Egyptian Blood Shedding By MB Under USA Sponsorship

obama bin laden Seeing our children getting slaughtered daily by terrorists supported by your governments, doesn’t make Egyptians hate the people in your countries, but they do hate the dirty deals and the dirty policies of your governments. We did cry and felt so sad seeing your beloved ones killed by Al-Qaeda 9/11 and we condemn Terrorists acts against any country in the world. Why you are treating us even less than you are treating animals in your countries? You are watching the blood bath of our kids in Egypt and you do nothing about it, You are just watching…And your governments are giving orders to terrorists to kill our kids and burn our country. no-obama-egypt-flag I don’t think that it is really fair to call it the United States of America any more. Egyptians now prefer to call things by the right names, to call a spade, a spade. obama supports terrorists Everyday, the US of Terrorists are making a statement or a speech, in responding to what’s going on in Egypt, they are just sending messages to their Militias Brotherhood Allies and bodies, that Muslim Brotherhood have the US Blessings in slaughtering The military and The Police forces and of Course on top of all, Egyptians Civilians! EGYPT-POLITICS-UNREST Of course, mentioning US won’t make me forget to mention their other allies who also support Brotherhood Militias, Like The European Bloody Union and the Scandinavian Heart Blinded Countries. Besides your Medias of course, who lie to you about what really is happening in Egypt. If you are a blind, I can read for you; But if you are a heart blinded, how can I make you feel our suffering on our beloved ones getting slaughtered daily! Mideast Egypt 1us and europe media do not report the truth about egypt I won’t make a long boring introduction in this post, I’m so exhausted and I really feel sick from all the slaughtering and blood shedding daily in Egypt against Civilians…How much Blood do you want? Do you need more? Here is some more…Enjoy! Let’s see some videos and pictures of slaughtering against Egyptians, just to show you how the messages of your governments are improving the brotherhood ways of torturing and slaughtering Egyptians daily. I’m sure your Medias don’t show those videos, because your governments want you to see and believe something else!

Ministry of Health announced on the 16th of August 2013, so far the number of Death is more than 173 persons in different cities and 95 killed in Cairo only. The numbers of Injuries in different cities are 1330 persons and 596 injuries in Cairo only.

The 14th and the 15th of August 2013 were so bloody massacres in Egypt, Specially against Christians. Those are links to the massacres of the 14th and the 15th of August 2013 and also massacres against Christians. The 16th and the 17th of August 2013 were not less bloody, specially after Obama’s and The US department messages which were declared on the 15th of August 2013, encouraging Muslim Brotherhood with the Go Ahead and kill more in Egypt, because obviously that’s the only way they think they can get back their Militias Thugs Allies to rule Egypt again! On the 14th Of August 2013, Brotherhood announced that on the 16th of Augusts 2013, Egypt will see on the real ground, the project of the burned Land. They marked Christians Homes and properties to get burned and kill any one in the country who is not a brotherhood or not a supporter of theirs. Police and Military can’t put their forces in every street in Egypt, People had to go in the street in front of their home buildings or stay at home to defend their lives and properties. Even though, they got slaughtered just because they were defending their homes and their own lives. Brotherhood have heavy arms and weapons, we don’t…Because we are not killers, we are peaceful civilians. I was not able to upload all videos because they get removed from the so intensive violence scenes in it, but I put screen shots from all videos in case they get removed. All what you gonna watch and see and read here in that article is the brotherhood Libyan Scenario in Egypt, because Obviously, the Syrian Scenario did n’t work in Egypt. A brotherhood thug on the 17th of August carrying Bin Laden Picture, those are the brotherhood USA are supporting

A brotherhood thug on the 17th of August 2013 carrying Bin Laden Picture, those are the brotherhood USA are supporting

On the 17th of August 2013, Video and screen shots Brotherhood killed the Deputy of The Matay Menia Governorates (upper Egypt) Police station, and he was a dead body inside the health center, preparing to get bury, Brotherhood gathered and wanted to torture his body, one in the video was asking the people there, let me pee on him, others wanted to cut his dead body to peaces and the men who were getting him ready to be buried stopped them and said this is against God’s mercy, this is against Islam.

YouTube Channel. Warning +18

Brotherhood killed deputy of matay police station in menya and wanted to torture his bodyBrotherhood killed the Deputy of The Matay Menia Governorates (upper Egypt) Police station, and he was a dead body inside the health center, preparing to get bury, Brotherhood gathered and wanted

Screen shots on the 16th of August 2013 Young men in one of the streets of Alexandria City standing in front of Their homes buildings, to protect them from Brotherhood attacks. Brotherhood thugs managed to get to the roofs of some buildings in the streets and they started the sniping operations. The guy got a shot right in the head and just died. He was just a boy standing there to protect his home from attacks…

Brotherhood snippers kill shoty Egyptians in the head (1)Brotherhood snippers kill shoty Egyptians in the head (2)Brotherhood snippers kill shoty Egyptians in the head (3)

Video and screen shots dated the 16th of August 2013 Brotherhood shooting live Bullets at civilians randomly. Event took place in Cairo on the top of the 15th of May Bridge – Brotherhood carrying Guns and machine guns walking on the bridge shooting at people under the bridge and at the homes buildings beside the bridge.

