Egyptian Minister Of Defense Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi Speech 18 August 2013

Egyptian People Authorise Egyptian Military and Police to Fight MB Terrorism In Egypt
Egyptian People Authorize Egyptian Military and Police to Fight MB Terrorism In Egypt

Egyptian Minister Of Defense Abdel Fattah El-Sisi Speech in his meeting with Egyptian Military and Police Leaders, Officers and individuals – Dated the 18th Of August 2013

The Egyptian Minister Of Defense saluted and payed condolences to all the Military and police individuals martyrs during the recent period. Everybody stood one minute of silence.

El-Sisi declared :”We, the Military and Police institutions, we do not betray or conspire, we are a national and honorable institution who dealt for a whole one year with the Ex – presidency, with honor and integrity. All of you police and military individuals know that you are not led by conspiracies or betrayal or treachery like those who want to destroy the reputation of this military great institution, are claiming.”

El-sisi added:”I’m taking you back to remember that Ex-regime period, to explain further, how we were working hard to avoid the circumstances we are facing nowadays. We did our utmost efforts to avoid that religious strife which is taking place in our country. And we warned of the current status that was totally expected.

What we are facing now is not a political conflict, but it is a religious conflict, raised by those who want to make the situation seems as a war against Islam in Egypt. No, that’s not a war against Islam. Those who are claiming and spreading those lies, I’m telling them, stop and listen to me! Islam is not owned by you, we are muslims too and if anyone out there feels or thinks that our Islam is terrorizing you, then you know nothing about the real Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and not terrorizing, whether you are a good muslim or not, Islam is not a religion of spreading terror or violence or hatred.

Islam has one speech to all humanity, Islam accepts all human beings. Please do not think that I’m lecturing you here about the Islam Religion, because the one who is specialized in the religion affairs and to explain further about Islam principles and message better than I can, is our Grand Mufti.”

Let me remind you again of the Ex-regime period, it was on November 2012, we called all parties to sit and talk and we asked all parties to put the national reconciliation as a top important matter for the sake of the country, and try your best to reach a one mutual form for all parties to agree on. We never took one party’s side against another. We were always neutral to all parties. And we confirmed many times that the military institution will never get involved or be forced into politics. But unfortunately, the Ex-regime never listened to our advices and suggestions to reach a solution which could have gotten all parties stand and agree on one mutual ground.

We were always advising the Ex-presidency to be aware that this ignoring to our advices and suggestions to reach a political solution, will drag Egypt to a dark tunnel. And we repeated that over and over after November 2012 in a speech which took place here in the Egyptian Military Academy. Every body then was wondering and asking, why I was saying that it will take Egypt to a dark tunnel?! I mentioned that then, because I knew that what we are living today was expected, we were not surprised of what had happened since then and till this minute, and that’s what I meant by taking the country to a dark tunnel.

Let me remind you again, that all procedures, we have taken to secure and protect the people and the country, were totally transparent, fair and honest. The military did not surprise anybody with anything, all measures were clear and transparent and based on the people’s willing and it was never based on our willing like those who are claiming that the 30th of june 2013 revolution was a coup and a not a revolution. What was exactly expected from the Egyptian Military? I warned the Ex- Presidency many times, that not reaching a political solution at that time, is going to take the country to a real civil war. We even went on further, by waiting and be patience towards all parties involved and we were very clear and transparent in giving enough periods to all parties to talk things over to reach a political solution.

I also explained to the Ex-Presidency and confirmed to him over and over, that if the presidency and all parties involved won’t reach a political solution at that period, Egypt will see a real bloody fighting which will lead us to a dark tunnel and a civil war and I asked him directly, as a military institution, what do we do then? How are we going to handle that serious situation if it takes place in Egypt? That took place on March 2013. We have never hidden any informations from the presidency because we were dealing with the Ex- regime with transparency.

And Let me ask again, what was expected from the military, seeing and heard all those millions of Egyptians who went out in all the Egyptian cities, on the 30th of June 2013? If those millions of Egyptians who went out and had demands and their demands were not met, do you know what the consequences of ignoring their demands were really going to be then? When you ignore millions of people’s demands, they go angry and they start dealing with violence as a reaction for ignoring their demands, And that was going to lead us to the dark tunnel and the civil war. And I explained that too to the Ex- regime when it took place and I was very clear in explaining to him the consequences of the developing situation then..I asked him directly how do you expect me to stand against Millions of Egyptians in the streets who have demands, what do you expect me to do and how can I stand against millions of People’s willing to disperse them from the all over the country, how can we handle that? But I didn’t get any positive response from the Ex-presidency.

