The Grand Espionage Case

Today is the memory of the 28th of January 2011. For the majority of Egyptians today 5 years later, this day was Obama supports Muslim Brotherhood terroriststhe start of erasing the Egyptian identity including dividing of Egypt to Islamic and liberal divisions.

All as it was planned by the Muslim Brotherhood and others in coordination.

Some foreign and Arab countries participated in this plot including foreign intelligence services as well as the US administration in addition to different terrorist groups and organizations that helped to execute the plan.

Obama said about those who conspired against Egypt on 25/1/2011, that the US should raise their kids to become like the Egyptian youth who made the revolution.

Well, I ask everyone who read this post, to tell me if they really would like to raise their kids to become like those Egyptians who planned for the so called “25th of Jan 2011 revolution”, after they read the details and the reasons of the grand espionage case verdict.

I’m not against the ordinary Egyptian people who went out in the squares on the 25th of Jan 2011 because they wanted to make a big change for a better tomorrow. They had all the right to participate in this change. They had all the right to demand justice, social justice, decent living  and declaring war on corruption.

Those who planned the 25th of Jan I’m definitely against. Because they planned the 25th of Jan and deceived many Egyptians, their target was totally different. They didn’t want to change the country for the better. It was not about changing the regime. It was all about destroying and dividing Egypt and giving it at the end on a golden plate covered with our blood to terrorist groups. In other words, to replace the regime with themselves.

long live egyptLike millions of Egyptians who refused to participate in the 25th of Jan 2011, I refused it because I do not accept the fake democracy exported by force by some western countries. I wish that the issue was really about exporting western democracy, and not about the fall and destroying of Egypt.

The change must come from the inside and not from the outside or by the help of the outsiders.The 25th of Jan 2011 was not  purely Egyptian and it was not a revolution, but it was with no doubt a conspiracy against Egypt.

When I hear President Sisi describes the 25th of Jan as a revolution and who died in this revolution were martyrs, I can understand this statement, that he meant that it was a revolution because the ordinary Egyptian people who participated in it and they had a dream for a better tomorrow, they had all the right to achieve and realize their dream but they were not a part of the conspiracy. I can also understand the word martyrs of the 25th of Jan, those who lost their lives because there were others who got paid to kill innocent people.

It is really horrible and terrifying that killing is becoming a way to reach a target, it’s sickening that innocents got killed so others can take over the reins of a country’s rule.

The above is my personal opinion about events and history that I lived in Egypt minute by minute. I was attacked and threatened to be killed for expressing it, and I was accusedMuslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Caliphate of benefiting from the Mubarak regime corruption. Those who threatened me and attacked me, are the ones who gave us a headache about democracy, freedom of speech and the respect of the freedom of expression. And in reality, they were the corrupted and the dictator ones, who didn’t accept to hear any voice but theirs.

The reason I decided to translate the reasons of the verdict of the grand espionage case, is that to make people around the world to  realize what kind of a dark tunnel was set for Egypt to fall  and never get out of it. We have lived this critical and dangerous period of the Egyptian history and we are still living the consequences of this dangerous period. It is scary just to read it, at least this is How I feel towards it. I never succeeded in getting over these panic attacks every time I remember the period that Muslim Brotherhood were actually in power.

Cairo criminal court deposited its verdict for the case known in the media Grand espionage case on 28 June 2015.

The court sentenced Mohamed Morsi for life imprisonment, general guide of Muslim Brotherhood and 15 other leaders and elements of MB organization. In addition to death penalty for Khairat Alshater, Mohamed Beltagy, Ahmed Attia and 13 others “fugitives” worked as presidency assistants to Mohamed Morsi, and MB members from the international organization.

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The court issued its verdict and reasons of the sentence in 385 pages, summarized as follows:

Spying with the Iranian revolutionary guards

The defendants handed over to a foreign country, secrets of the defense of the Egyptian state, and confidential reports related to the national security authority and the general intelligence, which is the content of secret reports numbers: 344, 416, 539, 633, 636.

Obama supports terroristsThe chaos plan set by the MB organization and the control of the country in coordination and participation of foreign and Arab countries and a number of officials and non officials in US and EU bodies like intelligence services.

