The USA Made Their Own Media Sound Like Morons

This Is How International News Medias Work In Egypt

While The Foreign News Agencies and Media supporting terrorism and launching a fierce campaign against Egypt since the overthrown of Muslim Brotherhood, the US Congress slamed bamed their own media and really made them look and sound like Imbeciles and Morons!

Since the overthrown of Muslim Brotherhood by the 30th of June revolution, the US politicized media are calling our revolution a military coup and attacking Egyptians in any step they make whether in relation to the road map moving forward or measures taken in protecting our national security against terrorism.

This fierce campaign launched against Egypt by foreign media is on a daily basis. More than 33 million Egyptian revolted against Fascist Muslim Brotherhood regime, they call it a military coup!

Egypt fights terrorism, they call it oppression and dictatorship against innocents armed peaceful Islamist Militants!

Egypt made a protest law to organize demonstrations, they call it getting back to dictatorship and police state!

When Egypt declared Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, and put on trial a former regime accused of high treason “espionage” and terror acts against their own people and country, they call it Egypt is jailing innocents former president and his Brothers based on framed charges and Egypt is crushing and smashing Islamist and the opposition!

Even the huge mass of Egyptians positively stood in long queues and voted on the constitution’s referendum, foreign media reported that Egyptians are ignorant and don’t know what they are voting on, and they were forced to vote positively on the constitution which is representing the Old Police and Military State!

Then all of a sudden and in the middle of this fierce campaign against Egypt, the US decided to Grants Egypt $ 250 million economic aid, and 1.3 billion dollars military aid during the year 2014. Egypt will get the value of military aid $ 1.3 billion on the first two phases of 975 million dollars following the referendum on the constitution, and the second part is 576.8 million dollars after the parliamentary and presidential elections. And to ensure that the Egyptian government is committed to the road map which has been announced.  Published by the daily beast on 13/1/2014.

This decision of the US to Grants Egypt Aid, made foreign news agencies look and sound like imbeciles and retards! It really exposed the foreign media who deployed all their efforts in supporting a terrorist organization and challenge the will of Egyptians by publishing false and fabricated news all this time and all went in vain! And their reactions to the US decision was even more hostile and aggressive towards Egypt because it is in reality smashing foreign media’s campaign against Egypt and all their efforts in misleading the public opinion against Egypt have really gone with the Wind!

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Foreign Media is attacking and accusing Egypt of Oppression and dictatorship based on evidences taken from the adventure of Alice in Wonderland and the green men on Planet Mars!

The US decision makers just declared that foreign medias are liars. Otherwise, why the United States of America decided to give Egypt Aid again, if Egypt is practicing violations to human rights and oppressing the opposition and what happened in Egypt is a military coup like foreign media claim? What a big mess and insanity and a double standard, this world is full of political crap and garbage!

Let me give you some examples, despite that the majority of Foreign News agencies are repeating the same issues and the same aggressive tone against Egypt and biased to terrorism, but I just picked a few samples here:

[symple_testimonial by=”Washington Post Editorial Board”]

The Washington Post Written by Editorial Board on 13/1/2014 :” Egypt’s Bogus democracy doesn’t deserve US aid”

EGYPT’S MILITARY regime is taking a major step this week toward installing an autocracy more repressive than any the country has known in decades. Citizens are being summoned to the polls to vote on a new constitution that exempts the army, police and intelligence services from civilian control and allows these services to prosecute in military courts anyone they deem threatening. Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, who led a coup d’etat in July against an elected Islamist government, has hinted that he will take the vote as a mandate to become Egypt’s next president.

The referendum is being staged in a climate that makes a fair ballot impossible. Activists who have tried to peacefully campaign for a no vote have been arrested and prosecuted on charges of trying to change the constitution’s “principles.” Public demonstrations are banned, and police have killed 27 people and arrested 703 who tried to protest on the past three Fridays, according to Human Rights Watch. Not just Islamists but also secular pro-democracy leaders are being targeted.

If President Obama believes the United States should sanction a new autocracy in Egypt, he should make the case for doing so. Otherwise his administration should side with those Egyptians who continue to fight for a genuine democracy — starting with those who have been imprisoned.


