Mohamed Morsi And The Brotherhood Regime And Their Followers are leading Egypt To The Dark Ages

Mohamed Mosi praying in the mosque doesn't even feel safe in the house of God surrounding by all his guards

I hesitated before writing this article, not because i’m afraid or scared to be put in jail or get killed, but because I know, it is going to be a long article. And I know that maybe there will be many readers who will find it too long and boring to spend some time in reading it, but we are living those events not on a daily basis, but minute by minute and you can imagine how that minute by minute feels living under that brotherhood regime!

The Reasons Why Many Egyptians Object Mohamed Morsi And The Brotherhood Regime and they are leading us to the Dark Ages, is not like the brotherhood and their supporters are claiming, that Morsi has n’t really spend enough time in ruling to judge him, and we have to be patient and give him a chance and that if he steps down, we won’t have stability and we will do this with every elected president and there will always be a group that object something about the president and they are justifying all that by Mohamed Morsi being elected, like he has the right to do whatever he wants including being above the law, as long as he was elected! Is that Democracy!!

I do not represent anyone but my self in this article. All issues mentioned in this article, are real events that happened and still happening under the brotherhood regime. I’m against  Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood regime, and I’m not afraid to announce this publicly… like many Egyptians do; not because i’m personally against them, but I’m against their policies of leading the country from a disaster to another and they have shown that they are not qualified at all to run a country as big as Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood represent religious fascism and terrorism!

What is written here, is not speculations, it’s history…I lived this dark period, and just to think about MB regime, it terrifies me…

I did not vote for Islamists nor for Mohamed Morsi, but like many Egyptians, I was hoping that they lead the country to development and not to the dark ages, because that’s what they are doing!

All the time Mohammed Morsi and the brotherhood are claiming that they have inherited a heavy inheritance from the Ex regime and what can they do about it!?

Ok. if that is true, let me tell you that yes we had many problems and corruptions inherited from the old regime, but during the time of the old regime, we haven’t seen that serious lack of energy, solar, gas, electricity, water, increasing in prices and the worst living conditions ever, and terrorizing!

We have n’t seen cars and trucks blocking whole areas standing by a gas station because of the lack of the solar! we have n’t seen that lack of electricity in general and cutting off regularly!

Where are they sending our solar? To Gaza they say! ?How can they provide Gaza with electricity and Solar and what we have is not enough to cover our needs in Egypt!

Hamas is the military arm of the Brotherhood, like Abd Elsalam Bassiouny  brotherhood leader said in May 2013, – He started by cursing the Egyptian Military and called for Egyptian Military Defeat! This conference was held in Egypt in the Attendance of Islamist and Brotherhood and Alkaradawy, the God father of MB.

A brotherhood leader mentioned in June 2013, Hamas will attack and fight the Egyptian military if they make a coup against Morsi.

Hamas and the brotherhood opened the Prisons and let free all their supporters terrorists out during the revolution…Meantime, rumors have spread during the revolution, that it is the Egyptian police who opened prisons, in order to distract people and push violence against the police to get the ministry of interior down!

When the internet was shut down totally in Egypt during the 25th of Jan 2011, there appears Mohamed Morsi who escaped from prison with a mobile called “Alsoraya” and first thing he did after escaping from prison, calling Aljazeera Channel telling them that he is out of prison. His charge in prison was espionage with  foreign countries, this case never ended and does n’t seem that it will, because Morsi is the president now, and being a president, means he is above the law!

If the Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi are not capable of running the country, why don’t they show some dignity and step down and leave the country to those who can lead! They never come up with solutions in solving this heavy inheritance! how long are we gonna hear that sentence of theirs: What can we do, problems inherited from the old regime! This is a lie, things in general were not that worse during the old regime ruling! At least those events that came up on the scene because of the brotherhood big failure in ruling the country and they are also deliberately spreading chaos in all sectors and they do nothing about it!

We never had that lacking of security, we never had opened tunnels on our borders with Gaza, letting terrorists into our country and smuggling of all kinds of weapons and steeling cars and selling them in Gaza!

We have never had extremists allowed to appear in Media and threaten us by killing if we do not stop objecting brotherhood regime! We have never saw nor heard about president followers threatens to kill judges and put them in bags and send them to the president, they are just waiting for the president signal to do so! We have never seen nor heard attacking the Egyptian City of Media productions and threatening them by killing if they do not stop criticizing the brotherhood and the president!

And we surely have never seen a president, who is hearing and watching what his supporters and brotherhood are doing and saying, and acting as if he lives on another planet! Of course he acts only when it is something that concerns negatively his brotherhood interests!

Before coming to power, and during the presidential elections, we received all kinds of threatens by The brotherhood and all the Islamist who support them, like if you do not vote for Mohamed Morsi, you will go to hell and Morsi is sent by God, and Islamist will burn the whole country if Morsy doesn’t win the elections, many Christians in Egypt, were stopped even from voting in some villages, and they were not allowed to vote in the first place! What kind of Democracy is that!

There were many complains  against that presidential elections and thanks to the New General District Attorney appointed by Morsi, all complains were dropped because the elections committees have announced that they haven’t got any firm investigations from the authorities in charge! All money that was spent on Morsi’s campaign especially that money for buying votes of poor people, who were directed to vote for Morsi!

Brotherhood distributing food on poor people to get their votes in the elections
Brotherhood distributing food supplies on poor people to get their votes in the elections

Brotherhood distributing food supplies on poor people to get their votes in the elections, you can see the symbol of the brotherhood and their political party on all the food bags…Of course they claim that they help poor people! during the elections, Abd Elrahman Elbar the brotherhood Mufti (it’s the guy who says what is legal and what is not legal according to their policy and not according to Islam: That if you pay a poor person to vote for Morsi and Morsi is an Islamic Candidate, that’s legal!!!

poor people taking brotherhood food to vote in the elections

Mohammed Morsi swore the Constitutional Oath, that he will respect the law and the constitution and he will take care of Egypt and will become a president for all Egyptians, but he didn’t.

You can give a chance and be patient towards a president when he shows his program and plans for the country’s future even if those plans will take place in 2, 3 or 5 years, of course Egypt has many problems in all sectors and fields, but Morsi said before wining the elections that he has This Renaissance Project and he explained how great that project is and how it will solve all the problems of Egypt, then after he won the presidency, Brotherhood leaders mentioned in many occasions, that there is no Renaissance Project, and the real Renaissance has to come from the Egyptians by reducing their consuming! Please know that there millions of Egyptians who live under poverty! what reducing of consuming are they talking about! No vision at all for any programs or plans for the future! Muslim Brotherhood are just concentrating on controlling the country joints.