Just place your mouse on each following picture and you will get the title and the description of each detailed picture event.

brotherhood crimes in egypt against egyptian civiliansbrotherhood shooting at people randomly

brotherhood using machine guns in killing civilains

brotherhood shooting randomly at civilians from the 15th of May bridge

A brotherhood killer holding a machine gun shooting at people at homes cairo 16 august 2013Brotherhood militias carrying guns in Cairo Down Town terrorizing civilians 16 august 2013brotherhood shooting at people randomly in the streets cairo 16 august 2013brotherhood thugs shooting at Egyptian poeple in their own home cairo 16 august 2013brotherhood walking in down town terrorizing civilians down town 16 august 2013

The following Picture is showing a home building Guard in Ramsis Area, The Brotherhood slaughtered the poor guard because he refused to let them in to get to the roof top of the building 16 August 2013

a home building Guard in Ramsis Area, The Brotherhood slaughtered the poor guard because he refused to let them in to get to the roof top of the building2 Videos and images dated 16th of August very close to one of the police stations in Cairo “Alazbakeya Police Station”, Brotherhood thugs were not able to break into the police station, so they start damaging, burning and attacking the people who live in the area and targeting people walking in the streets and they were using weapons and machine guns against police forces and civilians too. The police managed to arrest many brotherhood armed militias and many foreign paid nationalities got paid by brotherhood to kill. Arrested foreign nationalities Syrians, Afghanistan, Palestinians and Pakistan, they were carrying guns and shooting randomly at people and at the police station. The whole attacks lasted from 10 o’clock in the morning till 9 O’clock evening.

Video 1

Video 2 Showing Brotherhood Militias and supporters in Front and around the police station and the video showing clearly, Brotherhood thugs carrying heavy weapons and shooting at the police station and randomly at anyone and anything in the street.

The following images taken on the 16th of August 2013, Brotherhood killers and snipers, in different areas carrying machine guns and shooting at whoever and whatever they choose to kill and burn.

Pictures taken by the Four seasons hotel, brotherhood shooting at civilians randomly and other pictures shooting with guns at civilians in Giza city.

brotherhood crimes against civilians in EgyptBrotherhood shooting randomely at people in the streets in CairoMuslim Brotherhood using machine guns against civilians

The following picture is a guy on a motorcycle very proud of the blood on his hands, he just killed a person and was just showing the blood of the victim he killed.

A Brotherhood supporter raising his hand so proud of having blood on his hand on the people he killed today

The following picture is the building of Beni Swaif court, or what’s left of it, Brotherhood burned it and destroy it totally. This is how it shows now.

Brotherhood burning courts in Egypt

The following Picture and videos showing the Building where there are many ministries and private companies and apartments and also where the the Blood reserves Bank is located in the same building in Ramsis Square, Brotherhood burned the whole building.

Brotherhood burned the building of the blood bank reserves in Ramsis square Cairo

Click here to watch video of Brotherhood supporters set fire and damaged private and public properties all over Cairo streets and squares, OnTv channel on YouTube.

16/8/2013 Video Muslim Brotherhood supporters, shooting randomly at home buildings and civilians on 6 of October Bridge.

CBC Tv show, Armed Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters shooting live bullets, using weapons randomly on 6 October Bridge

Muslim Brotherhood set a fire in building in Ramsis square, including the Bank of blood reserves floor and an establishment of the ministry of finance. The Director of The Egyptian Red Cross was sending SOS messages to save the employees inside the building.

Muslim brotherhood burned a military tank

The following pictures is the result of the Brotherhood Burned Land project executed on the 16th of August 2013 all over the country in all Egyptian cities including the main capital Cairo. Just place your mouse on each following picture and you will get the title and the description of each detailed picture event.

brotherhood burn private properties and home buidlings of egyptian citizens 16aug2013brotherhood burned courts in egypt 16 aug 2013brotherhood burned egyptian civilians homes in egypt 16 august 2013brotherhood burned egyptian courts in Cairo 16aug2013brotherhood burned police cars and security vital buildings in Egypt 16 aug 2013brotherhood burned private cars and taxis in Egypt 16aug2013brotherhood burned schools in egypt 16 august 2013brotherhood burned teh Behera Governorate Bulding in Egyptbrotherhood burned the egyptian poor vendors shops in the streets in egypt 16 august 2013brotherhood burned vital buidling and private cars in egyptBrotherhood burned vital buildings and private cars in Egypt 16aug2013

The following pictures show what kind of Criminals brotherhood are. Even the poor civilians Egyptians who live under poverty line and depend on their living on a very simple wooden shops, selling some candies and some vegetables in their own very poor neighborhood area, hoping to get food on their tables at the end of the day, did n’t see any mercy from Brotherhood thugs. As the pictures show, Brotherhood set on fire their wooden poor shops and their poor homes and burned their clothes and the people are living now in the streets. The military and the government announced that they will compensate them and move them in a safe home shelters.

