Meetings Between About 14 Western Ambassadors And Suspicious Organizations In Egypt

What is the main role of an Ambassador?

An ambassador or a diplomat’s definition according to the international laws is the person or the representative charged with the responsibility of maintaining diplomatic relations, and represents the president in matters of foreign policy. Ambassadors help to promote peace, trade, and the exchange of information between their countries and foreign lands. But obviously the title of this article shows that there is a totally different definition nowadays related to the ambassadors role at least inside the Egyptian territory.

western ambassadors meeting with suspicious organizations in egypt

Never heard of such 14 ambassadors and diplomats gathering held a meeting with the Egyptian foreign ministry or the Egyptian presidency to discuss not even the Palestinian cause!

On the 3rd of November 2020, a meeting was held between about 14 foreign western ambassadors in Egypt and what is called “Egyptian political activists” from EIPR organisation (Egyptian initiative for personal rights) and others…in the EIPR’S office in Cairo!

EIPR and other interested parties/groups have met with the ambassadors of Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. As well as the chargés d’affaires of Canada, Norway, and Sweden, the deputy ambassador of the United Kingdom, and representatives from the European Commission in Cairo…

In Egypt, we have never heard about a meeting or a gathering that included all this bunch of western ambassadors and diplomats with the Egyptian foreign ministry or the Egyptian presidency to discuss not even the Palestinian cause!

The Egyptian Authorities practices in the frame of the Egyptian sovereignty on its territory

On The 15th of November 2020, the Egyptian authorities arrested Mohamed Bashir, managing director of the EIPR, According to Jasser Abdel Razek, Executive Director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights. Karim Ennarah, who is the director of criminal justice at advocacy group Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, was arrested in the resort town of Dahab, three days after the arrest of EIPR’s administrative director Mohamed Basheer on Sunday And also executive director Gasser Abdel-Razek on Thursday.

The EIPR claims that they practice the profession of political and human rights defenders, This human rights defenders job has appeared since 2011 which is the job of the jobless of many young people out there who just want to make some quick money, and grab a piece of the cake to fill their big belly, even if the price will be on the ruins of their own countries. History is my witness on this fact.

EIPR has a criminal record of cooperating with Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and other leftists and liberal currents in inciting for chaos and the destruction of Egypt. This is not the first time that their members get arrested and obviously it is not going to be the last time, since they insist on doing all they can in destabilizing Egypt to reach their target.

Those who claim that there is no connection between MB terrorist organization and different currents from leftist or liberal, they are mistaken. Because there is certainly a deep connection since 2011, and especially after the 30th of June 2013 revolution that got the MB terrorist regime down in Egypt.

There has been a connection since the beginning of 2011 and especially after we got down the MB regime. If you are closely following the activity of leftist, liberal and MB abroad or inside Egypt, since the 30 of June 2013 revolution, they were under the same umbrella of the Brotherhood. Because the target is one.

Leftists and liberals are working together with MB, because they realized that they are weak without the MB support. Now it is just different names with the same target.

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Now, the main concern of all the currents who are against the regime in Egypt and against our will, are calling for blood and destruction, because this is the only way they think they can win.

Leftists, liberals and Islamist speech addressed abroad is totally different from the speech they address inside or to the inside. If you speak Arabic, just follow their accounts on social media, or their you-tubers, or Muslim Brotherhood media channels in Turkey and Qatar and listen to what they are inciting on and see who is under their umbrella now from who you describe liberals or leftists. They call for a powerful coalition to defeat the Egyptian army, or that the army turns against the regime, and they are happy with any terrorist attack in Egypt, hoping to weaken the country.

They take all chances for any event that is happening in Egypt to incite people inside to create chaos and they also incite on killing police individuals.

Just recently the call for the 20th of September 2020 demonstrations, was made by MB together with other leftist and liberal currents, they were inciting on burning police cars, killing police individuals and burning private and public properties. These demonstrations did not succeed because no one responded to the call of violence and chaos.

Liberals and leftists currents and MB as well, realized that they have failed in mobilizing the Egyptian street since 30 of June 2013. So, since that date, they are doing all they can to turn Egypt to another Syria or Libya.