Keeping poor people in ignorance and poverty is the goal of the brotherhood, so they can easily have full control not only on people but also to control the whole country. If you control the economy of a country, you control everything!

1- Oath: First Thing he has done after the Oath, he used his presidential authority and issued a presidential decree in getting back the Egyptian Parliament that was dissolved by the power of law. Morsi justified that presidential decree due to lacking of stability because there is no parliament! Yes, of course what else can he say! break the law in order to get stability?

The Reasons Why Many Egyptians Hate Mohamed Morsi And The Brotherhood Regime
These are the Islamists who were in the parliament…They were spreading ignorance and leading us to dark ages

And I wonder if that parliament was not of brotherhood majority, would he still break the law if the parliament majority was of liberals? Just an innocent question!

When this Egyptian Parliament was in power, they showed a complete failure in handling all issues that concern all the Egyptians problems. Like for instance, one Egyptian Islamist parliament member said that Egypt should cancel foreign language studying in schools, because he believed that this has a bad effect on the Arabic language! That is just an example from many other examples!

Egyptian Parliment
This is Islamists in the Egyptian parliament

That was the Ex Egyptian Parliament by the way! Yes indeed that looks like Islamist parliament alright!

How can any Egyptian citizen respect the law, if the leader of the country and his supporters and brotherhood do not respect the law in the first place?!

If any Brotherhood or any Islamist that supports the brotherhood or Mohamed Morsi gets a request to appear to court or in front of a DA office, they say, the law and the courts and the judges and the constitutional court are all corrupted and now they want to apply that law to get rid of about 3500 judges, because they do not issue  judgments that support what the brotherhood want! Like that aggressive war launched by Brotherhood started against Tahany Elgebaly, Vice Chief of The Constitutional Court, because she does n’t make compliments to anyone and she is doing her job as an honest Judge.

2- National Reconciliation: He has n’t moved a finger to make any national reconciliation in gathering all Egyptians with all the division we were suffering from after the 25th of Jan and especially after the presidential elections. That was a golden chance for Morsi and the Brotherhood to stop Egyptians from being divided and gather them under one strong leadership and they were gonna follow that leadership as an example, if they have found any, but there isn’t any!

It really seems like the brotherhood prefer this division, because they can then rule and control the country better. One will say, but they did call the opposition to sit down and discuss the issues that are a subject to political conflicts! Yes they did, but they were calling them to sit down and discuss those issues, and at the same minute they were doing all what they want in using the presidential full authorities, in having more control on all the institutions of the country and in applying this policy of the ruling of one group and it is not based on any democracy.

Mentioning the Opposition, all the time you hear in Morsi’s speeches and also the brotherhood speeches saying in public that the opposition and their leaders, they are sabotaging the country and they are hiring gangs to attack the presidential palace and to burn and damage the brotherhood offices, and the opposition is preparing and making coup against the president and they are taking money from abroad to do that…Ok., If the opposition is so criminal, how come and I mean it, how come that not for one single poor time, we have n’t seen those opposition leaders in the court to be punished for all those crimes that Mohammed Morsi and the brotherhood are claiming? Strange that those opposition leaders haven’t being put to trial not even once!!! Strange that the president invite the criminals of the opposition to sit and talk with them!!! Mohamed Morsi didn’t need to arrest or kill the oppositions leaders because he is using his public speeches to incite his followers and brotherhood against them. They do the dirty job.

In many occasions, Mohamed Morsi claimed that he is a president to all Egyptians and not for a certain group or organization or supporters. On the opposite to that, the first speech he made by the presidential palace was addressed to his brotherhood and their supporters from different Islamist Groups, like Salafi, Brotherhood, Hazem Abu Ismail Supporters…etc. The rest of Egyptians were not welcomed there and that was obvious from the speech and also from the chanting of all his Islamist supporters that were against those Egyptians who are criticizing the brotherhood regime.

The Reasons Why Many Egyptians Object Mohamed Morsi And The Brotherhood Regime

3- Shura council: On November 22, 2012, Morsi issued a constitutional Decree and described it as Revolutionary decree and here is the disastrous decree:

a- The presidential decisions and decrees are absolute, final and they are not subject for objection from any party or any authority and not even the constitutional court has any right to have any objection on Morsi’s decisions!

That means that I as a citizen, suppose that I have an issue with the president and I objected one of his decisions or whatever the subject is, I can not go to court and raise a case against him. Meaning that the president is above the law. This also is undermining the constitutional court and the power of laws in Egypt. Is n’t that a dictatorship! Of course he claimed that he did that to have stability again!

b- Dismissing the general district attorney unconstitutionally and replacing him with another counselor. According to law, the president does n’t have the power of law to make that desision, but whether the brotherhood has a law to do things or not, they do whatever serve their interests any way, even if it’s against or above the law. That new general district attorney has proven that he is a Brotherhood guy in many cases!

All cases against islamist, brotherhood or Mohammed Morsi are either closed or under investigation for ever! but when it concerns any political current than Islamist or even any citizens who don’t belong to Brotherhood, they end up in jail, even if they are the victims!

c- Shura Council and its committee has full immunity and cannot be dissolved like the dissolving of the Ex Egyptian Parliament and they have full authority to make Egypt’s constitution.

Shura council has won the elections for 7.2% individuals and 7.67% lists on the 25/2/2012, by forgery and against all laws and constitution.
The main job of the Shura council is to discuss the Egyptian Parliament’s laws legislation and not to issue laws in the first place and not to make the constitution! But of course Mohammed Morsi gave them the full power to do so. The members of the Shura Council are formed from Brotherhood, supporters of Brotherhood, islamist current, Ex Jihadist and terrorist elements, and not based on the qualifications and the experience and the majority of Egyptians did not participate in voting for this Shura Council. This Shura council does n’t represent all Egyptians, it only represents Islamist parties and currents.