The democracy practicing in a country as big as Egypt, cannot be handled by a weak fragile ways. The Ex- regime handled the democracy as a ladder in order to reach the authority. Did the Ex-regime push the ladder down, after reaching the authority? No he didn’t push the ladder down, but what he did was taking up the ladder with him. Do you you know what i mean by taking the ladder up with him? I mean that he took the ladder up with him, so no one else will have an authority circulation in ruling Egypt, except the Brotherhood.
I was told during the Ex-Regime period, we did not reach the authority to leave it one day, we will rule Egypt for the next coming 500 years! I swear to you by God, that’s what I’ve been told by the Ex-regime!
How can we understand such declaration?! This is not democracy, you can rule the people, as long as they are satisfied with your performance. That’s not democracy, that you rule a country for 500 years, meaning forever and against people’s will, democracy means, the circulation of the authority.

I want you to pay attention to what I’m going to say now, God Almighty gave all people the freedom to choose between believing or not to believe in God. God mentioned in Quran:” whoever decides to believe in me, then let him believe, and whoever decides, not to believe in me then let him disbelieve.”
God gave us the choice and the freedom to choose in believing or disbelieving and each one of us will stand in front of God, at the judgment day, and we will have the freedom to defend our choices.
That what God said, but the Ex-regime wanted to rule Egypt for 500 years besides teaching Egyptians the Religion and the righteousness, and this is how things will go whether Egyptians accept it or not! he really imagined that he only owns and has the truth and the right, and all of us in this country, all Egyptians are not good and are wrong.

I respond to what the Ex-regime said, No, that’s not true, because the Egyptian people have free willing and they they are free in choosing who they want to rule the country, and we the Egyptian Military and now also the Egyptian Police are trustees on the Egyptians people Choices and willing.

I’m Telling the Ex- regime from here, don’t you ever think that we are weak or unable to protect the Egyptians people’s willing. In the meantime, we fear God in dealing with The Egyptian people’s willing, meaning we know how to treat our people as God ordered us, it is our duty to protect the people in Egypt and we are brave enough to sacrifice our own lives to save the Egyptians people from Terror.
We fear God Almighty, god is going to judge us at the judgment’s day. And let me assure all of you, we believe that we are doing the right thing according to people’s willing and in sacrificing our own lives to save all the Egyptians, and based on that, we do not have any problem in facing death to protect all Egyptians.

We are all going to die sooner or later, that’s a fact, when or where? Only God knows. I said before in my previous speeches, God gave people the freedom to choose, no one on this earth can force people to accept anything against their own will, and we Egyptian Military, if we allow such oppression against Egyptians, then we better die. We will never allow anyone to oppress the Egyptian People or force anything on them against their will.

Let me take that opportunity to talk about something very important to discuss with all of you here. You hear those who are claiming that what is happening in Egypt, is a military ruling. I’m telling all those, NO, this is not a military ruling.
I confirmed in many occasions before and I will confirm it again, the Egyptian military doesn’t have any desire or any willing or intentions to rule Egypt.

The Egyptian Military and I, the Superior Chief commander of the Egyptian Military, are telling you from here, the Egyptian Military have the honor of protecting the Egyptian people’s willing and freedom of choice, which is more valuable and precious to the military and to me personally, than the honor of ruling Egypt.

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I don’t like to swear, but I will say it again, I swear by God Almighty, the Egyptian Military have the honor of protecting the Egyptian people’s willing and their freedom of choice, which is more valuable and precious to the military and to me personally, than the honor of ruling Egypt.

The Egyptians Military want to see Egypt as one of the greatest country’s in the world in all developments fields.

I tell those who still claim that what happened in the 30th of June 2013, was not a revolution and it was a coup, I tell them you are not telling the truth here. When we made the statement of the road map, our statement was clear. We have now a temporarily President with a group of Consultants, who are leading the country in this period.

We also have a Prime Minister with a group of Ministers, who are leading the ministers council. And as everybody knows, I’m just a member in that Government, nothing more than that. And I don’t have any desire to have or to be involved in more than that.

Pay Attention to what I’m saying here, that’s not a military ruling to Egypt. I’m highlighting that point again, to let all my military colleagues and individuals, know where the military is standing.

