The truth behind muslim brotherhood’s girl rape scandal

Her name is Fatima Arabi Yussuf, 18 years old. She is the daughter of a Muslim Brotherhood member from the Fatima Arabi Yussuf former muslim brotherhood member confession of faking rape scandal against the Egyptian policeBrotherhood’s 3rd and 4th leaderships, lives in Ezbet Alnakhl area, Cairo – Egypt.

Her father made her join Muslim Brotherhood organization at the age of 15. He forced her to participate in the demonstrations of Muslim Brotherhood in order to support their regime before the 30th of June revolution in 2013. She also participated in the Muslim Brotherhood’s Rabaa armed sit-in, till the day of the disengagement on 14/8/2013.

After the disengagement of the MB Rabaa armed sit-in, She irregularly participated in some of Muslim Brotherhood’s demonstrations. Then she left the organization from the end of year 2013 till early 2014, after Muslim Brotherhood accused her of working as an informer for the Egyptian national security body, just because she was not participating in their demonstrations regularly.

She then joined a coalition formed by some of Muslim Brotherhood youth who were against the disengagement of the Brotherhood sit-in. Lately, this coalition announced their separation from the MB organization, after they gave up violence and announced that they were deceived by their leaders, the founder of the coalition is Amr Omara. Fatima didn’t get along with the coalition, so she decided once again, to join the MB organization.

Many of the Muslim Brotherhood members in the organization didn’t accept her membership, and accused her of spying on the organization. Till she got arrested by the police, after participating in one of the violent demonstrations of MB, and she stayed 5 days in prison, then she got released.

She confirmed that during investigations and while she was in prison, she was not treated badly by any police individual, and she was released after investigations were over, because she was not involved in violence acts.

After she was released from prison, she received a phone call from an unknown person but the call was from UK London, who told her that she can prove to the organization her good intentions, if she makes a rape scandal for the Egyptian police, and that she doesn’t need to know his name, it’s enough to know that he is her sponsor and he will provide her with written instructions that contain all details of what she should say publicly. Source: Vetogate newspaper.

The man also told her, that they would like to take advantage of these 5 days she spent in prison, because it will help them in the claim of this rape scandal.

She also received other phone calls from London, from a guy called “Mohamed Abdullah” He works in “Radio Medan Alsawra” (Translation: Radio of the revolution square). He confirmed to her that she must say publicly the full names of the police officers and where they work, and he specifically told Fatima that the purpose of exposing their names, is that they get targetted and assassinated.

Mehwar Tv Channel: Fatima’s public confession on 23/4/2015 of faking a rape case against the Egyptian police, to ruin their reputation in front of the international public opinion with the assistance of International human rights organizations and foreign press

This unknown caller who didn’t reveal his name to Fatima, convinced her that taking this task of making a big scandal for the Egyptian police, by claiming that she was raped by police individuals, and he provided specific names of Egyptian police officers that she can announce publicly and accuse them of the rape, is going to be for Islam’s and God’s sake. Claiming that she was raped, is a god’s task for the sake of Islam as the man told her and she thought that this was really a great task for the religion’s sake like “Jihad”.

The caller also told her that the reason she was chosen to handle this task, is due to her intelligence and they are preparing and training her to become one of the leaderships in the organization. He also explained to her that claiming that she was raped by the Egyptian police is not wrong or a sin, because the Muslim Brotherhood are in a war and the war is trick and everything is allowed during the war.

She mentioned that the man convinced her that claiming this rape against the police, is going to serve in having others to join the organization, it will make the west support the Muslim Brotherhood against the Egyptian state and it will also make the international public opinion turns against Egypt’s leadership and realize that the current regime is oppressive and violating women’s rights.

The man also told her that she must concentrate on the details when telling this rape story. That she  must describe that in the police stations and in the national security buildings, they tied her feet with ropes and left her hanging upside down for more than 8 hours, while they were torturing her and gang raping her. And this specific part of the story, she told  publicly and for many times, even that it didn’t sound realistic at least to her, especially that she didn’t have any marks on her body or face, she was not actually raped, she didn’t have any bruises or scratches, but everybody bought the story and the details.

