Torture Video Carried Out By Muslim Brotherhood Against 15 Years Old Kid

To those who are supporting Muslim Brotherhood terror demonstrations and are fighting like crazy for their rights in having a Militia terror country inside Egypt, if the following is not terrorizing your kids, then what is the definition of terrorism in your Human and Children Rights Dictionary?

On the 1st of August 2013, Ahmed Reda, a 15 years old Kid, his bad luck made him stand close to Rabaa Square where the brotherhood and their supporters were demonstrating. The Boy was waiting to take a bus to go home, when a couple of MB guys who were securing the Rabaa Square came to him and put a knife on his neck and told him that they suspect him and ordered him to walk with them inside the square to check him and if he screams or try to escape, they threatened him to separate his head from his body.

The boy got panic and walked as he was told.

They took him under the Rabaa Stage, where he saw the place was divided to some rooms separated with wood.

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The boy saw torturing rooms and a man was lying on the floor totally naked and some guys were torturing him.

Then after a while, he saw a brotherhood leader, he recognized him from the media but he did not remember his name, then he knew his Name Mohammed El-Bltagy One of the brotherhood top leaders (by the way he is wanted by justice accused of killing and torturing civilians, and that’s where him and other leaders are hiding in Rabaa Square, so they don’t get caught by the police)

The Militia told the MB leader’s that they suspect the boy, so he told them to do the necessary and then get rid of him. The boy realized that he will never walk out of that square alive.

They shaved the boy’s head and removed his toes nails and were beating him with brutality and caused some burns all over his body and face. They also used electric zapper in torturing him.

They kept torturing him till he fainted. When he was awake, he found him self in the street and a taxi driver was trying to help him to stand up, then he drove him to the DA Office and hospital to make an official statement about the crime.

The following video, is the testimony of the boy in the DA office in the presence of  the boy’s father.

The following Images showing Rabaa’s square, were taken by the civilians who live in the Neighborhood, one of the neighbors managed to take those pictures from his balcony, which show Brotherhood demonstrators in Rabaa square are hitting one guy and as you see his hands and legs were tighten from behind. The Rabaa Neighborhood who live around the square are sending SOS screams to the whole world to save them from being prisoners in their own buildings by the terror of  Brotherhood Militia who are isolating them from any kinds of Human proper normal life. MB demonstrators are terrorizing all the people who live around the square. If they go down from their buildings, they get checked by Brotherhood Militia, also the Militia is occupying the roofs of the buildings ready with weapons for any break in from the authorities, it scares the neighbors that they can be taken as hostages by the Brotherhood Militia at any minute and they do not have any where else to go but to stay in their homes …

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morsi's supporters and brotherhood are torturing a man in rabaa

A picture of morsi's supporters torturing a man in Rabaa square

Other images showing  Rabaa square taken by some neighbors who live around the square showing what kind of misery and disaster they are living under the Brotherhood terror.

Muslim Brotherhood destroyed the side walk in rabaa square

Moslem Brotherhood demonstrators destroyed the side walk and made the square look like a war zone

a boy having a sign we are all martyrs for mohammed morsi

A picture showing the square like a war zone and the boy having a sign written on it, we are all martyrs for Mohammed Morsi

brotherhood in rabba carrying sticks

Those are the peaceful demonstrators carrying Metal sticks walking outside the square, checking who are they gonna capture from civilians walking or standing in the street to torture them and beat them to death.

rabaa demonstrators turned the garden to toilets

Brotherhood demonstrators turned the garden in the Rabaa square to toilets

rabaa square brotherhood demonstrations

Rabaa Square is not only a war zone but it turned to a street farm raising ducks.

rabaa square terrorizing egyptian

Those are the Rabaa Square warriors with big sticks standing to see who is coming and who is going in the street.

rabaa square

Rabaa square turned to a terror territory, all streets are totally blocked on all the people who live around the square, how would you feel if someone come and occupy your neighborhood and block all the way in and out and kept you in your home like a prisoner and check you every time you go out or in and also turn your garden to a shit hole?! That’s fine, I know…Your governments are saying and insisting that Muslin Brotherhood have the right to demonstrate and the whole world is watching Egyptian military and police because if they make a single mistake towards the terrorists militia Brotherhood, the world is going to punish the whole country. If civilians are not living a normal life and they get torture and killed or get locked in their own homes, that’s ok. as long as the aggressive terror demonstrations keep their rights in demonstrating the way they want!

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the brotherhood terror against civilians live in rabaa

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