When we made our decision, of protecting the Egyptian People’s will on the 30th of June 2013, we knew the consequences of that decision, and we calculated all consequences. We were sure then that the Ex-regime will turn the whole situation to a religious conflict.

So, we confirmed then and still we are confirming now, that the Egyptian Military took his decision to protect the people’s willing and not to allow the blood shedding of any Egyptian, and not to allow Egyptians to kill each other, because we have given our military forces souls as a sacrifice to protect the people from killing each other. If we had allowed that fighting between Egyptian People, it was going to be real massacres that would have caused the death of thousands or even millions.
If someone must die here in that terror attacks, then it’s going to be us the Egyptian Military and not any Egyptian Civilian. I said this before to those who want to make the world believe that it is a war against Islam. No it is not a war against Islam, it’s a war against terror and we told them we are ready to die in that war, bring your war to the Egyptian Military and stay away from the Egyptian people. We are not going to allow any civilian Egyptian to be involved in that war, because it is the military forces duty to die for their people and it is the Egyptian Military duty to protect all Egyptians.

The Egyptian Military can stand anything because of Egypt’s sake and our people’s sake. And I’m telling those who are trying their utmost to destroy the country and ruin the Military institution’s reputation, are you blaming us for loving our people and loving our country?

What kind of a manhood and prowess is that? That we, the Egyptian Military can accept, that Egyptians people stay in their own homes panicking, and we are still alive and exist?!
What do we tell God at the day of Judgment, when he ask us how did we handle our own people’s safety and security? The Egyptian’s Military Job and duty is to protect people’s will and safety and not allow any terror to scare people from leaving their homes and live a normal life.

I’m talking a lot about that issue, so we all realize the size of what we have done, and why we have done it? We didn’t protect people’s willing for any ruling or any authority’s desire. It was not even to exclude anyone from the country.

We delivered the authority to the Ex-regime, after he won the elections, based on people’s choice and we did respect that choice and never interfered in it, on the opposite, we did respect it.
But what happened in less than a year after we delivered the authority to the Ex-regime? In less than a year, the Egyptians said: Enough is Enough! And millions of Egyptians went out in all the cities in Cairo and made their revolution on the 30th of June 2013.

I want to draw your attention to something important, on the 24th of July 2013 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, when i made a speech in the Military Academy and I addressed my message to all Egyptian people and asked them to authorise the military to deal with possible Terrorism and violence that may take place; The Egyptian people responded to my request and millions went down on the 26th of July 2013 in the whole Republic Of Egypt.

The purpose of that request, was not just what we mentioned about authorizing military to deal with possible terrorism; But there were other purposes to that call.

First purpose, was to tell the whole world and also all the Medias abroad, those are the millions of Egyptians, who you guys denied their rights in making their own choices.

I address my speech now to those medias and countries abroad, see all those millions of Egyptians who went out on the 26th of July 2013, my request was during a day and a half only, and millions of Egyptians responded to my request, what does that reflect and express?
And this bring us to the second purpose, Do you think that all those millions of Egyptians who went out in all cities, would have really responded to my call, unless they really had a true willing and true demands for a real change and to reconfirm that change which took place on the 30th of June 2013 based on People’s willing? I was also hoping that the Ex-regime will realize, in case they didn’t realize earlier that there is indeed a true willing from the Egyptians people for a real change and also Egyptians were determined in showing their refusal of that Ex-regime to the whole world.

Third purpose was to show the Military individuals, how the Egyptians have handled us a very huge responsibility, and we are committed to that responsibility and we are able to handle it as the people expect from us and more.

People went down in all cities in Cairo, and handled us their authorization to fight possible terror and to protect the country from any possible terror or violence.

People thought that by the second day or the third day of their authorisation, we were going to disengage the Sit-In Nahda and in Rabaa squares. But we didn’t. Because we preferred to give many chances to everyone involved in that matter whether parties from inside or outside Egypt and also to all those parties who asked to interfere in the issue in order to reach a solution and to solve the crisis peacefully.

All that time of trials to solve the crisis peacefully, We were sitting with all parties involved and we told them please pay attention, I was asking all the parties involved and I’m by the way still asking that question again, answer me please, What is requested from the other brotherhood side, not from our side? is it a peaceful getting into political life or the confrontation?
And I added to all of them, if you guys manage to answer that question of mine, the rest will be easy to handle.
Are the brotherhood ready and have the willing to go into political life with their Egyptians brothers in the Egyptian Community? And go through fair elections, in a real democracy life in the next period like the Map Road? Or do they want the confrontation? That was my question to all the inside and outside parties who were interfering in that crisis.

