Muslim Brotherhood member raped a 6 years old child due to his family’s support to Marshal Sisi

Muslim Brotherhood torture and kill children in Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood torture and kill children in Egypt

According to Veto Gate newspaper post dated 24/4/2014, Ahmed Abu Saiid, a Muslim Brotherhood member from Sharkia city, raped a 6 years old child because of his family’s support to Marshal Sisi.

The family of the child were interviewed by Channel Dream 2 and revealed that the rapist threatened the entire family many times before that if they don’t stop supporting the 30th of June revolution, and join Muslim Brothers protests, Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters will kill the entire family.

The child who got raped by the Muslim Brotherhood member said that he was playing in front of his home, when the MB member asked him to come to his shop, which is right in front of the child’s home, to help him in opening the shop. The child added that he pushed him in and locked the shop.  The boy said he did bad things to him, and he was telling him that he will humiliate him and his entire family for supporting Marshal Sisi.

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He said that after he started screaming, he threw him out of the shop and his mother was standing in the street looking for him.

Muslim Brotherhood kidnaped children from orphanages to Rabaa Square
Muslim Brotherhood kidnapped children from orphanages to join Rabaa Square armed sit-in

When his mother realized that he was not wearing his paints, she started screaming and the Muslim Brotherhood member attacked her and threatened her.

The mother said that she didn’t think at all that her son got raped, she thought that he quarreled with other kids. But when she asked him, he told her what the Muslim Brotherhood member did to him. She added that the wife of the rapist tried to convince her to join Rabaa’s armed sit-in and she told her that she will get a lot of money per day from 200 to 300 Egyptian pounds, if she joins the Brotherhood protests. But the mother refused.

She also mentioned that the son of the rapist hit her before on her head with a hard tool, after he threatened her that as long as she and her family are challenging the Muslim Brotherhood, this is what she will get as punishment.

The father of the child said that when Morsi became a president, the MB rapist tried many times to talk him into joining the Muslim Brotherhood political party and he was going to get him the membership to join and support Muslim Brothers, but the father refused. The father also mentioned that he made an official statement at the police station against the Muslim Brothers family for threatening them many times before, but the next day, some people from Muslim Brothers came to his home and threatened him that if he does n’t withdraw his statement from the police station, Muslim Brotherhood will  blow up his home and burn his family.

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Muslim Brotherhood using children as human chields and force them to wear shrouds
Muslim Brotherhood using children as human shields and forced them to wear shrouds in armed violent protests in Rabaa and Nahda squares Sits-in

The father said that he was scared from their threats because they live in the same neighborhood and he wanted to protect his family, so he withdrew his statement against the MB member and his family. He asked the authorities to get protection because there are other Muslim Brotherhood who live in the neighborhood and they are capable of doing anything to harm his family, after they raped his child.

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