How about if the Egyptian ambassador or any Arab Ambassadors gather themselves on US or EU territory and go held a meeting with US or EU political activists, to discuss the internal affairs of the US or EU? is this according to any international laws out there?

Imagine if you are a European or an American citizen, and you hear that some activists in your country claimed that they had a blank agency from you, to talk on your behalf and to discuss the internal affairs of your own country with 14 foreign Arab ambassadors? How will that sounds to you? I challenge anyone out there to claim that this is according to any international laws or it is one of the main roles of foreign ambassadors on any territory!

No body from the 100 million Egyptian citizen gave any blank agency to anyone to talk on their behalf. No one in Egypt will discuss any internal problems with a foreign ambassador or ask them to put economical sanctions on Egypt to make the job of those “criminals” easier to get down the country. This is actually the purpose and the target of those traitors since 2011.

Egypt and all its internal affairs belong to the 100 million Egyptian citizens to discuss or take decisions, and not foreign westerns ambassadors to discuss any internal affairs with some gangs and mercenaries.

Only the banana republic allows foreign ambassadors to interfere in its internal affairs and hold such a meeting that took place on an Egyptian soil.

According to those Egyptian human rights defenders, To make reforms in any country, you need to slaughter civilians, demobilize armies, totally destroy the infrastructure of a country, then you can enjooooy democracy and freedom with the taste of blood and chaos

I wish that Egypt becomes like Syria or Libya“. ” I’m asking and begging the western countries to put economical sanctions on Egypt, so the land is ready for chaos“. “I want to get rid of the Egyptian army and this is not going to happen, unless the US and the EU help and finance our organizations so, we can succeed in creating the necessary fire that will burn the entire country and make it fall apart, so we can take over.” ” I wish SISI faces the same destiny of Gaddafi“.

Actually this is what you read on social media when you follow some of those Egyptian criminals who call themselves “political activists, or human rights defenders”.

The unlicensed EIPR organisation claims to be a research, advocacy and litigation activities in the areas of civil liberties and economic social rights, and criminal justice. The EIPR and other similar organisations are working in Egypt since 2011 with no license and under the fake umbrella of human rights defenders. But the reality is, they all follow the same Muslim Brotherhood’s doctrine, which is “blood and demolition“. Because the interest and the target is the same. Different names with one target, to destroy and divide Egypt, the only country in the middle east that managed to survive from the Arab destructive spring 2011.

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Since 2011 when the Arab spring took place, we have lived and seen countries vanishing from the middle east map, and the calls for political reforms and democracy were not really based on real political or economical reforms, but it was based on “blood and demolition” of all country’s institutions, governments, demobilization of armies, opening countries borders for terrorists organizations, killing and slaughtering civilians.

Remember a country called Iraq? that was invaded under a false claim of destructive weapons and democracy? Remember Syria, Yemen, Libya? They all started falling apart based on calls by “human rights organizations”, financed and supported by Western countries and some Arab countries as well who have interests in this destructive agenda.

western ambassadors meeting in cairo with suspicious org in egypt

About 45000,00 Civil Society licensed and unlicensed Organisations Exist in Egypt, and there are claims that Egypt is crushing human rights organizations

45000,00 civil society organizations exist in Egypt and there are claims that Egypt is crushing the human rights organizations! What nonsense and bullshit is this?!

The importance of the civil society in Egypt is in the role of its institutions in activating participation of many citizens in determining their fates and interaction with policies which may affect their life positively and not destructively.

Licensed and legal institutions of civil society in Egypt seek to create an influential with the purpose of achieving development while maintaining a balanced relation with the government based on mutual respect.

There are many NGOs in Egypt who actually work for the benefit of the country and the people. But on the other hand, there are other organizations who just work on destroying the country and people’s life, as long as they are well financed from abroad and this we have lived and witnessed in Egypt since 2011.

The term “civil society” refers to a large group of non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations which have a primary role in the public life based on moral, cultural, political, scientific, religious or charity considerations. But those who claim and concentrate that humans have no other rights but “political” and in the frame of destroying a country to rebuild it again, those are nothing but the call of mercenaries and traitors.