I even asked them another question, what is their strategic target? is it to destroy Egypt or the participation in construction and development?

Pay attention here, so all matters be clear to all of you, if it was the participation in construction and development of the country, who can really refuse that kind of participation? Of course that was most welcomed from our side and everyone else’s side in Egypt. But if the strategic target was to destroy the country and the people of Egypt, who can really accept or even keep silent about that?!
No, we do not permit nor accept that our country or our people get destroyed, and this is an issue that we can never accept to keep silent about it and just watch it happening.

Listen to me all of you, I’m not threatening anyone, I’m not threatening anyone, what I said is totally clear and understandable. No, we do not permit nor accept that our country or our people get destroyed, and this is an issue we never accept to keep silent about it and just watch it happening.

And let me add that we are ready for any acts or possibilities of destroying our countries. That’s against God’s will to this country. And what is against god’s will, we refuse it and never accept it. What is supported by God, is supported by us for the sake of our country and people.

Now, please allow me to talk about the lost chances. I want to say that during the year of the Ex-regime, there were many lost chances to modify the path and to find an understanding space between the Ex-regime and the existing political power and also the public opinion. But in fact, one chance after another were just lost and gone.
All chances were lost due to Stubbornness and the thought that the path which the Ex-regime was taking, was from his own point of view, the correct path.

It was not only this but the Ex-regime went very extreme and to the extent, that everybody in the country with no exceptions like the military, the judiciary, the media, the political power and even his own people, were conspiring against him. I don’t want to mention a certain category of the Egyptian community, but the Ex- regime really thought that everybody was conspiring against his regime.

Here, I need to ask some questions. What was it the Ex-regime wanted to lead? to lead his own self? or to lead the whole Egyptian country? If he wanted to lead the whole country with all what the country contains, Then he should have had an understanding, participation,cooperation and a way of living and to get along with all the categories of the Egyptian community. Unfortunately, all this never happened or took place.

Can’t tell you how many chances were lost, first we talked about a limited ministerial change and the change of the General Attorney, then this whole issue was cancelled by the Ex-regime.
Then another talk about a big ministerial change, then changing and replacing the whole ministries, and all that lost chances were gone. The Ex-regime had many chances to listen to his own people and realize the changes they were asking him for, but unfortunately, he ignored all of them and never listened. Of course, the more he ignored them, the more their demands were rising.

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When we realized that determining of the Ex-regime, of not listening to the voice of his people in the streets, we knew then, that we are going to a very dangerous confrontation.

The dominant idea which had influence on the Ex-Regime was not the country idea. The Intellectual installation of the Ex-Regime, was totally different than the country’s idea. The Ex- regime considered that his regime is representing the right and any others than his regime, was the total misguidance.
I’m really wondering here, if that’s the case, then if 95% of Egyptians are misguided according to the ex-regime, why the Ex-regime wanted to lead those big majority of misguided Egyptians?

Let me remind you also that the last 7 days chance we gave, were also another lost chance. And in addition to that, the further last 48 hours chance, were also the last lost chance.

Let me draw your attention that after all those lost chances have expired, and how the Ex-Regime reacted then, so you see what is the real value of our country in the eyes and the hearts of the Ex-regime.

If I have to choose between the fall of my country or the fall of my regime, what am I going to choose? What do The duty, the responsibility and the honesty say in that regard? the country to fall down or the regime fall down? Of course and with no doubt, it is the regime that should fall down and goodbye.
Egypt lasts and stays and never fall down and That’s what a real responsible regime is. Never let his country fall down because of his post or regime.

I’m asking the Ex-regime, did you want either to rule the country or destroy and burn the whole country? You had the choice to leave your post and let the people in this country live in peace and security as they have choosen, because people refused your regime.
The Ex-regime was determined on destroying the Egyptian Military, the Egyptian Police and during some days, the plan was that they burn the security Governorates and the police stations, and that was exactly what happened during the 25th and the 28th of January 2011. January Scenario Was the same scenario and plan for after 30th of June 2013. Also their plan was in addition to destroying the country, to terrorize people for the next two years. To always terrorize people walking or driving in the streets. To always threatened their safety and security in their own country by terrorising them.