Just place your mouse on each following picture and you will get the title and the description of each detailed picture event.

brotherhood and the burned land project against Egyptian civilians 16 august 2013brotherhood attacked poor areas in egypt and burned people's homes 16 august 2013brotherhood burned and totally destroyed some poor areas in egypt 16 august 2013brotherhood burned areas under poverty line in egypt 16 august 2013Brotherhood burned poor people areas shops and homes 16 august 2013egyptian poor civilinas got their homes burned by muslim brotherhood 16 august 2013poor areas and microbuses got burned by brotherhood in egypt 16 august 2013poor areas home got burned by brotherhood thugs on 16 august 2013private cares in egypt got burned by brotherhood 16 august 2013under poverty egyptian civilinas got their homes and their clothed burned by brotherhood 16 august 2013Uner poverty egyptian civilian home got totally burned by brotherhood 16 august 2013

Click here to watch a video on Moheet TV, YouTube channel, showing Brotherhood occupying Alfath Mosque in Cairo shooting randomly at civilians and at police and military forces from the top of the mosque on the 16th and the 17th of August 2013.

video dated 17/8/2013, Video Showing the security forces arresting a Sudanese Sniper who got caught from the top of the Mosque roof who was shooting randomly at civilians and police forces in the street. Police kept the Civilians away from taking revenge of the sniper after he got arrested.

Brotherhood didn’t not get enough of killing civilians and burning homes and official vital buildings the whole day long as the above videos links showed the shooting from the top of the mosque, but they went again in the evening during the Curfew and stayed in the mosque, and started to use very loud microphones from inside the mosque, to push people to kill the enemies of God, and those as they said, are the military and the police and any Egyptian citizen in the community who doesn’t support The Brotherhood. They also had guns and machine guns and started to shoot at the police forces and randomly in different directions. People who live in the neighborhood got on Alert, and panicked from having the brotherhood in the area again to burn and kill more civilians, So the neighborhood gathered more than 6000 civilians and they surrounded the mosque. The Police and the military forces were trying hard from the evening of 16/8 till the morning of 17/8/2013 to convince both sides to leave and go home, and they assured brotherhood that they will leave under the security police protections and they begged brotherhood to release women and children held by brotherhood leaders and used as human shields, to release them but they refused.

The police managed to calm down the neighborhood surrounding the mosque and convinced them to stay away, and to let the brotherhood leave in peace and people listened to that call of peace.

Security managed to release women and children held by brotherhood as human shields as the video shows and Egyptians standing outside the mosque were chanting to Sisi (minister of defense) and the military for releasing women and children. Few guys outside the mosque were trying to attack brotherhood guys getting out of the mosque, but the military secured their way out and managed to keep people who wanted to get revenge from brotherhood, to stay totally away.

The following video link and images are showing our Egyptian Military and police the most honorable and courageous military individuals on earth, calming the mothers and the women of brotherhood who were held in the mosque as human shields, giving them water and assuring them like they managed to release them, they are also working on releasing their kids from the mosque safely. Military in pictures are protecting women and their kids and escorting them to their way out and keeping the large crowds outside the mosque from attacking brotherhood group and women who were inside the mosque.

Video link, click here

For the following images, just place your mouse on each following picture and you will get the title and the description of each detailed picture event.

brotherhood women and children release by the egyptian military out of Alfath Mosque 17 august 2013Egyptian military and police forces keeping away the crowds from revenging from brotherhood 17 august 2013Egyptian Military and Police keeping Egyptian crowds away from brotherhood in Algfath Mosque 17 august 2013Egyptian Military Forces escotinga and protecting brotherhood women and children to their way out of the Alfath mosque 16 august 2013Egyptian Military protecting brotherhood women and kids from the crouds outside Alfath MosqueEgyptian military released brotherhood women and children held by brotherhood inside Alfath mosque 17 august 2013Large Egyptian Crowds angry from brotherhood helding women and children inside Alfath Mosque 17 august 2013

The following pictures showing Brotherhood Militias carrying weapons they were in Zamalek area, and they were shooting randomly at people in the street and at people standing in their Balconies

Brotherhood criminals shooting at people in zamalek areaBrotherhood shooting at civilians in Zamalek

The following Video showing mothers of Muslim Brotherhood members Youth, crying and screaming to the whole world saying, Muslim Brotherhood leaders are not real Muslims, they convinced us families of Youth members of brotherhood that they will get high official positions in Egypt, if they do as we order them to do. mothers added, they put our kids in danger and they planted hatred in their hearts against Military individuals who protect the country from terrorism, and they were asking people in the streets to forgive them and forgive them for what the brotherhood committed against the Egyptian people. (Police managed to arrest the brotherhood leaders who were carrying and shooting at civilians from inside and from the roof top of the mosque and were helding women and children as human shields inside the mosque)

Click here to watch the video on Youm7 Newspaper.

Egypt may get sick, but never dies…