Sinai counter terrorism report from 25 October 2014 to 30 April 2015

Abd Elaziz Abu Felyan terrorist element killed by egyptian army forces May 2015 in Sinai‬On 9 May 2015, the Egyptian ministry of Defense published on their official website, a counter terrorism report related to Sinai from 25 October 2014 to the 30th of April 2015, details as follows:

725 Terrorist elements have been eliminated in clashes with insurance forces elements, major and most dangerous ones: Mostafa Mazig Farid – Khalil Abu Draa – Hussein Salman Mohamed Ouda Abu Helw – Tawfeek Awad soliman Hassan Aayouf Abu Sobei – Youssef Mussa Emlehy Zera – Samir Ibrahim Motlak – Ahmed Soliman Oud Alla Hamad – Saad Mahmoud Hamad Hussein – Mubarak Ismail Mubarak – Fayez Maghatis Fawas – Gameel Zorei – Ashraf Musa Zorei – Soliman Ayad Attia Soliman.

Anti Tank mines used by terrorists in Sinai seized by Egyptian army in sinai April 2015‬1873 Suspected elements have been arrested and were transferred to investigations authorities, to take legal procedures towards them.

206 terrorist elements wanted by security authorities for committing terror attacks, were seized during security ambushes and raids. All terrorist elements transferred to investigations authorities, to take legal procedures towards them. Most dangerous and major ones: Gamal Mohamed Imam -Mohamed Salmy Abd Elrazek – Ashraf Musa Ibrahim Elzerei – Faris Nayef Salem Musleh – Abd Elsatar Salam Aql Himdan – Emad Yussef Zreiee Salmee Alhamedin – Gomaa Salman Salem Almorgany – Awad Radwan Ghanem Hassan.

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Total vehicles used by terrorist elements in attacking insurance forces, were seized / destroyedC4 high explosive materials used in manufacturing explosive devices and blasting vehicles, seized by security forces in Allfatat school in Sinai 9 april 2015‬

591 different type of vehicles without plates were destroyed during raids, insurance and pursuits.

Total motorcycles used in attacking insurance forces, were seized / destroyed

1447 motorcycles without plates were destroyed during raids, insurance and pursuits.

1823 terrorist elements gathering and residences were destroyed during raids. Residences of terrorist elements included ( deserted homes – underground hideouts – ditches – nests and tents).

counter terrorism in sinaiMain explosive devices and materials whether dealt with or  seized

1. High explosives and landmines materials

  • 35 sacks of C4 high explosive materials used in manufacturing explosive devices in the purpose of blasting army and security forces vehicles.
  • 10 sacks of T.N.T explosive materials.
  • 10 sacks of ANFO explosive materials. (Explosives ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate – Fuel Oil)
  • 1.5 Tonnes of ammonia and ammonium, used in manufacturing explosives.
  • 30 anti-tank mines and individuals.

2. Explosive devices and circuits seized / detonated by the security forcesTerrorist element Ahmed Barhoum killed in Sinai by Egyptian army in May 2015‬

  • 10 explosive circuits, 28 explosive devices, 108 explosive devices planted by terrorist elements which targeted the forces during hostilities.

3. Car bombs destroyed by the security forces

Terrorist elements 8 car bombs were destroyed by the security forces, including “reported” stolen governmental vehicles (ambulances and cleaner vehicles).

Light and heavy weapons seized

Terrorists smuggled weapons seized by Egyptian security forces April 2015Heavy weapons: 6 mortar launchers, with different gunshots – different type of missiles – anti-aircraft cannon.

Light weapons: grenades, firebombs, defensive bombs and explosives belts, details as follows:

164 different pieces of caliber weapons.

19 defensive and firebombs

12 explosive belts

Light and heavy ammunitionWaleed Nasr Alla most dangerous terrorist element killed in Sinai by Egyptian security forces in 2015

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95 mortar bombs of different bullets

104 artillery of various calibers

4 shells of RBG

80927 bullets of various calibers

Other sources for this report: The official Facebook page of the official spokesman of the Egyptian Armed forces.

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