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No one even wondered or asked her, how come after what she described of horrible torture and gang rape, she still looks without a single scratch, without any single mark of harm or torture.

So, Fatima did as she was instructed.  She called, one of the Muslim Brotherhood media tv channel broadcasting from Turkey and said that she accused police officer Mahmoud Al-Husseini and two other policemen of raping her in one of the police station.

Fatima said: “I was taken from my home at six O’clock in the evening of 30 January.  The security forces who came to arrest me from my home, were mutual forces from many police stations, beside special forces 777, like they were going to arrest Bin Laden and not an 18 years old girl like me. They broke the apartment door and they grabbed me and I was beaten in front of my parents and young brothers. They stole things from our home. I was taken to Al-Marj Police Station where I was tortured, electrified and then raped.”

“The police officer and the two other police individuals, tied my hands from behind, spread my legs for the officer to rape me, and despite that I was bleeding severely, the officer told one of the other policemen that this is his turn to rape me, but he told him no, because she won’t be able to handle me.”

When asked to give description of the place where she was raped? She answered:”It was on the third floor, in one of the rooms.” The host told her that these details were very important besides the names she has provided, because Muslim Brotherhood are going to expose these rapists criminals and killers to the entire world, to know what the Egyptian police are doing to the Egyptian women.

“I did not fill any statements against those who raped me, because this state is ruled by rapists, dictators and killers, they are killing us and torturing us…There is no justice in this country for us”

“Then I was transferred to Al-Matariyah Police Station where police officer Ahmad Yayha said: ‘It is good you have not come to us pregnant’. He tortured me severely in order to reveal the names of Muslim Brotherhood youth members in Al-Matariyah area. Then when I agreed just so they let me go, They released me and told me that they are going to keep an eye on me and they will arrest me again if I open my mouth and told about what they did to me.”

Speaking to the same program, the brother of Fatima said: “What can we do? Is this permitted or prohibited? An 18-year-old girl is subjected to this! Where are our rights? Who should we report this to and against who? What else will they do? They are killing people everywhere. We are in a jungle.”

The host said that all the Egyptian system, whether judiciary, General attorney or leadership, they are all criminals.

Fatima confessed that the guy who talked to the host of MB tv, was not her brother, that was also a lie, he was an MB colleague who was also reading from the papers as instructed.

The above translation is the content of Fatima’s phone call to MB Elshark TV, telling how she was arrested, tortured and raped by the Egyptian police…

muslim brotherhood crimes in Egypt

In another call with Rabaa TV channel also broadcasting from Turkey, Fatima claimed the same raping story and in addition, she said that the police took her to the District attorney office and she was blindfolded, and the DA didn’t do anything for her, except that he made fun of her. She also mentioned the address of the DA and the his full name. She said in her confessions, that this was MB’s incitements and direct instructions to target and assassinate also DA’s men.

Muslim Brotherhood set the social media on fire, and used different hashtags with Fatima’s name in English and in Arabic, and her brother incited on killing officer Al-Husseini and other officers.

She thought that it was not a big issue, and claiming this raping is going to make her important and famous, people in the entire world will talk about her and she will appear in the international media and will be interviewed by the foreign press, without investigating whether this claim was true or not. She found this very exciting and profitable.

So, she kept repeating the same story through the media, social media and press. She was adding more issues to her story as she was instructed by her sponsor, and all she needed to do, is just to follow the written instructions.

She was also instructed to claim, that after raping her, the police delivered her to the national security body and to again claim that she faced the same torture and rape inside different national security buildings. Despite that she confessed later, that she has never been to any national security building in her life when she decided to tell the truth to the public.

She said that the reason she decided now to confess publicly that she lied about all her claims against the Egyptian police and the rape and torture, is that she realized that what she has done has nothing to do with God or Islam, and she is very sorry and regret the bad things she has done in this regard. She asked the Egyptian people for forgiveness for all what she did and to accept her as a good citizen in the community.

