood on US Strike in Syria: Muslims Cannot Do It, So Let the Oppressors fight one another!


This report was published in April 2013 but was swept away from the memory of USA politicians and media

Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Carried Out by Rebels, Says UN (UPDATE)- Added by Graham Noble on August 27, 2013.
Saved under Graham Noble, Op-ed, Syria, World – Las Vegas Guardian Express.

As the Syrian revolt continues to tear the country apart, the international community has been eager to condemn Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, even as it became clear that the rebels do not, in fact, represent a popular uprising against the oppression of the Assad regime. According to UN diplomat Carla del Ponte, however, it appears that the recent chemical weapons attack, in April, was carried out by the Syrian rebels and not the regime, as it had been widely assumed. Speaking to a Swiss television channel, del Ponte said that there were “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof,” that rebels had carried out the attack. She also said UN investigators had seen no evidence of the Syrian army using chemical weapons, but that further investigation was needed.

A spokesman for the rebels denied responsibility for the most recent attack, which allegedly involved the deployment of sarin nerve gas. He pointed out that the Free Syrian Army does not possess the missiles or shells necessary to deliver the chemical agent. Sarin gas, however, can be delivered in a number of ways. Additionally, while the rebels claim that the chemical agent was delivered by missiles or artillery, there is no evidence of a missile strike or shelling in any of the many videos that have been uploaded to the internet in the wake of the alleged attack.

After swift initial progress in the more than two-year-old conflict, the rebel advance was stalled as Lebanese terror group Hezbollah sent fighters to the regime’s aid. Whilst a number of towns have been taken and then retaken by each side, Assad’s forces have gradually gained the upper hand. With his army making gains and the eyes of the world upon him, it seems unlikely that the Syrian President would risk carrying out a chemical attack – particularly against an urban area. The Syrian government has flatly denied responsibility for this latest alleged chemical weapons attack and although not widely reported in the western media, there is broad suspicion that it was, indeed, carried out by the rebels. Ultimately, it may prove impossible for UN inspectors to determine who was responsible for the incident. Further, their investigation may be curtailed by the seemingly imminent military action – possibly in the form of cruise missile strikes – by the United States and the United Kingdom.

US President Obama has sent out mixed messages, regarding his intentions towards Syria; whilst he has stated that the US would not take military action against Syria without a UN mandate, it appears that preparations for an attack are already well underway, with American and British naval forces massing in the region. There is widespread speculation that strikes could be carried out within a week, despite strong and repeated warnings from both Russia and Iran, as well as the Syrian regime itself.

One of the most ominous repercussions of US intervention against the Syrian government is the possibility that Iran and it’s surrogate in Lebanon, Hezbollah, will launch strikes against Israel, in retaliation. This, in turn, could lead to a regional war, with Russia and the US lined up on opposing sides.

The United States government has been quick to condemn the Syrian government for the latest chemical weapons attack. Now that much of the evidence suggests it may have been carried out by the al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels, President Obama should remember that he, along with his supporters and political allies, devoted much time to condemning his predecessor for leading the US into war based on questionable intelligence.

UPDATE: This article was updated to clarify one or two points that some of our readers found misleading: The chemical attack earlier this year was widely blamed on the Syrian regime. It is this attack that the UN now concludes was carried out by Syrian rebels. It appears unlikely – for a number of reasons – that the most recent August 21st attack was carried out by government forces – despite the rush to judgement within the international community – although this has yet to be fully determined. It is clear that both sides in the Syrian conflict have the means to use chemical weapons and it would be misguided to assume that either side has a moral objection to such attacks.

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As Jean Pascal Zanders, formerly of the European Union Institute for Security Studies, has pointed out ”In fact, we – the public – know very little beyond the observation of outward symptoms of asphyxiation and possible exposure to neurotoxicants, despite the mass of images and film footage. For the West’s credibility, I think that governments should await the results of the U.N. investigation.”

An Editorial by Graham J Noble  to get the original Link Source

The Independent – Robert Fisk wrote on 27 of August 2013: Does Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qa’ida’s side?

