Muslim Brotherhood Leaks Part 2

The following two Leaked recordings, of a secret meeting of the Muslim brotherhood organization in Egypt, the Obama supports Muslim Brotherhood terroristsdate of this meeting 14 January 2012. Mohamed Morsi and Khairat Al-Shater, the second man in the organization, after MB won the majority of seats in the Egyptian parliament elections and specifically right before the presidential elections period, in a secret meeting with the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and other MB leaders.

In this meeting, they were discussing the special relations between Muslim Brotherhood organization and the white house. They also discussed the nature of Muslim Brothers relations with the Obama’s administration through their meetings with Jimmy Carter, William Joseph Burns and others from US representatives and messengers, who gave the Muslim Brotherhood the guarantees to fully dominate Egypt and to stay in power, in exchange of some deals with the US.

William Joseph Burns, worked as US deputy secretary of state till 3 November 2014, currently he is the president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which is one of the US working groups against Egypt).

There are three very important notes about these two leaked recordings: First, it shows the true and real belonging of Mohamed Morsi to his organization and not to Egypt.

Second, the US officials and messengers were having secret meetings with Muslim Brotherhood organization who were not representing any official institution in Egypt, but their own organization. No official institutions or ministry in Egypt were informed or invited to these meetings. Despite that these meetings were about Egypt and the Egyptian people’s future, we didn’t know about all these shocking details of these meetings, till we heard the leaked recordings recently.

Third, Egypt was not dealt with as an independent country with 92 million citizen who have the right to decide about their future and own affairs, but as a big delicious nutritious cake, everybody just wanted to grab the biggest piece and run away with it, and the one that was really ruling Egypt was not Mohamed Morsi or his government, but the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the first recording, Mohamed Morsi former President of Egypt said that the message Muslim Brotherhood received from the US on the official level, was very calm and very keen to deal with them. Morsi explained that the stronger messages they received were through William Burns, the US deputy secretary of state, and John Kerry. These two,  Morsi added, every time they talked with them, they always start by saying that Egypt is very important to the USA, there are many complicated problems and crisis especially on the economical level in Egypt, beside the transition period.

Morsi indicated that Burns and Kerry were asking what the Muslim Brotherhood are going to do in handling such complicated problems, and they offered them to help.  Morsi mentioned that for this specific part of  US offering to help, Muslim Brotherhood received the US message, that the entire issue was not just about politics when it comes to the US offering to help, but it’s many other things than politics.

Morsi confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood now have all reassurances and guarantees from the White House, even before they had these meetings with US officials and others. Morsi said that the Muslim Brotherhood are committed to respect the peace treaty with Israel, and the US is already aware of this. But Morsi informed Carter that Muslim Brotherhood do not accept that Israel uses the US. After all, the US is a big and capable country, whenever they want to do something, they just do it.

Carter told Morsi with arrogance that he disagree with him about this part, but he was happy that the US administration did the right thing by announcing their acceptance of the Egyptian parliament elections results. Morsi added that this was good to hear, because the US didn’t do the same with Hamas, after they made the elections, the US refused the results and declared Hamas as a “terrorist organization”.

Morsi said that in relation to William Burns, he was talking with him in a very formal way, especially when he told morsi that Obama dropped 2 milliards of Egypt’s debts, but with some conditions, that this money is going to be used in so and so, meaning that Obama is not going to take this money from Egypt and give it back to his government, but he will keep the money in Egypt and this money will be used according to Obama’s own terms and vision. Like training and some of the governmental employments and a bunch of other things, but Obama is not going to leave it for the Egyptian government to decide what to do with it.

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Morsi added that regarding the US foreign affairs relations with Egypt, the US officials confirmed to him that the US will support Egypt, but Morsi told them, this was fine, but the US must help Muslim Brotherhood to control and dominate Egypt. Morsi said that of course they talked about this and discussed it with further details on how the US will help them to control Egypt.