We advised the Ex-Regime to make a popular referendum and see if the people want him to stay in power or not, and that was another chance also to get out of the crisis then, and we even told him if the result will be in your favor, then those who are not supporting you, will keep quiet; While if the result won’t be in your favor, then those who are supporting you, will keep quiet. But he never listened to any of our advices.

Any one who leads a country and he is in a responsibility situation, he accepts that referendum in a very simple way for the sake of his country ; But No, the Ex-Regime said, it’s either me or the Chaos, and it’s either me or the Blood!
Does it mean that people in the country don’t have the right to tell you NO! He said wait for four years, then we can discuss the next 4 years elections! Was Egypt in a situation to stand another 4 years, especially after what he said to me that they came to rule for 500 years!?

Our road map is very clear and is putting us on the right democratic path, the one who is going to win the next elections, is the one who will get the majorities of votes.

Before to move to another point, I want to confirm to you that we didn’t take one single special measure against anybody.

I really don’t like to swear a lot, but there is a very important point that I need to confirm to you, that we haven’t taken any permission from any country out there and we haven’t asked for any cooperation or any coordination concerning the Egyptian affairs from any country, because the national Egyptian Security is above all considerations.
When I say that we are honest, do you think I’m saying just empty words! I never do that. We haven’t asked any country to coordinate with us to protect our country. We the Egyptian Military and Police protect our country and the people of our country, that’s our responsibility.

There was a chance that the supporters of the Ex-Regime, consider the situation we were put in, and back off and get along with the rest of their brothers in the Egyptian Community, and there was also a chance for the Ex-Regime to apologize for all the mistakes him and his regime committed towards the country and the people by admitting that they mislead and failed in leading the country and to show their willing in continuing in political life with a new start. But this never happened. And that’s another chance which is already lost at this moment. If they acted with reason and listened to the sound of wisdom, they could have made the country avoid that current situation.

The Ex-Regime wanted to change the reality by force, by terrorizing people in their homes and in the streets. And after the 26th of July 2013, when they saw that millions of Egyptians went out in the streets to authorize us against possible terror, they had the plan ready to go on the 27th of July 2013, and they started manipulating by giving a false picture to the foreign Medias, by telling that there is a bloody fights in Egypt, and that they are getting killed and getting stopped from demonstrating and this whole false and wrong picture they transferred to the media abroad, as we all heard and saw.

They really did not make any plans to build or to develop the country, but they were planning just to rule the country by force.

I want to tell the Ex-regime and to all of you, that the size of the challenges in our country, is really huge. It is true that I haven’t talked about that issue before in public, but when I used to meet with all the political power in Egypt, I used to discuss with them those challenges starting from March 2011, because that was one of my roles. I used to tell them then, that the size of political, security, economic, social and even religious challenges in our country, is really huge.
It is a huge challenges, because they are due to many years of accumulations. So, unless we gather Egyptians as one strong mass, the challenges will be bigger than Egypt’s capabilities as a country but not bigger than Egyptians capabilities. Egyptians capabilities can get over those challenge.

The Ex-Regime wanted to run the country with the isolation of 95% of the Egyptian population and in the meantime to force them to support him, thinking that you can at any time or by any way lead the country to security and peace? The Ex-Regime have lost many chances in leading the country to the right path.
Still the Ex-Regime is continuing his direction for further and more lost chances.

If they think that violence will make people or the country kneel, I’m telling them to review that wrong thoughts.

I’m addressing my words again to the people and to the military and the police, and I’m repeating again, that as long as the Military and the Police exist, Egypt is a trusteeship in all our necks. So, Save that trusteeship.

We don’t call or allow the killing of people or to exhaust them, we are saying and calling for protecting our country and our people.

The path that we agreed on, is there any chance that we can modify or change it? I’m telling you “NO” it won’t change or get modified. That path is a map, to give the Egyptians the chance to get back their own willing and to do it once more and whoever they will choose, we will respect their choice and salute it.

I had to talk about all the previous lost chances, to tell you please, I wish that we don’t have any more lost chances. I’m saying this, because our country can take more than the double of the existing current numbers to contain.
The confrontations are not going to be for the sake of those who want to confront, because we are determined to protect Egypt and the People. We are not only determined, but we are also fully capable of protecting the country and the people.

I want to tell the Egyptians people that you ordered us to provide protection and security for you, and to counter any possible violence or terrorism. And in that point allow me to tell you that the order we received from the Egyptian people was not limited to the disengagement Sit-In of Rabaa and Al-Nahda squares, that issue can extend, and I’m explaining that point, so all issues to be totally clear.

