Unbelievable Muslim Brotherhood Milishia Success Stories

Unbelievable Muslim Brotherhood Milishia Success Stories, no wonder they are conquering the world and controlling Foreign International News Medias!

Muslim Brotherhood milishia attacking women

Watch the following screenshot, the same guy who shut the mouth of a Leftish 70 years old woman “Shahenda Mekled” political activist and attacked her and attacked other women, during their peaceful demonstration against Brotherhood practices, brutality and oppression, he is so close to Mohammed Morsi the Ex- president of Egypt, check the following picture you will see how close relationship he has with the Ex-President: He sent him to attack some women!!!!

Brotherhood militias attacked women same guy who attacked the woman he is in the image with brotherhood leaders and Mohammed Morsi

Muslim Brotherhood Attacking women, because women are considered the enemy of the community, women are the reason of all the economical, political, social, poverty, moral and security chaos in Egypt…why just shutting the old woman’s mouth, give her a punch in the face and prove your manhood!

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muslim brotherhood milishia attacks women in egypt

Muslim Brotherhood hitting the woman! That’s what I’m talking about! Good job, now you have proven that you are a man!


Now, it’s kids turn…all those men are hitting one child…good job! kids are so annoying anyway!


In that Video, Muslim Brotherhood milishia are attacking and dragging an Egyptian citizen and they were hitting him so hard and did not leave him even after he was bleeding.  Very courageous, all those men of Muslim Brotherhood, attacking and hitting one guy! This is to show you how to win a battle against a peaceful citizen who was just passing by…


Another similar video of Muslim brotherhood are attacking one guy, taking off his clothes, dragging him and hitting him so hard…We all should learn from the Muslim brotherhood braveness…

Muslim brotherhood milishia in Egypt 65007 173479432776422 1904042649 n

They are so excited, carrying knives and all battles tools against their enemies from  the Egyptian community, and may that be a lesson  to you…

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