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4- The Constitution: 

Egypt’s 2012 constitution draft has been put up for a referendum, approval of the Egyptians on the draft constitution by 63.8% and 36.2 opposition! Many haven’t go to vote!
Founding Committee was elected at the start of Parliament in March 2012, the verdict of a court case against the illegality of this committee was delayed till 1/6/2013, due to Islamist and brotherhood leaders and supporters, they went and surrounded the Constitutional court at the day of announcing the verdict, those Islamist terrorized and stopped the judges from entering the court! Also they accused the constitutional court of corruption in case if they issue a verdict of dissolving the Shura Council and its Committee! According to the law experts That committee has to be resolved because it is unconstitutional.

On the 1st of June 2012, the constitutional Court made a verdict concerning the Shura Council and its Committee being unconstitutional and must be dissolved! Of course Brotherhood and Islamist don’t care for any law or court orders and Shura Council is ON in laws legislation  and issuing laws!!!

The Committee  Of Shura Council made the draft constitution, consisting of 234 items, each item was approved separately during the meeting lasted for 19 hours starting on November 29. Committee stayed for 19 hours making the constitution of the country after all liberals parties withdrew from the committee because they had serious objections on the articles of this constitution that do not represent all Egyptians and it was formed to serve the ruling of the Islamist only.

Of course Morsi declared before, that he will never approve the Constitution Form, if it doesn’t represent all Egyptians and also if the committee of Shura Council won’t contain all different parties and currents which represent all Egyptians!!

Here is some of the articles that were approved in 19 hours and the committee stayed day and night on a hurry to get it done, because they were afraid that if it was n’t delivered on time to the president, if it passed a certain day, the president had to form another committee to form the constitution! Have you ever heard about a constitution that has been formed in 19 continuous working hours, discussed and finished 3 O’clock after midnight!

a-This constitution, does not protect our daughters from trading, under the cover of marriage! The constitution does n’t specify the age of marriage for women and it opens the door for women and children trading! It also said that a woman can get married at the age of 9!!!!

The egyptian constitution allows the marriage of children in egypt

Islamist demonstration-This sign says: We want the marriage of children; NO liberals, NO secular, Just Islamists salfist, just Islamists salafist

b- This constitution does n’t protect children from using children labors and it does n’t protect children rights!

the constitution in egypt allow children labors

c- This constitution does n’t protect poor peasants rights in having legal official papers to own the lands, they are cultivating!

egyptian peasants against the constitution of the brotherhood, which is taking their rights

d- This constitution does n’t protect labors rights in private sectors!

The egyptian constitution does n't protect labors rights in private sector

e- This constitution when it comes to the right of each Egyptian for a decent home and proper living conditions: water, services, electricity, education, health, insurance…etc, is not putting any responsibility or any commitments on the country or the government  towards the Egyptian citizen rights in decent living!

f- This constitution does n’t have a budget for education or health, but it certainly has a budget for security issues and Islamist ministries and ministers are very high budgets!

g- This constitution is formed for the benefits of the rich in making rich getting richer and making poor  poorer!

h- This constitution does n’t relate the income and the salary with prices, but it relates them to production, which means it is up to the owner of the business to specify salaries as they want!

i- This constitution gets the country into religious conflicts.

j- This constitution is allowing the forming of what they call ” the Group for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice”. Meaning that any bunch of people can go in the street and apply their own believes and laws on any citizen that they think or see is not behaving according to the community’s traditions and morals! It also allows any citizen to drag another citizen to the police station if at any time, that citizen thinks that the others are doing something against the law, of course this opens the door to live in a jungle, based on each individual believes and points of views and what is right and what is wrong from each individual point’s of view! Who can really define the original traditions and morals and what is proper and what is not proper, when you open the door for each individual to apply morals and laws according to his/her point of view!

Islamists in Egypt

On that sign they wrote: the problem of liberals opposition is not with Morsi nor the islamist, their problem is that they are against God and Islam! So, get that!…disagreeing with those Islamist or criticizing them, means you are against God and against Islam, meaning they have the right to slaughter you!

Just like George Bush said: You are either with us or with terrorism! The islamist follow the same policy: You are either with us or against God and Islam!

k- This constitution is eliminating the participation of women in political life!

l- This constitution is not giving the rights of disabled persons in the community in participating in political life and rights of employments and decent living!

disabled in egypt don't have any rights according to the egyptian constitution

m- This constitution does n’t give the right to the civil community to supervise the elections!

n- This constitution allows mosques to be used in elections propaganda and directing the votes of the ignorant poor people to vote for Islamist! It also allows using religious symbols in Elections!

o- This constitution give full authority to Mohamed Morsi and the Shura council to have full and absolute control and monitoring on the supervising authorities, which should be monitoring the president and his Shura council!

p- This constitution doesn’t obligate the President to choose a vice president! In addition, this constitution gives the right to the president to choose 10 members in the Shura council without consulting any authority in Egypt! it also gives the president full power and authority to dissolve the Egyptian Parliament and to cancel any law issued by the Egyptian Parliament at any time! Of course they have put all those articles so if one day we will have a parliament with liberals majority and not Islamist, the brotherhood through Morsi can do whatever they want and all according to the law and their constitution!

Q- This constitution doesn’t allow demonstrations and freedom of speech! they have put many obstacles in order to prepare for a demonstration, security and other measures to eliminate the demonstrations!

5- Since the Brotherhood got into power, they are working intensively on putting their hands and full control on all the institutions of the country including hiring their unqualified followers as governors or governors deputies besides of course the government and the ministers. For instance, Morsi appointed the ex terrorist that he freed from jail with a presidential pardon, as the governor of Luxor. This ex terrorist planned the killing of more that 65 tourists from different nationalities that is known by “Luxor massacre” back in 1997.

6- Morsi has opened borders with Gaza, Smugglers are using tunnels to smuggle all kinds of stuff, now the military is destroying all tunnels. More than 16 military soldiers got killed one afternoon in Ramadan last year by “Unknown” they also have stolen their weapons and trucks,who killed those soldiers? Brotherhood and Morsi did n’t really bother that issue, because those soldiers were not Hamas guys or brotherhood. Till this minute, no body knows who and why! Those soldiers got killed while they were getting ready to break their fasting in Ramadan!

Morsi used his absolute and full authorities in issuing a presidential pardon to dangerous terrorist elements and released them from jails.

7-When Egyptians had a demonstration in front of the main Brotherhood building in Moqatam area, and clashes took place, Mohamed Morsi the next day, made a statement and threatened those who are sabotaging properties! He also made it clear that the law is not going to have any mercy with those who are ruining the country by demonstrating.