The big chance of Joe Biden becomes the next president of the USA has everything to do with that meeting held between 14 Western ambassadors and those activists

Since we started to learn about the US presidency elections indications, that is pointing to Joe Biden’s winning the presidential elections, all unlicensed and suspicious organizations all over the world and in Egypt, and also the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organisation, didn’t hide their joy and happiness and their very warm welcoming of Joe Biden’s winning the elections.

Of course, because Trump was not generous at all in financing those groups and organizations with the tax payers money in the US, but Joe Biden will for definite. Joe Biden is from the Obama’s and Hilary’s school of the creative chaos project in the middle east.

What I just said, is not a personal opinion or a conclusion, but it is a fact and reality and since Hilary’s emails scandal revealed some years ago and especially recently, those emails are evidence of millions and millions of dollars paid by the US department during Obama’s era which were cut from the US tax payers.

Joe Biden known as concentrating on external affairs and not internal affairs like the Obama’s school. and He already declared his animosity to some Arab countries regime and among them “Egypt”.

In Egypt we are aware that this meeting held in Cairo, was necessary for all the interested parties, preparing from now, for the Joe Biden’s big cake and rewards, just like the Obama’s administration did. They were very generous in financing Egyptian activists to get done with the chaos agenda in Egypt.

Those Egyptian activists together with MB, know that they only have 2 agendas here to succeed to reach their target: Either to spread chaos and violence in the Egyptian street by inciting people against the regime and the army, or to get the support of US and EU to punish Egypt and to consider MB and other interested currents, the only legitimate representatives of Egypt. Just like the US considers and categorizes “the armed Syrian opposition” under “political legitimate opposition”, and not “terrorists”.

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When the US did not succeed to twist Egypt’s arms during Obama’s era, they cut the military peanuts aid, which half of it goes anyway in the American experts pockets in training the Egyptian army on the US weapons and equipment.

Egypt doesn’t care for any aid from the US. Actually if Biden becomes the US president, he has tons of economical internal files to deal with. and he better save every cent and dollar from the US tax payers money to the millions of unemployed Americans, especially after the Corona crisis.

What is this nonsense of Egyptian independent non profitable organizations work as human rights defenders, getting financed, paid and instructed by foreign western embassies? Where is the independence here?

Probably the human rights defenders are independent when it comes to choosing their underwear and boxers colors and sizes? big Chance that this is the correct and logic definition of independence! Otherwise, how can they be Egyptian and independent since they are making their living from the western tax payers money?!

Egypt 2020 is not the same Egypt in 2011

Egypt in 2020 is not the same Egypt back in 2011, and whether on the official or the popular side, we do not allow and we do not accept any western interference in our internal affairs.

We do not accept that anyone out there to speak on our behalf. We don’t take this twisting arms policy or western threatening of any kind of tolerance or understanding. But we handle it with very strict, firm and solid reaction and based on what our laws says and permits in practicing Egyptian sovereignty on our territories.

Anyone thinking or imagining that Egypt is an easy piece of cake to digest, is living a big illusion in his sick mind. We are shoulder to shoulder with our great Egyptian Army, all Egypt’s official institutions and SISI our president.

As long as we are united inside, no one, absolutely no force out there can threaten us, or twist our arm or force any western agenda on 100 million Egyptian citizen.

O ambassadors of the West, respect our popular will,and know that the dignity of the Egyptian people comes from the fact that our own word is coming from our own head because we are making all efforts to eat from our own ax and not from the ax of your tax payers citizens in the West.

And like SISI said before, we don’t interfere in any country’s affair, and we are not going to teach any country out there how to act like humans, or teach them morals or impose our believes and laws…

So, don’t even think that we will allow you to teach us humanity or morals. Or giving us lectures about human rights or democracy. If their any human rights that those 14 western ambassadors need to take care of, I’m sure they have many jobless, homeless, bankrupted citizens in their own countries who worth their kind attention, efforts and generosity, and especially worth to spend the tax payers money internally, and not externally.

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