I want to confirm to all Egyptians that your orders to us, is a commitment that we are totally responsible to handle and we as military and police, we will totally do our duty and role,carrying our souls on our hands with all the love we have for the Egyptian people, all of you whether Christians or Muslims, we will sacrifice our own lives for all of the Egyptians.

But the Egyptians people also have a role to play. I’m asking all Egyptian people, when they are sitting at their homes or neighborhood, you do have that other stream as neighbors, and I’m asking all of you to play a positive role with that stream. Please play that advising wise role. talk to them in your neighborhood, tell them please don’t go out now to destroy, come let’s talk with each other about how we both can build our country. Tell that other stream let’s not participate in violence and blood again.

If all Egyptians play that positive role and I’m asking them to play it in the whole country, I assure you that it will be a very big positive role to play in protecting Egypt.

Remember my fellows Military when we used to say in the 9th military troupe, that standing for 9 hours to vote during the Elections, is better than any other thing else. I say this to the supporters and to the opposers. If you think that sitting in Rabaa for 40 days is the best thing to do; No, I’m telling you that you are going to stand only one time for 9 or 10 hours to vote for your candidate.

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Another role for the Egyptians, which I’m asking all of them never feel panic or terrorised, no one can terrorize our people or make them panic.

I’m asking all military and police forces to do more efforts in doing their job because it is a necessity to double our efforts in doing our job. And we are not going to let anyone from that stream to put obstacles in our way. Let’s do our job, let’s work, let’s build our country, let’s complete our path. We all have roles to play in our country, and there are roles for all Egyptians.

I’m asking all Egyptians, tell your neighbors from the other stream, please stop all kinds of violence, and tell them also let’s help each other in stopping that bloodshed in our country. Let’s all contribute in stopping that disorder, let’s turn that fire off in a positive way.

I’m also asking all Egyptians, please do not allow anyone to put obstacles towards your production and work, because this again another way to destroy the country. All of us must go to work and produce. And if you face anyone from that other stream in your work who tries to put any obstacles, please tell them, either you work and produce with us or stay quiet.

Al-Azhar is a big religious reference in Egypt and we will be able to confront and fight terror through that big religious great reference, we all comply to that great religious institution.
Al-Azhar and the Church are great institutions in Egypt and they must play their role in fighting terrorism, because they have all the knowledge and the right science of religions.

In the military, we have the honor of having the Imams who make the Fridays prayers speeches for us from Al-Azhar, and we take those speeches after they are ready for reading and we provide our elites in the military with those speeches.
We are not directing any Azhar Imams to any directions. We are doing this, because we consider that our doctrine, is the most precious thing we have, and it can’t be provided to just anyone to interpret it wrong.
And that’s what I meant by having our religious institutions, to have the superior word in the whole country because they have the knowledge and they represent the moderation of our religions.
Our Church Institution and Al-Azhar Institution are the right places for the rehabilitation of those who need to understand the religions with knowledge and science and not with wrong thoughts or believe or extremisme.
The Egyptians nature is known for tolerance and kindness, but they are also known,that they never forget who offended them and also never forget who was good to them.

And allow me to take that opportunity to thank all our brothers in the Arab Countries who gave us their hands and were so supporting to us and stood beside us in all our crises, our brothers in Saudi Arabia, and I would like to send his highness king Abdullah our special thanks and appreciations for the strongest support he provided us with, since 1973.

I need to thank each country separately and Of course I thank our brothers in Emirates who supported us very strongly. I thank also our brothers in Kuwait, Jordan as well.
I thank Bahrain.
All thanks and appreciations to who supported Egypt and stood beside our country, and Egypt will never forget your support.

I also want to send a message to the other countries:”Please, review your situation, review your situation, and if you really are talking about freedom, democracy and legitimacy, I want to tell you that legitimacy is in the hands of Egyptian people, and Egyptian people give legitimacy to whom they want, and withdraw it from whom they want.
That Legitimacy belongs to The Egyptian People, they give it and they withdraw it, to whom they choose. It is the Egyptians who decide to whom they give legitimacy and it is up to them when to withdraw it. It’s all up to Egyptians. So, please review your position.
We must respect the Egyptians People and no one else, so I’m asking all of you to review your positions not towards us, but towards the Egyptian People.

