Videos Evidence Brotherhood Hate Speech And Incitement To Kill

Muslim Brotherhood hate speech and indictment to kill

The following Videos are subtitled in English. Video dated the 23rd of June 2013, took place in The covered Basketball of The Cairo Stadium, and attended by Mohammed Morsi, The ex-President of Egypt. I do not need to translate any of its content because it is already subtitled in English. But I need to mention  that those men you will see talking in the Videos in the attendance of Morsi the Ex President of Egypt, They are leaders to Terrorists and Extremists Groups in Egypt, who were the closest consultants and friends to Mohammed Morsi and the Brotherhood. Those you will see and hear in the video are supported by your governments. They addressed an incitement to kill Shiites and the demonstrators of the Egyptian revolution 30th of June 2013. 

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The hate speech and incitement to kill anyone against MB or not supporting them, was the green light to all their supporters to kill and also to justify the killing .

28 January 2015 Muhamad Nasser Muslim brotherhood broadcaster directly inciting and asking all Muslim brotherhood supporters in Egypt, to kill all police officers, soldiers and their families.

The next day to that speech 4 Muslims Shiites got slaughtered in Cairo Egypt, as the following video shows and the Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi the Butcher and Murderer, have never condemned that massacre, not even your Governments or your human rights organizations did any thing about it or condemn it. The victims in the following Video, got slaughtered by Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters, they just followed their leader’s orders.

Video dated 27 May 2013 – AlQaradawy is the Grand Mufti and God father of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist.

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