[symple_testimonial by=”The Daily Beast Michele Doom and Gloom”]The daily beast 13/1/2014, Michele Dunne, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Ever since the Egyptian military ousted and jailed ex-president Mohamed Morsi last July and began its campaign of arresting opposition leaders and protesters, the Obama administration and Congress have been withholding most of the $1.5 billion in annual aid the U.S. gives Egypt, most of which goes directly to the country’s army.
“I think there’s a sense of giving up on Egypt [inside of the Obama administration], on the Hill as well,” said Dunne. “There’s a sense that ‘Oh well they tried a democratic transition, it didn’t work, but we don’t want to cut ourselves off from Egypt as a security ally, so let’s just forget about the whole democracy and human rights thing except for giving it some lip service from time to time.’”[/symple_testimonial]

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[symple_testimonial by=”New York Blatant liars”]NEW YORK TIMES, Egyptians Vote on New Constitution in Key Referendum 14/1/2014.
While news reports spoke of long lines forming in advance of the poll, the numbers seemed to settle by midmorning at far lower levels than in a series of earlier ballots that have taken place since the overthrow of Mr. Mubarak. Egyptian diplomats said early returns from the relatively small number of overseas voters showed a low turnout but broad support for the revised constitution.
The proposed charter is not radically different from the Constitution drafted by an Islamist-led assembly and approved by a margin of almost two to one slightly more than a year ago. At that time, about a third of the electorate voted, setting a benchmark for the vote that began on Tuesday.[/symple_testimonial]

Bla Bla Bla…Let me just correct a few issues here.

First, the voting of Egyptians abroad was not as big as in Egypt because Muslim Brotherhood was allowing voting through mails and emails in their 2012 dark ages constitution, and this opened the door for forging many votes. This Time, for the 2014 constitution, it closed the door on any possible forgery and did not allow voting through emails or mails and this made the voting difficult on many Egyptians who live abroad. To travel from a city to another or a state to another because there is only one embassy and consulate in each country. Foreign media can make a survey and ask Egyptians who live abroad about the difficulties they have faced in the voting process and check what really went wrong based on accurate information and not on forged reporting.

Egyptians are not ignorant nor retarded. They know very well what they voted on. since the 25th of Jan 2011 and especially after the 30th of June 2013, Egyptians have their own free will to say yes or no to anything they want. Egyptians are making history and creating events without any influence from any authority in the country. Foreign media you are really a disgrace. Foreign media reporters only interview Muslim Brotherhood terrorists supporters and members, they know nothing about what more than 80% of the Egyptian population think or want.

There is a big difference between the 2012 constitution and the 2014 constitution. Reporters of New York Times, do your homework instead of copying and pasting what your Muslim Brothers are feeding you with on a daily basis.

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All the Articles in the 2014 constitution did not provide any authority to any institution in the country above the law. What foreign media claimed in their reports prove that they haven’t read a word in the 2014 constitution. They are just repeating what Muslim Brotherhood are spreading of lies and false information. Haven’t heard foreign news agencies criticizing the 2012 Muslim Brotherhood dark ages constitution which allowed girls marriage at the age of 10, allowed slavery and provisions of Islamic Sharia based on Extremists views and not based on the moderate religion and provided the president top authorities and immunity over the law and questioning…etc. Were you guys drunk or in a comma in 2012?!

The part of oppression and dictatorship and Military ruling, I think now the foreign media should address their attacks to the US and not to Egypt. Ask the US Administration and the congress, if what is happening in Egypt is a military coup and oppression to your favorite terrorists, why the US will give Aid to Egypt? Ask them instead of smearing The Egyptian State’s reputation with fabricated news. I’m really wondering, do you guys take bribes from Muslim Brotherhood or you publish forged news voluntarily because you are morons and lousy journalists and reporters!

Look who’s talking about human rights? Ms Michele Doom and Gloom Bin Dunne, did you condemn any of the Muslim Brotherhood crimes against women, Christians, children and massacres against 80% of the Egyptian Community? Where were your human rights during the Brotherhood ruling when they were dragging the whole country to their dark ages?

The majority of Egyptians don’t want the US Aid. We did not make a revolution on the 30th of June 2013 to become followers and slaves to the US double standard barefaced policy. We did not risk losing our own lives to become dependent on the United States of America.

Egypt must reject this aid from the US. Egyptians do not accept to take Aid from a country who spied on Egypt, and deliberately supported a fascist terrorist regime to rule Egypt, and sponsored massacres against the Egyptian Armed forces, police, Christians and the Egyptian community.

Egypt must not accept a penny from the US who made dirty deals with the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists to divide Egypt, like Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen.

Egyptians campaign against US Aid

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