I haven’t spoken about the last security measures that we were taken lately, because the Medias are always highlighting the news intensively about those security measures. But let me tell you honestly, that we are so keen about the security measures with honesty, because we care for each drop of blood.
But are others care for our blood too? And also are they keen about their blood too?

During the last couple of days, many police stations and security governorates got attacked in different egyptian cities, and many Martyrs fell dead from Civilians victims, Police and Military and also victims from the attackers. This is totally wrong way of thinking and acts of violence.
Do those attackers think that we will let our vital buildings to get attacked and fall down? Why the attackers want to get down Egypt and destroy it. Let me tell you that No, we are not going to allow this. The vital Police buildings, the vital Military Buildings and the country’s institutions and vital buildings that are being attacked as we all saw those acts of sabotaging, that’s an issue that is impossible to keep quiet about it. And we will never permit it. And I confirm to you that we will fight so strongly and severely such acts of destroying our country.

We have dealt with all issues, during the last months, in Sinai for instance, we have bared more than what we can handle from Martyrs and injured and the equipment. And there was no need to attack the Egyptian Police or the Military, during the last 30 month in specific. There was really no reason for those attacks.

The Military and the police are there in Sinai not to attack anyone, but they are there to secure that precious part of our Country, Sinai.

Our forces was dealing during all that period with patience and restraint, so things don’t get out of control. Our forces in Sinai were reacting, and I’m repeating were reacting and not acting against those terrorists attacks with strong control, patience and restraint , and we were reacting like this, in order to avoid having victims even if they were from the attackers side, who are mislead and they have wrong beliefs and raising arms.

But let me tell you, that issue is not going to continue. That issue of being patience and dealing with the issue with restraint, is not going to last, to just receive attacks, i’m saying again, it is not going to continue. Because at the end, it will result with very serious risks in relation to our national security in Egypt.

We are not going to let those attacks on private properties and vital buildings and police and military vital buildings. It won’t last and we will face it with severity.

Those who attack, they attack in order to destroy Egypt, and if you don’t defend your country against those attacks, then you are contributing in destroying the country. So are we going to destroy our country? Answer me?
( The Military and Police officers, leaders and individuals answered in one man strong voice, NO we won’t let them destroy our country.)

So, we are going to be careful, totally aware and knowledgeable in fighting and confronting violence and terrorism which we are facing and we will still see some more. Yes, we must be ready for it and very well prepared for it and will never allow it.

People, Military and Police are all One Hand.

By the way, just to tell you that the disengagement of the Rabaa and Al-Nahda Squares, were very peaceful and we spent many weeks in discussing and studying all details, in a way to reach that we avoid totally to have any loss in the disengagement.

What did the police and the military do when they went to disengage both Sit-In in Rabaa and Al-Nahda squares? They found people who were occupying the roofs of buildings and shooting fire on police and military forces. They also found people carrying heavy arms and weapons and they were firing at our forces and they were hidden among other people.
I’m not saying that all of them were firing at the police, but it was enough to see in each corner 30 to 50 people shooting fire at the police and at the military forces in such small size of demonstrations.

I’m talking now about the people abroad who asked us to disengage the squares in a peaceful way. I’m telling them bring all your Sit-In and demonstrations in your own countries and tell us about anyone of those demonstrators in your countries, who was acting with violence or raised a weapon or shot at police forces in demonstrations, and let us see your governments reactions towards such act of violence or towards the use of weapon in demonstrations.

I mentioned this issue, just to say at the end of my speech, that we are so keen and we care for all Egyptians. And we are very honest in dealing with all Egyptians. But I also wish too from that stream to deal with us in the same way of honesty, which we use in dealing with them. And not to be disloyal, attack and kill with all the treachery meaning, then escape and hide.

Yesterday, and that’s not a secret, In Ain Shams Area, there were some gathering demonstrating and they were occupying some buildings under constructions, and the forces were staying in the area securing it, and the attackers start shooting at the police forces. WHY?

The last thing I’m saying that we are not going to allow such acts of attacks and violence, and our hands are there for all Egyptians who are looking for the good, if they want the good.

Obama supports terrorism in egypt
Obama supports terrorism in Egypt


Usa double standard
Usa double standard


The Egyptians nature is known for tolerance and kindness, but they are known also that they are people who never forget who offended them and also never forget who was good to them.
The Egyptians nature is known for tolerance and kindness, but they are known also that they never forget who offended them and also never forget who was good to them.
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