Now demonstrators are considered sabotaging and destroying properties, because they were demonstrating in front of Brotherhood building. And his general district attorney immediately ordered to arrest some of those who were involved in the demonstration. Also journalists who were covering the demonstration were beaten hard and were not allowed to cover the event and their cameras were destroyed…The following pictures show a woman got brutally slapped on the face by a brotherhood guy! You know why? because she was defending a political activist that got brutally beaten as well! do you know what happened to the guy who slapped the woman? Nothing…why? because he is a brotherhood guy! Some of Brotherhood leaders commented on slapping the woman, that they are not sure, they heard about that woman that she was providing the demonstrators with weapons! Yes, of course she was! and the proof on that is MB’s  declaration, that the woman and other activists got so brutally beaten, because they were carrying weapons but too shy to use them to even defend themselves!

Killing: Also many political activists and many Anti Brotherhood activists on the social Media, got killed during Morsi’s Era in different demonstrations, they got shut in the head or in the chest or they were kidnapped, tortured and found in the street and guess what?! none of those who killed them have been arrested! At all…it is always killed by Unknown…or tortured or beaten by unknown…

Brotherhood attacking and beating men and women and journalists in front of the Brotherhood building in Moqatam cairo egypt images (3) images (4)

8- Demonstration in front of the presidential palace, people had some tents staying the night for the next day demonstration, harming no one, all of a sudden Islamist and brotherhood supporters attacked them and burned the tents and started to beat them hard and kidnapped many of them and tortured them and hanged some of them by ropes on the palace fence, to force them to confess that they are criminals…also others were taken inside the palace and tortured. At the end, they delivered them to the police with the evidence of confession under torture and of course the proof was the brotherhood words! The brotherhood detectives, the Brotherhood police!!!

Presidential Palace Brotherhood and their supporters attacking the peaceful demontstrators
Egyptian citizen tortured by MB because he is Christian
2013-06-01 - 19.25.24 ~ Capture
Another picture a brotherhood supporter putting his hands on Shahenda Mekled’s mouth, she is a political activist, this was just to tell her SHUT UP!!!
2013-06-01 - 19.30.56 ~ Capture
Muslim Brotherhood destroying and burning protesters tents in front of Etihadeya presidential palace
2013-06-01 - 19.31.14 ~ Capture
Muslim Brotherhood destroying and burning protesters tents in front of Etihadeya presidential palace
2013-06-01 - 19.31.29 ~ Capture
Muslim Brotherhood destroying and burning protesters tents in front of Etihadeya presidential palace
2013-06-01 - 19.32.16 ~ Capture
Muslim Brotherhood destroying and burning protesters tents in front of Etihadeya presidential palace
He was tortured because he is Christian. Was walking home and got stopped by MB gangs and tortured to confess that he is a spy
Islamist MB using weapons against Egyptian citizens
Muslim Brotherhood dragged Egyptian citizens who were just passing by the presidential palace and protesters in side the palace, tortured them and held them as hostages
Muslim Brotherhood attacking citizens in the streets for protesting against MB
Muslim Brotherhood thugs beating a child in the street
A young woman protested against MB fascism and this was her punishment from MB supporters
EX Egyptian ambassador of Egypt in Venezuela, got beaten by MB just because he was protesting against MB in front of the presidential palace
Muslim Brotherhood victim

Brotherhood militias attacked women same guy who attacked the woman he is in the image with brotherhood leaders and Mohammed Morsi

Morsi sitting in the presidential palace celebrating 6 October War Memory with the terrorists who killed Sadat and practiced terror acts against the Egyptian Community
Morsi sitting in the presidential palace celebrating 6 October War Memory with the terrorists who killed Sadat and practiced terror acts against the Egyptian Community

9- Mohamed Morsi doesn’t make a speech nor object violence that is committed by the brotherhood or his brotherhood supporters against those who use peaceful demonstrations to just say: I object Brotherhood and Morsi’s policies! But of course Morsi objects and makes statements against his own people who demonstrate against his dictatorship! He always says that those who demonstrate against him, they are just 14 to 15 people …they are financed to make sabotaging and they are nothing but gangs and he knows all about them!

A president who doesn’t care for any voice coming from his own people as long as he can describe them falsely of 14 to 15 people! Which means that if there is 1 or 2 or 10 or 15 like he is claiming are suffering from something and want his attention and care, they are not considered good citizen then, because he despise them…They should be millions then to get your kind attention!?

One time, he announced after a demonstration by the presidential palace, that all gangs were arrested 80 of them and they were hired and paid to burn and to destroy properties and the next morning they will be locked in prison, he also confirmed that those criminals are paid by the old regime and all Egyptians will learn about this conspiracy the next morning!

So this means that Mohamed Morsi knew about who they are and what were the charges and all those details he confirmed in his statement on the Egyptian TV and it was by midnight by the way, all this after just few hours from the arresting! Was he leading the arrest and the investigation then? And is it a coincidence that the statement of Mohamed Morsi about those defendants was exactly the same statements of many of the brotherhood members and leaders, who said the same story during the investigations!

The next day, every body was expecting to hear about those criminals getting locked in prison and the conspiracy, but the surprise was that the news confirmed that they were all released from the DA office because there were no charges nor any evidences against them!!! Of course the DA guy was honest and he was not a brotherhood supporter, that is why he got the general district attorney’s instructions to be dismissed from his post, and he was transferred to another city!!!!!

10- Prime minister chosen by Mohamed Morsi, has no qualifications for  Prime Minister post. He is a big failure and what is he concerned about, when it comes to Egypt’s problems? Not poverty, not ignorance and lack of security, but he is concerned about other important issues: he said in one of his press conferences, that children in Egypt are suffering from diarrhea because the Egyptian peasants in Egypt’s villages, are not clean, and he gave women a lesson on how to clean their breasts before feeding their babies! He also said that every body in Egypt, will live in darkness and must support the heat because of shutting off electricity in Summer, and to solve this problem, he did n’t mention anything about how to solve electricity problem, but he mentioned something about all families must wear light cotton and stay in one room!!!  He also said with no evidence and no reason, that women in villages are taken to the crops fields and then they accept to get raped!!! Remember that’s the Prime Minister of Egypt!!!

11- Mohamed Morsi issued a book about his achievements. Do you want to know about some of his achievements? here they are:

– He is the first president that prays in the mosque regularly and first president who has beard!