‘All for one and one for all’ should be the battle cry if the West goes to war against Assad’s Syrian regime

If Barack Obama decides to attack the Syrian regime, he has ensured – for the very first time in history – that the United States will be on the same side as al-Qa’ida.

Quite an alliance! Was it not the Three Musketeers who shouted “All for one and one for all” each time they sought combat? This really should be the new battle cry if – or when – the statesmen of the Western world go to war against Bashar al-Assad.

The men who destroyed so many thousands on 9/11 will then be fighting alongside the very nation whose innocents they so cruelly murdered almost exactly 12 years ago. Quite an achievement for Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of the miniature warlords.

This, of course, will not be trumpeted by the Pentagon or the White House – nor, I suppose, by al-Qa’ida – though they are both trying to destroy Bashar. So are the Nusra front, one of al-Qa’ida’s affiliates. But it does raise some interesting possibilities.

Maybe the Americans should ask al-Qa’ida for intelligence help – after all, this is the group with “boots on the ground”, something the Americans have no interest in doing. And maybe al-Qa’ida could offer some target information facilities to the country which usually claims that the supporters of al-Qa’ida, rather than the Syrians, are the most wanted men in the world.

There will be some ironies, of course. While the Americans drone al-Qa’ida to death in Yemen and Pakistan – along, of course, with the usual flock of civilians – they will be giving them, with the help of Messrs Cameron, Hollande and the other Little General-politicians, material assistance in Syria by hitting al-Qa’ida’s enemies. Indeed, you can bet your bottom dollar that the one target the Americans will not strike in Syria will be al-Qa’ida or the Nusra front.

And our own Prime Minister will applaud whatever the Americans do, thus allying himself with al-Qa’ida, whose London bombings may have slipped his mind. Perhaps – since there is no institutional memory left among modern governments – Cameron has forgotten how similar are the sentiments being uttered by Obama and himself to those uttered by Bush and Blair a decade ago, the same bland assurances, uttered with such self-confidence but without quite enough evidence to make it stick.

In Iraq, we went to war on the basis of lies originally uttered by fakers and conmen. Now it’s war by YouTube. This doesn’t mean that the terrible images of the gassed and dying Syrian civilians are false. It does mean that any evidence to the contrary is going to have to be suppressed. For example, no-one is going to be interested in persistent reports in Beirut that three Hezbollah members – fighting alongside government troops in Damascus – were apparently struck down by the same gas on the same day, supposedly in tunnels. They are now said to be undergoing treatment in a Beirut hospital. So if Syrian government forces used gas, how come Hezbollah men might have been stricken too? Blowback?

And while we’re talking about institutional memory, hands up which of our jolly statesmen know what happened last time the Americans took on the Syrian government army? I bet they can’t remember. Well it happened in Lebanon when the US Air Force decided to bomb Syrian missiles in the Bekaa Valley on 4 December 1983. I recall this very well because I was here in Lebanon. An American A-6 fighter bomber was hit by a Syrian Strela missile – Russian made, naturally – and crash-landed in the Bekaa; its pilot, Mark Lange, was killed, its co-pilot, Robert Goodman, taken prisoner and freighted off to jail in Damascus. Jesse Jackson had to travel to Syria to get him back after almost a month amid many clichés about “ending the cycle of violence”. Another American plane – this time an A-7 – was also hit by Syrian fire but the pilot managed to eject over the Mediterranean where he was plucked from the water by a Lebanese fishing boat. His plane was also destroyed.

Sure, we are told that it will be a short strike on Syria, in and out, a couple of days. That’s what Obama likes to think. But think Iran. Think Hezbollah. I rather suspect – if Obama does go ahead – that this one will run and run.

Does Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qa’ida’s side? – Click here to get the link of the Original Source.

In August 29, 2013 Robert Fisk also wrote : Syria is exactly like Iraq – Politics & Society

Click on the following screen shots to enlarge it and be able to read it.

Syria is exactly like Iraq
Syria is exactly like Iraq
Syria is exactly like Iraq - Robert Fisk
Syria is exactly like Iraq – Robert Fisk
Robert Fisk - Syria is exactly like Iraq
Robert Fisk – Syria is exactly like Iraq

Robert Fisk/ The independent – Syria is Exactly like Iraq – 29/8/2013

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