Foreign Policy And James Traub Spreading Lies About Egypt

James Traub Foreign Policy When Ignorance Meets with the Absence Of Press Code Of Ethics

James Traub and the Foreign Policy news: “When Ignorance Meets With The Absence Of Press Code Of Ethics”

James Traub has been a Journalist for the past 35 years, he is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and his column for runs weekly.

james traub on twitter

James Traub wrote on 8/11/2013 an article published on Foreign Policy titled ” Washington’s Kid Gloves and Egypt’s Fist“.

The information that James Traub stated in his article is really a live example of his ignorance of the events not only about Egypt but also about the whole Middle East Area, and the inaccuracy of his research and scrutiny before publication.

This article of James Traub is very similar to many other articles and reports published in many International News Medias about the Middle East, and that’s what I call:” When Ignorance and false information meet with the absence of Press Code of Ethics in misleading the public opinion”.

The following are screenshots taken from James Traub’s article, and when you’re going to read what he stated in his article, you will get my point. (Click on each screenshot to enlarge it)

foreign policy claim the trial of Morsi and Brotherhood of etihadeya palace crime is a fake charges

According to the above screenshot, James Traub talked about John Kerry’s visit to Egypt and he accused the liberal activists who overthrown Mobarak Regime on the 25/1/2011, of having a collaboration with the Egyptian Military to depose the Muslim Brotherhood democratically elected leaders. James also described the trial which took place on 4/11/2013 of Former President Mohamed Morsy, that is based on trumped-up charges of incitement to murder! This is not just false information but it’s really a funny statement James!

Egyptian Liberal Activists

James Traub in this statement is obviously considering more than 33 Million Egyptian protesters who revolted on 30/6/2013, are all liberal activists who collaborated with the Military against Brotherhood Regime! And let’s presume that what James mentioned in this point is what really happened: is it really logic or possible for any moron to believe that more than 33 Million Egyptian protesters were liberal activists!

Then how come the liberal currents did not win the Parliament elections if they had that kind of influence and supporters!!!?

Let me draw Mr. James’s attention to another fact here, if the success of 30/6/2013 revolution was depending on the Liberal activists influence in The Egyptian Street, believe me 30/6/2013 revolution would have been buried by Brotherhood Regime before even seeing the light! Political activists then would have been lucky if they just managed to mobilize from 1000 to 5000 of their supporters in the Egyptian street!

The ones who made 30/6/2013 revolution successful are actually the Millions of Egyptian people who suffered from oppression, deceive, fascism, terror and corruption of Muslim Brotherhood Regime.

Mr. James the brilliant writer is obviously not aware of a very important fact, which is that right after Mobarak Regime stepped down, these liberal activists that James talked about were losing their credibility in the Egyptian street.

After these Activists became famous through the Local and International Medias, they started to act arrogant and were totally disconnected from the Egyptian street. They were actually not representing anyone but themselves, and they were constantly rejected and criticized by the public opinion in Egypt till this minute.

Another reason those Liberals Activists were rejected by the community, because they were working on stabilizing the American Agenda in Egypt, specially those who got paid by the States, under claim of foreign financing to support democracy in Egypt! Since when applying Democracy needs financing! Do you pay people to become Democratic?!

If James had accurate information, he would have known that those liberal activists he talked about, didn’t at all have any popularity or support or influence in the whole country since Mobarak stepped down and till this minute we speak!

Beside that no one voted for them in the parliament elections, despite that they got thousands and millions of followers on Twitter! They really thought that looking pretty in front of the Camera and having many followers on Twitter, would get them sweeper votes to run for elections!

Let me also remind Mr. James, that the total numbers of protesters who went out in the whole Republic on 25/1/2011, were just 4 million and they were mobilized by these liberal activists through the social medias; But the ones who went out on 30/6/2013 were more than 33 million mobilized by the tyranny and fascism of Muslim Brotherhood. (in case James is also ignorant about the total population in Egypt, we are 87 Million now).