-He is the first president who filed court cases against those who opposed his policy!

-He is the first president that his son got less than 90% in high school!!!

Is there any achievements in the above mentioned! according to the brotherhood and the guy who wrote the book…YES!

I’m not going to add more achievements because I care for those who are suffering from high blood pressure and heart attacks!!!

12- The minister of Finance Almorsy Hegazy has taken a study made by Doctor Mohamed Alnaggar about the Economical reforms in Egypt, and the minister copied and pasted many parts of that study and presented it on his name!!! He is the minister of finance! copying and pasting another guy’s research…what do you expect, under a regime that doesn’t respect the law, why should that minister respect any law in relation to others intellectual properties…! The guy had to prove that he is a minister of something!!!

13- The brotherhood has published on the social media that Mohamed Morsi’s achievements in the military field, is buying planes, submarines and weapons…Of course those are military secrets and how can a president or his brotherhood consider that this is one of Mors’s achievements and publish that in public, knowing that those deals, were not made in Morsi’s Era, but in Mubarak’s era!

Also, they announced that Morsi has bought a German submarine and also had a deal with Turkey and China and F16 from the states and all those deals were effected during Mobarak’s Era and  the military council while ruling Egypt during the 25th of Jan 2011 and not during Morsi’s Era!

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Is that lying or what!!!? The amazing achievement of Morsi as well, was that the brotherhood published that Egypt has made the first Egyptian metro train during Morsi’s Era, while the whole story is wrong because Egypt imports the tractor from abroad and only manufacturing the wagons train locally and this is done long time ago before Morsi’s Era, it was during Mubarak Regime!!!

They also claim that Morsi is the first president who ended the military ruling in Egypt! As far as I know, Morsi did not end anything, the authority was delivered freely by the military to the elected President, who won the presidency elections by forgery!!!

Morsi also inaugurated some of the projects that were achieved by military and in some cities in upper Egypt, and he related all to his own achievements, while all those projects are old ones, whether done by military or during Mubarak Era!

14- The first time in the Egyptian History, you see a president and his brotherhood and their Islamist supporters are declaring war of destruction directly and indirectly, against their own military, judges, intelligence, national security, media, press, culture, opera, movies industries, arts and any kind of creativity in Egypt including the war against the Egyptian civilization:- All this is happening they say it is not the brotherhood, they are always Unknown…And the brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsi, never even bother to wave to those that they claim they are “Unknown” with his fingers and never threatened them by the power of law and never accused them of sabotaging and never accused them of putting the national security of Egypt to danger with such announcements against the official institutions in the country…those accusations are only applied on the freedom of speech when it is criticizing Morsi or the Brotherhood.

-Like you hear those extremists who say, the Pyramids should be destroyed because this is considered “Atheism”, adoring statues and stones!!!

-Like you see those  extremists, covering and other times destroying the statues of the Famous Egyptian Singer Om kassoum and Taha Hussein (The Dean of The Arabic Literature) and other valuable statues

The islamists in egypt are destroying statues and call for destroying the pyramids 81308_660_2313680_opt images (1) images (2) images

All this, and the world is supporting Muslim Brotherhood, financing them and watching us getting terrorized, oppressed, tortured and killed…And the west is claiming that Egypt is on the right path for democracy and freedom!!!

Of course what do you expect! When you see terrorists and extremists that Mohamed Morsi has giving them a general Pardon from Prison, and others who escaped during the 25th of Jan 2011, like those who were killing Egyptians and tourists in the 80’s and the 90’s, they were also killing police officers, they were bombing buses and assassinating political, writers and journalists…And those who killed late president Sadat, they are all now public and national figures that you see in the Media, and guess what! those criminals, are talking about the crimes of the oppositions and those who demonstrate against Mohamed Morsi and the brotherhood, they are considered gangs and committing acts of violence and crimes according to Ex terrorists because they demonstrate and criticize the regime!!!!

Mohamed Morsi gave what he doesn’t own nor have:

Mohamed Morsi gave a general Pardon for those who are killers and terrorists, meaning that Mohamed Morsi gave himself the right to pardon and forgive and forget that the people who got killed by those criminals, they do have families, kids and wives and mothers and fathers, those families have n’t forgive nor pardon those who killed their sons…But Mohamed Morsi did! Why? Because he is the “elected” president according to the west and his supporters. I have a question for him: If that person who got killed was your son or daughter or wife or any of your family’s members, would you accept Mr. Morsi, if I was the president to give a general pardon to the  killer of your own child?

Among those who got released from prison and received presidential pardon:

Interior Ministry began releasing 17 of the group’s leaders and Islamic Jihad by a decision and general pardon of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic, to stop the enforcement of the charges against the names of those released include the leaders terrorists who were sentenced to death and life imprisonment of military courts and the Supreme State Security Courts.

A list of the most prominent names who were released are “Hassan Khalifa Othman and Shaaban Hareedy and Grayb Shahat who were sentenced to death in the cases of murder of officers, also included a decision to stop the implementation of the penalty to life imprisonment issued Atef Moussa Saiid and Ahmed Mahmoud Hammam, who were convicted in the assassination attempt Hosni Mubarak in Alexandria, in addition to Mohammed Mohammed Ismail, who has been sentenced to 17 years in the same case. ”

Included list released both Saber khatab and Attia Abdel Samie who had  provisions life imprisonment, as well as Abul Ela Mohammed Abed Rabbo, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the case of events of Imbaba, in addition to Abdel-Hamid Abu Aqrab who had “life sentence” and Shawky Mustafa Attia “life sentence” in the case of Returnees jihadist from Albania, Mahmoud Abdel Ghany had “life sentence,” Hassan Fayed “life sentence”, and the list includes Mohamed Yousry Yassin, who was convicted to imprisonment for 10 years in the events of the 2005 bombings of Al-Azhar area. and more most dangerous criminal and terrorist elements, including those who were under trials and death penalty for killing tourists in the 90’s .

The National Security refused to include the names of 7 of the leaders of the group Islamic Jihad organization in the list of those released who had been sentenced to life imprisonment, headed by Ahmed Salama Mabrouk and Mohamed Mostafa El-Sayed and Gamal Abdel Ghani, Anwar Hamed Abbas, Akram Mohamed Fawzy, because that was not possible due to national security reasons. Unfortunately, all state’s joints were controlled by MB.

