The security situation in Egypt 25/1/2015

long live egyptThis is a brief report about the security situation in Egypt on 25/1/2015, in different Egyptian cities.

The security forces controlled clashes between some Muslim Brotherhood terrorist elements and Egyptian citizens in two areas in Cairo, Almatariyah and Ain Shams.

Clashes started by some elements of Muslim Brotherhood attacked citizens by using guns, machine guns, fireworks and Molotov cocktails.

Security forces managed to control the clashes and arrested some of the terrorists participants in the attack against citizens and police individuals.

The outcome of clashes, one police soldier “Mohamed Aly Khalaf Abd Elhafez” killed and 3 police officers were seriously injured by gunshots in different parts of their bodies. It also caused several citizens injuries. In addition, Fireworks caused a taxi fuel tank explosion and the car was totally burned.

As the following 6 videos are showing, police forces arrested two Muslim Brotherhood terrorist cells in Minia, Alexandria and Damietta cities for creating chaos and terrorizing citizens, and committing terror attacks against police and army individuals and burning private and public properties. Police seized armed forces uniforms, MB Jihad slogans, weapons, live ammunition, different type of bombs, white arms, explosives equipment and tools possessed by the terrorists to use in terror attacks on the 25th of Jan 2015.

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In Alexandria city, Awaeid area near to Montaza police station, two MB terrorists among tens of Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators were using machine guns in shooting randomly at citizens in the street, which resulted killing of one MB terrorist element and the arrest of another, and one citizen got injured.

In Kaliubia city, police forces arrested MB terrorist element while attempting to plant explosives and bombs behind Abu Zaabal police station.

Names of terrorists: Mohamed Shawky Hassan – Abdulla Hamada Ibrahim – Ahmed Nizar Mahmoud

Name of terrorist: Ahmed Hussein Abd Elhafez

Names of terrorists: Mohamed Mohamed Abd Elhafeez – Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed – Hussein Al Hussein – Mohamed Sharawy Rashid – Hassan Ezzat Abd Ellatif – Yehia Omar Mohamed – Gamal Hassan Diab – Badr Abbas Morsi – Abd Elhamid Galal – Khalil Abd El-Al Khalil

Names of terrorists: Ahmed Mohamed Saad – Amr Mostafa Abdullah

Alexandria city, two MB terrorist elements attacked citizens with machine guns. Please click on the watch on tube, to watch the video directly on youtube.

The following video showing two of Muslim Brotherhood terrorist elements, arrested by citizens of Snoros, in Fayoum city, while attempting to bomb electricity transformers and cutting the touristic road in the circle of snoros police station. Police seized two machine guns and live ammunition. The names of the two Muslim Brotherhood terrorist elements: Ossama Alsayed Mostafa and Moamed Korany Shaban.

In Giza city Albadrashin area, about 200 of MB elements started clashes with police forces in front of the Islamic complex, by using bullets and cartridges, which caused the injury of police lieutenant Mahmoud Abu Elmagd in his foot and also a police vehicle got damaged by two machine gun shots.

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Arab league street in Giza, there was another attempt of Muslim Brotherhood’s terror attack against police forces, by shooting at the police check point. Police forces arrested  13 terrorist elements were involved in the shooting.

In Haram area in Giza, 2 police soldiers got killed and two others were seriously injured, after Muslim Brotherhood terrorist elements terror attack against a police patrol.

In Behera city, two MB terrorist elements got killed, while planting an explosive device in one of the electricity towers in Abu Elmatamir village.

In Cairo, Maadi area, explosive experts diffused a bomb that was planted in Algeria street. In addition to two terrorist elements burned a metro in Alexandria.

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