Former President Mohamed Morsy Was Democratically Elected

James also mentioned that Muslim Brotherhood President was elected democratically! No he wasn’t! Obviously James also didn’t follow closely on this issue because the Presidential elections were forged in favor of  Brotherhood’s candidate and it was documented and taken to the court.

But since the brotherhood were in total power at that time controlling all the State’s joints, the case was not handled as it should have been. Now forged Presidential elections file is opened again for investigations and the court case is on and running Mr. James. On 28/10/2013 the judge announced the ban of publishing temporarily for this case.

Moreover, a Brotherhood Leader recently Dissident from Brotherhood Organization ” Dr. Khaled Alzafarany” testified recently and provided evidences that Muslim Brotherhood forged the 2012 presidential elections, through printing private institutions other than the official one, and he personally participated in replacing the correct ones with the forged cards in favor of Morsi former President.

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Brotherhood were also terrorizing Christians voters from voting to Morsi’s competitor and their public threats of burning the whole country if their candidate doesn’t win the presidential elections.

Also the fact that Brotherhood announced the final presidential elections results through the media at 3 o’clock in the Morning, while the elections committees were still counting the votes in many Constituencies. But Brotherhood appeared on the Media channels prior to more than 48 hours from the Election’s committee final announcement of the winner of presidential elections.

Mohamed Morsy Former President’s Trial on 4/11/2013 Is Based On Trumped-Up Charges Of Incitement To Murder

What is your source of information James Bin Lying Traub? Yes you are a Liar, can’t say here that you are ignorant or being a lazy journalist, because the exact description that really matches with this false statement of yours, is BAREFACED LIAR!

James Traub called the trial of  Former President Mohamed Morsy on 4/11/2013 a trumped-up charges! Are you really serious? Do you consider the massacre on 5/12/2012 inside and outside Etihadeya Presidential Palace a Trumped-Up charges?!

Do you describe This massacre resulted the death of about a dozen (11) demonstrators and more than 800 got brutally tortured and seriously injured Trumped-Up charges?! Do you consider more than 800 victims living permanent disability due to torturing inside the presidential palace after ousted President enraged protesters with a decree expanding his powers, a TRUMPED-UP CHARGES?!

The following link is a documented evidence of all videos recorded on the 5th of December 2012, published by an Egyptian Blogger, who gathered all the videos.

The Videos show Muslim Brotherhood leaders and supporters, and Brotherhood staff who worked in the presidential Palace, appointed by Ousted President in the Presidential Cabinet. From the minute they announced publicly that they will end Anti-Brotherhood protests by force and will intensively mobilize their supporters to make sure those protests against Brotherhood regime will be ended immediately.

All videos showing Brotherhood leaders and presidential Cabinet members, who supervised the torturing of demonstrators inside and outside the Presidential Palace of Etihadya and also in the Mosque in front of the palace. While Mohamed Morsi was sleeping, enjoying his Militias torturing his opponents inside and outside the presidential Palace.

Videos also show Brotherhood supporters marching to the palace and brutally beaten Women protesters, political activists, and burned their tents outside the palace. The faces of all the participants of torturing in the videos are very well known to the public, and show clearly the presence of Brotherhood leaders and presidential cabinet members and some of Mohamed Morsy’s special guards inside and outside the palace. Who also participated in torturing protesters.

MB elements were torturing protesters and forcing them to confess that they got paid to protest against Brotherhood regime. Among the victims, famous Public figures and just passers-by citizens: a former Egyptian Ambassador, Christians, political activists, Women activists for Human rights…etc

When you click on the following link, you will find many uploaded videos links on YouTube, just click on each video link, to watch them, then come and discuss again your definition of Trumped-up Charges!

Click here, Link of Documented Videos of Etihadeya Palace Massacre, committed by Muslim Brotherhood and sponsored by ousted President Mohamed Morsi against more than 800 Egyptians got killed and brutally tortured and injured.