All those whop killed innocent people, one of them by the way who got a pardon, killed an Egyptian Writer during Mobarak Era’s because that writer was against  terrorism! and you know the guy who killed him, admitted later that he has never read any of the writer’s books! The writer who was assassinated is Farag Fouda.

Those ex criminals terrorists and extremists, they say in different occasions, that they have the honor of killing police officers and whoever they have killed because that was the God call of duty and jihad!!!!!

In many occasions, you see the brotherhood leaders in public or their supporters from the extremists saying that they wish one day to see the Egyptian military defeated! of course every now and then they threaten the military with Hamas or with the brother hood Islamist supporters and militias and jihadists in the entire world!

The brotherhood were changing their status towards the military according to their own interests of course! Now, they fear the military, because the military is respected and has this special place in the heart of most of the Egyptians, and due to lacking of security, many Egyptians made agencies to the minister of defense asking the military to rule the country! Of course the brotherhood are attacking the military because they do not accept that any one become popular than themselves! and also that is a big threat to their ruling of the country!

How do you explain that a guy like Hazem Abu Ismail (he was in presidential elections and got out of it because he lied about the personal information he has given the committee and that is considered forged information of course, but he got away with it, why? because he is Morsi’s and brotherhood big supporter)

Hazem Abu Ismail

Hazem Abu Ismail is always declaring statements Anti Military, Anti freedom of speech, Anti Media and press, Anti Police, Anti judges, Anti Supreme Court, Anti women, Anti everything and everyone who criticize Morsi or the brotherhood. Not only this, but in many events and many occasions, he sends his supporters and followers to attack and surrounds the Supreme Constitution court, terrorizing judges, also he sends his followers to surround the Media main city and terrorizing the Media hosts and Journalists, also he sends his followers to terrorize judges and threatening judges and journalists of going directly to their home residences if they do not stop criticizing Morsi and the brotherhood. One time, his followers were accused of burning one of the oppositions Office ” Alwafd” and when the ministry of interior dared to send policemen to arrest some of his followers, he had this famous video on YouTube, insulting the minister of interior and the whole police system, how dare they going and arresting his followers and in that video, he threaten that he will get rid of the minister of interior and he will show him who Hazem Abu Ismail is! And you know what? He did…because just a few days after his threats, the minister of interior was dismissed from his post!

Hazem Abu Ismail is a very powerful man, no body can touch that guy, he is totally and absolutely above the law! He is that kind of a guy that does everything and anything and he is protected, do I need to tell you why? or you can answer that innocent question by yourself?!

On the other hand, Abu El Ela Mady, brotherhood supporter and he was one of those criminals who were involved in killing late president Sadat in terrorist acts, that guy is now a chief of a political party, he said in Public, that the president told him, that the Egyptian Intelligence has 300,000 gangs, they are using them against Morsi and the stability of the country!!! So, how come Morsi has n’t arrested all of them yet!!! He said that in a conference and the video is available in a link here and on YouTube. Of course, later the guy said No i did not say that, they have cut my statement and faked it! Well, the video is available and if they did so as he claims, why didn’t he raise a case against those who faked it? And why president Mohamed Morsi himself, did not at all deny or commented on what that guy said?!

You know why?  because the brotherhood are testing us all the time! every now and then, they release something through someone like  their supporters, then wait and see the reaction…if the reaction is positive, then they go ahead with their plan to replace those whom they are damaging their reputation through their brotherhood guys or supporters; And if the reaction is negative, then they act as if they are not there and they have no relation to it, and they look for another plan and wait for a while, till things calm down!

Mohamed Morsi doesn’t react at all to any statement that is made on his behalf or mentioning him of accusing his own intelligence, because like I mentioned previously,  The brotherhood release statements either on their brotherhood leaders tongue or by their supporters, in making the image of the biggest institutions in the country look bad, because they think, they can succeed in making a gap between those institutions and the Egyptian People, so the brotherhood can then have full control on those institutions after they make their image bad…They really think that we are so stupid….Like they managed to divide Egyptians during the 25th of Jan 2011 and they succeeded then in jumping on the revolution and took over!!!

Like a month ago, brotherhood encourage Islamist to apply security in the streets due to the lacking of security! Meaning that Islamist apply law with their own hands in the streets and they even called for replacing the police by those Islamist!

Of course they also wish either to control the military or replace them with Islamist!

The constitutional court has being attacked many times by the Islamist and they also dismissed some of them that they were considered a headache to the brotherhood because they were shooting their judgments according to the law and not according to the brotherhood wishes, even that this same constitutional court, is the one that was issuing verdicts during Mobarak Era which were in favor of brotherhood declaring innocence, every time they were seeing them innocence in some cases. Mobarak never challenged the Constitutional court and never asked his guys to go and terrorize judges by stopping them from entering the court.

All institutions that the brotherhood are not able to make them loyal and obey the brotherhood leadership, they are attacked by Brotherhood followers, and the president is ok with that, he doesn’t object, he does n’t make speeches nor condemn those acts either:

Islamists brotherhood supporters attacking the national security building in Egypt 3 4 5 7 12 15 16 21

Those pictures were taken about one month ago, Brotherhood supporters attacking the national security Buildings and they tried to break in, they were also trying to fire the buildings and they were carrying Osama Bin Laden and Alzawahry pictures as their ideal example in Killing and terrorizing – they also carried a sign calling the National Security as a whore!!! why? because that demonstration was to say to everybody: that if any law or any investigations dared to call any Islamist supporters to Morsi or Brotherhood, we will burn you alive! that was the message!

 – The Egyptian Opera house also is a target now from Islamists in the month of June 2013, they even announced that this ballet dancing is against religion and it makes girls who ballet dancing lose their virginity and practice illegal relationships!!!  And the Opera should be shut down…The french Opera house and the Belgium Opera house is supporting the Egyptian Opera house and closed for 3 days as a reaction in refusing the Islamists aggression against our Egyptian Opera!

-Movie Industry and actors and actresses also had their share…Insulted and attacked by Islamist because they consider those artists like whores, they even faked some pictures of an Egyptian Actress her name is Ilham Shahin and claimed that she is a whore and how many actors rode her in movies! When she managed to raise a case against the salafy who claimed that about her and insulted her in the Media, she won the case and of course the guy’s supporters accused the court of being corrupted and supporting whores!

