A Message From Egypt To Scarlett Johansson

Who is Scarlett Johansson?

Personally, I haven’t heard of Scarlett Johansson until today. When I Googled her name, I discovered that she is an American actress and singer. But the search on Google did not mention at all that she has changed her profession from acting and singing to a politician, and that she is now specialized specifically and exclusively in the Egyptian internal affairs!

As usual, I intended to write a reply to this singer as an expression of the Egyptian people’s rejection of her rudeness in interfering in the internal Egyptian affairs, but I found in the response of the famous Egyptian YouTuber Muhammad Qandil, what expresses and represents me and millions of Egyptians as a healer and adequate reply.

Mohamed Qandil is famous of his name on YouTube of “The sting of Qandil“.

Scarlett Johansson, from acting and singing to a specialized politician in the Egyptian Internal affairs

Scarlett Johansson dinner party with Emir of Qatar

No need to really dig deeper on why would an American actress gets herself into the internal affairs of a country like Egypt, when we find out about Scarlett’s relationship to Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani and Sheikha Moza of Qatar.

Scarlett johanssen with Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani

Not only the Qatari royal family can buy an American singer and actress like Scarlett, but their money can buy the entire Hollywood industry!

Scarlett johanssen with Sheikha Moza of Qatar

Scarlett johanssen with Emir of Qarae and his wife

The Following is the English translation of the famous Egyptian YouTuber Mohamed Kandil’s message, which represents millions of Egyptians who also do not know who “Scarlett Johansson” is, till she started her hustle and ugliness hee-haw braying!

So, even you Scarlett! You are interfering in the Egyptian internal affairs? Okay, get ready to be in an embarrassing situation after a while. You will wish you did not record the video in which you offended Egypt and you will regret insulting a country like Egypt.

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This is the Egyptian reply… A message to the Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson from an Egyptian citizen, please translate it to English and send it to her.

Scarlett Johansson, you are interfering in the Egyptian internal affairs, and you are asking to release 4 men in Egypt, who are facing criminal charges related to the national security of Egypt.

Scarlett, you have also claimed that those criminals are “heroes”, because they are defending the oppressed people in Egypt.

Oh Scarlett! What you have claimed might sounds good to those who are big fans of you. But let’s put this story of those 4 heroes men of yours aside, because i’m not going to play the judge role here. After all, their case is handled by the fair Egyptian law and judiciary.

Scarlett’s house is made of glass and she is throwing stones at 100 millions Egyptians

Scarlett, you have seriously involved yourself with the Egyptian people…We have an Egyptian old saying ” “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at people”.

Scarlett Bin Johansson, you are insulting a great country like Egypt and you are interfering in the Egyptian internal affairs, while you have accepted an invitation from Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani and Sheikha Moza of Qatar. You were sitting and having a great time chatting with Sheikha Moza.

You also proudly took pictures with the Qatari Royal family, whilst this same Qatari regime have unjustly imprisoned Talal Al- Thany one of their royal family members , for political reasons. The wife and children of Talal are forbidden to visit him in prison since many long years ago. Despite all international pleas, due to his very bad health condition in the Qatari prisons.

For your kind information, the Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani is known internationally that his regime is supporting and financing terrorists organizations like ISIS, Al-Nusra, and Al-Qaeda. Of course in addition to financing armed militias groups in Libya, Syria and Yemen. All these terrorists groups who have killed and displaced millions of citizens.

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And speaking of Qatar, do you know Scarlett that this Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, whom you accepted his invitation and you have proudly and gladly sat down chatting with his wife on the same table, he imprisoned the members of a deep-rooted Qatari tribe called Al-Ghofran? Do you also know Scarlett that Hamad have kicked out this Qatari tribe families outside Qatar and they were 6000 people then?

Not only Sheikh Hamad did this, but he also withdrew their Qatari citizenship and deprived them of all their rights as Qatari citizens.

Scarlett Bin Johansson when it comes to MONEY, her humanity just vanished!

Hey Scarlett! You accepted to act as an advertising interface for an Israeli company name “SodaStream”. This Israeli company have built its factories in the Zionist settlements and on the “occupied West Bank lands”.

Despite your awareness Scarlett that this is an occupied land according to the international laws, you were so insolent when you said publicly that you have no regrets over AD for west bank lands, drinks company SodaStream.

In addition, you resigned as humanitarian ambassador for Oxfam international organization, after criticism over your endorsement of SodaStream company, in return of becoming the global brand ambassador of the Israeli SodaStream.

You were aware that Oxfam was critical of your SodaStream endorsement because the organization opposed “all trade” from Israeli settlements which are illegal under international law. But you insisted on giving up on your humanitarian ambassador role, in return of your global brand ambassador of the Israeli SodaStream.

Of course Scarlett, when it comes to MONEY, your humanity just vanished!

And despite of your knowledge that the Zionist entity named “Israel” is strictly speaking a “criminal entity”. And the crimes that Israel is practicing against the Palestinian people are known to you, Scarlett, like it is internationally known.

And based on the above, Scarlett, and based on your knowledge of the crimes of Qatar and Israel, There you showed up philosophizing on Egypt, by claiming that those 4 Egyptian men imprisoned in Egypt, are defending the oppressed Egyptians!

OKAY Scarlett! Where are you and where do you stand from the oppressed people in Qatar and Palestine?

Scarlett, you know nothing about Egypt, except an Egyptian traitor called Amr Waked, who kissed you in the “Lucy” movie.

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Listen Scarlett, when you talk about Egypt, you talk about it with respect. Remember your actions and the shame in which you drowned. Do not interfere in the affairs of others, and especially if it is a country in the size of Egypt.

Before leaving here, I want to ask you some questions, Scarlett:

What was the price for you to accept the call of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa and sat down proudly chatting with his wife in a country dominated by oppression and injustice, while this royal family does not know anything about democracy other than its name?

What was the price that you have taken in order to make an advertisement for an Israeli company established on a raped land? Certainly, the two prices were very high!

Who paid you Scarlett? Are they the Zionists, for whom you became the global brand ambassador of the Israeli SodaStream?

Or, you got paid by the Qatari royal family you sat down with, so happily and proudly?

I ask every Egyptian who is proud of his country, to translate my message in this video and deliver it to Scarlett and publish it through social media. So that Scarlett Johansson knows her limits, and her naked truth. Her naked truth is that she is only after and looking for money and not humanity. This is Egypt Scarlett, and for now, I believe you had enough of Qandil’s stings!

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