Brotherhood militias attacked women same guy who attacked the woman he is in the image with brotherhood leaders and Mohammed Morsi

If James Traub dared to describe this massacre of TRUMPED-UP CHARGES, can I then describe that the 9/11 terror acts against the USA, trumped-up charges to invade Afghanistan and Iraq?! SHAME ON YOU!

foreign policy lies and fake news about the middle east

Above screenshot, James Traub stated that the Military in Egypt is eliminating press freedom and is planning to promulgate a law which gives the Interior Ministry the right to approve of demonstrations in advance and to cancel or relocate them.

Again, what is your source of information James? I challenge you to get me one evidence, just one poor evidence on what you accused the Military of practicing oppression or applying certain laws in relation to demonstrations? God, were you conscience when you wrote this article of yours which is full of nothing but false statements and lies?

I’m asking James Traub to do a very simple research and find out what is the name of the concerned authority in Egypt which is authorized to handle the issue of demonstrations law, find out whether it is the Military or another authority.

I’m also asking  James to do another research on the demonstrations laws applied in the USA and in England, and let’s discuss it article by article. Then we can compare the US and the British demonstrations Laws to the project of demonstration law in Egypt! It will also be a great opportunity, for us to talk about the barefaced double standard policy of a country like the US and UK!

Usa double standard
Usa double standard

foreign policy misleading their public opinion and readers by publishing fake news about egypt

According to the above mentioned screenshot, James Traub mentioned that  a court case originally brought by a liberal secular party to ban Muslim Brotherhood. James also mentioned that Bahaa Eldin Deputy Prime Minister who has had the temerity to call “reconciliation” with Muslim brotherhood, has been shouted down and now claims to have been misunderstood.

James Traub obviously doesn’t know the difference between Liberal and Leftist! Because if he does, he would not only mention a wrong information, but also he would not shown his readers that he is really ignorant and so lazy in gathering accurate information.

The Political Party who raised the Case of Brotherhood ban, is not liberal Mr. Traub, it’s Leftist Party and the name of the Party is “Al-Tagamo Party!

In addition, James mentioned that the Deputy Prime Minister of Egypt the one who dared calling for reconciliation with Brotherhood is now claiming that he has been misunderstood. 

Did Mr. Traub watch the interview of Amanpour and Bahaa Eldin on 4/11/2013? Amanpour was really working hard on putting the words on Mr. Bahaa Eldin’s mouth, to say what she expected him to say and not what he thought and was expressing very clearly.

The bar on the screen all the interview was showing a cut of sentence of what Bahaa said. Like for instance, he said that Egypt was not on the right Democratic path during Brotherhood Regime. Instead of putting it as the guy described it, they instead showed:” Egypt is not on the right Democratic Path!

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Be my guest and watch the video:

Do you see the difference or you don’t, when you cut sentences to mislead your viewers and readers, in directing them to a certain believe about what is really happening in Egypt!

What does James Traub know about Egyptian people? Nothing. Because if he did, he will then realize that this “reconciliation” word, is one of the disgusting words in the Egyptian Community.

It’s not the political currents or the Government or even the Egyptian Military who don’t want to have reconciliation with Brotherhood, it is the Egyptian Community who doesn’t want even to hear this word!Does this really concern you guys? why don’t you stick your nose in your own business!

If Brotherhood Regime managed to succeed with any thing in Egypt during those two years of their reign, it is in fact the hatred they have planted in our hearts towards their deceiving, terror, violence oppression and fascist against the whole Community!

Are you guys stupid or deaf? Maybe Mr. Traub is going to be tolerant or forgiving  if a terrorist slaughter or torture one of his kids, but Egyptians aren’t tolerant in that regard. After what we all suffered from oppression, killing and terror attacks and threats all these past two years, sorry guys, we ran out of tolerance and forgiveness!

Maybe you are more human than we are, if America can forgive Al-Qaeda for 9/11, Egyptians are not going to forgive Brotherhood for these 2 years of terrorizing!

james traub ignorance and fake news about what is happening in the middle east

 The above screenshot is actually the funniest part of Mr. James Traub’s article, who I think would be a great Comedian if he joins any of the Humorous shows in the States or wherever!