Another very famous actor Adel Imam, he also was accused and a case in the court was raised against him by some islamists, accused him of being against god and Islam, just because he made movies about extremists and Islamists who were committing acts of terror in the 90’s and he won the case and was declared innocent. Of course also then the court considered corrupted according to Islamists statement!

14-Suez Canal: Connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Opened in November 1869 after 10 years of construction work by a French company who forced Egyptian labors to work like slaves in that project and many died due to that slavery . Suez Canal allows transportation by water between Europe and Asia without navigation around Africa.

When Egypt was living under the Turkish occupation, France took the benefits and the profits of the Suez Canal for 99 years and it lasted till Egypt was occupied by the British as well! By the way, that french project came as an investment as well and that is how we lost the Suez Canal in the first place!

During Nasser’s Era, he decided to get back the Suez Canal profits and Benefits to Egyptians and managed to nationalize the Suez Canal. Meaning that Nasser got back what was stolen from Egypt back to Egypt. And the consequences were : The Tripartite Aggression against Egypt by France, England and Israel!

I had to explain the above mentioned part of the Suez Canal in brief because the current event is related to the past.

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Now  in Mohamed Morsi’s Era, The text of some points of the new law regarding the development of the Suez Canal Province that Mohamed Morsi and the brotherhood want to apply is :

That project sounds great when you hear about it, making a big project in developing the Suez Canal Area, employ many unemployed Egyptians…etc, But when you read some of the articles of that law, they really don’t look nor sound good at all!

Before I explain those articles of the law, you need to know that the same project was presented to Sadat and Mubarak and they totally refused it, because of national security and other important reasons of that Suez Canal very sensitive issue, you will be able to understand why they refused that law when you read the rest of this point…

Article 10 in the law mentioned that  the money of the project is Private!

Articles 7 and 8 mentioned full authority for  Mohamed Morsi on that project including hiring, dismissing and supervising…etc !

The rest of articles are so cleared that this project is going for certain investors and certain countries – also the word “Province” was added to Suez Canal. Province was used during the colonial occupation when the occupation divided Egypt to provinces to be easier to have full control on the whole country, and especially the Suez Canal!

The new law is separating the Suez Canal from Egypt’s authority and the only authority that will supervise the project is the central bank of Egypt, under the authority of Mohamed Morsi, meaning the Muslim Brotherhood!

That separation of Suez Canal from the authority of the country, means that it opens the door for having Muslims provinces or cities, Christians provinces or cities, Nubians province and cities…etc

That issue of dividing Egypt into provinces , did not start with that Suez Canal law, but it started with the announcement of the Egyptian Housing Urban Development proposes to divide Egypt into the regions of development and the establishment of new provinces in the Oct. 2, 2011 – And no body paid attention then to that proposal! But now it is a reality!

All the experts (even those who voted for Morsi in the presidential elections) have confirmed that this project is very dangerous on the Egyptian National Security status, to have such project with such law that does n’t allow the country to supervise nor control a project that is opened for foreign and Arab investments with no guarantees of any national security measures or procedures!

Moreover, they added that this project sounds and seems like putting the Suez Canal in auction for a certain investors and countries like Qatar or Israel. For instance, Morsi is working hard in drowning Egypt into debts (I guess that’s his Renaissance Project), if one day Egypt can not pay the debts, does this project open the door for taking the Suez Canal as a guarantee against our debts! Also Experts mentioned that if that project in ON, and one day we face a war with Israel or whoever, the investors of other countries have the right then to save their money and investments and this means having other countries interfere in the Egyptian affairs under the cover of protecting their investments! Of course this can happen if that law stays the same with no modifications!

Let me give you a live example: On February 23, 2006  the U.S. Congress objected  the deal in the Bush era allowing an Emirates company investing in the management of major U.S. seaports because they affect the national security of America! and the Americans have taken all measures that guarantee their authority on their own lands!!!

Are we committing anything illegal here by asking Mohamed Morsi to modify the law in a way that can comply with Egypt’s authority on Suez Canal! Are we asking for too much when we declare and scream to the world that we do not want to lose the Suez Canal once again!!!

I have written an article in Arabic on that Suez Canal issue provided with all videos and articles of experts and their statements about dividing Egypt and putting the Suez Canal into auction.

Sinai :The Brotherhood don’t really mind that Sinai will be the home land of Palestinians, Many Palestinians now are having Sinai as a home land on their identities and buying lands in Sinai, of course Israel is happy about that too, because this will solve a big problem for them – Brotherhood of course are supported by the US,  and as long as they work well with the states and Israel interests in the regions, Brotherhood can rule Egypt as they wish…Muslim Brotherhood used to say that Mubarak was a USA agent in the region – I wonder what are the brotherhood to the States, This dictatorship of brotherhood, is the sponsor of  the USA and Israel interests in the region!

Mohamed Morsi also stepped on all concerned authorities, by giving Egyptian nationalities to more than 50 thousands Palestinians of Gaza!!!

15- Debts: Since Morsi got into power and he is making big efforts in drowning Egypt into debts, is that your Renaissance project? who is going to pay those debts! and what is the return for those debts? Are you putting the whole country in auction now!!! where is your program for reforms? where is your future plans for the future? What happened to all the dreams and future plans that you promised all the Egyptians who believed in you and believed in your brotherhood?

16- Iran And Syria: That’s really the bananas republics here! The brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi of course, they always claim that they support democracy and freedom of speech and dignity…and etc…, In the meantime, right after Mubarak stepped down, Kamal Elhalabawy, who was a brotherhood leader then, visited Iran and he was telling poems about how democratic the Iranian regime is and how they are a great example for democracy to follow…then after Mohamed Morsi became a president, he got back the relations with Iran and it is obvious that he supports the Iranian regime…

The democratic Mohamed Morsi is supporting the democratic Iranian regime, that regime who kills any demonstrators and condemn them to death, that Iranian regime who isolated his people from the rest of the world,  that regime when they took over, they did the same thing the brotherhood promised  Egyptians; Dignity, freedom, democracy, justice, reforms in all fields; And the first thing that Iranian regime did, was arresting those who made the revolution against the Shah of Iran and condemn them all to death!!!

In the meantime, Iranian regime is supporting Bashar Alassad president of syria and of course Brotherhood and Morsi do not support Alassad but they support what they call””revolution against Alassad”, But all parties whether Iranian or Muslim Brotherhood Brotherhood or Morsi, they do have great relations and they are all with no exceptions “Democratic”. And at the end, they all lived happily ever after!