Since 2005 and in the wake of the US statement about the so-called (Creative Chaos) to create a new middle east, the international Muslim Brotherhood organization led an internal and external movement in coordination with Hamas and Hezbollah of Lebanon, to monitor the situation in Egypt in order to invest the popular anger against the Mubarak regime and to invest the consequences of events to implement their plan.

The promotion of the chaotic situation in the country, the overthrow of the Egyptian state and its institutions, in order to seize power by violence through the use of combat elements from the MB movement, Hamas, Hezbollah and others related to MB, who received training in the Gaza strip by the Hamas movement.

The MB international organization commissioned members of the Muslim brotherhood inside Egypt to find strong links and contacts of some of the Islamic movements with foreign regimes, foreign bodies and associations abroad, and to make studies on the situations of some countries including Egypt.

In this regard, the court was assured of the Colonel Mohammed Mabrouk’s investigations report dated 27 July 2013, who managed to monitor meetings and phone calls of several MB leaders from the defendants with the members of MB international shura council, leaders from Hamas in a number of countries, particularly in Turkey. Where they were putting up how to deal with the Egyptian internal situation and the agreement to create a global institution to work on insuring communications between the group at home and the international organization in order to avoid security monitoring.

The creative chaos project of condoleezza Rice in the Middle east
The creative chaos project of condoleezza Rice in the Middle east

(Egyptian Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk, officer in the national security sector assassinated by Muslim brotherhood terrorist organization on 17/11/2013, he was one of the main eyewitnesses in the grand espionage case, and he provided his official testimony in front of the concerned authorities before his assassination).

The court noted that in the course of 2008, the MB international organization formed terrorist organizations in coordination with Hamas, Hezbollah and the MB group inside Egypt, for armed intervention inside the country in the event of the outbreak of chaos.

The court said that the phone calls were recorded according to the Supreme State Security Prosecution on 9 January 2011, for the defendants Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Abdel-Ati during the period from 21 to 26 January of the same year, which included their coordination with one of the US intelligence elements before the events of January 25, 2011. The two defendants reviewed in these phone calls, the details of Ahmed Abdel-Ati’s meetings with the US intelligence element, on the possibility of the coordination between the US intelligence and other countries intelligence and the ability of the Muslim Brotherhood to move events in the Egyptian street.

The court added that the recorded phone calls between Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Abdel-Ati, showed that the US intelligence element held an urgent meeting in the second week of February 2011 with the participation of former Muslim Brotherhood elements who had meetings with the US intelligence element before in Turkey.

The US intelligence element informed Ahmed Abdel-Ati that the coordination for  the  Egyptian revolution will be between three intelligence devices which will be based on  joint action.

Mohamed Mabrouk Egyptian National Security Officer assassinated on 17/11/2013
Mohamed Mabrouk Egyptian National Security Officer assassinated on 17/11/2013

The court pointed out that phone calls recordings showed that Mohamed Morsi has shown his fears that the referred three intelligence services were dealing with other groups in Egypt, but Ahmed Abdel-Ati” informed Morsi that there was no reason for that fear because of the size and the weight of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and that it had been agreed between the US intelligence and MB on the need for coordination with the international MB  leader Ayman Ali.

The recorded phone calls between the two MB defendants also showed that there were countries who wanted to control the political scene in Egypt and that they offered to escalate the events inside Egypt, and that Turkey through its communications with the west, was the most capable country to strengthen the situation of MB with the western countries.

In addition, Qatar showed its desire to also have a role in the escalation of events in Egypt through Aljazeera media network.

The court confirmed that Colonel Mohammed Mabrouk enclosed in his testimony, visual and audio recordings for the meetings of the MB guide Office in which the group guide Mohammed Badie occurred with Mohamed Morsi, and they were discussing the communication, the cooperation and meetings between the Muslim Brotherhood and the US administration that took place in this regard.

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As well as cooperation with Hamas movement, which played  an important role in the storming of the Egyptian prisons in the implementation of the chaos plan, aiming to overthrow the Egyptian state down to get Muslim Brotherhood to rule by force.