Morsi said that the US gave Muslim Brotherhood an advice, to learn from the experience of Turkey with the IMF. Morsi explained that the US were pushing them in the direction of the IMF.

Morsi said that William Burns told him that the US realized their mistake in underestimating the people in the region and in the Arab world, and that the next period is going to be better.

Morsi mentioned that his impression about all the meetings he attended with the US officials and others was careful, very accurate and very comfortable, and he can confirm that the US is very comfortable in accepting and dealing with the Muslim brotherhood after they won the parliament elections.

Morsi explained that the US was also reassured that Muslim Brotherhood are not going to declare wars on the entire world, but in all their meetings, the US side always trade with this issue of Muslim Brotherhood wars and domination, just to reach whatever they want to achieve of terms and deals in return.

Morsi said the US officials told him that they want to see the future government in Egypt is formed and led by Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi added that from all the US officials said, it was very obvious and clear that the US want to deal with Muslim Brotherhood as a full power ruling Egypt, but…there is always a “but” with the US, and these are the details that they will discuss later.

Morsi gave some examples: Like when the US told MB that they are going to talk with the Gulf countries to do so and so, the US was actually telling them that the entire Gulf area is in the US hands, And when the US talked to MB about the debts, they were actually telling them, the debts are in their hands. The US is pushing MB to the direction of the IMF, here the US are putting obstacles and terms on MB and their future government for any future decisions in Egypt.

The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood told Mosi during the meeting, that he must be careful not to reveal any of these meetings details with US officials to the press, especially that the press has already published some news about these meetings, but they knew certain information and not everything that was discussed in these meetings, so he told Morsi not to mention any additional information about these meetings to the press.

Morsi said that before each meeting, they were coordinating with the main office of the MB organization, and the main office had a clear textual decision about all deals they make, so of course those who attended the meetings from MB’s side , were working exactly according to the main office textual decision.

Morsi added that Egypt is a big country and has relations with the entire world, and Egypt is the ancient state foundation, and Egypt does exist, and in general all international treaties cannot be changed by political parties but it is the people who change these treaties. We, the Muslim Brotherhood are careful about these treaties and its continuity. Then when it comes to Israel, we say yes the treaty continues, “but”, and after but…The supreme guide of Muslim Brotherhood interrupted Morsi and said:”what is this echo I’m hearing in the microphones? is their any microphones outside this meeting? I want someone to check if our sound is heard outside, go and check…

In the second recording, Khairat Al-Shater, the second man in the MB organization, in the same meeting dated 12 January 2012. Al-Shater was discussing how to control all the country’s joints by penetrating all sectors and ministries.

Al-Shater said, that the Muslim Brotherhood are concentrating on correcting the general image of the organization in front of the international public opinion. Muslim Brotherhood are receiving and meeting with ambassadors, ministers and officials from the entire universe.

So, he said that this period of correcting MB’s image was having a big control on them, but after they have done all this work in correcting their image, they decided to build relationships and not just to give others this vista or the pleasing image. Then so what?

Al-Shater added that in Egypt, MB heard Egyptian officials telling them for instance, that the Egyptian foreign ministry is a sovereign ministry and Muslim brotherhood cannot dream of controlling it. Muslim Brotherhood said no to this, Egyptian foreign ministry is not a sovereign ministry, and Muslim Brotherhood must think about this ministry for instance and for political alignment that may take place in the future, because MB are reaching power in Egypt.

Al-Shater said that he was not just talking about the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs, but all other ministries, like agriculture, industry, health, construction and education…etc, all these ministries make international agreements with other ministries in the world. So, if for example, Muslim Brotherhood are not going to be in the ministry of foreign affairs in a direct form, on any case, Muslim Brotherhood need to have this principle of foreign affairs in all sectors and ministries and to make it very strong. Now they are developing the Muslim Brotherhood from correcting image, to build relations. Al-Shater added.