James of course mentioned in the above screenshot that Egypt is on military rule with a civilian facade. Which is no much difference about those who are claiming that Our revolution is a coup. I won’t bother to comment on this, simply because I’m bored and fed up of taking the defense side.

You guys consider it whatever you like, but it’s obviously the first time in history that a coup was announced publicly many month before the date of the 30/6/2013 coup. Because usually the Coup is something you plan in secrecy and not publicly. Have you ever heard about more than 33 Million people planned a coup, and gave the Regime many month prior notice of the date of their coup!!!!

If you guys consider our revolution against fascism and terror is a coup, then we are proud and honored of our COUP! May your soul rest in peace now, I hope!

Now the funniest part: Mr. James claimed that Egypt looks less than either YEMEN or LIBYA and TUNIS to make a transition towards a more liberal and democratic form of governments. He also praised Tunisian government in their reconciliation!

I really laughed out loud when I was reading that part James! Did you just mentioned that Egypt is less than Yemen, Libya and Tunis in relation to Democracy and Reconciliation! Who is this genius smart source of  information who provided you with this piece of art!?

Tunis is ruled by Muslim Brotherhood Regime and Tunisians are suffering since quite sometime now from the same Brotherhood practices that were taken place in Egypt. And because the Tunisian people are revolting against Brotherhood regime, Terror acts started to target activists, opponents to the regime and Military & police individuals.

Exactly the same scenario of Brotherhood Regime in Egypt, when people started to revolt against the MB Regime, the regime started terror acts to terrorize all their opponents and shut them up!

if James Traub used Tunis as an example going on the right path, if the Tunisian Regime appears like they are trying or on the right path, that’s the International speech they are addressing to lazy journalists like Mr. Traub. Because if Mr. Traub was following closely what is happening in Tunis, he would realize that the Tunisian Brotherhood Regime, was scared to face the same destiny their Egyptian Brotherhood had in Egypt!

After the big fall of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Brotherhood in Tunis, will do their utmost to stay in power, but this doesn’t mean that they are on the right path or suddenly they have just given up on their Islamist Empire Caliphate to dominate the World, which was going to be spread from Egypt! Or all of a sudden, Brotherhood have given up on turning Green lands to burned lands Projects, in case the Brotherhoodisation of the whole Middle East project fails!

Libya. No one can really tell who is ruling Libya right now!? After the Gaddafi Regime was taken down, weapons and many armed groups are increasing in Libya. Despite that the majority of Libyan Parliament is formed from Liberals, but Muslim Brotherhood Organisation who is considered one of the 6 Political strongest Bloc in Libya, but on the real ground, they are using their armed Wing Groups, in putting pressure on the Libyan Regime, to force laws according to Brotherhood views.

The strongest armed groups and Political blocs in Libya are only two: The coalition of the Loyalists to the Martyrs Blood, which is formed from Extremists Islamist led by Abd Elwahab Kayed who is the brother of Abu Yehia Alliby the second man in Al-Qaeda Organisation and the second one which is the Muslim Brotherhood Bloc of Justice and development, those two own and possess armed Militias, weapons and ammunition heavier and exceeding the Libyan State Military capabilities!

Yemen. The reconciliation Mr. Traub talked about is targeting to divide Yemen into 5 provinces! Is that what you call reconciliation?! Of course others see that Yemen should be divided into 7 provinces instead!

The reconciliation James talked about is actually to divide Yemen to 2 provinces in the South and 3 provinces in the North. They are of course are disagreeing about who will have the rights of natural resources and profits of its income, and who is going to put the basics of the right of administration and so on…

There is also this issue of equality when dividing Yemen, like to guarantee equality between South and North. Putting into consideration that the population in the South are 2.5 million and the population of the North are 20 million! I’m sure Equality will take place, specially when we are talking here about dividing a country! I’m sure it is going to be a great peace of cake dividing!

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Mentioning the reconciliation and the dividing of Yemen, perhaps Mr. James can tell us about how is the division of Iraq doing right now?! Are they living happily ever after they followed the path of democracy and reconciliation which resulted from the American Invasion!?