She regret what she has done and she realized that Muslim Brotherhood are liars and they are using deception with youth to exploit them and to expose their lives to danger. She said also that she has seen many of her friends were not taken care of by those leaders as they promised, because they refused to participate in terror or violent attacks.

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She also told about her experience when she participated in Rabaa’s armed sit-in. The reason she was given many tasks to do in serving the Muslim Brotherhood organization, because of her father’s position in the organisation as a leader. She said that she was handling the task of inspecting and searching women who were passing by the sit-in or who wanted to get in and join the sit-in, to make sure that they were not spying on the Muslim Brotherhood sit-in.

She said that one day, while she was searching a totally veiled woman, when she asked her to take off her gloves, she found a cross on her hand. So, she suspected her, and called one of her colleagues in the sit-in, to tell her what to do with this disguised Christian woman.

Her colleague grabbed the woman and told her that her mission stops at this point and they will handle the issue. After some hours, she went to check what happened to the christian woman, she found out that she was beaten and tortured brutally and they forced her to appear in a video tape, and forced her to confess that she was hired by the Egyptian police to spy on Muslim Brotherhood and that she got paid to spread lies about them.

Fatima said that she found out this from other girls in the sit-in, while the MB leaders in the square, told her that they let the woman go and didn’t harm her. She said that she tried to reach this woman to find out whether she was still alive or dead, but she was not able to find any trace of the woman, because she was not allowed to go to certain closed areas in the sit-in.

Fatima’s name, story and hashtags appeared intensively on the social media, many media channels and foreign press with the assistance of international human rights organizations. Fatima had a list given to her by her Muslim Brotherhood sponsor in London, contained specific names of Egyptian police officers and she repeated the same story over and over, that she was exposed to a brutal gang rape by the police in many police stations and in jails and also in many national security buildings and every one bought her story, and no one bothered to check whether it was true or false.

Fatima‘s sponsor described to her every single detail to say about how the jails or police stations looked like and she was also given pictures of the officers she accused of the raping. It was not an amateur job, it was very professional to appear perfectly in front of the international public opinion and they reached their goal. It was enough for her just to claim that she was raped by the police. This was the big story.

She indicated that she thought about what will happen after she confesses her guilt that the entire story was fake? She explained that many Muslim Brotherhood youth participated in taking revenge from those police officers, she claimed that they raped her. She knows that many got injured or got killed because of her forged story. But she also knows that probably her father is the one who is going to take revenge from her. Because her father did not know that she was going to go publicly in admitting her guilt to the Egyptian people and to the entire world.

She said that she thinks that her father’s reaction is going to be outrage and extremely brutal, and he may push some brotherhood youth to take revenge from her after this public confession.

Mehwar Tv channel, assured Fatima, that no one will be able to take revenge from her or harm her, because the ministry of interior confirmed through a phone call to the program, that the minute she leaves the studio, she will be under the police protection and she will be kept safe from any threats or danger.

Fatima said that she really is astonished that she herself realized that when she was telling this fake rape story, everybody believed her without her needing to provide any proof on her claims. She knew while telling her story, that it sounded all the time fake, especially when she was calling media channels, she was all the time reading from the written instructions, but everybody simply and easily bought her story.

She also mentioned something very interesting. She said that she knows many of her colleagues in the Muslim Brotherhood organization, especially from the youth, who left the organization, the minute they realized that they were deceived by their leaders and Muslim Brotherhood are committing terror attacks and they are pushing young men and women to die not for the right cause as they told them, but for exploiting them in bad illegal acts and for the leaders own interests.

All the youth who left Muslim Brotherhood organization after they discovered that they were deceived, got punished by their leaders. The leaders took revenge from those youth, by informing the police about them and about their illegal activities, to spend the rest of their lives in prison. She said that this is their way to take revenge from those who quit the organization and it is also to force the youth to be in the same row of MB leaders.

