A message to Joe Bin Biden candidate for the US presidency

In Egypt we say, Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at people. We also say talk to the bitch, she will distract you and accuse you of her own doings.

We are 110 Million Egyptian citizens in Egypt and we are telling you that, a sexual abuser like yourself, is not allowed to talk about human rights and dictatorship. First, you go and check all women’s human rights that you have violated, then come and talk to us about human rights in Egypt.

You don’t talk about dictatorship, you American hypocrite, clumsy, thug and sexual harasser. You, thug of the world, who have your entire US history polluted with war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture, rape, Guantanamo, crimes against prisoners of wars, and you name it…

You Joe Bin Biden are talking about Dictatorship? The dictatorship we know in Egypt, is the US bloody dirty history that killed and stateless millions of civilians in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iraq under the claim of your “Dictatorship and Freeeedom fries”!

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You Bin Biden knows and the whole world know, that Globally, the USA is on the top of the bloody empires history. We can remind you in case you have forgotten, of all the countries that you cowboys and criminals of wars, gave yourself the right to invade, violate, rape, kill and stateless civilians for the refreshment of the American economy: Guatemala, Brazil, Panama, Somalia, Vietnam, Philippines, Dresden and Berlin massacres, Hiroshima and Nagasaki massacres, Kanikati Dachawi massacre in Germany. Pescari massacre, Italy. Audeville massacre, the Omaha coast massacre, and again, you name it..these are just examples and not all of your crimes against humanity.

The Dictatorship that we know, is your dirty hand that is shaking any and all hands, even if it is a terrorist hand like the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, because your interests and greediness matters and rules your policy.

You Bin Biden are talking about the human rights in Egypt?

What have you done for all the Coptic Egyptians civilians who got slaughtered by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization? What have you done to all the Coptic churches in Egypt that were burned and destroyed by the same terrorist gang? Haven’t even heard about one single poor condolences, or condemning!

On the contrary, while you Bin Biden were sitting on your butt in Obama’s office, the US decided then to punish 100 million of Egyptian citizens because they dared going out in the streets, demanding their human rights to keep their identity and dignity and refused to be ruled by a terrorist organization fully supported by the United States of America.

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The Egyptian President Abd El Fatah EL Sisi has honor than you are dirty Joe, and the entire Biden family. Al Sisi is building a country and he is not destroying it. Sisi doesn’t attack or invade other countries like you are. Sisi is not stealing other countries goods. Sisi is not raping women or harrassing them sexually…you hear that Bin sexual harasser?

The American History is a big shame on humanity. And the bigger shame is that in Egypt we hear now a prostitute talks about honor!

Hey, Bin Biden, if you want to talk again about dictatorship and human rights in Egypt, remember first your country’s past and recent bloody history against human rights, then tell us what is exactly your definition for human rights and dictatorship.

In Egypt, we do not accept from a sexual harasser like yourself, to give us lessons about morals, human rights or democracy. You better concentrate on the cases of all the women you have sexually abused, and save your Throat to defend and clarify this shameful accusation, which has a very bad impact and consequences on your reputation and honor, this if you have any honor in the first place.

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