Egypt Educates The Superpower Countries About Human Rights

The Superpower Countries always claim that they are the sponsors of Human Rights in the whole world!

As far as we know in Egypt, those Superpower countries and their Great Morons Allies Like Erdoğan of Turkey, are the sponsors of terrorism in the whole world. We also learned that Your Policeman of The World is going to invade Syria and kill some thousands or millions of Syrians because they haven’t being training for quite some time now on some civilians killing maneuvers.

I guess USA think that Syrians to be killed with US and NATO Modern weapons, is better then getting killed daily by Al-Qaeda and Armed Rebels Primitive weapons. What happened to all the US and Eu’s financing to terrorists in Syria? don’t you guys get any expenses receipts?

Those videos are gift from all the Egyptians people to all the people in the whole world who belong to the great superpower countries Human Rights Sponsors. Watch those videos, then talk to us about your great Human Rights sponsors! Have a Nice Human Rights Evening Fellows!

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Please click on the watch on youtube, as the videos are age restricted for violent bloody scenes.

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