Amr Omara former muslim brotherhood member exposed Muslim Brotherhood crimes and assassinations in egyptAmr Omara (former Muslim Brotherhood member and founder of a youth coalition anti Muslim Brotherhood organization), he confirmed what Fatima declared publicly, and he confirmed that he actually knows who assassinated Police Colonel Wael Altahan, killed with 47 bullets in front of his home on 22/4/2015.

Amr explained that after Fatima has spread this fake story of the rape, Muslim Brotherhood youth created a new armed group, especially for revenge, not just for her, but to kill Egyptian officers who arrest Brotherhood leaders who were involved in terror attacks or assassinations. The person who planned the assassination of the Police colonel, his father is in jail and he planned the assassination for revenge.

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Fatima said that the Muslim Brotherhood leaders were always instructing the youth when talking to the press, to claim that there are political detentions in Egypt, and to confirm to the press that there are thousands of  MB youth were being held and tortured in these political detentions.

She also explained that not everyone who gets arrested by the police, is treated equally by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders. If you are an effective productive MB member and you do as you are told, you get compensated and rewarded even if you are in jail. Muslim brotherhood reward their youth on every police officer they kill or injured, They hire lawyers and she said she knows that there are people from Qatar and Turkey who finance all this, through their men in Egypt. But if you are just feeling sympathy with MB and you are not participating in real tasks that are handed to you, they don’t care about you, because with their money they can buy whatever they want. But they do use and exploit your friends or relatives and make them angry enough to take revenge from the state and the police.

Fatima declared that she knows for definite that Muslim Brotherhood are going to take revenge from her, she was very scared at the beginning, but she is not scared now that she told the truth and she asked God for forgiveness. She showed threats to the program host that she received during her confession, threats to be killed by Muslim Brotherhood members.

Unfortunately, she said that those MB who plan and prepare terror attacks and assassinations, they don’t appear in the picture even to the MB youth, but those who execute the terror acts are the youth, and many of them are deceived by their leaders in the organization.

Fatima mentioned that Muslim Brotherhood main target is the Egyptian army, if they manage to break the Egyptian Army, then the rest is going to be easy to break. What they instruct the youth to do is to attack security forces anywhere they see them, including killing them, ruining the police, the army, the judiciary system reputation…Putting the world’s community pressure on Egypt by using the media, social media  and foreign press in spreading stories about sexual assaults and rape cases in prisons and police stations…These are their targets, till they topple the entire state. In the organization, different tasks are divided on groups, each group has its own specific task to do.

Fatima explained further, that she is not the only girl in the organization who was brain washed to claim this raping torture story, there are many girls and women and even men, especially from the youth who are brain washed by their MB leaders to fake stories especially about rape assaults, because they were repeatedly saying that the war is trick, and everything is allowed in wars.

When asked about whether or not she was asked to commit a suicidal attack for the sake of God or Islam? She answered that Muslim Brotherhood leaders were brain washing the youth about heaven and that any one of them who dies for Islam, will directly go to heaven and without any judgement and she personally knew one of the men who participated last year in bombing the security Cairo governorate building, he was a Muslim Brotherhood active member and he committed suicidal attack, believing that he will go to heaven. Muslim Brotherhood are using religion in convincing youth that what they do of killing, sabotaging, violence and even faking events, is for the sake of the religion.

Fatima said that Muslim Brotherhood told her that after she accomplished her task, they were going to assist her and finance her in leaving Egypt and live in Turkey, so she doesn’t get arrested after what she claimed about the rape story. She admitted that she did like the idea, especially that she has never been abroad, and she thought that she is going to be very well taken care of and live a wonderful life.

I just have one single comment. If Fatima committed many crimes here, I believe that all those who participated in spreading her lies are more criminal than she is, they didn’t even bother to check whether or not her claims were false or true, even that it was very easy to discover, they didn’t make any efforts to apologize or to correct the false news they have spread.

The above English translation is the content of all the following videos, Fatima and Amr Omara, former Muslim Brotherhood members public confession.  (Please click on watch on youtube on the 3rd video, to be able to watch it directly on youtube for age restriction.

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