I’m also sure Mr. James can tell us about the human rights, women and children rights in Yemen and the use of weapons in Yemen and the violence, while there is a serious reconciliation based on dividing Yemen!

Mr. James didn’t forget to mention that the reconciliation in Egypt, the very word of it is treasonable, comparing to the great reconciliation in Yemen, Libya and Tunis!

Yes Mr. James, if you consider Egyptians who refuse reconciliation with the terrorists and murderers of their kids is treason, yes it is treason.

If you consider Egyptians who refuse reconciliation with Brotherhood who had dirty deals with Al-Qaeda Terrorists elements to kill us and kill our our Military and Police individuals, yes it is treason.

james traub ignorance and fake news

The last paragraph in Mr. James article, of course he couldn’t miss this opportunity to mention the Minister of Defense, General Abd ElFatah El-Sisi, who he described “The Napoleonic Aura of Coup Leader”. who according to Mr. James, will fade if he runs for presidency and Egyptians will revolt against him and they will be looking then to the USA to support them, like they asked US to support them on 25/1/2011. 

So, Mr. James is recommending that the United States of America should keep on assisting Egypt with Aid, because as he believes there is a hope for a better future in Egypt under US sponsorship and support, of course to make sure that Egypt is going to be on the right path and reconciliation of division, like our sisters Tunis, Libya and Yemen!

The Egyptian Minister of Defense is a Leader alright. What is really pissing off Mr. James from the Egyptian Minister of Defense? What is really pissing off the Obama’s administration from the Leader of the Ministry of Defense?

Let me guess here, is it because he got out of the USA’s Obedience? Or is it because he refused that his country and his people to kneel to the terror of an International Brotherhood Organization who is sponsored and supported till this minute by the US?

Who are you James Traub to tell Egyptians who to choose as a president? Who are you to tell us what to do or who to ask for support? Do you really think Egyptians will ask US for support? Who told you that Egyptians asked US for support on 25/1/2011?

Maybe you mean Liberal Activists. Yes Liberal Activists asked USA for support. Not to support Egypt, but to support the interests of Liberal Activists which were exactly the US interests. That is why they got rejected by the community on 25/1/2011. Those activists as I mentioned in this article only represent them selves.

The Egyptians will never ask USA for any kind of support. Save your money for your own people.

James Traub, don’t you ever dare to mention the Egyptian People and talk on their behalf or spread lies about them. If you want to know how big liar you are, come to Egypt and go to different areas in the whole country, and tell them these fabricated stories of yours in this article and see how they are going to respond to you!

You guys are certain of the love and the attachment between Egyptians and their Military and also towards General Sisi who saved our country and lives when he decided to challenge the whole world and the terrorists you and your Obama are supporting.

You guys want to do your utmost to divide our country and divide our Military since the 25th of Jan 2011 till this minute.

You guys want to smear the reputation of our military and the leader of the Military, because it really kills you to see Egyptians are united and making their choices based on their free own will, which they have chosen since 30/6/2013. You will never succeed in dividing our country. The more you spread lies about our country and our military, the more you spread hatred in our hearts against your governments practices and against your barefaced lies and fake stories about Egypt.

You are the 35 years experienced Journalist, I’m not a journalist. I’m an Egyptian Citizen who lived the events minute by minute and every minute during the Brotherhood ruling felt like a whole year of suffering, humiliation and terrorizing.

Every word I wrote in this article, I eye witnessed its event, I lived it minute by minute. When my people were getting oppressed and terrorized and killed by Brotherhood Regime, you guys were deliberately playing deaf and blind. Do you think that Egyptians are ignorant and morons and don’t read your fabricated stories about our Country?

You will never stop lying about what is really going on in Egypt, and I will never stop reading what you guys are writing about my country and my people and I will make sure to expose it to your readers every time you fabricate stories about my country, so your readers, if you have any, will know what kind of  journalists you guys are!


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Egyptians buried International Muslim Brotherhood Organization Fascism Oppression on the 30th Of June 2013
Egyptians buried International Muslim Brotherhood Organization Fascism Oppression on the 30th Of June 2013
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