Issam Al-Hadad Ousted President Mohamed Morsi's Counselor for foreign affairs
Issam Al-Hadad Ousted President Mohamed Morsi’s Counselor for foreign affairs

The court pointed out that the planned conspiratorial episodes were completed by storming the Egyptian prisons during the events of January 25, 2011 and the smuggling of prisoners and targeting 160 police stations all over Egypt in a concurrent timing,  to discredit the police ability to deal with the events and to spread chaos and the empowerment of Brotherhood for governance, till the MB have reached their goals to obliterate the Arab identity and to divide Egypt into an Islamic and liberal sectarian divisions, in order to achieve the Israeli-US interests.

The court indicated that the MB international organization has commissioned Khaled Meshaal the leader of the Islamic Palestinian organization Hamas, and the one responsible for the MB wing in Palestine to meet with Ali Akbar Velayati, the consultant of the supreme leader of Iran in November 2010 in Damascus Syria. Where they agreed to invest the events and the streets anger in Egypt towards the Mubarak regime, by pushing combat elements trained in Gaza, through the illegal tunnels located in the eastern borders of Egypt, to carry out hostile operations inside the country and the storming of prisons and the smuggling of prisoners. So, all these hostile operations to coincide with the Brotherhood at home, who were working at the same time on inciting the masses through social networks and to deceive the Mubarak regime by opening a connection channel,  to make the regime think that the Muslim Brotherhood were not participating in this conspiracy plan.

Khairat AlShater the deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Egypt
Khairat AlShater the deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Egypt

The agreement was carried out as planned. On 28/1/2011, elements from Hamas movement sneaked to the Egyptian state with other terrorists organizations and groups related to the Hamas movement and elements from Hezbollah to the North of Sinai peninsula, targeting the police facilities in Rafah city, and went after that in three groups to Cairo, Kalubia, Behera cities and stormed the Egyptian prisons in Wadi Al-Natron, Almarg and Abu Zaabal areas and they smuggled prisoners to spread chaos and to bring down the Egyptian state.

The investigations carried out by the Egyptian intelligence confirmed that the defendants have leaked 5 official reports concerned the Egyptian presidency, to the leaders of the MB international organization and others during the period of 13/3/2013 to 30/6/2013, through the presidential electronic mail of Mohamed Morsi.

On 13 January 2013, the same defendants have leaked very confidential reports related to the Egyptian National security services, which contained secret information and documents concerned the national security of the country.

The court drew the attention to the investigations that showed the communications between MB and some foreign bodies. The MB defendants provided these foreign bodies with secret information and made concessions to serve the interests of the western countries in exchange of assisting the MB to seize power and control in Egypt.

This is Al-Jazeera Qatar, and their audience
This is Al-Jazeera Qatar, and their audience

An assignment has been monitored that was issued by the second in command in MB organization in Egypt, the defendant Khairat Al-Shater and the defendant Essam Haddad to the defendant Sondos Assem Shalaby to have a direct contact with Julian Weinberg the Manager of Nyon program in the Forward Thinking center, which is one of the specialized centers to serve the goals of intelligence devices of the European countries in cooperation with other countries like the USA.

The Purpose of having direct contact with Julian Weinberg, was to organize meetings between MB leaders and EU parliament members and other political parties members from some western countries like England, Germany  and France. Al-Shater opened communications channels with some of the foreign countries like South of Africa, England, China, USA. Al-Shater also has sent some MB elements to these countries and the MB organization was financed and supported under the cover of their political party “Freedom and Justice party” in Egypt. It was in addition, to have influence on the decision makers in these countries, in favor of carrying out the plan of MB to take over the reins of power in Egypt.

Sondos Assem Shalaby member of the Freedom & Justice Party, the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood
Sondos Assem Shalaby member of the Freedom & Justice Party, the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood

The court stated that the investigations showed that the financing of the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Egypt, was based on money sent from the international MB organization, which were collected through donations campaigns on the sideline of conferences and seminars that were held abroad under the pretext of giving the received funds to support the Palestinian cause. In addition to funds from some foreign countries, and that was done through the front facade of the international MB organization, like the Islamic Relief organization in Germany and the association of tourism development for residents abroad. All these funds purpose was to assist the MB organization inside Egypt to control the entire country.

