hands off Egypt

The EU statement and John Kerry’s declarations on Egypt

First, I would like to pay condolences to the Belgian people for the treacherous terror attacks that took place in Brussels on 22/3/2016 and caused the death and injury of many Belgian citizens. Just three days ago, on 20 March 2016, Egypt lost 18 of the best and young police officers and soldiers in a …

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the link between muslim brotherhood and ISIS

Muslim Brotherhood joined ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorist camps in Eastern Libya

On 27 January 2016, Al-Bawaba news published names of 30 Muslim brotherhood elements, who joined terrorist camps in Libya and are trained to commit suicidal attacks in Egypt. Al-Bawaba news revealed 30 names out of 100 from the Muslim brotherhood organization, who joined terrorist camps in Libya and Syria, especially the terrorist group called “Al-Morabetoun …

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Obama Bin Lying

The Grand Espionage Case

Today is the memory of the 28th of January 2011. For the majority of Egyptians today 5 years later, this day was the start of erasing the Egyptian identity including dividing of Egypt to Islamic and liberal divisions. All as it was planned by the Muslim Brotherhood and others in coordination. Some foreign and Arab …

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This is to tell Obama that Egyptians believe that your place is in the toilet and not to rule a country as big as the States

Forgery of the Presidential Elections in Egypt

On 25 September 2013, I published an article about Egypt’s Presidential elections fraud for the year 2012, in favor of Mohamed Morsi (The Muslim Brotherhood candidate). Since then, I was not waiting for any proof to be certain that these elections were forged. But unfortunately, when Muslim Brotherhood were in power, chaos was ruling the …

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Muslim Brotherhood are terrorists

Muslim Brotherhood hired terrorist elements from Sinai to carry out terror attacks in Cairo

On the 21st of January 2016, Muslim brotherhood terrorist organization threatened the Egyptian people through many statements published on their social networks accounts and their websites, that they are going to slaughter anyone whether from civilians, police or army individuals, if they stand in their way in their intended “rage and armed revolution” in the memory …

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Mohamed Ayman Shaweeka a 20 years old soldier in the Egyptian Army died after hugging a suicide bomber before blowing himself up with an explosive belt

Je suis Mohamed and I’m not a terrorist

Mohamed Ayman Shaweeka a 20 years old soldier in the Egyptian Army died on 15 December 2015 after hugging a suicide bomber, before blowing himself up with an explosive belt in an Egyptian army troop. Mohamed the young Egyptian soldier has chosen to die voluntarily without any hesitation, he disobeyed the orders of his commander …

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Egyptian army seized weapons and ammunition with terrorist elements and killed them on 1 July 2015

Egypt is fighting a war against international terrorism

On the 1st of July 2015, international media, Muslim Brotherhood anti-Egypt media and of course Al Jazeera media network, were racing in publishing faked news and reports about the terrorism attack that took place in Sinai on 1/7/2015. The reports were already there, ready for broadcast, like these reports were prepared and written a day …

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