Foreign journalists in Egypt are not above the law

The press is definitely affecting people’s lives and countries. It can be a positive tool in building a country and it can also be Foreign journalists are not above the law in Egyptdangerous tool in destroying a country. The main job of the Press is to seek and report truth with accuracy, is to be neutral and unbiased, is to be brave and not arrogant in accepting criticism and acknowledge to correct mistakes. 

Journalists and reporters whether foreigners or Egyptians are not above the law. They are not saints and they are definitely not exempted by the law. The practice of  journalism profession is a big responsibility. Irresponsible journalists who use their freedom of speech as a pretext to publish whatever serve a certain agenda, and misled their readers to turn the public opinion with or against a certain direction, they are certainly not journalists, but mercenaries.

Freedom of speech is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint, but there is no absolute rights without law regulations. Even in a country like the USA, there are laws that organize the practice of citizens rights, and journalists in the USA get punished by the law when they violate it just like any other citizen. Respecting the law and its provisions is not oppression against any citizen, and it is not against the press freedom of speech.

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Foreign journalists claim that their freedom of speech is being violated by the Egyptian state, while the truth is, they are the ones who are violating our society’s rights by publishing false news on a daily basis. I call this a direct insult and deliberate humiliation to my people. Egypt is a third world developed country and we are not ashamed of it, but Egyptians are certainly not morons nor ignorant. We read what the foreign press is writing about our own internal affairs and we have the right to criticize and expose foreign press when they fabricate news about Egypt.

What foreign press and media are practicing in relation to Egypt can not be placed under freedom of speech category, but it is placed under incitement on terrorism.

Who is violating whose rights in Egypt?

Foreign press are unleashing verbal abuse, accusing the Egyptian official institutions of corruption, oppression, crimes against humanity, framing evidences and trials, tyranny, dictatorship. Foreign press are deliberately publishing false news about the Egyptian Armed forces that can have bad impact on their psychological state. Foreign journalists and the US group deployed against Egypt, work on destabilizing the country, harming its national security and territorial integrity, they are supporting terrorism and they participate in inciting terror attacks against the Egyptian society. They encourage discord and division and incite violence and extremism in Egypt.

Foreign press are accusing judges, judiciary authorities, armed forces, police, media of corruption. They give themselves the right of interfering in Egypt’s internal affairs and they are giving us orders on releasing criminals and convicted of serious terror crimes and treason. They are lecturing us about democracy, either to get paid and accept their bribes to apply imported democracy, or to apply it by force by obeying and kneeling to their threats.

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The law punishes those who shoot serious accusations against others without any evidence. Foreign press have a list of serious accusations against all institutions in Egypt without evidences but their own words and thoughts!

The physical evidence I have on foreign press and US working group against Egypt, are their own daily verbal statements and declarations and written articles inciting not only terrorism against Egypt, but they are also inciting their governments to apply sanctions against Egypt, because as they always claim Egypt can become a threat to US national security and interests in the middle East! They are also inciting Obama’s administration on threatening Egypt by the US conditioned Aid!

If foreign journalists and reporters in Cairo are claiming that they are fleeing from Egypt because their freedom of speech is violated, I’m telling them, please feel free in leaving my country, no one will ever miss you guys, you are polluting our air with your poisoned breath! Just leave my country because Egyptians do not welcome any one who is biased to terrorism on our territory.

If any one has contributed in spreading hatred and anger in Egypt against foreign journalists, it is the foreign journalists themselves. It is not acceptable that any foreigner lives on the Egyptian territory, participates in  inciting and encouraging terror attacks against the Egyptian people. Being a journalist doesn’t mean that we are going to welcome you, while you incite on destabilizing our country.

Muslim Brotherhood Organization are a terrorist group, like it or not, accept it or not, it won’t change the fact that they belong to terrorists camp. The law punishes those who violate it and this includes journalists who are supporting the terrorists camp against our society.

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Foreign press think that their drums will make a great fuss in forcing Egypt to go to a certain direction, I’m telling them your drums are making fuss because they are empty!

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