Obama's best friends list
Obama’s best friends list

The court confirmed that according to the investigations, the military axis of the MB was smuggling weapons and providing military training. Meetings were held between MB leaders elements and their similar jihadist groups in Egypt and abroad, like organizations and groups called “Geish Al-Islam” that belongs to Hamas and Al-Tawhid and Al-Jihad movement, and Galgalat movement and other foreign organizations.

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The purpose of these organizations and groups was to agree on the mechanism to execute this military axis in light of the Arab revolutions. In November 2010 a meeting was monitored in Syria between MB leaders from the International organization and leaders from Hamas and also from the Iranian republican guards. In which it was agreed to push combat elements from Gaza sector to the Egyptian territory in order to spread chaos.

Another meeting was held in Lebanon in May 2010 between some of the defendants from the MB organization like Mohamed Badi and Mohamed Saad Al-Katatny that included other elements from MB with leaders from Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya and it was agreed that this last group will provide all kinds of military support to the MB in Egypt, through weapons smuggling and other illegal operations, in order to assist the MB to take over the power in Egypt.

The investigations revealed that within the month of February 2012, the defendant Mohamed Badi supervised a dealMideast Egypt 1 of weapons smuggling through the Libyan territory that were used in arming the youth of Muslim Brotherhood inside Egypt. While other defendants like Amar Ahmed Al-Bana and Ahmed Mohamed Al-Hakim executed a direct mission given to them By Khairat Al-Shater to infiltrate from Gaza sector into the Egyptian territory through the secret tunnels and these defendants got their training on using weapons and combat skills in the headquarters of Hamas.

In January 2011, some foreign elements from Hamas and Hezbollah sneaked through the illegal tunnels from the eastern borders of Egypt and with the participation of other Jihadist and Takfiri groups in Sinai, they attacked the Egyptian security forces who were guarding the prisons, and they released dangerous criminal and terrorist elements from jails and among them prisoners and convicted  who belonged to Hamas and Hezbollah.

The consequences of the prisons breaks, was the killing of many civilians, security and police forces.

In the early month of June 2012, Hamas movement pushed trained elements from Geish Al-Islam , Al-Tawhid and Al-Jihad movement, Galgalat movement and the group of Imad Mughniyah and Hezbollah, who sneaked into the Egyptian territory through the secret tunnels, and they had lists of vital buildings like security directorates and military establishments and other vital buildings especially in North Sinai, they were carrying RPG, machine guns, and used SUVs and identities with codec names.

Their mission was to wait for the presidential elections result that was held in 2012. Mohamed Morsi was one of the candidates for the presidential elections and the mission was to start terror attacks in case the presidency elections was not announced in favor of Mohamed Morsi, in order to have full control on the Sinai peninsula and announce it as an Islamic Emirate.

On 25 July 2013, elements from Katibat  Al-Mojahedin (this group separated from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement) sneaked to Sinai and their mission was to attack the Egyptian army and the police security forces and they were pushed by Hamas Movement to execute terror attacks in Egypt.

Obama supports terrorism in egypt
Obama supports terrorism in Egypt

On 26 July 2013, Katibat Al-Mojahedin attacked different parts in Sinai and committed terror attacks against the Egyptian armed forces, the police  and the security forces checkpoints in Al-Kawssar area, Bawabat Alsheikh Zuaid, governmental real estates and Abu Taweela area.

In addition, some of Hamas and Hezbollah elements formed spying groups on the wireless devices and communications of the Egyptian armed forces and police in Sinai on the Egyptian borders line, in order to provide the other terrorist and takfiri elements with necessary information to execute their terror attacks missions.

Earlier to the 26 of July 2013 terror attacks, phone calls through the internet were monitored between MB elements and leaders from Hamas on 17 July 2013, who were discussing ways and solutions to deal with the 30 of June 2013 revolution that toppled MB from the power in Egypt, and to threaten the Egyptian government that MB with the help[ of Hamas will control Sinai and burn the eastern side of Egypt, and MB were willing to stop this threat in condition that Mohamed Morsi is back to power again.

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