17- The Ethiopian Dam and the Nile river: Mohamed Morsi visited Ethiopia on May 2013 in order to discuss many issues including the problem of the Ethiopian Dam that can have serious effects especially on Sudan and Egypt’s shares from the Nile water, and right after Mohamed Morsi took the plane and left back to Egypt, Ethiopia announced changing the direction of the Nile water! Then when Egypt objected such attitude, Ethiopia came with various different declarations: in general what they said that No not to worry this measure won’t effect Egypt and they will see that it won’t – they will do their best – and other declarations that Ethiopia has broken the arrogant nose of the Egyptians!

You just get one message out of that:  It is not a secret that Egypt under the ruling of Mohamed Morsi and the brotherhood, is no longer respected! And if Mohamed Morsi and the Brotherhood don’t care and don’t believe in borders issues and they do not care for countries, they care only to build their Islamic Empire! If the president of the country does n’t care for his own country’s safety and authority and national security, why then should any country whether Ethiopia or other countries respect or care for Egypt!

18- The security and the traffic in Egypt: What is really stopping Mohamed Morsi since he got to power from issuing severe laws and severe measures in order to solve the traffic problems in Egypt! Mohamed Morsi issued laws and presidential decrees to give himself full authority even that all of them against any law and against any decent legal constitution! why he has n’t done anything in relation to the traffic problems and this bananas chaos we are living in?! People just do not respect any law any more! Why should they respect any law, when the president of teh officials are breaking the law and challenging those who execute the law because many of them are not Brotherhood hypocrites!

Egypt has never lived under such chaos or danger surrounding us from everywhere, maybe some crimes abroad are considered common, but they were not common in Egypt because they did not really exist before like they are now: Kidnapping, asking for ransom, raping, terrorizing, Thefts, armed attacks on banks and stores, kidnapping soldiers, killing soldiers, thefts of military uniform and smuggle the uniforms to Gaza (one guy from Hamas said through a private media channel that was not theft nor smuggling, our kids like to wear the Egyptian military uniform when celebrating Palestinians various feasts! God, there is no limit for what those people can say and claim – Brotherhood of course did not bother that issue, neither Mohamed Morsi)

In some of the tests in public schools, if the teacher is supporting the brotherhood, he/she mixes politics into questions, tests and education! and what do they do about it, just normal investigation and then it ends on nothing!

Another incident one teacher asked a child in primary in public school to cover her hair with a veil, and when she did not cover it the next day, the teacher cut a part of her hair! I heard the teacher was sent to investigation but I did not bother to follow on it, is so crazy and nonsense, and there is no justice under the Brotherhood regime!

Another teacher also in public school asked a girl to cover her hair and to make sure that she will, he asked all her colleagues to hit her on her head, so she will remember next time to cover it, and again he was put to investigation, then nothing happened!

There are also Muslim Brotherhood women in the streets, who cut women and girls hair randomly in the streets, if they are not wearing veils, and it also happened to some Christians girls and women in the subway!!!

All this chaos is happening because you have a leadership that allows such crimes against humanity! and the leadership doesn’t respect the law, so why would any citizen respect the law or even respect the rights of others!

On the 30th of June 2013 and who knows maybe something will take place before, many Egyptians will go on a demonstration asking for earlier presidential elections and objecting the Brotherhood policies and regime, Mohamed Morsi and the Brotherhood are not two separate things, because the real president who is ruling the country is the Muslim Brotherhood organization and not really Mohamed Morsi!

There is a campaign called rebels are gathering forms having names and identities numbers from all Egyptians who are objecting the Brotherhood ruling of Egypt.

No body knows what will happen that day or before that day, will we have another revolution? I wish we do…The brotherhood are going further for whatever they want to do in Egypt and the reasons for that is many Egyptians are tired of demonstrating and they are depressed and frustrated and they lost confidence and faith in many things! Also the opposition parties are not united and are not organized…But I believe that  the resistance against Brotherhood will succeed with the courage and the strong will of the Egyptians, and I believe in the Egyptians…I have no doubt about their strong will.

I have lived all the events I wrote in this article, and believe me when I say that when I went on reading what I wrote, I really felt so scared, sad and so angry and so crazy of all what happened and still happening, and I want to ask those from other nationalities, people like us, not governments or administrations, are you paying taxes? Do you know where all your money is going? Do you accept that your government or your president or your parliament support a regime like the Brotherhood?! Have you ever bothered to read about what’s happening in other parts of this world?

Have you ever bothered to learn about what is happening in Egypt and in the Arab World? Politics is so dirty and ugly – I hate it and I’m obliged and forced to get involved in it…

The US is supporting the Brotherhood, Europe is supporting Brotherhood – are they supporting Brotherhood because it is of their benefits too that the Arab World get divided into pieces? Like what they did to Iraq, Libya and Syria?

Why your Governments are invading our countries? For the Oil? Yes for the Oil… Syria doesn’t have any oil, that’s why they did not invade Syria so far…

Why your countries are supporting terrorist fascist regime like the Muslim Brotherhood? How come that your officials are ignoring all this oppression and terrorizing and they are describing it as democracy?

The only Military that is left in the whole Arab Nation, is the Egyptian Military, that is why the brotherhood and the Islamist and God knows who else want to break the Egyptian Military and because they can’t and they know they can’t – So they are trying to damage their reputation or make them look bad, but they never succeeded and they never will!

I believe in God and I believe in all messengers of God, and Prophet Mohammed when he said to his followers: If you manage to get to Egypt after I’m Gone, take care of that land and take from Egypt many soldiers because they are the greatest soldiers on this earth and Egyptians are in attachment till the last day on Earth…and while saying this he attached his both hands together so strongly. “He meant by this attachment, Christians and Muslims attachment till the last day on this earth.”

I believe in what he said – Egypt lived for 7000 years now, and was occupied and invaded and has seen the worst from invasions, colonial occupations and conspiracies from inside and outside, and Egypt Survived. Now Egypt is occupied by terrorists…

We will resist these dark ages even if it will cost us our own lives and blood…

Egypt may get sick for some time But never dies…

This post was written and published on 29/5/2013 just before about one month from the 30th of June 2013  revolution, and was updated on 15/5/2015, due to some typing error mistakes, and for adding some links…

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