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Mohamed Morsi spoke also in the following recording and said that no one in the west argue with Muslim Brotherhood about the parliament elections results, France, Britain, US, all western countries accepted the Muslim Brotherhood, but they told Morsi and other MB leaders, that they don’t want the next government to include any of the Salafist movement. Morsi said that Muslim Brotherhood are trying to control those who don’t have any influence and they were trying to go behind MB’s back to change the western’s situation, but they can’t do anything and they are nothing, after all they only have one or two seats in the parliament. Morsi mentioned two names of political liberal parties in Egypt, that MB can dominate so easily.

The following video, Jimmy Carter’s meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Cairo Egypt, right before the presidential elections date in 2012, this meeting was in the guidance office of the Muslim Brotherhood organization. Jimmy Carter, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi, Khairat Al-Shater, Gihad El-haddad Al-Haddad and other Muslim brotherhood leaders , as the video shows. Mohamed Morsi signed some documents then Carter took the documents back.

Jimmy Carter was one of the international supervisors on the Egyptian presidential elections at that time, what was the part that Carter played in this elections, did he really supervise the elections with neutrality? or did he close his eyes to the presidential elections forgery? What was the purpose of Mohamed Morsi signing these documents and handed it to Carter, putting into consideration that Mohamed Morsi was not the president yet, but it was right before the presidential elections?

Leaked recording, Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Alfateh Amir Bassam, he is the son of one of the Muslim brotherhood leaders Amir Bassam, a member in the MB political party “freedom and justice”, and also was a member in the dissolved Egyptian Shura council.

Mohamed Alfateh had another call recording, published in Muslim Brotherhood leaks part 1, his conversation with an arms dealer during Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins of Muslim Brotherhood in 2013, about buying different types of weapons.

In the following leaked recording, Mohamed was telling his mother about the numbers of police officers him and others managed to kill. This was during the Muslim Brotherhood armed sit-ins in Rabaa and Nahda squares.

His mother was checking that he was safe where he was, and asked him about his latest news, and she was very thrilled to hear that her son and others have killed 9 police officers and that they were actually dead and not just injured. She also asked him to go and do the prayers!

Mohamed assured his mother that he was safe where he was (in Rabaa square), and only one of them managed to kill 9 police officers despite that there were many police ambushes around the Rabaa’s square and the curfew.

(This story of one of them killed 9 police officers was a lie. The brotherhood did kill and injured many police officers, but not one killing 9 police officers in one time in this specific period)

Leaked recording, between Muslim Brotherhood Mostafa Kamel Eissa, former governor of Al-Minia governorate appointed by Mohamed Morsi in 2012, and Saad Al-Husseiny, leader in the Muslim brotherhood organization and former governor of Kafr Elsheikh governorate also appointed by Mohamed Morsi when he was in power. Call recording period, during the Rabaa and Nahda’s Muslim brotherhood armed sit-ins in Cairo 2013.

Mostafa Kamel the former governor of Al-Minia governorate assured Saad Al-Huseiny that everything was going well. He said  that their men and other elements (Arabs) were ready to take over the entire governorate by force, once the president “Mohamed Morsi” gives them the signal to do so, and no authority or anyone in Egypt can stop them for doing this.

They also discussed the readiness and the preparations to recall the Friday of the 28th of January 2011. Kamel asked Al-Husseiny if he missed the Friday of 28, and Al-Husseiny told him that he was looking forward to it. Kamel assured him that Friday 28th is coming very soon, and they will do it again like they have done it before in the 28th of Jan 2011.

(The Friday of 28th of Jan 2011, witnessed demonstrators killing, prisons storming, releasing most dangerous terrorists and criminal elements, killing and injured many police individuals who refused to leave their police stations during the chaos, all the prisons in Egypt were stormed and burned at the same minute and in the same day by Muslim Brotherhood in cooperation and coordination with Hamas, Hisb’ullah, Egyptian political activists who were trained in Serbia and financed by  international NGOS to cause as much chaos as possible and in order to topple the Mubarak regime, institutions and the entire state. In addition to other terrorist elements who also worked under the supervision of MB . So, this was the plan they were discussing over the phone, to recall this bloody event once again, during the Rabaa’s sit-in, in 2013. Actually, violence and terror attacks started on 14/8/2013 the day of the disengagement of both armed sit-ins of Muslim Brotherhood in Rabaa and Nahad squares)

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Leaked recording, between two Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Ahmed Sakr and Mohamed Sudan. This recording shows to what extent the Muslim brotherhood are controlling and dominating the International media, like the (British broadcasting cooperation) BBC English and especially the BBC Arabic which was the subject of this leaked recording.

In this leaked recording, they were discussing that in general they have very good relationships with all junior and senior employees and interviewers who work and direct the BBC policy. There was just a misunderstanding lately between some interviewers, hosts in the BBC and some of the Muslim brothers guests. Some employees and managers from BBC called Mohamed Sudan and apologized for the misunderstanding.

Ahmed Sakr said that his relationship with the BBC is not just business that lasted for 11 years when he was providing them with financial reports, but also a very close friendship. He knows their families and his relationship with them is very close, they told him many details about the BBC. If there was a misunderstanding lately, this was not the general orientation of the BBC media station, and not even the Lebanese who control it.

The owners don’t give a damn care about the Egyptian affairs and if they are discussing it, they are doing it reluctantly. Sakr added.

Ahmed Sakr confirmed that those who have control on the BBC are 3 persons and they are all his friends, like Ahmed Alkadi the director of the programs, Hisham Badawy the news director, and Yasser Albardissy who is handling the special news covers and his father is a Muslim Brotherhood member. When Sakr was talking to him the other day, he told him that this was not a problem, BBC can bring  someone from the 6th row and they are going to present him as a Muslim brotherhood member. Sakr objected this suggestion and he told him that if he does this, it is considered a dishonesty. BBC can not bring someone from the street and claim that he is a Muslim Brotherhood member or even to represent the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, BBC’s reply was that they were not going to bring a person from the street, but a member from the MB. Sakr explained that the Muslim brotherhood do have a central office and an organizational structure, and BBC can not bring someone from the back doors and deal with just any one who claim that he belongs to Muslim Brotherhood organization.

He also indicated that the problems MB were facing with BBC, was just with some of those “boys” who prepare the programs, and if Muslim Brotherhood can not dominate these guys, they are definitely able neutralize them.

Leaked recording, Mohamed El-Beltagy, Muslim Brotherhood former politician, he was a former Member in the dissolved Parliament of Muslim Brotherhood in 2012, and the general secretary of the MB Freedom and Justice Party. This is Mohamed El-Beltagy who said publicly from MB Rabaa’s armed sit-in in July 2013, (about one month before the sit-in disengagement), that the terrorist operations in Sinai will stop immediately the minute Mohamed Morsi is back to power again.

In the following leaked recording, he was claiming that Muslim brotherhood were going to arrest Mohamed Morsi and put him in prison, if The Egyptian military haven’t done it in the 30th of June 2013. Because Mohamed Morsi according to Beltagy’s words, was the main cause that Muslim Brotherhood retreaded in all aspects in relation to the Egyptian affairs. Beltagy mentioned that because of Morsi’s policy, Muslim Brotherhood lost the land and the honor, when Morsi was in power for one year till the 30th of June.

Beltagy added that this entire year under Morsi’s regime, was about to cause great damage and loss for the country and the people. They cannot just keep silent about this situation, and that if he was admitting that there were armed organized criminal groups, thugs and organizations, and they are preparing, planning, organizing and financing crimes in Egypt, he was also wondering who are paying and financing these criminals!

An audio leak of a phone call between the Brotherhood leader fleeing to Turkey, Ali Batikh, with one of the Brotherhood’s members inside Egypt revealed the group’s intention to carry out a major terrorist act that ignites the country.  26 September 2019

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